FACT: Corrupt Sheriff Elder is a thief and a liar. Since taking office in 2015 Corrupt Sheriff Elder has illegally misappropriated (stolen) over 12 million dollars from the 1A tax initiative which was suppose to put more Deputies on the street.  GET THE FACTS. Ask Elder where all the 1A money went. Millions of dollars stolen by Elder and there are less Deputies on the street than back in 2012! Read Story.

FACT: Sheriff Bill Elder is hated by his employees. Over 75% of the Sheriff's Office employees have left since Elder took office.  The highest attrition rate ever recorded at the Sheriff's Office!  There are very few veteran Deputies left.

FACT: Bill Elder filed Bankruptcy; he has shown he can not manage his personal money or our taxpayer money. Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has bankrupted the Sheriff's Office. Where did all the money go and why is Bill Elder putting Deputies lives at risk? Read Story. It will take years to recover.

FACT: Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has been caught in multiple lies since taking office. Read the top ten Elder lies.

FACT: Corrupt Sheriff Elder protected the killers of Tom Clements. Read Story.

FACT: Sheriff Bill Elder's leadership team is just as corrupt. Read Story.


Corrupt Sheriff Elder is laughing all the way to the bank


Elder Payoffs

Did Bill Elder have a "Pay for Play"  Campaign?  Read Story   

Bill Elder's slogan; "Show Me the Money"

Elder's first Lie in office


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Silence is the endorsement of corruption


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