Articles about Sheriff Bill Elder’s Corruption

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

New to this website?  Reading our articles is critical to understanding the corruption with Bill Elder and the leadership at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  We provide documents and links to support our facts. Articles are dated from most recent to oldest. After reading all our articles you will agree Bill Elder is totally corrupt and he and his leadership team needs to be held accountable for their actions.


Corrupt Sheriff Elder denied qualified immunity in Duda lawsuit (7/28/21)

KOAA news story reveals Sheriff Elder’s nepotism and corruption (2/4/21)

Federal Judge issues injunction mandating corrupt sheriff Elder run his jail safely (1/4/21)

Colorado Supreme Court rules against Corrupt Sheriff Elder (12/22/20)

Commander David has enough of corrupt sheriff Elder, retires in January 2021 (12/12/20)

Deputies use excessive force, Elder covers it up (12/10/20)

Corrupt Sheriff Elder begs for immunity in civil case (11/29/20)

Latest on the Covid outbreak in CJC (11/19/20)

All the information about Billy Huffor’s flashlight incident that ultimately cost him his job (11/16/20)

More evidence of conspiracy to murder DOC chief Tom Clements (02/16/20)

More Corruption found within Elder’s command staff; Chief Brad Shannon (01/26/20)

Gazette article concern AG report revealing mistakes in Clements investigation (11/24/19)

Janet Huffor’s 1.4 million dollar mistake (11/9/19)

Retired EPSO supervisor Blogs about Huffor’s Pursuit (10/26/19)

Huffor’s Inexperience exposed again in reckless pursuit (10/24/19)

Inmate almost beaten to death; deputies do nothing for 16 hours (7/8/19)

Are Dan May and Bill Elder getting a Divorce? (6/21/19)

County Attorney Folsom happy they got even with Huntz (12/13/18)

Corrupt Elder’s master plan (12/9/18)

Corrupt Elder announces plans for second term (11/24/18)

Another Lawsuit file against Corrupt Sheriff Elder (11/12/18)

Corrupt Elder’s Pay for Play, round two? (10/23/18)

Lawsuit complaint filed by John San Agustin exposes corruption and malicious prosecution (10/18/18)

The Gazette exposes Sheriff Elder’s lies and corruption concerning Flick Shooting (09/30/18)
Elder’s Fight Club Exposed (09/01/18)
DA May throws Corrupt Sheriff Elder under the Bus during press conference (08/23/18)

Elder Lies about Micah Flick’s Death (08/15/18)

DA May and Sheriff Elder busted for protecting Clements’ killers (08/05/18)

Corrupt Elder sets expectations for Supervisors; Shut up or quit? (07/11/18)

Federal Trial against Corrupt Sheriff Elder next Month (07/09/18)

Video confirms what we already knew (6/25/18)

Elder takes no Responsibility for Staffing Shortages (06/24/18)

Corrupt Sheriff Elder putting Patrol Deputies lives at risk (5/17/18)

Corrupt Sheriff Elder using taxpayer money to fund his re-election? (4/23/18)

Corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to protect his sexual predators (4/12/18)

More Evidence May and Elder Protecting Clements’ Killers? (4/8/18)

Another lawsuit filed against Sheriff Bill Elder (04/02/18)

More Evidence of Voter Intimidation at County Assembly (03/27/18)

Lt. Huffor harasses off duty employee at county assembly (03/24/18)

Elder Lies to Media (again) about Tom Clements Homicide (02/18/18)

Sheriff Bill Elder disrespects fallen officers (02/28/18)

Further corruption exposed during Maketa trial (02/27/18)

Sheriff Elder Gives Pay Raises to Command Staff; Nothing to Civilians (01/12/18)’s top ten list of Bill Elder lies (12/29/17)

Date set for Federal trial against Sheriff Elder (12/20/17)

The Sheriff that Stole Christmas (12/19/17)

Is Larry Borland corrupt like Sheriff Elder? More evidence forged documents were filed with county clerk. (12/18/17)

Elder caught in another Lie; Pay Raises Every Year (12/13/17)

Elder “Storms” out of his own Command Staff Meeting (12/11/17)

PIO Kirby Investigated for Inappropriate use of CCIC? (12/06/17)

Is Sheriff Elder “Stealing” Funds from 1A? (11/20/17)

Is EPSO Re-Investigating the Tom Clements Homicide? (11/15/17)

Did Elder order government documents forged and filed with county clerk? (11/08/17)

Is Bill Elder a Veteran? Why is he wearing a military pin? (11/05/17)

DA May and Sheriff Elder protected the killers of Tom Clements? (09/23/17)

Did Hurlbert manipulate the Grand Jury? (09/01/17)

Did Hurlbert know San Agustin was not in the building? (08/28/17)

What is the case against John San Agustin? (08/24/17)

Did Lt. Kull Commit Perjury in Maketa Trial? (08/03/17)

County Commissioners Settle Sexual Harassment Complaint for $68,000 (08/01/17)

What really happened to Bill Elder’s IA file? (07/15/17)

How Independent was the Maketa Investigation? (06/24/17)

Case against Maketa falling apart just days before trial? (06/22/17)

ADA Hurlbert statement suggests DA Dan May might have committed a crime (06/20/17)

Letter of Counseling supports allegations of Sexual Harassment against Lt. Huffor (06/15/17)

BUSTED! Elder admits wrong doing; agrees to pay back money (05/22/17)

What is going on with the Maketa Trial? (05/21/17)

What relationship did Elder have with Lt Benefiel? (05/19/17)

Did Bill Elder Lie about his Past? (05/01/17)

Does Bill Elder have Character? (04/20/17)

Letter Concerning E911 Tax (04/18/17)

Chief Lincoln Investigated for Theft in 2014 (04/03/17)

Does Sheriff Bill Elder Take Sexual Harassment Serious? (03/14/17)

Did Sheriff Bill Elder Provide False and Misleading Information to AG Coffman? (03/07/17)

Does the Gazette report the Facts, or do they have an agenda and “Filter” the news? (03/06/17)

The “Shell Game”; the real story of 1A Funding (02/27/17)

Was Corruption Involved in Contract awarded to KRW? (02/21/17)

Modified LT Banding list – Round 2? (02/17/17)

Is EPSO being Investigated by the DOJ? (02/13/17)

Bill Elder and EPSO being sued over Sexual Harassment and Retaliation (02/10/17)

Is the EPSO Investigating “” (02/09/17)

How much money will Elder waste? Editorial (02/07/17)

Does Bill Elder believe in Transparency? (02/06/17)

Did Chief Bob McDonald Submit his Retirement Papers? (02/06/17)

The Scoop on the “Disciplinary Action Board” (01/30/17) Why did Bill Elder really abandon the DAB?

1A Tax Initiative – Is Bill Elder violating the law? (01/24/17)

Read letter sent from Black Forest community member to El Paso County Commissioners concerning corruption at El Paso County Sheriff’s Office  (01/20/17)

Editorial response to Colorado Springs Gazette’s Article concerning allegations against Bill Elder (01/19/17)

Alleged Sexual Harassment at the Jail (01/17/17)

Did Bill Elder have a “Pay for Play” Campaign ?  (01/16/17)