A recent Gazette article reveals a never before released report from then Attorney General (AG) lead investigator Larry Adkisson concerning the investigation into the Tom Clements murder.  This report is dated July of 2018; well into Corrupt Sheriff Elder's term.  One of the main concerns expressed in his report is how investigators allowed the statute of limitations to run out on others complicit in the murder of Clements.  A source provided us a summary of the article. PDF of Adkisson's report.

Adkisson's assignment was to review the Clements' investigation and make recommendations around best practices; however, he could not help himself in saying there is no evidence of a conspiracy.  He does exactly what he accused investigators of doing; sticking to a single theory without getting all the facts.  Adkisson spoke with an EPSO investigator who he calls the lead investigator, which is not correct. There were two lead investigators and the one he talked with is known for stealing credit and being lazy.  He also did not talk with other investigators who worked the case to include the individual who ran the investigation.  He only talked with an investigator who worked for Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  Did you expect him to say anything other than Evan Ebel acted alone?

Although the motive of the report is questionable; there are some interesting statements.

The report states that not only did multiple El Paso County Sheriff's Office (EPSO) investigators believe other 211 Crew gang members assisted in the murder of Tom Clements, many DOC (Department of Corrections) investigators, and Texas Ranger James Holland were convinced as well.  So why does Adkisson put so much weight on the view of one investigator working for Elder over many veteran investigators from three different agencies?  It's pretty clear Adkisson was bias and the results of his investigation predetermined. Former Investigations Commander John San Agustin is in the middle of a 10 million dollar lawsuit against CBI and the state of Colorado. One fact of the lawsuit is that John was maliciously prosecuted by corrupt prosecutors after he talked with the media about other 211 Crew members being involved in the Clements' murder. Do you think there is any chance the lead investigator for the AG's office is going to admit San Agustin was right?  NOT A PRAYER!   It's obvious Adkisson's report was written, in part, to discredit San Agustin.

Anyone who knows John San Agustin knows he is a highly respected investigator who had been retained by agencies all across the county.  It's not surprising a lazy investigator exposed for his own incompetence blamed everyone else. Again, why does Adkisson put so much weight into one person's statements and ignore everyone else's opinions? Because it fits his narrative.

In the report Adkisson states; "The purpose of this report is to address some concerns that arose as a result of the follow-up investigation". This report was commissioned over 3 years after Sheriff Maketa and John San Agustin left the office.  Many, if not all of the issues were under Corrupt Sheriff Elder's administration; however, they attempt to put blame on others. The statute of limitations ran out while Elder was Sheriff and Dan May the District Attorney.

Had Adkisson conducted a thorough investigation and not relied solely on statements from a few individuals who had a vested interest in concealing their own incompetence he might have actually revealed something monumental.  But his final statement says it all; "It would be devastating to establish a suspect on conspiracy and not be able to pursue the case because of how the case was mishandled".  This statement obviously references the incompetence of Sheriff Bill Elder and DA Dan May who, while going after retired Sheriff Maketa and others on bogus charges, let the statute of limitations run out on those who helped murder Tom Clements.  That's something to be proud of!

Way to go Dirty DA Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder; killers go free while you go after political enemies; the definition of CORRUPTION!


NOTE: If Adkisson does not believe there are others involved in the murder of Tom Clements; why does he make such a big deal about the statute of limitations running out?


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