Dishonest Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Elder had a falling out?

It appears Corrupt DA Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder have had a falling out. They had a corruption marriage made in HELL. They both wanted revenge against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa and they were willing to ruin lives and send innocent people to prison to get it. Fortunately some of the community members who sat on the juries saw through their lies and faulty prosecution. The malicious unethical prosecution of Terry Maketa, Paula Presley, and John San Agustin cost taxpayers millions and former ADA Mark Hurlbert his job. According to our sources, Corrupt DA George Brauchler fired Hurlbert shortly after his failed prosecution of Maketa. It appears sharks do eat their own.

Now, after failing to win the election for Colorado Attorney General, Brauchler knows his political future is most likely over so he accepted a position as a judge in the Colorado national guard. Is that like a professional baseball player being sent down to the minors? His future looked bleak so he took a position where he can hide until things blow over? Hopefully we will never hear from Brauchler again. So many individuals in the criminal justice system know how corrupt he is. That's why many Republicans could not vote for him. He endorsed and supported Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder's failed malicious prosecution of three innocent people who devoted their lives to law enforcement. People are watching.

Is karma catching up with those involved with all the corruption in El Paso County? We were told by a source Dan May was overheard saying he was done covering for Elder. We heard DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder had a falling out over who is going to be the next District Attorney. Dan May wants Michael Allen and Bill Elder is supporting his buddy Mark Waller. does not endorse candidates; however, we know Waller is complicit in the corruption. Michael Allen appears to be a fair and honest DA. Individuals who are honest have nothing to worry about because there is NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT!

It's obvious why Elder wants Waller.  He has been covering for Elder as a county commissioner and will continue to cover up Elder's corruption as District Attorney.  Elder cannot trust Michael Allen because he might actually have integrity.

Are all the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Elder, Dan May, and El Paso County having an effect on their corrupt relationship? Is there no honor amongst thieves? Is the malicious prosecution of Maketa, Presley, and San Agustin coming back to haunt them?  What about their coverup of those involved in the Clement's murder?  Is the pressure of all the corruption building?


Based on information we have received we are convinced DA Dan May will be held accountable and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder will not complete his second term.

Be patient; hopefully the truth will come out. Many civil lawsuits are still progressing through the legal system. The wheels of justice are slow; but the truth train is still rolling down the tracks.




"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light"

3 thoughts on “Are May and Elder getting a divorce?”

  1. It has been about a year and a half since charges against San Agustin were dropped. That means the lawsuit should be about to pass summary judgment and go forward.

    Anyone who has kept up with the “case” against San Agustin knows the charges were false from the get-go. The whole thing was malicious, premeditated, and egregious. They maligned San Agustin in the media and online; his booking picture is forever on the Internet; that can never be changed. The lawsuit is big, and it should be.

    Multiple people within El Paso County government are named— District Attorney Dan May, Sheriff Bill Elder, perhaps (former Deputy DA and now Judge) Shannon Gerhart to name just a few. Somewhere, there’s a former prosecutor from the 18th Judicial District named Mark Hurlbert who managed the whole thing. If the county tries to make a deal with San Agustin to settle, they will openly be admitting these (and others) intentionally arrested and held San Agustin under false charges. If they do not settle, they will lose the lawsuit.

    But here’s the rub. In either case, El Paso County insurance will pay the bill. There will be no accountability for the people who conspired to falsely arrest and attempted to prosecute Jon San Agustin. They will get off totally free. El Paso County will continue to cover up the facts of what happened.

    I hope San Agustin gets enough money to begin to make things right. But millions in his bank account only gets it partially done. All those involved in San Agustin’s false arrest need to face a consequence personally, and not be allowed to go on with their lives and career as if nothing happened. Each of those involved have to pay a heavy price for what they did to San Agustin.

    Otherwise, the corruption that is so clearly widespread within El Paso County Government remains, and the political machine known as El Paso County gets to do it again to someone else.

  2. What a joy it is to watch the elected elite of El Paso County feed on one another. As a group they’ve managed to degrade their reputation to the likes of Cornfield County, SALUTE!

    Dan May lost an election for his position then used James Jarmin and the media to return like a stray cat at the back porch. Where was he during that self inflicted furlough? Oh that’s right, working for the newly crowned National Guard judge as assistant henchman.

    We then have the curious case of Bill Elder the self proclaimed “Hometown Boy” who left the EPSO in disgrace. Elder returns to take office while the voters are distracted by a controversy he and Dan May created. Dan May you’ll remember was delighted with man crush when he nominated Elder at the county assembly. They seemed to be drinking from the same straw.

    Enter, Mark Waller. With the full support of May and Elder throughout his campaign, Waller promises fiscal responsibility and gets his spot as a county commissioner. The three then join to form the triple axis of corruption and presto, lets raise taxes, widen the road, build a stadium, a new jail, and prosecute our rivals. It was a great party until Elder sneezed on the cake.

    Now with the pending doom of John San Augustine’s case looming on the horizon, all the rats are busy in the washroom trying to get the Kool-aide stain off their tongues. Wait until they start pointing fingers at each other. All the players in this epic drama can rise above the smell by jointly doing the same thing, throwing Elder under the bus! It’s the one common denominator they all share, sacrifice the idiot.

    May, you should never have trusted Elder in the first place.

    Waller, Elder is just stroking you so he can get your seat.

    Elder, keep it up, you’re hilarious to watch. Don’t miss your bus.

  3. Lets not forget Maketa was a maniacal leader hell bent on personal destruction himself. He’s not any better than these guys. He ruled by fear and intimidation as well.

    The rank and file need to organize a union and form a PAC of sorts to publicly support a different kind of leader for the EPSO; not one like Maketa or Elder, but a LEADER. I would almost even suggest a national search.

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