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Dirtyelder.com has talked about the corruption of Bill Elder and the Huffors for years.  We have provided numerous examples on this website.  Sexual harassment, nepotism, official misconduct, etc... Late last summer Lt. Bill Huffor engaged in abuse of power and an illegal arrest which was exposed by KOAA. we wrote about it.

According to sources, Billy Huffor lied in the affidavit and it was discovered by the District Attorney's office. the DA's office refused to prosecute the individual Huffor accused of assaulting him.  We were told this was the final straw with the county attorney's office. They demanded Sheriff Elder fire Huffor. We believe Elder refused. They went so far as to contact Colorado P.O.S.T. and informed them they would no longer be sponsoring Billy Huffor and wanted his POST certification revoked. Billy Huffor quickly resigned. Was this to stop the investigation he knew would reveal his illegal actions?  Should he have been prosecuted?  Was he placed on the Brady list?  These are all good questions left unanswered.

We learned of this latest example of corruption by Elder back in November and have been sitting on it until we could confirm it and pass on the information to local media. We know more than we revealed to them. Multiple sources contacted us and gave the same basic story. Elder gave the order to switch to Huffor's pet store for the K9 unit's dog food. We got that from multiple sources; one very high up in the organization. It appears even command staff is done with Elder.

KOAA just released a very damning story about Sheriff Elder's nepotism and corruption.

Like we stated in our teaser last week; even when Corrupt Sheriff Elder does something right he has to screw it up by being corrupt.  Sheriff Elder told Billy Huffor he needed to resign that he could no longer save him. Finally, Elder does something right and gets rid of one of the worst deputies and leaders in EPSO's history. But what does he do after that?  Within days he order's the K-9 unit to purchase all their dog food from the Huffor's newly acquired pet story. He breaks a long relationship EPSO had with Big-R to throw his old buddy Billy a (dog) bone.

The problem is this.  What Elder did is unethical and potentially illegal. He told KOAA he was unaware of the change. That's not true. We were told by a source VERY close to the situation that the K9 deputies were told by their supervisor that Elder gave the order himself. Of course Elder cannot admit it because he knows it would expose his corruption and he might even be guilty of a crime (official misconduct). Does anyone believe someone in K9 wanted to do business with Billy Huffor? Billy was the most hated supervisor at EPSO.  Everyone celebrated when he left.  Why do you think the story got out?  Someone leaked it because how much they hate the Huffors and Sheriff Elder.  This is why they cannot keep a secret. EVERYONE HATES ELDER!

The biggest issue with this clear example of Elder's corruption? He is ripping off the taxpayers, and giving the money to his current chief of staff and her disgraced husband. KOAA got the receipts. EPSO is paying the Huffors more money for the same product? This would be the definition of corruption. What else is going on that we don't know about? Where does the corruption stop? Trick question; IT DOESN'T.

Asking Elder to stop being corrupt is like asking a serial killer to stop killing

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder cannot help himself.  He probably did not think there was anything wrong with throwing some business Billy's way. In fact, he is probably wondering why the media even did a story about it.  What's the big deal?  To Elder it's not an issue. This is how you run a government agency.  You take taxpayer money and give it to your buddies.  That's how Elder thinks.


Does anyone believe it was just a coincidence the K9 unit decided to spend more money for dog food and start purchasing it at a pet store recently acquired by Janet Huffor; Bill Elder's chief of staff?

Does anyone think a supervisor at EPSO would authorize spending more money for dog food so it could be purchased at an employee's private business without the Sheriff's knowledge?

Bill Elder must be the stupidest person on the planet or just the most corrupt. OR MAYBE BOTH?

Employees are tired of being embarrassed by Elder and his leadership.  Seems like every week there is another story about corruption. Between the lawsuits, COVID response at the jail, the nepotism, misappropriation of taxpayer money, and everyone quitting; the stories just don't stop.  Everyone is tried of the BS they have to put up with everyday Elder is in charge.

Why doesn't Elder resign and move to his house in Arizona which he purchased last November? He needs the money; that's why. Because of numerous bad decisions Elder filed for bankruptcy a few years back.  According to our sources he cashed in his old EPSO retirement and has nothing but Social Security.  He needs as many years at EPSO as possible. We were told he has sold all his "toys" and is preparing to move to Goodyear Arizona. Is he planning to leave as soon as he leaves office (or before)?  We hear he wants to leave as soon as possible.

Elder originally planned to run for county commissioner after sheriff; but we hear he has acknowledged this is no longer possible because of his reputation.  He now wants to move as far away as possible. If Elder had just lived up to his campaign promises he might have done okay. It all started with a single lie about his IA file and the corruption grew from there. We have provided many examples of his nepotism and corruption.  Go back and read all the articles.

Elder is now known as the sheriff who ruined the reputation of EPSO.  Many do not want to work for EPSO because of his reputation. We will be doing a story about that soon.

UPDATE: We were told Billy Huffor is stating on facebook he was selling the dog food to EPSO for 20 bucks less than Big R.  We want to be accurate and fair, so we added an update.

It is good to know sheriff Elder was not going to pay the Huffor's more for the same product (if Huffor's statement is true).  However, this does not change the fact that Corrupt Sheriff Elder lied to the media about not knowing; and it is still unethical and potentially illegal to just give business to an employee. Based on Elder's character and past actions this type of nepotism does not surprise us.

We have not verified Billy's statement, but we want to be fair and honest; unlike Corrupt Sheriff Elder. Having said that; it is hard for us to believe anything Billy Huffor says.  This is the person who arrested someone for shinning a flashlight in his face and then put false information in their affidavit.  He was accused of sexual harassment at the jail and harassing fellow republican employees at the county assembly.



2 thoughts on “BOWWOWGATE”

  1. “Sheriff’s Lt. and EPSO chief of staff collect taxpayer money through private business venture
    Spokesperson: Sheriff “not aware”
    – EPSO purchased K9 food from Chief of Staff’s private business

    Amazing…local media should be APPALLED by the response below from an EPSO “spokesperson” (now apparently going un-named):
    “Therefore, there is no need for you to sit down with him.”

    Gee Wiz…when will there be a “need” to visit and “sit down” with our elected public official (i.e. Sheriff Bill Elder)?
    Maybe a national pandemic? No…
    Maybe riots in the streets?? Nah…
    Maybe a newly elected County DA??? Uh uh…
    Maybe misuse of taxpayer funds??? Please stop asking…apparently he’s really very busy…or really very drunk.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but El Paso County hasn’t seen or heard from our Sheriff in over 6-8 months…don’t we deserve a word from our elected County lead Law Enforcement officer???

    Come on, Bill…show your face. It’s time.

  2. Elder has always fawned over Janet and Billy, his favorite cuckold couple, even lamenting to his Facebook followers about their new dog business. But we are to believe that he and Janet never discussed the move of dog food purchases to her business? LOL… Elder reminds me of Sylvester the cat, with feathers on his mouth, claiming no knowledge of where Tweetie went.

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