LIAR Sheriff Bill Elder


One of Elder’s Many Broken Promises;  Salary Increases every year


The Biggest Liar in El Paso County – Sheriff Bill Elder?

In the many articles published concerning Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption one of our main themes is his many lies and broken promises.  Recently, we were contacted by multiple employees over yet another promise by Bill Elder that is now one of his many broken promises.   Yet another example of his many lies.   This is why we openly and without hesitation refer to Bill Elder as the “Biggest Liar in El Paso County“.  Time and time again we post stories how he was caught in yet another lie.  Well, we have another example.

Bill Elder told sworn employees as long as he was Sheriff they would get a pay raise every year.  This was not a passing reckless comment made by Elder during a single encounter; this was a statement proudly made over and over again by Elder in multiple public venues.  In fact, Elder even put together a salary schedule which was presented to staff.  Proposed Salary Adjustments – 2016 to 2020.

According to our sources; sworn employees have only seen one 2% increase since Elder became sheriff.  What happened to Elder’s promise of a pay raise every year?  Could it be he spent all the money (to include 1A funds) on creating unnecessary positions for his campaign donors and giving them huge salaries?

What makes it worse;  for the past few months Elder has been telling sworn employees in In-service meetings that they were finally going to get a pay raise in January of 2018.  According to Elder it was a “done deal“.  Now Deputies are being told it is not going to happen because of an unanticipated 3 million dollar impact to the budget.   It’s all about priorities, keeping promises, and Integrity.

According to Elder the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) is understaffed.  What?  Elder is out of money even when he is understaffed? Where did all the money go? Ironically, Elder in a command staff meeting a few months ago said there was no budget issues and then the next month said they are out of money. Does Elder even know what is going on at EPSO? Sounds like Kirby’s statement made a few months ago is accurate; ” Don’t tell anyone you heard it from me; but the 1A funds are all F***ed up and there’s no way we can fix it”. Elder has completely and totally screwed up the Sheriff’s Office.   His credibility is gone and you can not believe anything he says.  All he does is yell at reporters who hold him accountable and throws “temper tantrums” when things don’t go his way.

Is the Sheriff’s Office command staff like the Deltas in Animal House?  A bunch of drunken, sex crazed, money hungry incompetent leaders?  All we hear about is sexual harassment, incompetence, and corruption.  Sounds like Elder is holding a toga party on the fifth floor at the taxpayers’ expense.

The county commissioners are handing out thousands of dollars to keep people quiet about all the sexual harassment and corruption.  Looks like there might be another large payout in January or a public trial that will expose Larry Borland, Commander Rob King, and Sheriff Bill Elder for their sexual harassment and retaliation against victim(s). We know there has been multiple new complaints made against EPSO in the last few months.  They just keep coming and coming. Elder has lost all control.

Can Sheriff Bill Elder tell the truth or keep a promise?


The facts say “NO”


Elder’s incompetence and mismanagement is putting Deputies lives at risk


Predictable and Preventable