Elder enjoys himself on vacation while inmates and deputies fight for their lives?

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder took millions in COVID-19 Funds and spent it on remodeling CJC (Criminal Justice Center) . What is not being told is that his leadership team moved inmates around while conducting the remodeling and continues to intermix them daily. This is why the entire population is getting infected. Usually when someone is arrested they have to look forward to spending time incarcerated at the jail. Now they have to wonder if they are going to die.

What makes the situation even more unforgivable is that corrupt sheriff Elder is endangering the lives of his own staff. The majority of deputies and employees work at the jail everyday. Elder’s leadership team is placing their lives at risk due to the lack of proper protection gear and protocols. Do you know that very few Disney employees have caught COVID-19 at Disney world? That’s because they care about their employees and their customers. Elder has shown he does not care about the inmates or his employees. The employees should get together, get an attorney, and file a class action suit. We can suggest a few good attorneys.

Corrupt sheriff Elder is refusing to talk with the public or media about this situation. Where is all the transparency Elder promised when he was running for Sheriff? Elder on Transparency. Elder talked about having people come into the office and see for themselves what is going on. Pretty sure he will not allow that now. Elder is completely corrupt and incompetent. He will go down as the worst Sheriff ever. There’s more to come. We hear more lawsuits are coming.

It appears Fox21 is interested in what is going on at the jail. They did a great story the other night. Fox21’s news story about COVID in the Jail.