Is there one set of rules or policies for employees and another set for Elder's corrupt command staff and friends?

When there is corruption at the top; corruption will slowly work its way down the chain of command. This is what causes deputies to feel it's okay to give a woman a ticket for DUI and then go back and have sex with her.  When there is no respect for the sheriff, command staff, or the law and no worries of repercussions; integrity no longer matters and a person's conscious no longer speaks with a loud voice.  When Deputies see Billy and Janet Huffor do things with total disregard for honesty and integrity, and with no consequences; they start questioning why should they be honest?

So, when Chief Brad Shannon violates policy and the law for his son; the word spreads quick, and again, everyone wonders why they should have integrity when no one on the command staff does?

According to our sources at the jail, Chief Brad Shannon, who is not over Detentions visited the jail multiple times the last couple days.  He was not in uniform and not on duty. He entered the jail without being searched and without being questioned why he was there off duty.  As it turns out he was there for personal reasons, he was visiting his son who was arrested on a warrant out of Arizona. Can any deputy go into the jail anytime they want for personal reasons?  To visit a relative? What does policy say?

This is only the beginning of Chief Shannon's unethical behavior.  He made sure his son was housed in medical and provided with what ever he wanted.  There has been other Deputy's children arrested; did they get this kind of special treatment?  According to our sources Chief Shannon brought in contraband and was allowed to visit his son without supervision.  Would any other Deputy be allowed this type of special treatment? Have these personal visits been documented? What does policy say?

We were also told Shannon has been attempting to contact the on call duty Judge in hopes of getting his son released and/or special treatment from the court.  This is corrupt, unethical, and illegal.  If he has contacted the duty judge, he has violated at least two laws; attempt to influence a public official and official misconduct. Simply this is abuse of power.

What if a deputy tried to get their son, who was being held on a no bond warrant, released?

Our friends working at the jail told us they never see Chief Shannon at the jail.  so, when they saw him there and not in uniform they were surprised.  But when they found out his son was being held in medical, their surprise changed to anger.  Everyone knows of the corruption within the El Paso County Sheriff's Office command staff. Corruption is the new norm at EPSO.

Is anyone surprised Shannon's son was currently employed by El Paso County?  You cannot make this stuff up.  Special treatment for all those who play ball with Corrupt Sheriff Elder and dirty DA Dan May. How many of the county commissioners are in on it?

When will the corruption stop?


UPDATE: We have been contacted by multiple sources.  It appears Shannon's son is housed in cell 9 in medical.  Rumor has it Chief Brad Shannon wanted to talk with the Judge to see if it would be possible for him to drive his son back to Arizona and not have him transported by the normal process that everyone else has to go through when they are extradited.  Does this sounds like abuse of power?  Maybe "attempt to influence a public official?".  It's corrupt!

We have also been told that Chief Shannon did not go through the normal process to visit an inmate at CJC.  He bypassed the metal detector and was not searched when he went into the jail.  There is talk he brought his son contraband. Special treatment for Elder's friends. That's how it works.  What would happen to a deputy if they brought in contraband for an inmate?

Bottom line: Could any deputy come into the jail when ever they want to visit a relative? How about having a relative housed in medical?

This need to be investigated; but it won't.  A corrupt Sheriff does not care what his command staff does.

If anyone else; not on Elder's "good old boy's list" did this they would be fired.

Lie, Deny, Hide, and let it ride.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder will do what he does best; cover it up!

Corrupt Sheriff Elder 2

Update:  Now we are hearing Chief Brad Shannon wants to use EPSO Court and Transport to take his son to Arizona.  So, He wants to use local taxpayer money to transport one person in an EPSO van all the way to Arizona?  Please; just stop with the corruption.


UPDATE:  Rumor has it Chief Shannon got the warrant squashed in Arizona with the promise he would get his son there within a week or at a court date which they set up.  We know the warrant went away.  So, Old Brad got his son special treatment and broke the law.  Corruption is a wonderful thing!


Latest update: (2/2):  It appears Chief Shanon went to the sheriff and undersheriff and unloaded on them about this article.  Sorry we upset you Brad.  Don't be corrupt and we won't have anything to write about.  We also heard you have pulled your retirement papers.  Now it's Larry Borland that wants out?  We'll get the scoop.

8 thoughts on “Corrupt Chief Shannon?”

  1. My, my, my!!! Surprised, NO!! Shannon is as crooked as the day is long. Right now you have criminal activity and no local agency will investigate. Surely not the corrupt Dan May DA. Its about time for CBI, better yet how about the FBI start a criminal investigation into the the entire staff of corrupt Elder. Maybe its time this office be cleaned out and be placed under a federal consent degree. Put an office on the 5th floor and in CJC.

    Elder has gone on too long, and once you look at all the corrupt behaviors by him and his command staff, one would think their just may be some RICO activity involving misuse of funds, and civil rights violations due to preferential treatment of “special” people being promoted and not being accountable when they violate policy or the law. Right Cmdr Shannon.

    I hope the local and Denver news channels start asking questions and Pam Zubeck looks into the most recent behavior of how Shannon’s son ever pasted a background check. Please look into his attempt to influence a public official and get a look at who completed the background check and what flags were ignored or deleted. Looks like corrupt background investigators also. Hmmm, appears the walls may finally be crumbling down!!!

  2. Maybe its time Pete Carey start earning his salary. Time to look into all the allegations against Brad Shannon. Conduct an investigation to see if all these allegations are true or not, so be ready to recommend referring this investigation over to CSPD or CBI. See if you have any integrity left and if not resign not before you get deeper into this Elder cover-up.

    1. Pete Carey is just as corrupt as his boy Andy James. Talk about the good Ole boy club dont expect Pete ” do as I say not as I do”to yet anything accomplished. Pete, Andy and Bill have been together since the Old Metro VNI days where it was rules for some guidelines for others …. Nothing has ever changed they have screwed a lot of good cops in there days.

  3. I can remember when Undersheriff’s, Bureau Chiefs and Commanders only did extraditions to Hawaii or Las Vegas, sometimes as couples. Brad won’t need a transport van for this one. He and junior can run down to Phoenix in Brads unmarked unit, his golf clubs fit in the back. They’ll probably stay at his wife’s inherited house and charge the taxpayers per diem. My only question, will we also pay for his tee time at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Resort?

  4. Where is Bureau Chief Northam? All these policy and criminal violations are going on in his house and on his watch? Is he colluding or supporting the illegal behaviors of Shannon. So what are you going to do Cliff about Brad introducing contraband into the jail, abusing his position to visit his son in medical, and trying to arrange for your transport section to transport his felon son back to Arizona in violation of office policy.

    When are you going to put on your big girl panties and do whats right. I always thought you had some integrity but weak when it comes to standing up to these criminal actions under your roof.

    Has Shannon gone to the court and tried to get special treatment for his felon kid, if so are you going to turn your head and ignore his attempting to influence a public official? Are you a part of this endeavor? Can’t have it both ways because I know it been brought to your attention.

    All the good people working at CJC are saying what the fuck is going on here with all these staff people? I guess it must be hard to tell them apart from the ones in the orange suits. Man up Cliff, and Joe, are you going to allow this criminal behavior to go on during your watch. If so, I guess you did not learn anything at the FBI Academy.

    So Cliff, Joe, what are you going to do, be a part of this criminal enterprise or do the right thing?

  5. Wow, pretty amazing. Shannon’s felon son all of a sudden vanishes of the inmate roster, a FOJ getting released within a few days is totally unheard of. I wonder who he was released too. Court and Transport or Maricopa County?

    Something is smelling fishy here, how about it Pam, sound like a juicy story here. Where is Northam and Roybal, supporting another felon staff member. This office has just gone in the toilet and best anyone can do is quit, retire, or just go away and not be a part of this circus any longer.

  6. Broodmoor Brad has long been in it for himself. It’s been years since he had any real understanding of what our line level deputies do. Oh, he tries to be like them, but mucks it up every time. Didn’t he once get in a pursuit himself in an unmarked? Could’nt call it out on the radio until he ran around the corner to find a street sign and figure out where he was? He sounds like all the rich people in California who are in trouble for bribing their kids’ way into college, and then getting mad when everyone found out.

    Brad, it’s really time to hang it up, retire, and go golfing, before every last shred of your reputation is gone. And believe me, shreds are all that is left. You can go now, we’ll take it from here.

  7. So much corruption! Now Mundt reassigned to the jail and losing his sweet training gig? Guess he shouldn’t spend all his time with the civi’s in CW…Wonder if his boy Petterson will be next to be dethroned?

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