Federal Trial Concerning Bill Elder’s Alleged Inappropriate Behavior Scheduled for April 2018

Back in February we published an article concerning the lawsuit against Sheriff Bill Elder and EPSO.  Read Article.  This lawsuit is concerning an alleged sexual harassment against Commander Rob King and retaliation by Sheriff Elder and his command staff.   Lawsuits (especially against government entities) take a long time.  We anticipate John San Agustin’s multiple million dollar lawsuit will take up to 3 years; but that is another story (which we will keep you informed).

According to multiple sources; when Bill Elder took office, he immediately targeted Sgt. John Huntz.  We are literally talking his first day in office. Elder wasted no time starting his reign of terror and corruption.   Instead of obtaining the facts, being impartial, and protecting employees who make complaints; Elder went after anyone he thought was his enemy (or friends of his enemies). At the same time, Elder established his policy of protecting the accused (his buddies) and attacking the accusers.  We are not going to go into details of this complaint; because you can read it for yourself.  Read complaint.  The lawsuit has survived multiple attempts by El Paso County to have it dismissed (Read latest attempt) and is scheduled for trial in late April of 2018. Read court orderThe fact that a federal judge has allowed this complaint to continue to trial shows there is strong merit to it.  This trial will provide specific details into the corruption of Sheriff Bill Elder and his administration.  Have the county attorneys prevented a settlement in an attempt to delay information getting out that will be embarrassing for Elder and the county commissioners? Could it be Elder is concerned his corruption will be exposed in time for his challenger Mike Angley to use to secure the Republican nomination for Sheriff?  Knowing the facts of the case; we believe it is inevitable El Paso County will not go to trial and will offer Mr. Huntz a large settlement. It appears they are just attempting to delay when the information gets out.

The facts; made public in a civil trial would be devastating for Bill Elder and the county.  Having reviewed the list of witnesses it would be awesome to hear them testify under oath in a civil trial.  Having seen Bill Elder’s poor performance testifying in the Maketa trial, it would be entertaining to watch him testify in a civil trial.  Will they allow for 3 minute rounds like in boxing so Elder can rest and have time to think up his lies?  Elder will be destroyed under oath in a civil trial.

Larry Borland is listed to testify, as is Lt. Brandt, Dave Majia, and Rick Deitz.  That could be interesting.  Could questions be asked concerning Larry Borland’s credibility?  That could be enlightening. It appears a lot of interesting and highly incriminating testimony against Elder and his command staff could come out at the trial.  We anticipate a very large audience to include media.

One such fact, that could come out at trial, is a rumor we heard from employees that Commander King was ordered by his supervisors (Sheriff Elder) not to be alone with any female employees.  WTF!  How on Earth can you employ  someone who can not be trusted alone with females?  If true, this is admitting Elder has a sexual predator on his staff (which he is protecting). Of course, King’s Internal affairs file is rumored to be over a thousand pages. This is all the evidence you need to prove Sheriff Bill Elder is corrupt.  We are attempting to confirm and look forward to hearing Commander King testify.


This trial could be the main event of the year


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