Recently Sheriff Bill Elder announced the “suspension” of the Disciplinary Action Board; better known to employees as the “DAB”.  He stated this was done after a 1 year trial period.  This board was created to remove bias from the discipline process of sworn personnel.  Sounds like a good idea, but this process will never work when the boss is corrupt.

According to Elder’s memo dated, December 15, 2016; “When we started the Disciplinary Action Board process in September 2015, the decision was made to complete a review at approximately the one year mark.  In September, that review began.”   Why wasn’t this trial period announced to the employees?  Was it because it never existed?  Was this just a convenient excuse to get rid of it to protect Lt. William Huffor who was scheduled to go in front of the board in the near future?  (Read Story)  Was it just a coincidence that a couple days after Lt. Huffor’s “sustained” IA complaint was given to Elder he announces the “suspension” of the board?

According to our source who was involved with the writing of the policy and SOP there was never any discussion about any trial or review period. It appears the only person who knew about the yearly “review” of the DAB was Elder himself.  Not even the command staff knew about it.  The DAB must have been on “double secret probation”.    No employees we talked with believe Elder’s excuse.  Most are furious because they know what Huffor did and want him fired.  We believe the DAB was abandoned because Elder was afraid the board was going to recommend Huffor’s termination or at least a demotion.  This would not fit his agenda to support Huffor, his largest individual campaign donor and husband of his chief of staff (read story), as the next Sheriff.  So, it appears Elder made the decision to protect yet another Sexual Predator over providing female employees a safe work environment.

Now there are two supervisors at the jail who have been accused of sexual harassment; Lt. William Huffor and Commander Rob King.  Maybe they should start a club.  How much is the county going to pay King’s most recent victim?  Why did Elder re-hire King knowing of his long extensive history of complaints?  Could it be; “Birds of a feather flock together”?

Source material provided below.  Is there any documentation to support Bill Elder’s claim about a 1 year trial or review process?  Yet more proof Bill Elder and his leadership team are corrupt.

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DAB Policy

Memo terminating the DAB