David has enough with all the BS; tells Elder to go to Hell

According to our sources, Commander David submitted his retirement papers for January of 2021.  David was heard stating how much working for Elder has aged him.  He could no longer put up with Sheriff Elder's corruption, nepotism, and incompetence. It appears the final straw was when Elder told him he was going to be transferred to CJC.  This will be confirmed if Elder transfers Cyclops to Patrol.

How bad did Commander David want out?  Enough to spend approximately $150,000.00 to buy 5 years of service. You know the old saying; "why is a divorce so expensive?; because it's worth it."  David wanted to get away from Elder so bad he spent a small fortune to do it.  This substantiates everyone's allegations concerning Elder. Things have never been this bad at EPSO. Corrupt sheriff Elder has completely screwed everything up.

We do not believe Commander David is an innocent victim; however, we do not believe he is a part of the original corruption.  He was like many others at EPSO.  They wanted to keep their jobs and dealt with the devil.  Sooner or later everyone gets bitten by the crocodile.  How many original supporters of Elder have left?  Evans, McDonald, and many more.  We believe they saw the real Bill Elder and didn't like what they saw.  So many, who supported Elder, have contacted us and told us how much they hate him now. Hard work and integrity means nothing to Elder.  He only promotes his "buddies".  How many women are on command staff?  Elder took the only black person and put him in a meaningless position.  Elder has clearly shown he is a racist and sexist.  Rumor has it he plans to promote a female to commander.  However, she slept with Elder's buddy Maxwell. So it's clear what it takes for a woman to get promoted in Corrupt Sheriff Elder's organization. Elder is going to be promoting soon; let's see what happens.

A source within EPSO told us Elder has become paranoid and does not trust anyone on command staff.  He believes they are talking to us and the media and trying to make him look bad. Elder does not need any help looking incompetent or corrupt. He is planning to promote only those he can control.  Performance does not matter; Kiss the ring of Elder and you're in. How did things get this bad?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to have the highest attrition rate in Colorado.  More are leaving everyday.  We hear Undersheriff Carey is even thinking of leaving. The newest rumor is Roybal and Kramer are being groomed for Sheriff and undersheriff.  Roybal, best known for throwing his own daughter under the bus to get promoted appears to be just as corrupt as Elder.  It's our understanding his daughter doesn't talk to him anymore.  She was sexually harassed by Billy Huffor at CJC and when Roybal found out he convinced her to be quiet to advance his own career.  This is like a mother keeping silent while the stepfather continually rapes her daughter. How can Roybal live with himself? He's probably not going to win father of the year anytime soon.

Judas got 30 pieces of silver; how much did Roybal get to betray his own daughter?

To everyone on command staff watching quietly while Corrupt Sheriff Elder destroys one of the best agencies in the state.  You might not be doing anything personally, but you are condoning it with your silence.


To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last - but eat you he will. Ronald Reagan


How ironic, Corrupt sheriff Elder did everything he could to ruin Sheriff Maketa, Undersheriff Presley and Commander San Agustin and now look at things. No one is talking about them anymore (other than San Agustin's huge 10 million dollar lawsuit), everyone is talking about all the lawsuits against Elder and how he has the largest attrition rate of all time.  Congratulations Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder, you're the most corrupt and hated sheriff ever.

Corrupt Elder

Do you think the next person running for Sheriff will talk about transparency and how there needs to be a forensic audit of Corrupt Sheriff Elder's administration?

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  1. Don’t feel sorry for John David thinking he’s a victim of Elder. He was more than willing to do Elders bidding and cover for Huffor. The EPSO is a family of jackals, everyone knows who’s sleeping with whom. David is just the latest to be eaten by his own. Six years into Elders reign is too late for anyone within the staff to claim integrity or protecting a job. If you accepted a promotion from Elder or your retirement eligable and hanging on, you’re just as much a rat as Elder.

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