Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder


We have written articles concerning the lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder for his unjust firing of Sgt. Keith Duda back in 2018.  We found a court document which gives some background on the case. Court document. It shows Corrupt Sheriff Elder fired Sgt Duda because of protected speech, not because of any violation of policy. It appears the final straw was when Duda attempted to obtain a billboard and spoke to the media. This is all protected speech. It's not a coincidence Elder fired him the day after the newspaper article came out. The court denied summary judgement and is allowing the complaint to go to trial. Obviously the judge found the complaints against Corrupt Sheriff Elder credible. We have highlighted the parts we found interesting. It states Lt. Huffor engaged in inappropriate behavior with a female employee; confirming an allegation we made years ago. 

Also this document confirms our allocations Lt. Huffor harassed fellow employees at the Republican county assembly. Read Article. Another example of corruption and how Elder protected his goons.  This document proves beyond any doubt the corruption and nepotism by Sheriff Elder.

This document is dated October 27, 2020.  Now read Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s latest appeal dated November 20th.  Elder is not trying to defend his actions; he's begging the court to give him another chance on qualified immunity.  He knows he is guilty so he is begging for a procedural out. If Corrupt Sheriff Elder knew he was innocent and believed in transparency he would demand a public trial so he could show the world he did nothing wrong.  Has Elder ever explained his actions to the media or the public?  He can't.  He knows what he did violated Duda's constitutional rights.  Now that it's coming back to haunt him he's begging the courts to throw the case out.  This is his only hope. Corruption at work.

Read the top of the appeal; “BILL ELDER, individually and in his official capacity…” (it says the same thing on the court document.)  Could it be if Elder loses there might be a personal judgement against him and the county would not be financially obligated? Will Elder have to file bankruptcy again? 

In a civil case everyone gives depositions prior to a trial.  However, this does not prevent a bombshell at trial because everything said will be public information. We will be able to send someone to document everything said by Elder and his corrupt leadership team. How bad will Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s testimony be this time?  He lied multiple times in the Maketa trial; many believe he knowingly committed perjury.  

Sheriff Bill Elder

Is the truth catching up with Elder? Will his corrupt administration be defined by the many lawsuits against him? Will he be known as the most corrupt sheriff in Colorado history? With over 70% attrition rate he is already the most hated by his employees. His administration is a complete failure. It’s like having sheriff Richard Nixon. The real question; is sheriff Elder more corrupt or incompetent? This will be debated for years. 



Why is Elder not talking to the media?  Where is the transparency he promised.  Elder has been caught in too many lies; now he's scared to face the media or the public. Elder is the biggest liar in EPSO history.  


Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

Elder’s motto

LIE, DENY, HIDE, and let it RIDE!