Sheriff Bill Elder Lies to the Media (Again) about Tom Clements Homicide

The Denver Post published another article about the assassination of DOC Chief Tom Clements. Read Story.  It appears from their article they believe others were involved.  We provided additional evidence in our article to include evidence why District Attorney Dan May refuses to prosecute the others involved. Read our story.

Recently we were provided additional evidence showing the 211 Crew were involved in the murder of Tom Clements. Understand, this is evidence the El Paso County Sheriff’s office (EPSO) has had for 5 years.  Here is the “Kill List” which was found in Evan Ebel’s car and has been highly advertised (Read Story) but never released.  (See Redacted Document)  It shows the original plan was for Ebel to kill 6 people that night.  Ebel was found with a great deal of cash on his person, multiple cell phones, and the arrangements for his stay the night before the assassination was arranged by a 211 Crew member.  All this information was obtained by EPSO shortly after the homicide.

We have phone records showing 30 minutes after Tom Clements is murdered; Evan Ebel calls a local 211 Crew member from a cell phone he only started using just prior to the murder.  This call was at 9:11 pm and lasted for 2 minutes and 43 seconds. There is a great deal of additional evidence showing others were involved to include a witness in Texas who stated a 211 Crew member told him he ordered the assassination. This same witness was called by Ebel after he shot a Texas deputy and was being chased by Texas law enforcement officers.  If Ebel acted alone why is he making all these phone calls to 211 Crew members? Why did a 211 Crew General take responsibility for ordering the “hit” and make arrangements for Ebel to hide out with a 211 Crew gang member in Texas.  Does it sound like Ebel acted alone? EPSO has all this evidence plus much more.  It is overwhelming which is why Sheriff Maketa wanted to arrest them years ago. Why did May refuse to take the case to a grand jury? Read our story. The corruption is obvious with both Bill Elder and Dan May.

We are confident Sheriff Bill Elder will have no issues with us releasing this information because he stated the investigation was over and attempted to shutdown the investigation (read memo) back in 2016. Plus; according to his own statements to the Denver Post there is no such evidence.

“El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder, who office oversees the investigation, said in an interview this week that he believes Ebel acted alone when he killed Leon for his Domino’s pizza uniform, and then shot Clements on the doorstep of his home in Monument on the night of March 19, 2013.

Elder said he asked an investigator in 2016 to go over all the evidence for a third time, on the chance that new evidence could be uncovered pointing to possible conspirators. An investigator from Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s office also independently reviewed all the evidence over a span of nine months, he said.

“They’ve looked at everything and anything. To date (they) have not turned over any evidence that disproves that Evan Ebel acted alone,” Elder said. “I would love nothing more than to prove a conspiracy to the 211 Crew.” But so far the only things tying the case to others, he said, are suppositions not unlike conspiracy theories in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

Dan May

This is just another example of Bill Elder’s lies.  He knows there is clear and convincing evidence showing others were involved.  We will continue to release evidence as it becomes available to us; it is overwhelming.  Will Sheriff Bill Elder continue to lie and cover for his buddy,  Dan May or will he finally admit there is evidence proving others were involved?

If Elder continues to deny the truth; more evidence will come out.  Bill Elder has been caught in so many lies he can not keep track anymore.


Will the family of Tom Clements ever get justice?