Corrupt Sheriff Elder cried to the courts like a little bitch.  He begged for immunity and the judge denied it.  Elder appealed to a higher court and they slapped him again.

slapped 2

Elder knew what he did to Sgt. Duda and Lt. Williams was wrong; he didn't care.  He bragged to his staff he could do what ever he wanted and no one could touch him. He's the Sheriff of El Paso County; he is untouchable. A few years ago we were told by multiple deputies that Elder stated publicly in an inservice meeting he would like to put a bullet in the head of the person responsible for this website. Someone who makes statements like that is mentally ill and unstable.  We still wonder what role (if any) he had in the murder of CC Benefiel?

If someone would not kiss his ring and show their loyalty Elder would fire them. Well two individuals are kicking Elder's ASS!  Duda and Williams. Both are looking at very sizable payouts. Elder has been intimidating staff since he got elected, but not Duda and Williams. They stood up to the bully and are going to get their lunch money back with interest.

Many more could have gotten lawyers and filed claims but wanted to leave so bad they just left and didn't look back. Elder is the most hated and sued sheriff in the history of El Paso County. The county's insurance company even threatened to cancel their policy.  The compromised was to double the deductible just for the Sheriff's office. Wow,  So many "CRASHES" Elder had to get special insurance? Wait until the insurance company hears about the new payouts coming. Could be millions.

Why is Elder so concerned about immunity in the Duda lawsuit?

Rumor has it the county attorney and possibly the commissioners have told Elder he could be partially or even fully responsible to cover the cost of the Duda lawsuit.  Because Elder knowingly violated Sgt. Duda's constitutional rights and unjustly fired him for exercising his freedom of speech the county is not obligated to cover the cost of the lawsuit. The facts clearly show Corrupt sheriff Elder violated Duda's constitutional rights. That's why Immunity was so important.  Recently the Court of Appeals confirmed the lower courts decision denying Corrupt Sheriff Elder immunity. Both courts have stated Mr. Bill Elder, PERSONALLY, can be held financially responsible for his actions.  Think about that for a minute; both courts, after reading the facts of the case, agreed Corrupt Sheriff Elder's actions were so egregious he is not protected by qualified immunity. How huge is that?  If multiple judges say what he did was bad; what do you think a jury is going to do? Millions!!!

There are multiple articles on the internet about the ruling. Here is a link to one of them.

Federal court document (Elder's immunity appeal denied)

Is El Paso County no longer legally obligated to cover the expense of the Duda lawsuit?

Will Bill Elder have to write a check to Keith Duda for thousands of dollars?  We hope so. Could Elder have to sell his newly obtained house in Arizona to pay his debt?  Maybe. Why should the taxpayers be responsible to pay for Elder's malicious and unjust firing of Duda? Just the loss of wages could be half a million. What about pain and suffering?  What about legal fees? The settlement could reach a million dollars.  If Elder and the county are stupid enough to take it to court the jury could award Duda millions. Does Elder have that much money?  If the county covers 90% of the settlement Elder could still have to write a check for a $100,000 or more. Does Elder have personal insurance? Who knows.  He's been so arrogant in everything else he probably assumed the county would cover everything because he has immunity.  Not this time. There's no immunity when you knowingly and blatantly violate someone's constitutional rights.

We have continually criticized Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder for his lack of experience.  Well in this area; Elder has all the experience.  He filed for Bankruptcy a few years ago so he knows how to do it again. We know Elder is trained because he got a certificate.

A link to the court document is above.  We hear it is very interesting reading.  It appears Billy Huffor and Jackie Kirby did not do Corrupt Sheriff Elder any favors. Elder is exposed for his corruption yet again. Even if he dodges a financial impact; he will always be known as the most inept, most hated, and most corrupt sheriff in Colorado history.


Is Elder arrogant enough to think he can win in court?

It would be glorious to watch



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