The Colorado Supreme Court publishes ruling concerning 19SC1009 Elder v Williams

Many honest and loyal deputies and employees believed Bill Elder when he campaigned for Sheriff. He told everyone things would be different and employees would be treated fairly.  No nepotism, only integrity. If you worked hard and performed well, you would get promoted.  He then took office and everyone realized Elder only promoted his buddies and nepotism was the name of the game. It didn't matter if you worked hard.  You had to be on the inside to get ahead.  There was no better example than the Huffors.  You crossed the Huffors your were viciously attacked.  No one learned this more than long time employee Lt. Tim Williams.  Probably one of the most respected deputies in the office, Williams was okay as long as he didn't cross any of the golden boys.  Unfortunately integrity got in the way.  When Williams revealed one of Elder's buddies violated policy Corrupt Sheriff Elder flew off the handle.  Instead of Elder addressing the policy violation and the employee, he went after Williams.  He told Williams, if he knew what was good for him, he would drop the whole thing.  When Williams continued the discipline process (through the well known DAB) Elder violated policy himself by demoting Williams (without cause) from Lt. to Sr. Deputy.  He knew Williams would have to resign to protect his retirement. If Elder wants you gone, you will be gone. You will be attacked and harassed until you leave. Or he will fire you after making things up and getting employees to lie about you.  This is what happened to Sgt. Keith Duda. He was accused of campaigning during company hours and ultimately fired.  After Duda got a lawyer and filed a lawsuit it came out there was zero evidence and people started retracted their allegations against him. In fact, what did come out is that many like the Huffors, Jackie Kirby and other buddies of Elder were actively campaigning for Elder during business hours. In fact, many employees jokingly referred to Janet's office as the Elder campaign headquarters. Corrupt Sheriff Elder originally listed his work number on the state campaign finance website. So, it is clear Elder fired Duda without any evidence of wrong doing and did not discipline his goons for doing what he accused Duda of doing. Another example of Corruption. Other great lawsuit exposing Elder. LET'S GO TO TRIAL!  Let's See Elder and his goons raise their right hands and start telling lies.

Remember when Elder signed a document on day one stating all policies would apply to the sheriff? Where is that document now?  Another example of Elder's lies and corruption. How many times did he have to change policy to cover for the Huffors and himself.  Elder didn't have to worry about following policy; he just changed it.

Dealing with Elder is like teasing a crocodile.  Sooner or later you will get bit. Williams thought Elder had integrity and truly wanted to make things better at EPSO.  When one of Elder's buddies screwed up the real Elder was exposed.  Everyone now knows what Corrupt Sheriff Elder is all about. How long did it take until he finally told Billy Huffor it was time to leave?

Sexually harass female employees, no problem. Shoot a shotgun at a dog; no problem. Wreck a cruiser, no problem. Harass fellow employees at Republican county assembly, no problem. Place community at risk getting in a pursuit over siphoning of gasoline, no problem.  During pursuit ram vehicle (with no training and completely out of policy), no problem.  After wrecking vehicle jump out, draw weapon and point it at target vehicle, no problem. Responsible for multiple traffic crashes during pursuit, no problem.  Intimidate neighbor until they sale house and move, no problem. CSPD dispatched to residence multiple times for domestic disturbances (CSPD case# 18-00031465), no problem. Finally it takes a highly publicized abuse of power and false information on an affidavit to get him to leave?  How many employees were harassed and mistreated? How many polices violated?  How many laws broken?  How many lives placed in danger?  Did Corrupt Sheriff Elder care?  HELL NO!  Instead of dealing with the monster he created, he goes after the employee trying to follow policy. Williams is not alone.

Tim Williams didn't take Elder's abuse, he got a lawyer and sued him for age discrimination and retaliation.  Williams' case looks good and the court is allowing it to go to trial.  Elder, being the coward he is, begged for immunity.  Elder knows if this case gets to court it will expose his corruption. Everything will be public. We would love to see this trial.

If you want to know how corrupt Elder is, read the court documents which contain pretty good summaries.

Original complaint.   A recently published court document with summary.

Colorado Supreme Court ruling.

Because corrupt sheriff Elder appealed the lower court's ruling he now gets the honor of having his name forever known as the case that changed Colorado case law.  Unknown number of lawyers will be quoting; "Elder v Williams." Way to go Bill; You were so corrupt your actions caused case law. Corrupt Sheriff Elder; a name that will live in infamy!

If we read the ruling correctly it means Mr. Williams could be entitled to up to 8 years of lost pay?  What about loss of retirement contributions? Vacation and sick pay?  What about settlement for retaliation? What about attorney fees?  This does not seem like simple math and could end up being a very large number.

How much money has Elder cost the taxpayers so far; and how much will the grand total be?   How many years after he is gone will we still be paying to settle his lawsuits?

Thank goodness for the bravery of employees not willing to take Corrupt Elder's abuse and got attorneys. We hope more come forward.

Silence is the endorsement of Corruption

Rumor has it this was the quote coming from the 5th floor on Monday

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