Federal Lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder next month


The highly anticipated federal lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder starts on August 13, 2018. The trial will be held at the Byron G. Rogers U.S. District Courthouse, Courtroom C202, 2nd Floor, 1929 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado.  The trial is scheduled for 5 days. Details.  It should be the trial of the year and we hope local media covers it.

Will Corrupt Elder commit perjury like he did in the Maketa trial?  He won’t have corrupt District Attorney Dan May to protect him in federal court.   The list of potential witnesses is staggering.  Read Details.  We can not wait to hear their testimony under oath.   Will they contradict each other?  We will see.

Will the entire corrupt leadership at EPSO be exposed?

We predict, now that Corrupt Elder has secured the republican nomination for Sheriff, the El Paso County commissioners will attempt to quietly settle with John Huntz and have him sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).   The commissioners will go into executive session and decide (which is illegal) to offer a settlement.  They will try to do it quietly to not alarm the voters.   In the last settlement against Corrupt Elder for retaliation and sexual harassment the commissioners refused to even reveal the name of the person they settled with; which is also Illegal.  We have a right to know who is receiving our taxpayer money.  Will the county commissioners protect and coverup for Corrupt Sheriff Elder?  Will they show they are just as corrupt as he is? We hope the county commissioners refuse to settle and let Corrupt Elder be held accountable for his unethical behavior. Of course that will probably cost the county a lot more money.

The claim against Corrupt Sheriff Elder is retaliation against an employee which started on Elder’s first day in office. Read Complaint. This employee’s crime? Elder thought he was disloyal and friends with the previous sheriff.  Elder let it be known from the beginning he wanted to destroy anything that had to do with the previous sheriff; to include those who supported him.  Elder continues his rein of terror which was obvious at the republican county assembly where Billy Huffor, Mitch Lincoln, Rob King, and Tom DeLuca intimidated and harassed Angley supporters and fellow EPSO employees.  There was even a story in the CS Independent about it. Finally someone is trying to hold Elder accountable for his unethical and illegal behavior.

When individuals were threatening to sue former Sheriff Terry Maketa the county commissioners asked for his resignation and suggested he might be personally liable and the county might not pay any settlement or legal fees.  All civil (and criminal) cases against Maketa were dismissed.  However, there are multiple civil cases pending against Corrupt Sheriff Elder and the commissioners are strangely quiet.  There has been over $500,000 dollars paid out, since Elder took office, in settlements by the county commissioners for claims made against EPSO.  Where is the outrage and calls for Elder’s resignation?

If the County Commissioners believe in Transparency they will not ask for an NDA

If the county commissioners require Mr. Huntz to sign a NDA to receive his settlement it proves they are covering up for Corrupt Sheriff Elder. If they want to settle and not risk going to trial they could agree to settle with no additional stipulations. That would be transparent and show integrity. Let’s see what happens.


Settlement offer coming soon?

Keep your eyes on the agenda/minutes of the county commissioners’ meetings.  It will happen in the next month. We are confident the individuals slated to testify will pressure the commissioners into settling.  If the commissioners hold firm and don’t settle we can look forward to a very entertaining trial in August.

DirtyElder.com prefers a trial; a wealth of information will be made public.  We are making arrangements for someone to be present everyday and taking notes.

We hope Mr. Huntz holds strong and refuses any settlement with an NDA; however, we understand he needs to do what is best for his family.  He is a veteran and former EPSO Sergeant who was forced out by Corrupt Elder.  He is an honorable person who deserves our respect for his many years of service to our country.  Unlike Corrupt Sheriff Elder who never served in the military and wears military pins he did not earn.


Disgraced & Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder


Next civil lawsuit against Corrupt Elder should go to trial next year.