District Attorney Dan May Confirms Corrupt Sheriff Elder Lied about Flick Shooting

During a press conference yesterday District Attorney Dan May announced law enforcement officers were justified in returning fire when shot at by Mr. Zetina. KKTV did a good story. What he did not say is that the initial actions by law enforcement which lead to the shooting were reasonable (or legal). Dan May stated that was not part of his investigation. In fact, DA Dan May confirmed Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is a liar.  The day after the shooting, Sheriff Elder stated all Deputies where clearly identified by badges and vests that identified them as SHERIFF deputies.   We have since learned this was a complete lie.  None of the Detectives that day had any badges or emblems visibly showing they were law enforcement.  In fact, about half of them did not even have their vests on.  This has been confirmed by multiple individuals who were on scene.  During Dan May’s press conference he clearly stated that prior to Stone and Flick grabbing Mr. Zetina Law enforcement officers did not have any LE emblems or badges visible and they did not announce that they were law enforcement.  It was not until they grabbed him that apparently Deputy Stone yelled “police”.  All of these fact completely contradict what Corrupt Sheriff Elder stated at his press conference the day after Flick was killed.  You can get more information from the CS independent’s article. Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s lies are so bad concerning Deputy Flick’s death that even Dan May won’t cover for him.  If you watch Channel 5’s article you will see at the end they asked EPSO about the inconsistencies between Elder’s initial comments and Dan May’s statements; they would not comment. What a surprise.

How many times will Elder be exposed as a liar?   Elder just can not tell the truth.

Elder’s Ineptness and Corruption cost Micah Flick his life