Yet another lawsuit against El Paso County Sheriff’s office

Is there a cloud of corruption over Sheriff Bill Elder’s administration?

Today’s Gazette has an article concerning yet another lawsuit filed against EPSO.  The fact Corrupt Sheriff Elder covered for deputies, who appear to use excessive force,  shows more corruption.  We are not surprised by Cliff Porter’s actions as he has a history of this type behavior. We will see how this lawsuit plays out. More bad press for Elder and EPSO. If Elder truly supports transparency (like he said) he would have announced what happened two years ago shortly after it happened.  He would have talk with the media and released all body cam footage. Neither happened. We heard it took EPSO a long time to finally release the body cams after many requests and they still did not release all the footage. What are they trying to hide? The video is pretty powerful.  Rumor has it Porter routinely does not follow policy on the use of body cams. Based on his actions we understand why.  This was a great opportunity to show transparency; epic fail by Corrupt Sheriff Elder (again).

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Question: If the woman was in the wrong and Deputies were justified in their actions; why did the DA’s office drop all the charges against her?   Get the feeling Corrupt Sheriff Elder wanted it to go away without the media or public finding out.  He kept it secret for 2 years.  This is not how a transparent government agency operates. This is just another example of corruption and nepotism by Elder.  Cover it up and protect your “buddies”.

Sheriff Bill Elder promised Transparency; just another Lie?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder needs to release all information, to include the IA investigation and any disciplinary actions taken concerning this obvious excessive force by Deputies. Did the deputies exhaust all avenues of de-escalation ?  Did they need to go hands on when they did?  How long after the little old lady got out of the vehicle did they lay on hands?  Were the deputies in fear for their safety? Did she pull a weapon or attack them?  What physical action(s) against the deputies did she do to justify their physical response? Did they really need to throw her to the ground and tase her? Why did they even ask her to get out of the vehicle?  If their actions were justified Elder needs to present the evidence to the public to regain their trust.  If Elder believes in Transparency he needs to be proactive in releasing the information and talking with the media.  When was the last time Elder addressed the media and answered all their questions?

Elder continues to Lie, Deny, Hide, and let it ride

How many lawsuits does this make?  Is Elder going for a baker’s dozen?  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the most sued Sheriff in Colorado history and he has two more years of corruption left. He also has the highest attrition of any government agency in Colorado; over 70% of employees have left since he took office.

We hope this poor victim gets her day in court.