Corrupt Sheriff Elder using the Death of Law Enforcement Officers to get Re-Elected

There is a letter to the Editor in the CS Independent that is well worth reading.  Read Letter. has brought up the point that Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is using the death of Micah Flick to help his re-election. It’s pretty obvious at this point. He is also using the son of Rob Stone who was shot that day.  If you remember Rob Stone was involved with the disappearance of Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder’s IA file. Read Story.

Bill Elder has taken it to the next level. Recently, he was included in a picture with family members of fallen officers with the Governor.  Elder had no right to be included. To get publicity, it appears Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder decided to do the same thing. So, he got pictures of murdered cops and children, put together a group of employees, and took pictures in front of the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters.  These pictures are not posted on the EPSO website, they are posted on Bill Elder’s re-election website.  It would be inappropriate either way, but putting them on his re-election website clearly shows he is using the pictures for his re-election. This is the lowest thing Corrupt Sheriff Elder has ever done.  Using dead cops for publicity. Does Elder have any conscience? Is there anything he won’t do to get Re-elected?

Let’s look at the picture:

There are many issues with this picture.  First, take a close look at Janet Huffor. She is the second person on the right.  Take a real close look.  Can you see the problem?  Let’s give you a closer look.

She is on her cell phone!!!  They are taking what is suppose to be a somber picture showing those who have been murdered and she can’t even take the time to get off her cell phone?  This is completely disrespectful. It shows the kind of person Janet Huffor is.  She’s too DAMN important and busy to show a little respect for the dead. Many have told us how self centered, arrogant, and condescending she is. This picture shows us everything we need to know. She could not even take 5 seconds and hide her cell phone behind the picture while the photos were being taken. This photograph shows that as far as Janet Huffor is concerned this was a waste of her valuable time. How could they post this picture on Elder’s campaign Facebook page?

Let’s move on.

How much did these pictures cost the taxpayers of El Paso County?  There appears to be 9 employees in this picture.  Using a conservative calculation it cost around $500.00.  Remember, this picture was not posted on the EPSO website, it was posted on Bill Elder’s re-election website.  During work hours, Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder took multiple employees away from their duties and had them pose for a photograph for his re-election.  This is corruption.

Here is a snapshot of Elder’s re-election Facebook page.

Let’s move on.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder posed for campaign photographs, during work hours, in uniform, along with other employees (also in uniform).  These photographs were posted on his re-election Facebook page. This is not only a violation of county policy, it is a violation of federal election laws.