Corrupt Sheriff Elder gets Coroner to seal Autopsy Reports?

CS Independent continues to get to the truth about the “evil” we call Sheriff Elder.  Their latest article exposes Elder’s continued attempt to coverup the truth about the shooting that cost Detective Flick his life. 

Why would the El Paso County Coroner want to help Corrupt Sheriff Elder cover up a shooting that lead to the death of two people including Detective Micah Flick? Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder not want the public to know what really happened that day?  Does he not want everyone to know that based on protocols and direction by corrupt Sheriff Elder and Chief Carey the team of Detectives attempting to make an arrest that day did not have their weapons out, nor did they announce themselves as law enforcement (LE) or have any visible identification that they were LE? Anyone with any LE experience knows this makes no sense and is extremely dangerous for the cops.  How do they train cops to conduct a “Felony” contact? Guns out and loud verbal commands.  Were the Officers given direction to not identify themselves and “jump” the suspect without warning?   If you were being attacked by multiple individuals who did not identify themselves as LE would you be justified in defending yourself?  We need to get to the truth; what really happened that day?

Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder not want the public to know he is responsible for the death of Micah Flick?

The public needs to know the truth about what happened that day. There needs to be an independent investigation.


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington