Bill Elder; The Sheriff that stole Christmas


Is Elder in the Dark about how to run a Sheriff’s office?

The reason EPSO is out of money is because of the incompetence of Bill Elder and his staff. How can they be short of funds with the millions and millions of additional dollars they get every year from the 1A tax initiative?  It takes someone pretty incompetent to make that happen. Let’s review. During the last election the fact that Bill Elder had a Bankruptcy on his personal record came up.  He blew it off as no big deal. Read Story (scroll to the bottom). However, it is clear that someone who has issues being financially responsible in his personal life will have the same issues in their professional life. A fact that is currently being reinforced by Sheriff Bill Elder. Ironically; Bill Elder would not pass the normal EPSO hiring background check because of his financial issues, but he is the sheriff wasting millions of dollars. It’s like having a sex offender work at a daycare.  But remember, Elder is protecting two sexual predators at EPSO, so no surprise there.


Why would anyone think Elder would be any different with taxpayer money than he was with his personal money?  He if fiscally irresponsible; this is not going to change just because his job did.  He is incompetent and will continue to be incompetent.  A source within EPSO made this statement; “Why did anyone think a mediocre realtor would make a good Sheriff?”  A statement now supported by Elder’s performance the last three years.  Elder has taken a fiscally strong and responsible organization and with his corruption and incompetence has driven it bankrupt. Is anyone surprised?

A source told us when Sheriff Elder took office there was approximately 5 million dollars in undesignated funds in the 1A account.  The plan was to keep around 3 million in undesignated funds each year for emergencies.  So, not only did Elder have all the 1A funds he received each year; he started with an additional 5 million dollar bonus.  Where has all this money gone?  Someone needs to do a CORA request and find out how much was in 1A funds when Elder took office and how much is there now.  He has wasted Millions!

It is our understanding Sheriff Bill Elder was not planning on giving out pay raises next year until we exposed he received over 500k from the county. Read Story.  Was he just planning on keeping the money and spending it else where?  We will never know for sure.   Command Staff started telling employees there would not be any pay raises next year.  After we published our article their story changed. Now it appears they are going to give raises to only a select few employees and might ignore the civilian employees.  We will keep you informed.  Their stories keep changing after we expose them.

Here are the Facts:

On December 13, 2017 the county commissioners approved the 2018 budget which allowed for a 2% cost of living adjustment for all county employees.  Read County Press Release.  The following statement is included:

“Other highlights of the OAB include a 2% cost of living adjustment (COLA) or pay for performance for county workers next year, an additional $100,000 for the Sheriff’s Office to help fund a crackdown on illegal marijuana grow operations, …’
This means Sheriff Bill Elder will receive enough additional funds to give every EPSO employee a 2% raise in 2018.  But, because he is an elected official he is not obligated to follow the County Commissioners’ intent.  He can spend the money anyway he wants. So, let’s see what he does and who gets a pay raise next year.


Everyday is Christmas for Bill Elder


If Elder had any integrity he would give all the funds provided by the county to Deputies and Civilian employees.  Lieutenants and above make enough money.  If Elder did this every employee could get a 2.2% raise. You watch; Elder will screw the civilians (again), but will make sure his cronies are taken care of.  You can be assured we will get our hands on the new salary schedule and will publish it.

UPDATE: A check of the approved 2018 El Paso County Budget shows EPSO is going to receive over a million dollars ($1,083,631) more next year. Read Document (Page 17). That is plenty of money to give all employees a much deserved pay raise. We also confirmed that some civilian employees have not received a pay raise in 5 years.  This is unacceptable.

Where has all the money gone?



Elder and Borland waiting for next year’s money?