Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder Violating Hatch Act?



It appears Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder violated the Hatch Act when he spoke about his re-election campaign at a local Republican luncheon a couple of months ago.  If you look close you can see campaign donation envelopes under his arm.  This is clear violation of the Hatch Act.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is currently violating the Hatch Act by using pictures of himself (and others) in uniform on his campaign website and material he is distributing.

Check out the pictures on his re-election Facebook page.  Clear violation of the federal law.

Check out this website.  It lays out the law pretty clear.

The Hatch Act limits federal employees from campaigning during work hours and based on their position in government. But it also applies to local elected officials and employees who receive federal funds.  You can be assured the El Paso County Sheriff’s office (EPSO) receives federal funds. So, Corrupt Bill Elder and employee of EPSO are required, by federal law, to adhere to the Hatch Act.

Corrupt Bill Elder can not campaign during work hours and can not use his “official” position to influence.  This means he can not campaign in uniform.   He has violated both parts multiple times.

Corrupt Bill Elder should withdraw from the race.  If someone files a complaint and he is found in violation they will most likely remove him from the race.   The honorable thing would be for Elder to withdraw like the candidate from Fremont county did. Read Story.

Any chance Corrupt Bill Elder will show some Integrity? Not much.