Huffor's lack of experience exposed again in pursuit

Billy Huffor with his wife Janet who is Corrupt Sheriff Elder's Chief of Staff

It appears Billy Huffor's lack of training has caught up with him again.  He continues to play cop and puts Deputies' and civilians' lives in danger.  Last Friday (10/18/19) Huffor, an administration Lieutenant with no patrol experience decided to initiate a pursuit in an unmarked sheriff's office vehicle.  This is completely out of EPSO policy and extremely dangerous.

We were able to obtain a copy of the "Blue Sheet".  We re-typed the document so Corrupt Sheriff Elder could not determine who on his command staff provided us the document. He has threatened staff about anymore leaks of information. Sorry Bill, everyone is contacting us over Billy's pursuit.

On 10/18/19 at approximately 1246 hours, EPSO Dispatch received a call regarding someone siphoning gasoline from a truck in the parking lot of the Safeway store located at MClaughlin road.  The RP report she knew the suspects as Caleb Miles (12/18/87) and Brook Macklin (12/07/99). These individuals are also potential suspect in other crimes throughout El Paso County and Colorado Springs and were being sought by both our office and Colorado springs police.  The RP gave updates to dispatch as to when and what direction the suspects took when they left the parking lot at approximately 1300 hours. Deputies were already en route to the area to attempt to apprehend the suspects.

At approximately 1303 hours, responding deputies found the vehicle, a reported stolen, near Meridian Road and a pursuit was initiated. The pursuit involved numerous deputies and State Patrol.  The pursuit travelled around eastern El Paso County before entering into city jurisdiction.  At times, the driver, identified as Miles, was traveling on the wrong side of the road, crossing medians and running stops signs. Colorado Springs Police dispatch was notified as the pursuit entered into the city.

Lt. Huffor, following directly behind the suspect vehicle, made an attempt to end the pursuit by spinning the suspect vehicle at the interaction of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Barnes.  Lt. Huffor impacted the rear of the suspect vehicle, disabling his vehicle, however, Miles was able to maneuver away from him, striking several cars in the process, and speed away on Austin Bluffs Parkway toward Academy Boulevard.  As Miles approached Siferd,  Deputy Juhl attempted to disable the vehicle but again Miles was able to continue to flee.  After contact with the suspect vehicle, Deputy Juhl’s vehicle struck another vehicle on Austin Bluffs Parkway.

Miles continue on Austin Bluffs Parkway, running the red light at Academy Boulevard, and struck a vehicle southbound through the intersection.  This impact caused Miles to spin and collide with several vehicles stopped at the red light, disabling his vehicle.  He and Macklin were taken into custody at that time.

Lt. Huffor was complaining of pain to his left hand and had visible swelling.  He was also complaining of stiffness.  He was transported to the hospital to be evaluated and was released.  No other deputies or other law enforcement personnel reported any injuries.

Both Lt. Huffor’s and Deputy Juhl’s vehicles were towed to Fleet Services.

Miles had active warrants for numerous charges to include Felony Vehicular Eluding, Theft, Obstruction, Criminal Mischief, Driving Under Restraint, License Plate Violations, Motor Vehicle Theft (Multiple counts), Criminal Trespass and Violation of Bail Bond Conditions.  He was booked into the Criminal Justice Center for the warrants.  This investigation continues and additional charges are likely.

Macklin had an active Failure to Comply warrant and was booked into the Criminal Justice Center for the warrant.  This investigation continues and additional charges are possible.

Nothing further.

Lt. Michael St.Charles

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

Notice the list of charges do not include any crimes against person; only misdemeanors and property crimes.  According to EPSO policy a pursuit would not be justified.  Also, we have been told by a source within EPSO that they knew where Miles lived and could have arrested him there later.  Many are concerned Billy Huffor is still a supervisor.  Multiple deputies have contacted us with their concerns that Billy Huffor is going to get someone killed.  He has no patrol experience, never completed an FTO program and has shown on multiple occasions he is reckless and dangerous.  He should be fired, but he continues to be a SUPERVISOR.  Many have been demoted for much less.    How many will die before Corrupt Sheriff Elder will do something.

The media needs to get a copy of the blue sheet, the current pursuit policy and Billy Huffor's training records.  Also get the dispatch tapes and call log. It is our understanding Huffor makes some interesting statements on the radio.

Everyone whose vehicles were damaged in this pursuit need to sue El Paso County.  We are confident El Paso County will be paying for all the vehicles involved.

We were provided information from multiple deputies who were in in-service training yesterday (Wednesday, 10/23/19).  They told us Billy Huffor was bragging about what a great job he did in the pursuit.  This shows he does not get how dangerous he is.  Many were furious by his comments and want him fired.  Again, many feel Huffor is going to get someone killed.

What is surprising is that Billy Huffor actually thinks his actions were appropriate and justified.  He put numerous people's lives in danger for no legitimate reason.  The media needs to continue to dig into Lt. Billy Huffor's actions; now and in the past.

Billy Huffor's actions were out of policy and extremely dangerous.  If Sheriff Elder wants to prove he is not corrupt he will hold Huffor accountable and fire him.  If this was anyone else they would have already been on admin leave and fired in the next couple weeks.  Let's see what Corrupt Sheriff Elder does.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder, you are not fooling anyone.  Everyone knows you are the worst sheriff ever.