Video confirms what we already knew; the rules do not apply to the Huffors


Ever since we heard about a video showing Billy Huffor taking his kid to school in his unmarked patrol car we attempted to obtain it.  We not only failed getting it, we still don’t know who did it.  We have many contacts and individuals who are providing us information, but who ever did this remains a mystery.

Fox21 broadcast their story last Friday night. See video. It clearly shows Billy Huffor taking his kid to school.  Not only is this a violation of EPSO policy it could be child abuse.  Billy Huffor knowingly put his child in a situation that could cause him harm.  It appears from the news story Bill Huffor was video taped multiple times over a few weeks.  So this was not the exception, it was routine. It was obvious from the story Corrupt Sheriff Elder had no idea Billy was driving his kid to school everyday; but when he had to respond he covered for his boy.  Are we surprised?  Corrupt Elder still will not release the video of Huffor inappropriately touching a female deputy at the jail. Read Story.

Every Deputy with an assigned vehicle should ask their supervisor if they can now use their car for personal use.  Pretty sure the answer will be no.  Only the Huffors can do whatever they want.

This news story makes a point about how Billy Huffor is using a government vehicle for personal use. Anyone who ever worked at EPSO knows you can not use the office vehicles for personal use. However, there are a couple other interesting points.

Watch the video; Huffor was followed multiple times and his house under surveillance for what appears to be days. Billy Huffor never knew it.  According to Huffor, he is a veteran cop with “street” experience.  How can an experienced cop be followed like it shows in the video and never realize it? Very simple; Huffor is not an experienced street cop; in fact, he is not even a rookie street cop.  Has Huffor ever made a felony arrest?  Has he ever investigated a felony crime? Did he ever complete a Patrol FTO program? Has he ever patrolled a district by himself? Has he even written a traffic ticket by himself?  The answer is NO!  He dresses up like a cop every day, but he will never be a cop.  This is what happens when you are a crony; you get rank without experience and earning it. This is how you create inexperienced leadership that gets people hurt.

Secondly, it appears more than one person took these videos. How much Billy and Janet Huffor must be hated that a group of employees conducted surveillance and follow them to catch them breaking policy?  There is no doubt; the Huffors are the most hated people at EPSO.

Now we understand why the Huffors got so upset when they heard about the video.  It’s not because they got caught breaking policy; it’s because Billy got “PUNKED” and exposed on local TV.


It does not matter what rank you get or how much money you make; respect is earned