This page will provide links to relevant stories concerning Bill Elder and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

Colorado Springs Gazette article about prosecution asking for delay in Maketa trial. Read Story (05/19/17)

The Colorado Springs Independent story about Bill Elder prior to Election.  Read Story.

Story about a court hearing for Terry Maketa; references website. Read Story

The Colorado Springs Independent story about DOJ “Freezing” federal funds slated for EPSO and CSPD. (02/16/17) Read Story

The Colorado Springs Independent wrote two stories about the poor conditions at the County Jail and the poor management of the new food services contract.  (02/01/17) Read Story1   Read Story2

Our Website was referenced in the Colorado Springs Independent. (01/17/17)  Read Story

A Colorado Springs Independent article from last August (2016) that shows Bill Elder is not serious about protecting females from sexual harassment. Read Story

Old article in the Colorado Springs Independent about Sheriff’s Office and Bill Elder.  We will be referencing it in an up coming article we are working on. (12/23/15) Read Story

Reference stories concerning Tom Clements Homicide:

Recent Denver Post article about Tom Clements Homicide (03/17/17). Read story.

Denver Post articles about Tom Clements Homicide.

May 27, 2016          May 30, 2016             June 13, 2016            June 17, 2016           Aug 3, 2016

Aug 8, 2016             Aug 13, 2016             Sept 9, 2016