Court injunction focuses on leadership failure

Sheriff Bill Elder, the court jester of El Paso County

Today a federal judge in Denver issued a preliminary injunction mandating how Corrupt Sheriff Elder is to run the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) for the next 90 days. It appears the court found Elder was not providing inmates or employees with basic protection from COVID-19 and then did not provide basic medical care when they caught it. In short, the court found Elder inept and felt compelled to step in for the safety of inmates and employees at CJC. The mandates in this injunction are so basic and common sense you have to wonder if Corrupt Sheriff Elder intentionally created an environment to cause an outbreak. Did Elder think getting everyone infected would ensure a quicker resolution and therefor cost the agency less money? In theory if everyone became infected it would pretty much play out in a few weeks instead of months of having to constantly deal with a few infected inmates. Did Elder risk the lives of over a thousand inmates and hundreds of employees just to save money? Did Elder know by the time inmates could file a lawsuit and get to a judge the virus would have already infected everyone? Will Elder be charged with a crime for his actions?  Elder knowingly put infected inmates in general population while remodeling the jail.  To make it worse they did not allow inmates to have masks which they knew would guarantee a larger spread of the virus.  After spending millions remodeling they told inmates and employees they did not have funds to purchase masks? Employees had to take their masks home and clean them or provide their own.  Inmates did not have this option.  Elder's incompetent leadership at the jail sealed the deal. Did anyone stand up to Elder's unethical and illegal orders which put lives at risk? Nope.  Command staff's silence was their endorsement of his actions.

Unfortunately this lawsuit is not demanding a financial settlement. This could have been another El Paso County million dollar payout due to Corrupt Sheriff Elder's unethical and illegal actions. They just want the problem resolved. Read complaint. obtained a copy of the court order.  It's so "common sense" you have to wonder if Elder has the brains to brush his teeth? How can anyone have confidence in a leader who allows his employees to work in a known dangerous environment.  Ultimately it cost a deputy their life. Does Elder care? No.  He's too busy setting up his retirement home in Arizona. You have to wonder how bad an elected official is when they plan to move out of state as soon as they leave office? How hated are they that they plan to move 700 miles away? How bad is a person's reputation that they want to get as far away as possible as soon as they can? The only reason Elder is sticking around is money.  After filing for Bankruptcy a few years ago; is Elder so poor he needs every penny he can get out of the taxpayers?

Elder was so incompetent a federal judge had to tell him how to run the jail?

A federal judge felt obligated to order Elder to provide basic safety measures to inmates and employees so not to kill them. How bad does a jail have to get when a federal judge steps in and tells a sheriff to please not kill inmates? How embarrassing is this? The judge ordered Elder to not turn off the drinking fountains for the inmates; WTF? There needs to be a complete investigation.

How bad does an agency have to get before the community steps in?  Corrupt Sheriff Elder should be recalled.  If Elder had any dignity left he would resign and give someone else a chance to do what's right and run the office with integrity.  The employees deserve better.  Elder made so many promises when he campaigned. He promised integrity and all we got was corruption.

Bill, if you truly care for the employees, resign.  You failed. It's not about you; it's about hundreds of employees who deserve better.

This would be funny if people were not dying because of Elder's incompetence. Should corrupt sheriff Elder be charged with manslaughter for the death of the Deputy who contracted COVID-19 at the jail?



Lie, deny, hide, and let it ride

Corrupt Sheriff Elder speaking to the media

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