Does Bill Elder take Sexual Harassment Serious?

With all the recent allegations of sexual harassment, intimidation, and retaliation; you would think Bill Elder would want to show female employees he is working to resolve the issues and make EPSO a safe place to work.  But no; yesterday, Bill Elder doubled down by having a public show of unity and support during the CJC shift 3 briefing for the supervisor who was demoted and sent back to the jail for sexual harassment.  Commander Rob King and Lt. William Huffor, two CJC supervisors currently accused of sexual harassment were there to show their public support. What was the message sent to all the female employees?  “We stand with our own”.  Was this, yet another, form of intimidation to all female employees?  Was it to let them know they better stop reporting sexual harassment?  Was it retaliation against the female employee who reported the most recent sexual harassment?  How did it make female employees feel? Intimidated?

This most recent show of support for a supervisor accused of sexual harassment was clearly intimidation and retaliation against all female employees at EPSO. Was this Bill Elder’s idea?  Did he know about the well planned and orchestrated show of support during the shift 3 briefing at CJC?  We were informed multiple employees from the Courthouse drove down to be part of the planned public demonstration in front of the entire 3rd shift personnel.  Do female employees feel safer after Commander King and Lt. Huffor participated in a public show of support for a person disciplined for sexual harassment?

This pubic show of support was during a mandatory briefing for all deputies working 3rd shift.  That way no one would miss the message they wanted sent to all the female employees; “WE SUPPORT SUPERVISORS WHO ENGAGE IN SEXUAL HARASSMENT”.  And who better to send the message than King and Huffor.  It is so obvious King and Huffor planned this event to show the female employees they are still in charge and have POWER over them.  Will there be an investigation or will Elder sweep this under the rug like Lt Huffor’s investigation? Will Elder protect his female employees or his cronies?

It is surprising Command King would openly intimidate and retaliate against female employees the day before he gives a deposition in a current sexual harassment lawsuit against EPSO for his and Bill Elder’s actions.  That’s like showing up drunk to your DUI trial.

Does Bill Elder take any of this serious? Does he care about his employees? Does the county commissioners have any obligation or responsibility to provide a safe work environment for female employees? How many lawsuits are going to be filled against EPSO and Bill Elder? How much taxpayer money will be wasted in settling all these lawsuits?  How long will Bill Elder continue to protect his cronies? Bill Elder owes all female employees at EPSO a public apology.

All female employees at CJC now have a potential class action lawsuit against Bill Elder and EPSO for sexual harassment, intimidation, and a hostile work environment. The only thing in question is who will represent them? 

Who will speak for the victims?


Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption