There appears to be yet another skill Janet Huffor does not have; basic math.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is losing more employees than any other sheriff in history. Many cannot even make it 6 to 12 months and are buying time just to get out as soon as possible. When you cannot even hold on a few months you know it's bad.  Over 50% of the employees have left since Elder took office. More are planning their exit.

We have heard multiple stories of Deputies walking out of the jail.  We heard one story where Sgt. Perry had to chase a deputy down the main hallway and beg him to stay.  Did you ever think Deputies would walk out of the jail? Elder created this mess and he cannot fix it.

Corrupt Elder had to do something and quick.  He convinced the county commissioners to give him a bunch of money so he could give big pay raises this year.  But of course he screwed that up.  It should have been Jane Fromme, under the supervision of Larry Borland, who calculated the pay raises; but Janet Huffor wanted to do it.  It's our understanding she wanted to take the credit.  After all the mistakes her and Billy have made she wanted to do something to change their reputation. Unfortunately it appears she did not have basic math skills to pull it off.  According to our source on command staff Fromme expressed her concerns with Janet doing the calculations and stated she should do it. But like everything else; when it comes to the Huffors, ELDER DOES NOT LISTEN.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder has been told numerous times by multiple individuals on command staff to get rid of the Huffors.  It's our understand Elder agreed to remove Janet as chief of staff, but when he told her she threatened to hurt herself; again.

So, Janet Huffor was allowed to put together the pay raise. Not a real challenging assignment for most, but when you're Billy and Janet; making poor decisions is what you do.   Of course there is no pressure because if you are a Huffor you can initiate a pursuit out of policy, ram the vehicle causing a multi car accident and pull your weapon without having to worry about getting disciplined.  Other people have to live with consequences; not the Huffors.

Janet could have asked Jane Fromme to verify her numbers, but she didn't.  Janet does not need anyone to check her work; she's a Huffor.  So, she presented it to the Sheriff and he approved it. With all the mistakes the Huffors have made Elder should have known to have someone verify the numbers.

Here are the pay raises that were announced:

Look good?  It should; Janet spent approximately 1.4 million more than the county commissioners allocated. Whoops; that's not good. Our source told us when Elder was told he quickly asked the county commissioners for more money and they said no.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot go back and fix it because it's already been announce.  He told everyone on command staff to keep quiet (obviously that didn't happen) and make sure no one finds out that Janet did it.

The plan is to eliminate some positions (WTF?) and just go with it and worry about it late next year.  Guess the overtime and training budget is going to take a hit.  However, pretty sure Elder and others on his command staff will still take their trips.

This is the ineptness you get with nepotism


How can you mess up by 1.4 million dollars?



When will the corruption stop?

9 thoughts on “Janet needs a Calculator”

  1. Per command staff. The reason Sr. Deputy went away is because 60% of Sr. Deputies only collect a paycheck and do nothing else. Boy thats a way to boost your Veterans outlook.

  2. Old Bill
    Did you remember, that you will guarantee of the highest paying grade in history of the state of Colorado to all of your sworn personnel by 2020?.
    Sound like you almost own that words becoming reality except…CSPD beating your promise again by taking care their people better,far a year before your action and without making a mess up calculation and shot your self on the foot scenario handled by your crafty assistant Janet”the number cruncher “.
    Of course you are also so expecting of most of senior sworn personnel to quit, fired or dead because your hilarious reckless act in order to ease EPSO’s future financial crisis.

  3. Who knew the budget office at the EPSO was nothing but a giant COSTCO jug of jellybeans and someone left the door unlocked.

  4. Bill, DO NOT take the advise of dirtyelder and fire the Huffors, they’re the best comedy series going right now. We think of you as “Boss Hog” of El Paso county.

  5. Looks like Bill’s plan for getting a retirement has gone bye bye. From all the lawsuits coming up, you have better stock up on cardboard, mason jars, and start looking for a good corner. This will be the only retirement plan you have left once all the lawsuits are settled.

    I hear you have been thrown under the bus more times than can be counted in depositions, and is looking like all your lies have caught up with you. Better to resign now, before leaving the office in shame, but wait that part does not bother you because you never were a professional.

    All the corrupt behavior you have approved of while in office is going to be exposed. We will finally be able to see what you have to say when higher authorities come knocking on your door looking for answers and documentation of your spending of funds. A lot of answers you do not want public to hear. The bells are ringing and the sands of time are counting down.

    Best start passing out boxes and keep the personal possessions in the office small, you can hear the footstep of Karma coming to the fifth floor.

  6. Did we expect anything better? Please do recall how Elder’s first run with the Sheriff’s Office ended. He was under investigation for screwing up the books on employee hours and wages. LOL…. and here it comes again!

  7. So, this was posted today on a Facebook page:

    Some very disheartening news this morning. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has disbanded their Rural Enforcement & Outreach unit. This unit was very active in eastern El Paso County. They were responsible for the Holloway case, the Paint Mines case, the Paradise Acres Rescue case, and many others. They also provided proactive patrolling of the area. Now all the deputies will be concentrated closer to town. This is due to manpower shortages. Now instead of contacting a deputy in the unit directly, calls will go through the main dispatch and be answered according to priority. One can only assume this means animal neglect, petty crimes, etc will be lower in priority and may not be investigated for some time, if at all. (That is an assumption, not part of their announcement). CHRN has worked with the sheriff here extensively, and as we are located just a few miles from the county line to the east, this is hugely concerning. The Sheriff’s deputies have assisted CHRN in emergencies too, when we had a group of horses get out on the road, and they were first on scene to the fire that was headed for our facility. If this concerns you as much as us, contact the patrol division supervisors Such as John David, Brad Shannon, Pete Carrey, or the sheriff Bill Elder!”

    Any news on that? “Staffing shortages…” I bet that will quickly become the word of the day. Bill’s gonna let the staffing numbers drop… i.e., a staffing shortage, and allow the cost savings of not paying for those positions to buffer Janet’s budget blunder. Our favorite cuckold couple will be protected once again, at the expense of everyone else.

  8. Today is a sad day, remembering a great Lieutenant, CC Benefiel, who was killed by an unknown person, but there is still one person who is still the primary suspect. Wonder why CSPD has allowed this case to go totally cold, have retested all the DNA evidence or re interviewed several very strong persons of interest.

    So I wonder what old bill was doing this year on 11/16 ? Was he taking any action to encourage CSPD to re-open this case, I doubt it. Did you talk to your buddy Hatch? He was in the house with you for two hours before you called CSPD and reported what you two found. Bet there are a lot in those two interviews that do not add up.

    Saw you on TV yesterday, you are not looking well, maybe you need a complete medical check up so you do not delay your deposition again. Face the piper old boy, you are finished in LE, but just to stupid to understand why.

    Some cold case detective should be knocking on your door soon, then what will you do……tic tock

  9. On his show Kenda hasn’t touched CC’s case. Elder said that when he was elected he’d look into CC’s case. She deserves more the “looking in the case”. She deserves to have the case solved and the suspect brought to justice.

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