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John San Agustin completely vindicated by Corrupt Prosecutor after 14 months of malicious prosecution

Today, John San Agustin was informed during a court hearing that the prosecutors, led by Mark Hurlbert are dropping all charges against him just days prior to his trial.  The facts have not changed in 14 months, so why is Hurlbert dropping the charges now?  Has he known all along he was prosecuting an innocent man?  Court records will show Hurlbert was provided detailed evidence of San Agustin’s innocence over a year ago; yet he continued the case hoping for a “deal”.  Well his “bluff” was called and he had no choice but to fold his losing hand. It is obvious Hurlbert is more interested in his reputation than doing what’s right.  If Hurlbert had any integrity he would have dropped the charges last year when he received the overwhelming evidence of San Agustin’s innocence. However, Hurlbert made a choice showing his true character. Why didn’t he drop the charges at the same time he dropped them against retired sheriff Terry Maketa?

There is no doubt at this point Hurlbert is completely corrupt and guilty of official misconduct.  However; Hurlbert could not orchestrate this alone; who else was involved?  We have obtained information from sources within both the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s office that both Sheriff Bill Elder and DA Dan May are involved.  We were told by a source close to Elder that Undersheriff Joe Breister was heard saying shortly before San Augstin’s arrest last year that he (San Agustin) was going to pay for talking with the media and he was joking how they were going to ruin the lives of San Agustin, Sheriff Maketa and Undersheriff Paula Presley.  Many believe the true instigator behind this entire politically motivated illegal prosecution was Joe Breister.

The facts are clear; San Agustin committed no crimes and Hurlbert has known this for over a year. Read StoryIt appears the goal was not to seek justice, but to seek revenge.  There is no denying it now.  Hurlbert has allowed this completely corrupt unethical prosecution of an innocent man to continue for 14 months.  It has cost San Austin his career, his livelihood and his reputation.  Not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars.  What is the impact to Hurbert for his unethical behavior?  Probably nothing.  Herbert could cost taxpayers millions of dollars by his illegal behavior, but will he be held accountable?

Will Hurlbert just walk away while San Agustin tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life?

Hopefully the news of John San Agustin’s innocence will not be the last chapter of this saga; but rather just the beginning.  Maybe now the media can get access to all the court documents and transcripts and find out the truth about this completely illegal, unethical, and malicious  prosecution of John San Agustin.

When all the truth comes out we are confident it will show District Attorney Mark Hurlbert knew John San Agustin was innocent and he continued his malicious prosecution anyway.

The last question will be how many zeros will be on the check made out to John San Agustin.  What is the cost of ruining someone life, irreversibly damaging their reputation, and putting their mugshot on TV and the Internet?  The answer; MILLIONS!!!

We hope John San Agustin get’s his life back and millions to help him rebuild it.  However, more important is that Mark Hurlbert, Dan May, and Bill Elder are held accountable for their illegal, unethical behavior.

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