EPSO PIO Kirby Investigated for Inappropriate use of CCIC

A source within the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) has confirmed that Public Information Officer (PIO), Jackie Kirby has been accused of using confidential state law enforcement resources for personal use.  This is unethical, a violation of EPSO policy, and possibly criminal.  Colorado uses a system referred to as CCIC (Colorado Crime Information Center) to provide all Colorado criminal justice agencies with accurate and timely documented criminal justice information.  This is the system Colorado law enforcement uses to “run” people during traffic stops and obtain criminal history during official investigations.  It is not to be used for personal use. Every user of the system signs a document stating they will not use it for personal use. To get more information, access the website.

The state website specifically references the guidelines for using the system and addresses the misuse of the system.  Read page.

Sources within EPSO told us Jackie Kirby ordered Amber Mai, an employee with access to CCIC to obtain confidential information about an individual who was not being investigated by EPSO.  There is no doubt this was for personal use and not work related.  EPSO initiated an Internal Affairs investigation and notified CBI who is conducting their own investigation. A source told us Amber Mai questioned Kirby’s authority and the legality of using the highly confidential system for personal use.  Kirby replied not to question her authority and to do it. We heard Mai complied out of fear for her job.  We believe Ms Mai has a valid complaint and potential lawsuit against Jackie Kirby and Sheriff Bill Elder.  It is our understanding both EPSO and CBI have confirmed Kirby’s use of CCIC was inappropriate. The corruption and intimidation at EPSO continues.

DirtyElder.com finds it ironic Jackie Kirby is accused of doing the exact same thing one of her ex-husbands was fired for doing years ago.   Will Sheriff Bill Elder show integrity and fire Kirby, or will he continue his corrupt, unethical behavior and protect yet another corrupt individual on his leadership team.


Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption