Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ex-Deputies start to speak up about corruption at EPSO

Here is one of the comments from the CS Independent’s article about attrition at EPSO since Corrupt Elder took office. Nice statement about the Huffors. Still no disciplinary action for Billy initiating a pursuit for syphoning gas and then attempting a pit maneuver in an unmarked car and causing a multi-car crash.  Why was Huffor in the lead in an unmarked?  Policy clearly states he should have giving up the lead position; Not Butthead Billy.  No training, no experience; all stupidity.  Yet, nothing happens.  How much money or how many lives will be sacrificed because of Huffor and Elder’s incompetence and corruption? Answer: MORE!

We hope corrupt Sheriff Elder has been practicing raising his right hand; he is going to do it a lot.

We were hoping Pete Carey would start changing things. Wrong! He has had enough time to start making a difference or to just go along for the pay check.  I think we know the answer. His name will now be added with Corrupt Bill Elder, Dirty Dan May and Butthead Billy Huffor.  Profiteering Pete Carey?  Crooked Carey? Two face Pete? They all sing…

They Lie, Deny, Hide, and they let it Ride…

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Attrition rate since Corrupt Elder took office much higher than expected

Many times we have joked that Elder’s attrition rate is around 50% since he took office.  Would you believe it’s 40% higher? Pam Zubeck with the Colorado Springs Independent just wrote an article with all the numbers.  You will be shocked how many have left since Corrupt Elder took office.  700 employees!  That says it all. Elder says things are getting better this year because it’s just under 10% so far. Wow, that’s something to be proud of.  The worse year it was around 18%.  You need to read the article and see how sworn deputies are leaving in large numbers.  We hear more are looking to leave. There are other agencies close by that will pay for good people and you don’t have to put up with the nepotism and corruption.

Having to work with the Huffors is reason enough to quit!

At the end of the article Jackie Kirby is quoted as saying in an email; ““Every day they put on a uniform and go to work knowing it may be their last. These jobs are not for everyone, and sometimes after taking the position, some realize it is not for them.”  The problem is many are retiring or leaving EPSO to join other Law Enforcement agencies; so her statement is STUPID! She is suggesting the problem is with the employees, when everyone knows the problem is with leadership’s incompetence, nepotism, and corruption.   Sometimes people just need to know when to shut up.

Multiple lawsuits against Corrupt Elder still progressing in the courts

We hear Sgt. Duda’s lawsuit is going well.  Will the thieves start turning on each other?  Can’t wait for a trial where everything will become public.  We hear everyone is throwing Elder under the bus. Can’t wait for Elder to raise his right hand and testify.  Maybe Pam should look into that some more?

John San Agustin’s defense attorney spoke out yesterday on KNUS 710 in Denver about the malicious prosecution against John and how Bill Elder, Dan May and others are corrupt.  They also hit hard on now judge Shannon Gerhart.  If only the truth got out and people found out how corrupt some of these people are?

Justice can be slow like a snail; but hopefully in the end Elder will be in Jail!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Attorney General’s lead investigator suggests faulty investigation into Clements murder

DirtyElder’s analysis of the Gazette article and AG report

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and Dirty DA Dan May investigated by independent investigator hired by Governor Hickenlooper?

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Billy crashes vehicles while Janet wrecks the budget

When ever there is a major screw up at EPSO there is only one thing you know for sure; there’s a Huffor involved. This time it was Janet’s turn to completely mess up and cause major problems for Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  Huffor made a 1.4 million dollar mistake on the pay raise calculation.  Money that could have been use to payoff all the lawsuits Corrupt Sheriff Elder has pending.

Don’t drink and calculate

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s coverup of Billy Huffor’s dangerous and completely out of policy pursuit is in full swing

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is lying to reporters like Pinocchio. Soon he will be telling reporters the two individuals stealing gasoline that day, which started the pursuit, are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. He cannot get around the fact they knew who this person was and where is was staying.  If he was that big of a threat why didn’t they go get him days earlier?  Or just let him go and pick him up later?  Also, if they knew he was involved in other crimes which justified the pursuit, why did it take a week to add those charges? Elder’s lies don’t add up.

Huffor initiated a pursuit in an unmarked Sheriff’s vehicle over a low level property crime; forbidden in EPSO policy. He also attempted a pit maneuver, also not allowed in policy, which caused a major accident damaging multiple vehicles to include pretty much destroying his own vehicle. Not many people know he jumped out of his vehicle drew his weapon and pointed it at the suspect vehicle as it drove away.  How close was he to squeezing off a few rounds? Huffor is going to get someone killed. Based on his actions he should not be in law enforcement; he should be greeting people as they enter a shopping center.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder knows Billy Huffor recklessly endangered lives that day and should be fired.  We all know if it had been anyone else they would already be out the door.

More evidence of Sheriff Elder’s corruption.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Let the Coverup Games begin

Corrupt Sheriff Elder starts the cover up campaign.  He was on Fox21 yesterday and overstated the urgency to apprehend a small time crook who was stealing gasoline.  Elder’s trying to play him off as Al Capone or John Dillinger.  If Elder could charge him with attempted murder he would.  They need to convince the community the pursuit was warranted (which is was not).  DirtyElder.com was provided information showing EPSO knew who the suspect was and where he lived.  The pursuit was not justified or necessary. The fact is; ‘lil Billy Huffor put the community at risk.  We expect bad guys to make poor decision, not law enforcement.  They are responsible for protecting us, not going dukes of hazard at Academy and Austin Bluffs.

Read the latest news about the pursuit and a blog by a retired EPSO supervisor

As more facts about Huffor’s dangerous pursuit comes out, Elder continues to lie, deny, hide, and let it ride…  If Corrupt Sheriff Elder thinks he is fooling anyone he is stupid.  Everyone at EPSO knows the truth.  The pursuit was not justified and way out of policy.  When Elder does nothing to Billy everyone will have more proof he is corrupt.

Friday, October 25, 2019

According to the command staff meeting minutes, Corrupt Sheriff Elder is considering changes to the Pursuit policy; NO SH!T!  How many policies have had to be changed because of actions by ‘lil Billy Huffor?    We’re Sure Huffor justified his pursuit because the policy was not clear.  How about this directive from Commander David on March 21, 2019; “Deputies will not pursue for suspicious circumstances, property crimes (eg. Motor Vehicle Theft) or crimes that do not pose an immediate danger to the public.”  That sounds pretty clear.  Of course, Huffor is not a deputy, he is an inexperienced, untrained LT.  This directive states; “the following will be strict guidelines when deputies will not be allowed to pursue”.  Do the rules apply to Huffor?

According to a source within Patrol, Huffor sounded like a “Possessed Demon” on the radio.  Everyone on patrol is watching to see what happens to Huffor.   Douglas county is looking better.  Will more deputies start looking for other jobs?  Who’s left to leave?

Also, Jackie Kirby lied to the media.  She stated the pursuit reached speeds of 60.  WRONG!  The call screen clearly states speeds of 100.  When is the lying going to stop.  Completely corrupt. LIARS, LIARS, LIARS!

It appears no patrol Lieutenant had the balls to call off the pursuit. Is there any voice of reason in leadership at EPSO? What about Undersheriff Carey?  He was the chief of police at CSPD.  They would never have let this happen;  or would they? Is there anyone left on command staff who has any integrity?  Someone needs to tell Corrupt Sheriff Elder to fire Huffor.

Chief Shannon use to have integrity, what will he do?  How about retire; he just turned in his paperwork.  Is there anyone left?  Something needs to be done before Huffor and Elder gets someone else killed.

Why does Corrupt Sheriff Elder continue to protect someone like Huffor? Who will need to die before something gets done?

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Huffor brags about dangerous pursuit with deputies at in-service meeting

DirtyElder.com obtains blue sheet of pursuit initiated by inexperienced admin supervisor Billy Huffor. Information shows pursuit was in violation of current EPSO policy. Read story.  Huffor who has never completed an FTO program and has no patrol experience initiates a pursuit in an unmarked vehicle?  Then he brags about it?  Huffor shows he is dangerous and should not be in LE; let alone be a supervisor.  Who is going to die because of Billy Huffor and Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What does this video have to do with Billy Huffor?  We are working on the whole story.  Will Corrupt Bill Elder finally fire Billy Huffor?

Monday, September 16, 2019

What does the number 36 mean to Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Usually there is nothing unique about the number 36. But for Corrupt Sheriff Elder it was the number of employees who left last month. WTF? Is this a new record? Probably not. More are planning to leave.  Everyone is done! There was some hope Crooked Carey was going to try to fix things; nope.  He just wants to make the Sheriff’s office like CSPD.  Not a good plan.

Many are not willing to wait to see who the next Sheriff will be. The corrupt Commander who told his daughter to lie to IA about lil’ Billy’s breast touching or the Holier than thou LT who left his family for his boot knocking buddy. Wow, what happened to EPSO?  Is there anyone on command staff that isn’t corrupt?  We know of one.

That light you see at the end of the tunnel might be a train coming at you.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Take home cars going away?

Take a good look at your patrol cars; you might not have them for long. Rumor has it that crooked Carey and Corrupt Elder have decided to take away the take home cars.  Of course this is incredibly stupid (anyone surprised?) because of the large size of El Paso County.  It will waste many  hours requiring Deputies to pick up their cars and get dressed at the office.  Plus, what about conducting LE actives to and from home?  This has always been looked as an advantage of taking patrol cars home each day.  More cars on the street.  What about when a major event happens and you need extra deputies ASAP?  Wait a couple hours until they can drive their personal cars into the office, get dressed and pick up their patrol cars.  STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.  Plus, with the shitty work environment it makes total sense to stop one of the few benefits the deputies still have. Almost every county Sheriff in Colorado allows take home cars because they know how much the employees like to get dressed at home and drive in with their cars, and the added safety to the community.  Elder’s just too DAMN STUPID.  He does not understand the phrase “to protect and serve”.  He’s statement is “to steal and screw”.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot keep employees so his answer is to take away one of the few benefits his patrol deputies have?  Outstanding! This will encourage even more deputies to seek employment elsewhere.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder; the worst Sheriff Ever!

San Agustin’s lawsuit moves forward

We heard yesterday on the radio and in the Gazette San Agustin’s lawsuit for malicious prosecution and conspiracy is moving forward. This is great news.  Maybe we will finally get to the truth.  Can’t wait to read the transcripts of Elder’s and Dan May’s depositions.  We are thinking about creating a pool to see who rats out the other first.  Our money’s on Dan May!

Read about the malicious prosecution of John San Agustin.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Corrupt Sheriff Elder having a bad week?

El Paso County Jester Bill Elder

Corrupt and incompetent Sheriff Elder has been getting his ASS kicked in the media this week.  The Gazette appears to have woken up! They wrote a great story about the Tom Clements murder.  This article makes Corrupt Sheriff Elder and DA Dan May look like complete and total morons.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the person who said there was NO evidence anyone conspired with Evan Ebel to kill Clements.  Now, all kinds of evidence is getting out clearly showing there was a conspiracy.  Did Elder believe Dan May who told him what to say?  So Elder is either Stupid or corrupt.  We are going with Both.  Elder is now trying to tell reporters that multiple detectives have recently spent hours investigating the Tom Clements murder and the investigation is still active.  WTF?  Elder announced back in 2016 they were shutting down the investigation; only to have governor Hickenlooper call him up to the principal’s office and spank him.  Memo announcing the closing of the Clements murder investigation.  Our response to Elder is simple; prove it. Show us the timecards and tell us who all has worked on the Clements case since 2016 (year by year). Who is currently assigned to the Tom Clements case?

When has a Law Enforcement office ever closed a murder investigation? Let alone the highest profile murder in Colorado’s history? Only a complete DUMB ASS would; enter Sheriff Bill Elder.  The stupidest, most inept and corrupt sheriff of all time. Yes Bill, YOUR NUMBER 1!

Corrupt (and now we need to add incompetent) Sheriff Elder is between a rock and a hard place.  He told everyone back in 2016 Ebel acted alone and there was no evidence otherwise.  If he holds to that story he looks stupid, if he tries to change his story he REALLY looks stupid.

It’s clear Corrupt sheriff Elder looks pretty stupid

We believe Elder listened to District Attorney Dan May who convinced him to shut down the Clements’ investigation and tell everyone Ebel acted alone.  Dan May is probably still laughing at Elder.

Elder will most likely do what he always does; LIE, DENY, HIDE, and let it RIDE.

Also, we are hearing EVERYONE is leaving; and so fast Elder cannot replace them in time.  It appears many are done working for the county jester.  From our calculation, since Elder became Sheriff, attrition is right around 50-55%.

We also heard Sheriff Elder called Jackie Kirby to his office and ripped her a new one.  He’s pissed how she’s handling the media concerning the Tom Clements murder. It’s our understanding Jackie recently told a reporter the investigation is still active and multiple detectives have RECENTLY spent “thousands” of hours working on it.  PROVE IT!  We know she is lying.  We know the truth.  IT’S NOT BEING WORKED AND EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE CASE IS GONE.

If Kirby has been lying to the media, she should be fired.  The problem is Elder can’t fire anyone who knows where the bodies are buried.  Corruption leads to more corruption.

If being sheriff was like being a bull rider; this would be Bill’s entire career

If being Sheriff was like a diver; this would be Bill’s best dive

If being Sheriff was like riding a motorcycle; this would be Bill

Monday, July 29, 2019

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder looking old and worn out?

We are constantly putting up posts about how Corrupt Sheriff Elder is losing his mind.  We were told a couple weeks ago about some stupid video he put together (where he looks years older) talking about how pissed off he is that individuals from the office are talking with the media and they had better stop.  Here’s an idea; stop being corrupt, breaking the law and trying to cover it up and no-one would have any reason to talk with the media.  Past administrations didn’t have to worry about employees talking to the media because there was nothing to talk about; other than three commanders who were insecure so they made up a story that was later rebuked and shown to be a lie.  How did their lawsuit work out?  Not well.  They look like spoiled little brats who are now long gone.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder has created an environment of corruption and brought in his buddy Carey whose name will forever be tainted along with his.

We find it boring to publish the same old BS that now appears to be the daily routine for Corrupt Sheriff Elder. Who cares about a video of an old alcoholic ranting like a little child?  Everyone is laughing. No one cares anymore.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder has turned a highly respected law enforcement agency into the most corrupt public office in the state, maybe the whole nation.  People just don’t give a Sh!t anymore.  Well done, Corrupt Sheriff Elder!

Dirty Dan May; Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap?

We did hear something interesting the last couple weeks.  Rumors are flying about our beloved District Attorney Dan May.  It appears, according to what we heard, Dirty Dan May is in fact a dirty old man.  Rumor has it he has been spending some “quality” time with young ladies who are interested in true capitalism via the oldest profession known.  Has dirty Dan May been doing some research with young female interns?  We are obtaining more information. We were told of a certain young lady who might have some “evidence”.  Maybe it will be a dress?  Does Dan May have an oval office? Does he smoke cigars?  We joke about these rumors, but the word is getting out that Dan May has been having sex with prostitutes.  We have not been able to confirm this; however, we will continue to look into it.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Colorado Springs Independent does it again!

It appears the only reporter willing to report any embarrassing news against the Sheriff’s Office or Corrupt Sheriff Elder is Pam Zubeck with the CS Indy.  Pam just broke the story about an inmate being beat up by other inmates and not found by deputies for over 16 hours.  Another great story that exposes Elder as corrupt and incompetent. When is an inmate (or possibly a deputy) going to get killed in the jail?  Is it only a matter of time?

How embarrassing for the Gazette and other local media; constantly beaten to the big stories about Corrupt Sheriff Elder by Pam Zubeck! We know Elder hates her because she is holding him accountable.  If it wasn’t for her no one would know about half of the BS he is getting away with.  It even reached the point Elder tried to have Zubeck banned from receiving any information from EPSO.  He was later force to admit this was in violation of her constitutional rights and the law.

Who does Corrupt Sheriff Elder hate more, Pam Zubeck or DirtyElder.com?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Inmate in EPSO jail almost beaten to death by other inmates; not found by deputies for 16 hours

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

According to a source within EPSO, the CRU (crime reduction unit) is going to be disbanded in the near future.  It appears no one wants in the unit anymore; mainly because of the leadership.  Nepotism continues within the office and deputies are fed up.  We have confirmed multiple deputies have taken positions with CSPD.  Many others continue to look for other jobs.  Because Corrupt Sheriff Elder no longer requires jail deputies to be POST certified he does not have a large pool of employees to transfer to patrol. This situation will only get worse. It’s sad to say, but there were a lot more deputies working in patrol back in 2013.  Elder continues to waste the 1A funds on his personal pet projects.  It’s funny that Elder, when running for sheriff back in 2013 stated there needed to a complete audit of the office.  After 5 years of corruption, we agree with him.  There does need to be a complete audit of how Elder spent the 1A funds.

Monday, July 1, 2019

“I’m out”

We are hearing from multiple sources that many patrol deputies are looking for new jobs.  We heard that as many as 8 have taken jobs with CSPD in the last month.  Everyone wants out.  And because Elder changed the policy about POST certified deputies in the jail he does not have enough to replace the patrol deputies that are leaving (or will be shortly).  In the near future there will not be any POST certified deputies working the jail.  What will Corrupt/incompetent Sheriff Elder do then? He will be forced into doing laterals and hiring POST certified officers from the street.  The jail deputies get screwed again.

Many are telling us the jail is a nightmare and only getting worse.  The only question to figure out is which is worse; patrol or the jail?

The county jester is at it again

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Huffor proves (yet again) he shouldn’t be in law enforcement!

‘Lil’ Billy Huffor; while impersonating a police officer, ran someone for warrants and when they came back “Code-5 Tom” he placed them in cuffs and proceeded to arrest them.  He also called for backup to help him secure his dangerous captive.  For those not in law enforcement; Code-5 Tom means the person is on the “Terrorist” watch list.  This sounds bad; however, all it means is that the person is being track.  There is no warrant and arresting him would be a violation of their constitutional rights.  According to our source Huffor thought it meant he had a traffic warrant.  They also said he sounded like a scared child when he called for cover units to help him with his “big bad scary guy”.

Yet another example why Huffor should not be in law enforcement. He is going to get someone killed.  He has no training, no FTO, no brains, and he is overly confident.  A bad combination. What makes it worse is that he is a supervisor.  We’ve been told by a source that command staff knows not to let Huffor near a critical event and they give him meaningless assignments.  But he continually tries to play cop and most of the deputies try to stay away from him.   They all say he is going to get someone killed.

Allowing Huffor to supervise shows Corrupt Sheriff Elder is also incompetent.  Elder is willing to put deputies lives in danger so his boy can play cop.   Elder and his corrupt, incompetent leadership team is already responsible for one death; we pray no one else dies before they are removed from office.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Did Dishonest DA Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder have a falling out?

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Can’t Breister just go away?

We have heard all about Joe Briester’s self written document talking about everything great he did for EPSO during his many years of service.  How arrogant is that?  Now we hear he will be the next chief of Manitou Springs?  Can’t this idiot just retire and go away? What does it take to get new, young cops with integrity to take over? Same old corruption.

Huffor not allowed to play with SWAT?

We were told by a source within EPSO that last week there was a SWAT callout.  Because Lt. Sarkisian was out of town, Lt. Huffor (OMG) was left in charge.  He showed up and attempted to take charge of the scene.  When Chief Brad Shannon heard about it he quickly sent Lt. Gonzales to take over.  According to our source, Huffor had a temper tantrum in front of everyone and even started crying he was so upset.  Everyone has been talking and laughing about it ever since.  Huffor’s incompetence is funny until someone gets killed.  He has no LE experience and didn’t even complete an FTO program.  What happens when he gives a stupid order and someone gets hurt? Another LAWSUIT!  And when they look at his training records and it shows no FTO or LE experience the price of that lawsuit will go up; way up.

UPDATE:  Another source told us that on scene Billy Huffor publicly unloaded on the media with a vulgar laced abusive rant. We wonder if any of them have video of his tirade? Maybe someone should ask for the body cam videos?

This is what happens when corruption runs an LE department.  People die, the office gets sued (a lot), and taxpayers pay the bill.

Will Corrupt Sheriff Elder ever be held accountable?

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Corruption continues under Elder’s leadership

The problem with corruption is that it leads to more corruption. When the sheriff is completely dishonest it encourages others to follow his lead.  When Deputies see others, to include those in leadership, continue to act unethical they feel empowered to do the same.  The entire Sheriff’s office continues to spiral down in corruption under Elder’s leadership.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder built an organization based on corruption and the absence of morals.  Why are we surprised a deputy took advantage of the situation and had sex with an individual who was not sober? This is what Elder’s leadership has taught. The deputy was just following Elder’s guidance and example. This is what Elder does.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to set an example for his employees with his unethical behavior. Why should he (or we) expect different from his deputies?

When will Elder hold others accountable for their actions? If Billy Huffor had done this, would Elder fire him or ask if he had pictures?  Maybe this is the real reason they brought back the traffic unit?

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Undersheriff Carey told a group during in-service he would be done after Elder’s final term as sheriff (4 years).  Does anyone believe that?   They lie so much you cannot believe anything they say.  If Carey wants to show he is a man of integrity he would convince Corrupt Sheriff Elder to finally do something right and get rid of Kull, Porter and of course the Huffors. There are more that need to go, but that’s a good start. Elder can’t because they all know where his IA file is buried.

Will Richard Hatch ever tell the truth about Lt Cecilia (Cipriano) Benefiel’s murder? We know Corrupt Sheriff Elder and Hatch found her body and waited hours before they called CSPD.  What did they do all that time? It’s stated in a CSPD report the crime scene looked “staged”. We were told by a source Elder had a relationship with her and was upset because she told him it was over. Years later Hatch told a friend he knew more about the murder than he told investigators. Does Hatch know Elder was involved with the murder and/or cover up?  Why would Hatch cover for Elder and why does Elder refuse to take a Polygraph?  Will the truth ever be told and will Cecilia ever get justice?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Billy and Janet; Where is Rocky and Bullwinkle when you need them?

Everyone is talking about the Huffors.  Multiple people have contacted us over Billy & Janet’s behavior at the Law Enforcement Ball.  How embarrassing.  They both took the opportunity to get trashed and make fools of themselves.  How can they continue to work in an office where no one respects them and everyone laughs at them behind their backs.  We were told by sources Billy Huffor was caught in the lady’s bathroom at the ball.  WTF?  So the individual who has had complaints for sexual harassment is hanging out in the woman’s restroom? When is this sexual predator going to be held accountable? 

All the lawsuits continue. As much as we want everyone to get financial satisfaction for their abuse by Corrupt Sheriff Bill elder, we focus on exposing the truth about his corruption.

Based on his recent statements about targeting Mexicans and Cubans; It appears Billy Huffor is a racist.  Policy should mandate his removal from his position and termination.  How can you publicly tell patrol deputies to “go out and pull over as many Mexicans and Cubans as you can and give them tickets” and not get fired? We’re sure nothing will happen.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has lost all control of is office.

Monday, May 20, 2019

More bad behavior by the Huffors

It appears “lil” Billy Huffor made a complete ass of himself at the Law Enforcement Ball last Saturday night.  According to our sources; He and Janet were both drunk.  Billy was so disruptive the speaker called him out and jokingly stated; “I remember my first beer too”.  What a complete idiot.  They are an embarrassment to the office and the profession. Unfortunately Corrupt Sheriff Elder can’t do anything about it because the Huffors know too much.   We were told by multiple sources CSPD was called out to their house last August (2018) because they were both highly intoxicated and Janet was suicidal (CSPD# 2018-00031465).  It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

We heard Janet didn’t really care Billy was making an ass of himself because she was too busy playing grab ass with a certain Lt. We were also told she has been playing with a shark.  Usually dangerous; but in this case it’s more dangerous for the shark.

We were told by multiple sources within the patrol division that ‘lil Billy Huffor, during a briefing told Deputies to pullover as many “Mexicans” and “Cubans” they could and give them tickets.  This has been verified by multiple sources.   He is also sending out crazy emails that are later retracted.  It appears they put Sgt. Porter in charge of the traffic unit, put three of his “puppies” on the team, and want them out on the street by June 10th to start targeting Mexicans and Cubans.

Also, try to understand the logic of putting Huffor in charge of the FTO program when he has never completed an FTO program?

What the Hell is going on at EPSO?  We thought Carey was going to start fixing things?  The Huffors have to go!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Did Elder’s incompetence kill again?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Everyone wants off SWAT

We have been told by multiple sources within EPSO that everyone wants off SWAT because they hate Commander David and Lt. Sarkisian. In fact, they cannot find anyone who wants to be the SWAT SGT.  We were also told that every time Chief Shannon takes time off he leaves Commander James in charge because David (in his words) “is not smart enough to run anything”.  The only reason David got promoted is because he follows orders without question.  It is our understanding they are regretting his promotion.  We also heard it was his idea to have SRT join SWAT.  Problem is no one can pass the SWAT test.  Sources told us they had to lower the standards to get people to pass.  With this incompetence in leadership someone else is going to get killed.

Porter’s Puppies

Most everyone hates Sgt. Porter. In fact, when they decided to bring back the traffic unit they gave it to Porter to get him off patrol.  Then they could not find anyone who wanted in the Traffic unit.  Sources told us Porter begged Deputies to put in for it.  He knows it looks bad when no one wants to work for him.  But he did find some who are willing to be his puppies.  We were told by multiple patrol deputies that those who suck up to Porter are called; “Porter’s Puppies”. What a fall from greatness; Porter use to tell everyone how he was the greatest homicide detective and was in the highest levels of Freemasonry. Now he’s just the traffic sgt.  Not very relevant. We wonder who drinks more Porter or Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

We have to wait to tell you what happened in Patrol. It might take us a few more weeks.  We are still gathering information.

Friday, April 25, 2019

Corrupt Sheriff Elder; getting deputies killed with his incompetence

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is doing everything he can to stay out of trouble.  It appears the new undersheriff is trying to help.  Word is, Undersheriff Carey is trying to fix everything and wants to do the right thing.  Go for it! But with Elder as the sheriff it’s not going to work.  He is still wasting money and screwing all the employees.  The jail is getting worse and the corrupt environment Elder has created is encouraging bad behavior by all his minions.  Wait until you hear what just happened on Patrol.  Corruption at the top leads to corruption throughout.

We hear Sheriff Elder is looking forward to going to Washington D.C. soon.  Wow, what a great vacation idea; get Micah Flick killed with your lack of leadership and incompetence; then use his death to get a free vacation in D.C.  Don’t worry Billy the truth is coming.  Everyone knows what really happened that day.  Why did everyone have their guns in their holsters, badges covered, and not identify themselves as law enforcement?  Could it be they were ordered to? It is because of your incompetent leadership that Flick is dead. But look at the bright side; you get a free vacation.

Hey corrupt Sheriff Elder answer one simple question; what training do deputies receive that teaches them to keep their guns in their holster during a felony arrest?  NONE you incompetent fool!

The truth is coming. The lawsuits are getting closer and closer.  Just wait until you and others have to start giving depositions.  This summer could get real hot!

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has blood on his hands!

Coming soon; why would you add SRT to SWAT?  We have the answer.

Who are Porter’s Puppies?

Hint: Who put in for the traffic unit?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

County Commissioners willing to settle with Villanueva for 3 million dollars?  Not so fast!

We learned from a source inside the county that the county commissioners are thinking about settling with Villanueva for approximately 3 million dollars.  They cannot allow testimony about what happened that day to go public.  It would show Corrupt Sheriff Elder and other supervisors were responsible for the death of Detective Micah Flick. They have to settle.  Read our story about the lawsuit.

Update: Just got better information.  The county believes the lawsuit will claim damages between 3-5 million and expressed their current determination NOT to settle. We are confident they will settle rather than let the truth get out.  It might take another year or two, but hopefully the truth will get out. They are spending millions to defend Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

It appears corruption is not cheap.

El Paso County should get a drive thru so they can hand out all the money faster.

Things start to heat up for Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Every lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder, approximately 10-12 at this time, continue towards trials.   There are so many the county commissioners have to go into executive session to talk about many of them at the same time.  Defending the county from all these lawsuits are costing the taxpayers millions.

Read meeting minutes concerning the executive session.

So, the county is having to address multiple lawsuits that all expose Sheriff Elder’s corruption.  Cannot wait until they start doing depositions and people have to testify under oath.  Let’s get all of Corrupt Sheriff’s Elder’s illegal and unethical behavior out in the open.

Former Sgt. Keith Duda’s lawsuit is progressing and depositions will commence this fall.  Read court order for trial.

There is a good chance all of these lawsuit will be settled prior to going to trial because they are afraid of being exposed.  It appears the county commissioner are more than happy to get involved with the cover up.  Why do you think they appointed Amy Folsom, with no experience, as the county administrator? They had someone else who had over 20 years experience.  They need their own people in key positions.  They know Amy’s their “girl” and will keep quiet.  Where does the corruption end?

We will continue to watch all the lawsuits and keep you updated.  It could be a very hot summer for Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and the rest of his cronies.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Just got the latest rumors from a source within EPSO.  Bob Donels was demoted and given a 40 hour suspension. We are being told Commander David is getting even with everyone on SWAT that pissed him off.

Here are the changes you will learn about soon; Mynatt will be the next SRO Lt. Just like Billy Huffor he has no LE experience. Maybe he can go to the Huffor school of tactical shotgun shooting. That’s where you get a shotgun and learn how to shoot into the air. Manzanea is taking Donels’ spot and Gonzales is going to dayshift. Huffor is going to take the special Ops Lt. position with no one working for him (perfect for him).

It appears nothing will happen to Chuck Kull for his meltdown at DMV.  Is he mentally stable? Should Dr. T spend some time with him? If he gets that upset when the lines don’t move fast enough at DMV what will happen when someone really upsets him?

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Corrupt Sheriff Elder loses his mind again and confirms he is a liar!

According to our sources, Corrupt Sheriff Elder went off again during an in-service meeting this week.  Telling people that if they don’t support him they should just quit.  He also stated is he down 17 deputies and out of money.  How can you be out of money if you are down so many employees?  Where is the money that should have been used to pay them? Corrupt Sheriff Elder also told them no more pay raises; there is no money.  So the economy is doing great, everyone is making more money and Corrupt Elder does not have money to pay employees.  We don’t believe civilians have had a raise since Elder took office.  So much for his promise of pay raises every year he was sheriff.  Just another lie.

We also heard Janet Huffor had to eat a little crow recently.  According to sources she was telling everyone a certain commander at CSPD was having an affair with a patrol officer at Monument PD.  Turns out she was wrong.  We heard she had to call both individuals’ spouses and apologize to them.

We wonder the logic of spreading rumors about affairs when you’re rumored to have had one with a high level officer at Fountain PD?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Just heard two Lieutenants are in trouble.  Rumor has it one of them will be demoted or fired next week when they have their DAB hearing.  The other one can’t be fired because it’s Chuck Kull.  He knows too much.  According to our sources, corrupt Elder cannot fire him because Kull was involved in stealing Elder’s IA file.  If Kull ever told the truth he could ruin Elder.  Looks like another slap on the wrist for Kull.  He is building an IA file the size never seen since Commander King.  More later.

Amy Folsom the next County Administrator?  WTF?  The corruption and cronyism just keeps going and going…

Friday, February 22, 2019

How much did the command staff “retreat” cost the taxpayers?

We hear everyone is pissed off that Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his command staff took a few days off and hung out at the Great Wolf Lodge while everyone else had to work.  The king spends all the money while the servants have to clean up the trash. When will Elder get a clue?

Just wanted to say we are sorry “lil” Billy Huffor lost his first election on Monday. It appears his fellow basketball refs already know what kind of person he is (POS).  EPSO employees have known this for years. Better luck next year.

We are hearing Roybal is telling everyone Elder asked him if he wanted to be the next sheriff.  What happened to Billy Huffor?  Now that he has a record of losing elections is Elder looking for someone else?

FYI…  All the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Elder are still progressing.  Stay tune, we will keep you informed.  Could be an interesting summer.

It appears everyone suing Corrupt Sheriff Elder could be singing, show me the money later this summer.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Here is the announcement for JD Ross’ “completely voluntary” retirement celebration next week. So why hasn’t he been at work?  They are not fooling anyone.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The latest rumor is Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants 100 million dollars for a new jail.  He is having Jackie Kirby do as much PR with the media to show the need prior to asking the county commissioners.  It appears stealing money from 1A is not enough, he needs a bigger cash cow to milk.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sheriff Elder does something right?

We were told by a source inside EPSO that Lieutenant J.D. Ross was walked out yesterday without even an IA investigation.  We applaud this move. The large number of sexual harassment complaints against him is well known throughout the office.

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder cleaning house? We hope so.  A step in the right direction would be to get rid of the Huffors.  That would increase morale overnight.

We are still watching…

UPDATE:  We were just notified that EPSO announced J.D. Ross retired. Just like Jaworski?  We all know how that works.

We just received word from another source that Lt. Ross was caught driving his county vehicle, in uniform, to a rodeo in Kiowa county and submitting hours he never worked for helping with the training academy.

Additional updates:   Some documents provided to us indicate there was an IA investigation and Lt. Ross was actually in a DAB hearing the day he was walked out. He was allowed to resign in lieu of termination. They lie so much it’s hard to know when you actually have the truth. Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot even do the right thing without lying.

They continue to Lie, deny, hide, and let it ride…

Saturday, February 9, 2019

It just doesn’t end…

Yet another federal lawsuit filed against Corrupt Sheriff Elder

We can’t make this stuff up.  Elder has had at least a dozen lawsuits filed against him since he took office just over 4 years ago.  That’s more lawsuits than the previous 2 Sheriffs combined (20 years).

Corruption is expensive; ask the county commissioners.

Why is Bill Elder laughing with a shrouded badge? Read Story.
Interested in who is contributing to Elder’s Re-Election Campaign.  Go to Colorado’s Election tracking system (Tracer). Here is a link to Bill Elder’s Campaign page.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Another federal lawsuit filed against Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder sued again in federal court.  He is close to a baker’s dozen in lawsuits since taking office.  The county has spent millions covering for his corruption and incompetence.

Monday, January 28, 2019

“Lil” Bill Huffor just can’t help himself.  He has to make stupid statements.  There was an article in the Gazette this weekend about Illegal Marijuana grows in El Paso County.  It does not matter if you are for or against legalized Marijuana; Huffor makes a completely stupid statement.

“Colorado is one of the first states to legalize (recreational marijuana), so I think we owe it to the Legislature and the community to do some research and (produce) data on the impact of legalization,” Sheriff’s Lt. Bill Huffor said. “Anecdotally, we can see a rise in crime related to marijuana. But now we have a responsibility to prove it.”

We have a responsibility to prove it?  Get the feeling they are trying to make a point to get more money?  With Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder it is all about the money; he wants more.  It’s not enough he has completely wasted all the 1A money.  Corrupt Elder wants more!

How easy would it be to prove alcohol is a major problem in society? Why doesn’t Huffor track how many calls are alcohol related?  It would be higher than Marijuana. Why not track how much alcohol Elder has in his system when he shows up for work?

Maybe Huffor should track how many alcohol related calls for service CSPD has had at his house?

It appears they are trying to get the community to focus on the Marijuana issue so they will not focus on the fact they have more unsolved Homicides than at any other time in EPSO’s history.  How about solving a murder?  How about putting more deputies back on Patrol? When Elder took office there were almost 100 deputies assigned to patrol; now there is around 60.  WHERE DID ALL THE 1A MONEY GO? Let’s focus on the real issues; Corrupt Sheriff Elder has completely F*cked up the sheriff’s office.

The article is pretty boring; however, read the comments.  That is interesting.  It appears the community knows Elder is an idiot.

Friday, January 25, 2019

The following was sent out to all employees today by Ms Kirby.  As usual her work is pretty substandard.  Did anyone review this letter prior to it being sent out?  Do they serious believe this is going to solve the morale problems at CJC?  They are “lost in space”.

Detentions Civilian and Sworn Personnel,Each of you play an important and vital role in not only the safety of our jail facility but, also the community.  You are tasked with the care, custody and control of inmates within our jail and courthouse.Just as deputies patrol the streets, detentions staff patrol the halls and wards of the county jail, an underworld unknown to most citizens. Your work is largely “out of sight, out of mind” to our community.   We want to change that.It is time we put a voice and face to the hardworking men and women who serve in our detention bureaus.  It is our hope moving forward, that we can highlight the work and impact of you, the “boots on the ground”.We will be spending time at the jail, attending briefings and visiting wards, to meet each of you and gain a one on one perspective. We want to hear your personal stories, ideas and suggestions that you may have to make your jobs and environment function more efficiently.One of the avenues to share with the community is through social medial.  With that in mind, we are starting the social media campaign titled Why I Serve #BehindTheBars in hopes of sharing your personal decision and inspiring story to serve.You can participate in this campaign by emailing us “your story” about what inspired you to make a commitment to service as an El Paso County Deputy.  We will also be going around the jail and you can feel free to share your story with us one on one.I have attached a photo of what it will look like.  In addition to this social media campaign, please do hesitate to contact us about positive stories, community involvement, or things you think the community should know.We are so excited about this opportunity and we hope you will be as well.  Please feel free to contact myself or Natalie Sosa if you have any questions.Be safe!Jacqueline KirbyMedia Relations Manager/PIOEl Paso County Sheriff’s Office27 E. Vermijo AvenueColorado Springs, CO  80903719-520-7183- Office719-323-8736 – Cell

Saturday, January 19, 2019

It is obvious Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder knows nothing about running a jail.  How many more deputies will be hurt or possibly killed before Elder is exposed for his incompetence?  Elder says he is understaffed; however, he is also out of money?  How can that be?  If he is short employees he should have extra money.  Maybe the reason he is short employees is because he stole all the money and cannot afford to hire more deputies.  It is our understanding he is down 30-40% in patrol, 50% in Investigations and 20-30% in the jail.   WHERE IS ALL THE 1A MONEY?  We recently found out Elder retracted a promise made concerning 1A funds.  Back when the community approved 1A it was promised EPSO would provide an SRO (School Resource officer) to every school district at no cost.  That will no longer be true this Fall.  So pretty much every reason 1A was passed is no longer in place.  There are less Deputies on the street now than back in 2012, no more free SROs, and less deputies in the jail.  What has corrupt Elder done with all the 1A funds? He hired his cronies and it’s going to their salaries.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder; the county Jester.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Don’t think because we have not posted anything in a while we have stopped what we are doing.  Things are quiet, but employees are still upset how they are being treated.  It is our understanding Elder did not give a pay raise to the civilians yet again this year. What about the promise of pay raises ever year?  Just another lie.

Things are in the works and the lawsuits against Sheriff Elder and the county are adding up.  When we get more information we will pass it on.

Keep the faith; we are not going anywhere.