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Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder


It is our goal to let all of Bill Elder’s Skeletons out of the closet; what they do after that is their business

One of Elder’s Skeletons just got the word about another lawsuit

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Thursday, December 24, 2020 hits continue to climb.  We are averaging about 6-7X more traffic than a month ago.  This indicates people continue to check out the website for new information about Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. We hope to continue providing information in 2021.  We do not plan to add anything until after the new year unless Elder decides to announce his “final answer” on who to promote to commander.  

Have a great Christmas with your families. For those working during the holidays; Stay safe.

Thanks for everything you do.

WE appreciate you 

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Is there still a feud between Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and retiring DA Dan May?  Is there a feud between Elder and incoming DA Michael Allen? Is DA Allen just as corrupt as Dan May? All good questions.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Colorado Supreme court rules for Lt. Tim Williams; Elder’s illegal and unethical actions exposed


Not counting new lawsuits; Elder is getting his ass handed to him with the big three lawsuits;  Williams, Duda, and San Agustin. Almost all of the court rulings have been against Elder. All are heading to trial next year.  For many 2020 has been a bad year; for Elder 2021 is looking real bad. He might not have to personally pay in all three cases; but his incompetence, nepotism and corruption will be exposed. Elder knows he is a complete failure.  Cannot wait for the trials.

Click here to read article about Supreme court ruling

Elder is going to lose his money, his reputation and all respect (like he had any left).  If Elder had any dignity he would sell everything, resign, and move to Arizona.

Update on Lt oral boards: Undersheriff Pete Carey;  scheduled to take part in the lieutenant oral boards; declined at the last minute. Did Carey read our website and not want to be part of the charade? The board was comprised of only Corrupt Sheriff Elder and Chief Roybal.  Does that seem right?  How many oral boards only have two members? It doesn’t matter. Elder admitted there were only a few he was interested in and already told multiple people who he was planning on promoting. Will Elder stay with the his plan or will he change it up because we exposed him?  Will he admit we knew ahead of time, or will he pick others so he does not look corrupt?   If he changes who he promotes it means we forced him into picking people he didn’t want.  What power do we we have? If he sticks to the plan he looks corrupt.  UPDATE: We heard Elder is thinking of switching one so he gets one he wants and can claim we didn’t have a clue.  WHATEVER!  Here is the fun part; we don’t care what you do. It’s just entertaining to watch you meltdown. 

We no longer live rent free in Elder’s head; Now he’s paying us!

We know Elder is losing his mind over the leaks coming from the 5th floor.  We know his latest secret and are verifying the information before we publish it. Merry Christmas Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  We will wait until after the holidays.  Maybe.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Elder can’t keep his mouth shut?

To all Lieutenants interviewing for commander this week.  We’ve been told the results by a source within EPSO. We would like to congratulate Mitch Mihalko and Lori Harrell.  Mitch will be transferring to CJC and Lori will be the next commander of investigations.  Cyclops will be going to the Patrol division.  It might save some time if Elder just cancels the interviews.  Why waste everyone’s time? As we anticipated, Elder admitted he has to put a female on command staff to prevent a lawsuit.

We know the reason Elder is promoting them; it’s for their hard work and good performance; right? Why else would Elder promote them? They must have more experience, leadership skills, and integrity than the rest of the candidates.  Elder would never promote someone just because they happen to be in a relationship with a REALLY good friend of his? Corrupt Sheriff Elder would NEVER, EVER, EVER do that!

Was it this same scenario that got Elder sued before? At least he didn’t cancel the interviews this time. Elder better hope there is not another female interviewing with a lot more experience; oh no, too late.  

Hey Bill, hear that noise?  It’s someone else calling …



Hey Bill; “Are we living rent free in your head?”



Silence is the endorsement of Corruption!


Monday, December 14, 2020

“Holy completely corrupt sheriff batman!”

Another lawsuit filed in federal court against Corrupt sheriff Elder

Is anyone surprised that another lawsuit has been filed against Corrupt Sheriff Elder? Deputies who work at CJC (Criminal Justice Center) are not. They have been complaining for weeks. Between the hours, forced overtime, conditions at the jail, and having to put up with Cyclops, they’ve had enough.  More employees leave every week. Has anyone in leadership thanked deputies and employees for their incredible efforts?  Not from what we have heard.  Has anyone in leadership volunteered to run a ward? Elder continues to either be on vacation or hanging out on the fifth floor.  Many times he leaves early (to get drunk?) or he cannot be found. He continues to put his Deputies lives at risk while he makes all the money in relative safety.

Read the complaint

Does the ACLU know Elder with the help of his incompetent leadership intentionally moved inmates from ward to ward so they could renovate CJC?  Elder knew many would get sick, he didn’t care. Interview deputies who recently quit.  Elder was overheard saying, just let them all get infected. Why do you think they did not give inmates masks?   Does the ACLU know Elder diverted MILLIONs in COVID-19 funds to remodel the jail?  Now he does not have any money. Does the ACLU know Elder and/or his command staff ordered deputies to stop using disinfectant to clean the wards? It was getting too expensive. They just used water so it looked like they were still doing it.  Also, they stopped doing weekly COVID testing of Deputies? How many masks could Elder have purchased with the money he used to remodel the jail? MIllIONS!  Elder intentionally harmed both inmates and employees. At the same time, he sat up on the fifth floor laughing at the poor suckers having to risk their lives. We hear Elder has looked into getting vaccinated ASAP. WTF? How about taking care of your employees first? Rumor has it, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will use the excuse he wants to encourage his staff to get vaccinated by getting it first. 

It’s obvious, Corrupt Sheriff Elder does not care about his people

The gazette wrote an article about the lawsuit.

PDF version of the article.

Statement from Gazette article: Sheriff’s Cmdr. Joseph Roybal told The Gazette this summer that each of the capital improvements was meant to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmissions at the Sheriff’s Office.”   That could be anything; buying the sheriff a new car could reduce the risk of coronavirus.  This statement is completely misleading.  Elder needed money for major renovations and to replace faulty locks on doors at CJC.  He used this money (or diverted funds and backfilled with COVID-19 funds).  It appears the next big liar at EPSO is Joseph “father of the year” Roybal. 

We continue to receive information about more corruption within EPSO.  We are verifying and hope to bring you another bombshell in January. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to promote and give more leadership positions to his Cronies

Remember way back when we talked about how Elder stole millions from 1A and diverted the funds?  Many have forgotten about it. The tax has been renewed so Elder can continue to steal the money and pay off his friends.  The goal of 1A was to put more “boots on the ground” in patrol and CJC. This is how the tax was promoted to the community and why the initiative passed. Sheriff Maketa started the program prior to retiring.  He almost double the number of deputies on the street. How many are on patrol now?  Did you know there are less deputies now than back in 2015?  Corrupt Sheriff Elder has quietly let the numbers decline as he diverts the funds to other areas.  Compare the org chart from back in 2015 and now.  How many more supervisors are there?  How fewer deputies are there? Elder lied when he ran for office and he continues to lie to this day.  You cannot believe anything he says.  He has stopped showing where the 1A funds are going.  Like he said 6 years ago; there needs to be an audit of EPSO’s books.  Maketa promised to show yearly how every penny was spent; which he did.  Elder said he wanted to be even more transparent than Maketa yet he does not show where every penny of 1A funds go.  Has he explained why the funds have been diverted from Patrol Deputies?  Has he explained why his organization needs so many more supervisors.  He has six slots for Patrol Lieutenants when there are only three shifts?  That is $300k; which could be 5-6 more deputies on the street. It appears Sheriff Maketa cared about the community and Elder does not. All Elder has done in 6 years is empire build and protect his cronies.

Did you know there has been more unsolved homicides since Elder took office than in the previous 20 years? Why is that? Could it be all the experienced detectives retired or quit?  This is not an issue with detectives; it’s a leadership issue. There is about half the number of detectives than there was in 2015 and many have less than 10 years experience in investigations. Elder has created such a toxic environment everyone is leaving. 

What Elder does not seem to understand is at some point the whole house of cards is going to collapse. He currently does not have enough staff to operate the jail safely.  Unfortunately this could lead to injuries to inmates and possibly staff.  We have heard about how there are assaults on Deputies.  This trend could continue.  What happens when there is not enough Deputies?  They are already being asked to watch two wards at the same time which is very dangerous. This is like flying a plane without doing any maintenance. It might still fly, but sooner or later it’s going to crash. 

Elder already has blood on his hands and under his corrupt leadership there could be more hurt or even killed.

Inspired blog post

Sometimes there is such a great blog post we have to promote it.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Commander David submits retirement paperwork for January 2021

We were told Commander David submitted his paperwork to retire in January.  He stated working for Corrupt Sheriff Elder has aged him beyond his years and he cannot take the BS anymore.  This and more; Read the whole story

Everyone who thought they could deal with Elder now realizes you cannot deal with a Crocodile.

BTW, we set another record for visitors and hits on Friday. Our traffic has gone up 10X in the last two weeks.  Why the increase? 

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Yet another lawsuit against El Paso County Sheriff’s office

Is there a cloud of corruption over Sheriff Bill Elder’s administration?

Today’s Gazette has an article concerning yet another lawsuit filed against EPSO.  The fact Corrupt Sheriff Elder covered for deputies, who appear to use excessive force,  shows more corruption.  We are not surprised by Cliff Porter’s actions as he has a history of this type behavior. We will see how this lawsuit plays out. More bad press for Elder and EPSO. If Elder truly supports transparency (like he said) he would have announced what happened two years ago shortly after it happened.  He would have talk with the media and released all body cam footage. Neither happened. We heard it took EPSO a long time to finally release the body cams after many requests and they still did not release all the footage. What are they trying to hide? The video is pretty powerful.  Rumor has it Porter routinely does not follow policy on the use of body cams. Based on his actions we understand why.  This was a great opportunity to show transparency; epic fail by Corrupt Sheriff Elder (again).

Question: If the woman was in the wrong and Deputies were justified in their actions; why did the DA’s office drop all the charges against her?   Get the feeling Corrupt Sheriff Elder wanted it to go away without the media or public finding out.  He kept it secret for 2 years.  This is not how a transparent government agency operates. This is just another example of corruption and nepotism by Elder.  Cover it up and protect your “buddies”.

Sheriff Bill Elder promised Transparency; just another Lie?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder needs to release all information, to include the IA investigation and any disciplinary actions taken concerning this obvious excessive force by Deputies. Did the deputies exhaust all avenues of de-escalation ?  Did they need to go hands on when they did?  How long after the little old lady got out of the vehicle did they lay on hands?  Were the deputies in fear for their safety? Did she pull a weapon or attack them?  What physical action(s) against the deputies did she do to justify their physical response? Did they really need to throw her to the ground and tase her? Why did they even ask her to get out of the vehicle?  If their actions were justified Elder needs to present the evidence to the public to regain their trust.  If Elder believes in Transparency he needs to be proactive in releasing the information and talking with the media.  When was the last time Elder addressed the media and answered all their questions?  

Elder continues to Lie, Deny, Hide, and let it ride

How many lawsuits does this make?  Is Elder going for a baker’s dozen?  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the most sued Sheriff in Colorado history and he has two more years of corruption left. He also has the highest attrition of any government agency in Colorado; over 70% of employees have left since he took office.

We hope this poor victim gets her day in court.

Want to read the lawsuit complaint and a PDF version of the Gazette article?

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Why is Commander David buying years?

Rumor has it Corrupt Sheriff Elder told Commander David he is being transferred to the Jail and Cy Gillespie will be the next commander of Patrol.  David told Elder he wants to be commander of Special Ops.  He is threatening to retire if he is transferred to the jail.  This appears to be the fallout from David’s IA investigation.   Will Elder show he has some balls and send David to the jail, or will he capitulate again?  Everyone at the jail just wants Cyclops gone, but patrol doesn’t want the most hated supervisor.  How many in patrol will quit?  We do not believe it is a good idea to move Cy around; everyone will be pissed off. Is this Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s plan?  Is he going for the most screwed up agency in Colorado? The problem is Elder has no leadership skills or basic intelligence.  He does not know how to fix things. There is only one thing worse than being stupid; not knowing you’re stupid.

Hey Bill, did you think we wouldn’t find out what happened a couple years ago? More stories of corruption coming.   Your legacy is being defined by lawsuits, attrition and bad press.  Only a few are suing you; but EVERYONE hates you! Congratulations; in six years you have taken a highly respected LE agency and turned it into a complete disaster. How much more damage can you do in the next two years?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder climbing the stairs of success

Friday, December 4, 2020 continues to set records

We continue to have higher traffic everyday.  We have received numerous emails since yesterday.  It is going to take us some time to get back with everyone.  We still want more information about what is going on at CJC.  Please send us more emails with whatever you are hearing.  We like to have multiple sources before we publish so the more sources the better.  Please create a gmail account and send us information.  You do not need to provide a name; just tell us where you work and what you have heard.  Looks like we will have some good bombshells in the near future.

The names of the Deputies who have recently quit is amazing.  Some really good one.  We would like their contact information if anyone has it.  There are other agencies who appreciate getting quality experienced Deputies.  The more Elder screws things up the worse it is going to get.

Looks like there are more complaints/lawsuits than we thought.  Just got information on another one.

What we are hearing about Cyclops is also very interesting. Please send us more information.

Tim Williams’ case went in front of the State Supreme Court

According to a source, the retaliation case against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder went in front of the state supreme court back in October.  We should have a ruling early next year and hopefully we will have an update.  It appears if Mr. Williams wins the appeal it will be time to settle or Elder will get his ass kicked in court and then have to payout. If you want to do some reading here is a link to a summary.  There is also an article about the case.

We will keep you updated on everything we hear.

Thursday, December 3, 2020 website has record setting hits on December 1st

We have set multiple records for hits this week.  We believe this is due to the high frustration by employees working at CJC.

We know employees are reading our website, We still need your help.  Send emails with EPSO memos, information, rumors, etc.. to   We never release the names of contributors.  We’ve been around for 3 years and no one has ever been compromised by us.  Obviously do not use your EPSO email account.  We can recommend attorneys who can tell you if you have a case and how to proceed. Talk with the media.  They will also keep your identity secret.

Do you feel appreciated?

You don’t need to take their shit any longer.  If you have had enough there are other agencies who will appreciate you.

Silence is the endorsement of corruption

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The morale at CJC has collapsed

We have been contacted by multiple employees telling us how bad it is at CJC and how many deputies have or are about to quit. Shifts are now 12 hours long and Cy Gillespie, known for his arrogance and ignorance, is making people work different shifts during the same work week.  We have heard rumors a complaint for hostile work environment was filed against him. Cyclops is probably the most hated supervisor at EPSO. When he was on patrol everyone wanted off his shift, when he went to investigations everyone wanted out of the division, now that he’s at CJC everyone is quitting.  Notice a trend? Corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to promote his goons and does not reward hard work, good leadership, and integrity.  These are qualities Elder knows nothing about.

Maybe command staff could show some leadership and pull a shift in the jail?  Any chance command staff will show empathy towards the deputies and employees? Or will they just stop doing COVID testing and no longer worry about the employees’s health? Wait, they already did that.

We hear deputies are told to stay on the job even with multiple symptoms and ordered to come back to work before they are fully recovered. We are attempting to confirm multiple allegations of abuse in the jail.  We encourage employees to band together and get an attorney. Nothing is going to change until the deputies all quit or file a complaint.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is living it up, taking vacations and relaxing at HQ while deputies are suffering at the jail and on patrol.  Does he care?  When was the last time Elder was down at the jail and pulled a double shift?  He sits safely downtown with his corrupt command staff figuring out how he can screw the employees more.  The whole office is falling apart because of Elder’s corruption and incompetence.  What will he do?  Try to fix it or resign and walk away?

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Update on lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Three lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Elder are still working their way through the court system.  There are more pending lawsuits that hopefully we will be able to provide updates on in the future. It’s hard to get information because no one is talking.  However, we did search the federal court system and found some interesting documents.  Get the latest on Duda v Elder.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

More light on Elder’s corrupt administration

Let the 2020 El Paso County Jail hunger games begin!

The news media continues to question the COVID outbreak in the jail.  FOX21 did a story the other night about the conditions in the jail.  We are hearing from sources within the jail that leadership is still not providing masks or personal protective gear.  We are following up on the rumor that proper disinfectant is not being used.  There is also a rumor going around that  Corrupt Sheriff Elder was overheard saying it would be cheaper and faster to get all the inmates and deputies infected and just get it over with.  Elder is again using his normal game plan. Lie to the public and media, Deny any wrong doing, Hide from the media, and ride it out until everyone forgets.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder owes the entire community an apology for his lack of leadership and for placing hundreds of peoples lives at risk in the jail.  He also owe an even bigger apology to his deputies and employees for placing their lives in danger daily by not providing them proper protective gear and forcing them to come to work even after being exposed to COVID.  This is the secret Elder doesn’t want out.  They have stopped telling employees when they have been exposed.  They are telling them to continue to come to work knowing they could continue to spread the virus.  What about employee’s families?  He’s putting their lives at risk as well. The truth needs to get out.

Is Elder committing abuse of power?  Is he guilty of official misconduct?  We hope there will be an investigation at some point.  But it will take the employees to rise up, get a lawyer, and file a class action suit.

Read our article about Elder’s corruption concerning the COVID outbreak in the jail.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Articles about Elder’s corruption grow faster than COVID-19

Multiple articles are coming out about the continued corruption at EPSO.  First, an article about the outbreak of COVID-19 in the jail. This article shows the depth of Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s ineptness. There was also an article a couple weeks ago about a lawsuit against Elder.  Everyone knows the Huffors are (and were) treated special and that Elder targeted Sgt. Keith Duda.  Duda was retaliated against and ultimately fired without justification because he supported someone else for Sheriff.  The truth is coming out.  We cannot wait until Duda’s lawsuit goes to trial and Elder and others have to testify.  It’s our understanding everyone is going to throw corrupt sheriff Elder under the bus.  Will Elder commit perjury like he did in the Maketa trial?  We will see.  There are still multiple lawsuits pending.

Also,  we heard from a source that staff was told to substitute plain water for disinfectant when wiping down surfaces in the jail to save money.  WTF?  Elder received over 15 million dollars in COVID-19 funding and spent it all on remodeling the jail. So Elder is directly responsible for the outbreak? If anyone dies from COVID-19 Elder will have more blood on his hands.  He is already responsible for Micah Flick’s death.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Huffors, don’t go away mad; just go away

We were contacted by multiple people who read Janet Huffor’s Facebook page and are laughing their asses off. It is filled with so much BS we don’t know where to start. Then we thought why even address it? No one cares. Everyone is just glad Billy is gone;  hopefully Janet will follow.

Does anyone believe Billy quit on his own? He wanted to leave? How stupid and arrogant are the Huffors. Do they think their little drama matters to anyone else?

Also, no one from the previous administration gives a shit about the Huffors and no one is lying about them. They have done it all to themselves. We have provided documentation to support our articles and even the media has reported on multiple screwups by BIlly. The Huffors need to stop trying to play the victims and start taking responsibility for their actions. No one is targeting them. Now that Billy is gone, we are done talking about him.

It appears the Huffors think they are a lot more important than they are.  No one cares.  Bye Bye

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s incompetence revealed yet again in outbreak of COVID-19 in jail

We have received information from a source within EPSO explaining why there was an outbreak of COVID-19 in the jail.  It has been reported by the local media, but they do not know the whole story.

Over half the inmates are infected;  how could that happen; there are over 20 separate wards in the jail?

Will the truth get out?

It is the responsibility of the sheriff to house inmates in a safe and secure facility.  Will people die because of Corrupt Sheriff’s ineptness? Will he be held accountable?

Friday, October 30, 2020

Message to Corrupt Sheriff Elder

This website would have nothing to write about if you stopped the corruption and started being transparent (like you promised).  We know that is not possible because there is another scandal coming. You diverted federal funds that were slated for COVID-19. Now you need those funds to deal with the outbreak in the jail and you spent it on remodeling (which had nothing to do with COVID). How corrupt is that?

It is the goal of this website to expose corruption within the El Paso County Sheriff’s office and specifically Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder.  Some content was removed because it did not align with that goal.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Karma has a great week!

Tuesday Billy Huffor resigned to avoid criminal prosecution.  According to a source within EPSO, Huffor lied on his sworn affidavit for the “flashlight” incident.  The question is, will DA Dan May continue the investigation and place Billy Huffor’s name on the Brady list?

It is our understanding Corrupt Sheriff Elder promised he would get the criminal investigation stopped if Billy Huffor resigned (and kept his mouth shut). Of course, Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s promise is illegal, but who cares about that.

According to sources, Corrupt Sheriff Elder is throwing Billy under the bus in private conversations with command staff. We will not convey his exact words.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Thursday, October 15, 2020

DA May wants nothing to do with Huffor’s false arrest

Recently (reported by KOAA) local District Attorney Dan May filed a motion to dismiss the case of the 2nd degree assault of a peace officer by a 1/2 second beam of light which, according to Billy Huffor caused him an instant headache, disorientation and ultimately resulted in him filing FMLA paperwork for PTSD.  It appears DA May wants nothing to do with the coverup of Huffor’s false arrest and official misconduct.  The question is, will DA May place Billy Huffor on the “Brady” list which he is legally obligated to do? It is our understanding Billy Huffor made false statements on an affidavit.  This requires his name be added for “departing from the truth” and a mandatory hearing with the POST board to determine if his certification should be revoked.

How long will Corrupt Sheriff Elder continue to cover for Billy Huffor.  He has demonstrated multiple times he cannot lead or handle the authority that comes with being in law enforcement.  We all know some people do not have the discipline for this career field. How long until someone gets hurt?

We anticipate when the investigation is over, Corrupt sheriff Elder will attempt to transfer Billy back to the jail and potentially demote him to Sgt.  This is not enough.  We have learned the county attorney’s office wants him fired.  District Attorney Dan May should charge Huffor which would make termination a must.

Now the civil case against Billy Huffor and EPSO can begin. How much is being physically abused, falsely arrested and a night in jail worth?

Here is yet another opportunity for Sheriff Elder to show transparency and integrity;  Don’t hold your breath.

Lie, deny, hide and let it ride!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


HUFFOR under investigation for multiple illegal acts to include possibly falsifying a sworn affidavit, false arrest, and official misconduct

We have received information from multiple sources, to include Janet herself that Billy Huffor has been suspended and is currently being investigated for multiple items some of which are criminal.  According to one of our sources, when Janet was asked how the investigation was going she replied not good and said Billy was not doing well.  We have been told by multiple sources within EPSO Janet is talking with everyone in the office about the investigation and attempting to obtain support for Billy. Isn’t it against policy to discuss an IA investigation?  Not a problem here, it is our understanding the county is doing the investigation, not IA.  Why? Too many people involved and too high up the org chart? Plus, they cannot keep a secret within EPSO?

We have confirmed Commander John David has been suspended until his own investigation can be completed.   It seems David has been covering for Huffor and might be implicated.

Remember when Corrupt Sheriff Elder was running for Sheriff way back in 2014? He talked about transparency and wanted a forensic audit.  What happened Bill? Where is the transparency now?

They are still trying to cover up

Huffor is charging FMLA/ Sick leave so he can continue to get a paycheck.  Plus, after requesting FMLA Huffor and David went to Las Vegas?  Is this a crime or at a minimum another violation of policy? Why don’t they want anyone to know Huffor is suspended and under investigation?

Will DA Dan May request an independent DA from another district to investigate Billy Huffor for criminal behavior? How about convening a grand jury?  DA May did it before, let’s see if he does it now.

Could we see Billy Huffor in a booking photo?

What else are they covering up?  We know a bunch more.

Silence is the endorsement of Corruption

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Huffor thrown to the “WOLVES”?

A lot has happened in the last couple weeks; a lot of cover up, deception, lies, and corruption. We will try to address it all.

According to sources within EPSO;  Undersheriff Carey is adamant Billy Huffor needs to go. Some have suggested Carey stated either Billy goes or he does.  Elder’s method for dealing with it was to take a few days off.  The actions of a true leader (NOT!).

It appears the county administration has decided to deal with it themselves. Rumor has it there was a deal between Elder and the county to let them do the investigation so when they recommend termination Elder can use it as the excuse to finally fire Huffor.  We have confirmed with multiple sources the county is conducting an investigation and might have asked the State of Colorado to terminate Billy’s POST certification.

So where is Billy during this investigation?  Normally he would have been put on leave without pay.  However, that would look bad and according to our sources the Huffor’s do not have any savings to speak of.  They are living paycheck to paycheck. (Alcohol is not cheap.) Billy submitted FMLA paperwork so he can use sick leave to continue receiving a paycheck.  It appears having a flashlight shined in your eyes for half a second can not only cause a headache it can cause PTSD.

Why is Commander David out on leave?  It appears he has been covering for Billy Huffor and now he is being investigated. We are attempting to confirm.  According to a source within EPSO, Commander David received numerous complaints against Huffor and has not been forwarded them to IA, but rather dismissing them.  That’s how a corrupt team works.  They take care of each other.

So how did John David and Billy Huffor deal with their investigations?  They went to Las Vegas and got drunk.  There are rumors they spent a little money on some local “talent”?

This is how a corrupt administration acts.

UPDATE:  Billy Huffor is not out on FMLA; He is out on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.  Same for Commander David. We will have more about Billy Huffor in the next few days.  It appears he might have committed a crime. Welcome to the Brady list?

Sunday, September 20, 2020


Rumor has it many on command staff have expressed their support to fire Billy Huffor.  Unfortunately Corrupt Sheriff Elder is still not having any of it. Elder has to support him because Huffor knows way too much dirt on him. This is what happens when you have a corrupt administration; you cannot hold your staff accountable.

The video by KOAA clearly shows an abuse of power and an unlawful arrest by Billy Huffor.  He needs to be charged. How about convening a grand jury?  Dan May was willing to go after a political rival with no evidence; there’s plenty of evidence here, to include a video. All they have to do is show the video to a grand jury and they will indict Huffor.

We hear Corrupt Sheriff Elder is thinking about sending Huffor back to the jail; however, Elder can only do so much because it appears the Huffors are holding all the cards. Basically Elder is being extorted by them.

We were told that even some county administrators have told Elder to fire Huffor and they are researching if they can get Huffor’s POST certification revoked by the state.  Now that a video has been published by KOAA showing Huffor’s obvious abuse of power, any future abuse allocations against Huffor could cost the county millions.  Remember the allegations against Huffor at the county assembly back in 2018?

The list of complaints against Billy Huffor is huge.  There is even multiple complaints from Huffor’s neighbors. One was harassed so much by Huffor they sold their house and moved away.  What about all the complaints of sexual harassment? Someone needs to put all this information together and expose Billy Huffor for the psychopath he is.

What about the event back in August of 2018? Billy and Janet got drunk (again) and their neighbors call the cops.  CSPD case # 2018-00031465. It’s very interesting reading. Anyone can get a copy from CSPD.

The Huffors have been nothing but trouble since Elder put them in positions of authority. It’s time for Corrupt Sheriff Elder to fix the mess he created.

Bill Elder, listen to Pete Carey and the rest of your command staff; fire Huffor.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Last night KOAA’s Eric Ross revealed the real Billy Huffor to all of Colorado Springs.  Watch the news story.  Everyone now knows what everyone at EPSO has known for years. Billy Huffor is STUPID, DANGEROUS and abuses his authority.  Someone is going to get killed.

After watching the video does anyone believe Huffor was assaulted by a sub second flashing of a flashlight to his face? There needs to be a full investigation. Where is the transparency?

Here’s a good question, where is Huffor’s body cam? We hear he is the only person not wearing one.  Wait, Did the other Deputy have his running?  We hear yes. Of course we don’t need the body cam, we already have a video showing Huffor’s abuse of power.

Huffor is out on the streets playing cop having never completed an FTO program and having never worked one shift as a patrol deputy.  There are so many examples of his stupidity.  Huffor is completely out of control.

This is Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder’s choice to be the next sheriff?  Is Elder still going to promote him to Commander? WTF?  We should be hearing of his firing. As they say; this is not his first rodeo. His IA file is growing faster than his and Janet’s drinking problem.

We were provided information that recently there was a meeting in Mahilko’s office attended by Chief James, Undersheriff Carey and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. In this meeting Carey stated Huffor needed to be held accountable for his actions and Elder needed to stop protecting him.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder, instead of finally dealing with the situation, got up and walked out of the meeting.

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder going to continue to protect an obviously dangerous person?  Does someone have to die before something will be done?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has tried to hide Huffor in positions where he can stay away from the community; but Huffor cannot help himself. Look what happens when he works out on the street. He is power hungry (which is obvious from the video) and wants to play cop at the expense of the community’s safety. Someone is going to DIE!  Huffor’s fantasy is to create a situation where he gets to kill someone. It’s only a matter of time.

Here’s the problem, Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot do anything about Huffor because Huffor knows where the bodies are buried.  What about the IA file Elder said never existed?  Huffor knows all about it. Elder has no choice but to get on his knees for ‘Lil Billy. Corrupt Sheriff Elder has no integrity left and no one respects him.

Video of Billy Huffor making an arrest.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

We received what we were told is body cam footage of the event with Billy Huffor the other night.  We cannot confirm its authenticity.

Here is a video that best represents how the event was described by Billy Huffor

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Multiple people have told us we made up the story about Billy Huffor; that there is no way anyone at EPSO could be that stupid, not even Billy Huffor. Read it for yourself.

Blue sheet

We were told corrupt Sheriff Elder is having super secret meetings with Chiefs and above.  He does not trust his Commanders.  That’s okay we still get all the information we want.  Have fun Bill, the lawsuits are still coming your way… Is it true that all your employees have been throwing you under the bus?  Yes!

Tuesday September 1, 2020

‘Lil Billy Huffor immobilized by flashlight beam; suspect charged with felony

Billy Huffor, while playing cop last night was subdued and rendered defenseless by someone shining a flashlight in his face.  According to the blue sheet; “This gave Huffor an immediate headache and caused him to become disoriented.” According to other deputies, Huffor screamed like a little girl on the radio demanding backup units to protect him from this near fatal assault.  They were laughing at him all night and the word is spreading across all divisions of the office.  Everyone gets another laugh because of yet another stupid action by a Huffor.

As it turns out, Huffor followed this person to his residence and accosted him on his own property. Huffor was harassing a citizen on his own property and when Huffor would not leave the individual shined a flashlight in his face. He was on his own property and did not call the cops. Why were they there? Why didn’t they just leave?

There was no complaint. No one called the cops. Huffor created the whole situation by harassing an innocent person on their own property.  This is a clear case of police harassment. Huffor Kept harassing this person until he finally did something he thought they could arrest him for.  Now Corrupt Sheriff Elder will have to make up another story how his brave Lieutenant put his life on the line protecting the citizens of El Paso County.  Hell, Huffor should get the Medal of Valor for his brave actions in the line of duty. He risked his life confronting a flashlight flashing terrorist.  At least give him a purple heart for his crippling headache.

This individual was charged with 2nd degree assault of a peace officer. CRS 18-3-203(c) “with the intent to prevent one whom he or she knows, or should know to be a peace officer, firefighter, or emergency medical service provider from performing a lawful duty, he or she intentionally causes bodily injury to any person,…” Really?  He is on his own property. He didn’t call the cops, he didn’t ask to be harassed. Why didn’t Huffor just leave? Yet another example of his ignorance of law enforcement and complete lack of understanding how to treat people he is paid to protect.

Rumor has it, Huffor went to draw his weapon. WTF?  Someone is going to get killed by Huffor.  When will Corrupt sheriff Bill Elder going to realize the Huffors need to go?

We’ve heard Huffor was traumatized by the event and is thinking of asking for a leave of absence for PTSD.

We know it’s scary out there

Thursday, July 23, 2020

EPSO is going more top heavy?

With everyone leaving and the number of patrol deputies and jail deputies going down every month; what could Corrupt Sheriff Elder do that would be real stupid?  How about creating a 4th Bureau Chief? That’s what EPSO needs, more command staff and less deputies.  That makes total sense. Is it time to finally promote Billy to commander?  It’s getting close to the next election and if he is going to be Roybal’s Undersheriff he needs to be promoted. Is the fix already in? Is anyone going to stop the corruption?

Rumor has it Corrupt Sheriff Elder is a racist and wants Chief Northam out of any key position so he is going to create a bogus position and put him in it. He only wants his white male buddies on command staff.

The latest rumor is that Corrupt Sheriff Elder is keeping a very short leash on Billy “I’ll pursue anyone who steals gas” Huffor.  Elder is tired of all the embarrassment. So, Billy is in charge of stuff.  He is not doing any law enforcement. This makes sense because he has no training or experience in law enforcement.  Maybe he should help his wife count? Elder is trying to save Huffor from himself.  It won’t work.  Billy will screw up; that’s what he does. We hear he is back chasing skirts again.  How long until that blows up?

We hear the spiritual leader of EPSO left his wife and is having an affair with a Lieutenant.  Nice example; Character counts!

All the lawsuits are still progressing through the system and we cannot wait until they start going to trial. We hear they are wanting to settle but it’s way too much money. Elder has already been sued for more money than all previous Sheriff’s combined.

It’s official, every part of EPSO is messed up with the Budget way out in front.  How long until Corrupt Sheriff Elder blames the budget on the virus?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Lawsuits don’t seem to go away for Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Corrupt Sheriff Elder

Everyone has been distracted by the virus and focused on other much more important issues. However, all the legal issues for corrupt Sheriff Elder have not gone away; just postponed.  He is still the most sued Sheriff in the history of Colorado. Currently there are millions of dollars of lawsuits against corrupt Sheriff Elder, the county, and the state of Colorado based on his and his co-conspirators’ unethical actions.

Hopefully before his second term is done, the truth about corrupt Sheriff Elder will be well known throughout Colorado.

It appears one of Elder’s lawsuits is headed for the state supreme court.  (Gazette Article) Elder just recently finished a deposition in another case. We heard his entire staff threw him under the bus.  Elder was scheduled to provide yet another deposition in yet another lawsuit, but it was delayed due to the virus.  There are over a dozen pending lawsuits. Elder will spend most of this year providing depositions and sitting in court. The county will be writing multiple checks.

The virus might delay the lawsuits, but it won’t make them go away.

Friday, February 21, 2020

No one wants to party with Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Employees continue to leave as soon as they can.  This include multiple retirements. It appears Elder has been offering retirement ceremonies and many refused them.  They do not want to spend any time with corrupt Elder and his corrupt command staff.  They are having private parties with their friends.  It is unfortunate these employees cannot be properly recognized for their contributions and dedication.  We hear many are retiring as soon as they are eligible.  Some buying time just to get out.

Elder has the highest attrition rate of any sheriff in Colorado history; a record he will hold forever. How quickly Corrupt Sheriff Elder destroyed the reputation of EPSO.  What once was one of the best agencies in the state is now the most corrupt.

Long after Elder is gone; we will still remember the corrupt one!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hey Bill; We know your secret

Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Gazette does it again!  Another article from Chris Osher exposing Sheriff Elder’s corruption and incompetence in the Tom Clements’ murder investigation.

The evidence against Corrupt Sheriff Elder just keeps growing and growing. Two major lawsuits are scheduled to go to trial this year. Both will expose Elder and others of unethical and illegal behavior. Will some lie and go down protecting Elder? Or will they tell the truth and throw Elder under the bus?  The first trial is in June; we will keep you informed.

Hey Bill; raise your right hand, you’re going to be testifying a bunch this year.

Sheriff Elder has had more lawsuits than all previous sheriffs combined.  Hold on, there is still a couple years left.  Sheriff Elder has also had more sworn employees quit than any sheriff in Colorado history; more leaving every month.  Sheriff Elder continues to set records for corruption. When is Elder going to give Huffor his Medal of Valor for his out of policy, and very dangerous pursuit and pit maneuver?  He endangered the community, damaged many vehicles, and totaled his own vehicle.  Is it the job of Law Enforcement to protect or endanger the community?  This is the single best example of nepotism by Corrupt Elder. Every stupid thing Huffor does, Elder tries to suggest it was appropriate.  Not fooling anyone.

Hey Bill; everyone is laughing at you.  They know you are a complete idiot.

How’s the investigation into the missing 11 year old boy going? Why is everyone searching in the snow?  Sometimes incompetence is painful. If you had conducted a proper investigation from DAY ONE you might have known where to look before it started snowing.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Incompetent or Corrupt?

Is EPSO leadership more corrupt or incompetent?  The investigation into the disappearance of the 11 year old boy is really making this a serious debate.  We have received information concerning the investigation and are shocked by the complete incompetence.  Who is running this investigation?  Why did it take two days to turn the case over to investigations and why didn’t they do a neighborhood canvas right away? We know what you did and when you did it.   The reason Deputies are currently searching for his body in the snow is because EPSO leadership choose not to do a thorough investigation from the beginning. We cannot wait until the truth comes out.  What a cluster!

This is what happens when 70% of your sworn employees leave in less than 5 years.  You have inexperienced supervisors leading inexperienced detectives.

All because of Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his leadership team.

Monday, February 3, 2020

The Corruption Continues

We hear Corrupt Sheriff Elder is tired with how long it takes him to change policies to cover for Huffor and his other buddies.  Plus, he can no longer afford to pay for Lexipol because Janet over spent the budget.  So, they are going back to just writing policy themselves?  We’re interested in reading the new pursuit and “pit” maneuver policies.   Rumor has it Elder is thinking about having a pro sexual harassment policy hoping it might help with the morale of his all male command staff.

We wonder why Elder even has policies?  Oh yeah; those are for the deputies and employees who are not buddies with Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Elder fires a Sergeant who supported another candidate for sheriff on his own time; but does nothing to Jackie Kirby who was actively campaigning on company time (all the time).  Remember the team meetings in the Records department?  They had to tell Jackie to stop multiple times.

The employees know.  You can’t fool them. They all know the special treatment the Huffor’s and others get. It’s all just a big party for Elder and his buddies.

It’s funny how Elder, when he was running for Sheriff talked about doing an audit, being transparent, and cleaning up the Sheriff’s office.  What a Liar he turned out to be. Maybe we need to remember what all Elder said.

Don’t forget:

Silence is the endorsement of Corruption 

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Updated article about Chief Brad Shannon


Billy Huffor to Commander?!

We just got the word from a source within the office.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is going to split Special Ops out and promote Billy Huffor to be the commander.  He is also going to give Billy Huffor the Medal of Valor for his illegal, out of policy “pit” maneuver during his out of policy pursuit.  Instead of firing Huffor for putting the community in danger, he is going to reward him and promote him.  What planet is Elder on?

Everyone is suing corrupt Sheriff Elder and EPSO for their illegal activities, and Elder is going to promote the biggest offender?

More evidence of nepotism and corruption!

We want to tell Undersheriff Carey we got information about the homicide; but did not publish or spread it.   Even though we have our 1st amendment right to publish what we know; we will not jeopardize your investigation.  So relax. We are only interested in exposing Corruption.  Of course if you cannot solve it because of your incompetence and/or corruption we will reconsider.

We are still hoping Undersheriff Carey will step up and stop the corruption

El Paso county’s Court Jester Bill Elder

Corrupt Sheriff Elder addressing his leadership team

We were told by a source within the command staff that Corrupt Sheriff Elder had a leadership meeting at Wolf lodge this week.  In one of the meetings it was revealed the county’s insurance carrier recently threatened to cancel due to all the claims against EPSO and Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  They negotiated a higher rate and doubled the deductible for each claim against EPSO from $250,000 to $500,000.  With all the claims in the system right now the deductible will probably go up to 1 million next year

Monday, January 27, 2020

More Corruption found within Elder’s command staff; Welcome to the club Chief Brad Shannon

It appears Chief Brad Shannon has joined the group of corrupt leaders at EPSO. Why should he follow policy or the law when Billy and Janet Huffor don’t?  Is EPSO out of control?



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