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Friday, December 29, 2017

Check out DirtyElder.com’s top ten list of Bill Elder’s Lies.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

We hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Usually between Christmas and New Years everyone starts thinking about the past year.  We are doing the same.  We are going to put together a year in review and our top 10 list of Elder Lies and Corruption.  Have a great week.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

It’s Christmas weekend.  We hope that everyone gets time to spend with family.  Relax, give thanks for everything you have, pray for our Deputies working during the holiday season and spend time with your families.  We will not be posting any new articles until Tuesday.  We will be putting together a year in review and our top ten list of Elder’s corruption and lies.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2017

A special holiday song from KERMIT the Frog


It appears we have more fans than we realized.  As it turns out, Kermit the frog is a supporter of DirtyElder.com.  He wanted to sing a very special holiday song to everyone at the Sheriff’s Office.






Thursday, December 21, 2017

Does Bill Elder understand the difference between Good and Evil? We suggest he watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” during the holiday season.  Maybe it will have an impact on him.  But just to be sure he understands the characters:

Let’s get a closer look

Will Sheriff Elder give ALL employees a pay raise in January like the county commissioners intended? Or will he be the Sheriff who stole Christmas?


How much does Loyalty from Elder’s Command Staff cost?  A free lunch at Olive Garden? Judas betrayed one person for 30 pieces of Silver. How many pieces of Silver will Elder get for betraying an entire county and over 600 employees?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Date set for Federal trial against Sheriff Elder

Get the latest news concerning the federal lawsuit against Sheriff Bill Elder for inappropriate behavior.  The list of corruption keeps growing and growing.  The trial of the year is scheduled!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tomorrow we will provide an update on the lawsuit against EPSO for sexual harassment and retaliation.  That teaser didn’t narrow it down enough for you?  Too many complaints against EPSO to know which one we are talking about?  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  We keep hearing that more complaints are coming.  Elder and his “Boys” just can’t help themselves.  Maybe El Paso County should upgrade their insurance policy to handle more payouts next year?  The corruption does not stop.

Read the article in the Gazette about Elder’s incompetence. Read Story.  What a waste of money.  We will provide more information.

Bill Elder; the Sheriff who stole Christmas


What’s worse than being corrupt?  Being Corrupt and Incompetent.  We are working on an article that clearly shows Sheriff Bill Elder and his leadership team is incompetent.  Bill Elder, Joe Breister, Larry Borland, Brad Shannon, and Mitch Lincoln have made mistake after mistake. Some costing taxpayers millions of dollars.  Will anyone answer for these mistakes?

Why do you think EPSO is completely out of money?  Other departments at El Paso County are currently rewarding outstanding employees with performance checks while EPSO had to find money to get the mobile command post out of a repair shop.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Read more.


Monday, December 18, 2017

DirtyElder.com reviews all the evidence concerning the falsified government documents submitted to the El Paso County Clerk by EPSO.  Convincing evidence Larry Borland ordered the documents falsified by two EPSO employees?  Is Larry Borland as corrupt as Sheriff Bill Elder?  Read the story and judge for yourself.

Is Larry Borland corrupt like Sheriff Elder?


Sunday, December 17, 2017

DirtyElder.com will be posting a new article in the morning with additional facts concerning EPSO Admin Larry Borland ordering two employees to falsify government documents. The facts speak for themselves.  Did Larry Borland admit to giving the orders? Is he just as corrupt as Sheriff Elder? Is Janet Huffor involved?  Stay tuned….

Friday, December 15, 2017


There are some excellent new BLOGs everyone should read. One addresses the fact that Elder has done nothing for the civilian employees.  We found it a very interesting read.  We then realized we have not really addressed civilian employees either.  We have stated that Elder completely screwed David Mejia and Rick Dietz. But we have not given credit to all those who do all the work behind the scenes to ensure the mission is accomplished.  We apologize, and want to give our civilian employees all the credit and recognition they deserve.

The employees at EPSO are the greatest!

But it is not true that Elder does not care about all the civilian employees.  There is one that he cares enough about to pay him on the highest “Sworn” salary schedule.  A campaign donor and best friend; Larry Borland.  Who cares that EPSO is out of money; Larry will get his pay raise.   County car, free gas, and a great salary; where do we sign up?  Wait there is another civilian Elder is taking care of; Janet Huffor.  She also has a large salary and a county car.  She was basically nothing more than a secretary before Elder made her his “chief of staff”. So, there are a few civilians Elder is taking care of.  It’s the rest of you that he could careless about.  You’re just his Minions.  Remember the last election; that’s what Elder called his supporters.  We looked up the definition;  “A follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one”.  Did you know servile basically means “slave”. Does this indicate Bill Elder might be a Racist? Every time he called his followers minions in the last election he was calling them “slaves” or unimportant.  This gives us a great insight into Bill Elder’s mind and how he thinks.  He considers those who follow or work for him as nothing more than his “minions” or “slaves”.  Plus, it shows his arrogance in thinking he is a “powerful person”.  This is why he does not care about lying to or screwing over employees; because they are unimportant to him.  It’s obvious; EMPLOYEES DON’T MATTER TO BILL ELDER.


The only truth is that Bill Elder is a villain.

Elder only cares about keeping his money coming in


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Future of EPSO looks dismal at best

It appears Bill Elder and his leadership team is falling apart.  Just scan down through latest news and read what we have published in the last few weeks.  It paints a dark picture for the future of EPSO. Multiple allegations of criminal behavior by Elder and his command staff.  Bill Elder, a candidate who promised transparency is now a sheriff who is violating reporter’s constitutional rights because he does not like their stories. Multiple witnesses have come forward telling how Larry Borland ordered staff to falsify government documents, A PIO using a highly confidential government system to obtain personal information on a private citizen. A commander and Lieutenant with multiple allegations of sexual harassment not held accountable.  The sheriff sending an intimidating letter to his challenger.  Diverting special tax funds designated for increasing public safety and using it to create new positions for campaign donors. Creating a hostile work environment with intimidation and nepotism. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in payouts to victims of sexual harassment and inappropriate treatment. Multiple formal complaints against Sheriff Elder since taking office.  The list does not end.

Bill Elder has shown what a corrupt, inexperienced leader can do to a law enforcement agency in a short period of time.  Many are embarrassed to tell people who they work for, especially who the sheriff is. Bill Elder has done absolutely nothing to make EPSO a better place to work and El Paso County a safer place to live. If anything he has made it worse.  Bill Elder will forever be known as the most corrupt Sheriff El Paso County has ever seen. Elder had his chance; It’s time for real change. If Bill Elder really cared about the employees and the Citizens of El Paso County he would do what he knows is right. But if there is anything this website has proven beyond any doubt it’s that Bill Elder only cares about Bill Elder.

Bill Elder; the most Corrupt Sheriff of all time


Elder Busted for Violating Reporter’s Constitutional Rights.

Wow, Read the latest article in the Independent.  Read Story.  They are really going after Bill Elder and his corruption.  If Elder does not like an article he just denies the reporter their constitutional rights? Does this make him guilty of Official Misconduct? Should he be investigated? Pretty strong evidence. Read the actual letter sent to Sheriff Elder. 

Elder is use to the Gazette who will report whatever he wants.  This whole independent, non-bias reporting is throwing him off. Just more evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.  When is someone finally going to do something?

Wait a minute. Didn’t Elder say he wanted to have the an open and transparent office? Watch Video.  What a LIAR! Wait, didn’t he say it more than once? Watch Video

Pretty much what ever Elder says is a lie.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


It is official; Sheriff Bill Elder should be referred to as the Biggest LIAR in El Paso County.  We have received numerous complaints from Deputies over Sheriff Elder pulling back a pay raise he stated was a “Done Deal”. Elder stated that as long as he was sheriff Deputies would get a pay raise every year. In fact, they have only seen one in three years.  Read Story.

UPDATE:  We were just informed that Elder and his leadership are now saying everyone might get a 2.5% increase next year.  We are attempting to verify.  Maybe our pressure and complaints from Deputies have convinced them to change their minds. It’s interesting that they said it was a “done deal”; then it was not going to happen, and now it might happen.  We will post updates when we can confirm the information.

Second Update: Now we heard Elder is suggesting only high level Deputies will receive pay raises, not all Deputies. WTF?  So, Deputy II and Deputy III don’t work hard? They don’t deserve a pay raise?  We hope this is just a rumor and not the truth.  Will Command Staff get raises? This just seems stupid. We will continue to monitor and report what we find out.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DirtyElder.com continues to enjoy high levels of traffic.  Working on story concerning Larry Borland ordering staff to falsify government documents.  There are more facts that need to be told. Also researching information received from employees about Jackie Kirby breaking the law.  We continue to put the spotlight on Elder’s Corruption.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Elder acts like “spoiled little child”; walks out of his own meeting?



Gazette reporter endorses Elder for Sheriff?

Our response to Lance Benzel’s latest article concerning the upcoming Sheriff Election; “who cares”. Lance has shown he is in bed with Elder; there is no surprise here. We have provided  information that with just a little work a reporter could break the whole story wide open.  Instead the Gazette would rather just sit around and report what everyone said in public. When was the last time the Gazette “broke” a major story?


Here are a few examples of stories, that with a little “investigating” a reporter could have a major breaking story.

The Tom Clements Homicide; There is evidence others were involved; yet Sheriff Elder is protecting the killers.  Read Story  There is plenty of evidence out there for those who ask and look for it.

EPSO Administrator Larry Borland orders two employees to falsify government documents. Read Story.  There is now multiple witnesses to a Felony which is being covered up by sheriff Elder.  Sounds like the stuff a good story is made of. We will be providing more information in the near future.

Bill Elder was at C.C. Benefield’s (a woman Elder was alleged to have been having an affair with) house for hours before notifying CSPD of her murder. Read Story.

Bill Elder, using false statements obtained grant funds (over $200k) from POST.  Returns money shortly after article published exposing his lies. Read Story.

Department of Justice “freezes” EPSO’s federal funds. Read Story

The list goes on and on; but instead of actually doing investigative reporting Lance Benzel writes an article about how “nasty” the sheriff’s race is getting; really? It’s hard to take him serious.  We hear he is spending all his time trying to get someone to confirm who is behind dirtyelder.com. Does it sound like his priorities are in order? We are confident Lance will do what ever it takes to protect Elder and reveal who is behind this website.

What happened to the Gazette?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

We are working on stories concerning the new information about Larry Borland ordering two employees’ to falsify government documents and we will comment on Lance Benzel’s latest article concerning the Sheriff Election. Read Story.

We have been contacted by employees and individuals who support Mike Angley. Some have suggested we endorse him and help with his campaign.  We remind everyone this website has been around for almost year; six months prior to Angley getting into the race.  Our goal is to expose Bill Elder’s corruption.  If we were to divert and start “supporting” someone it would distract from our mission. We decided a long time ago we would stay out of politics.  Many of our supporters support Angley; that is their personal decision.

This Website will not endorse or support anyone for Sheriff.  We must stay pure and on mission.  Our goal is to expose Sheriff Bill Elder’s Corruption. 


Silence Is the Endorsement of Corruption


Friday, December 8, 2017

Articles about Kirby and Borland Generate Large Website Traffic

DirtyElder.com experienced large traffic yesterday.  No doubt caused by the latest news about Larry “EB” Borland.  How long will he continue to deny the facts? When three individuals, with nothing in common and “no horse in the race” say you did it; you did it.  Borland is starting to sound more and more like a guilty politician.  WOW, everyone is talking about “EB” Borland and “Krooked” Kirby.  Will they resign?  Will they be held accountable for their illegal behavior? Will the county commissioners ever admit to the corruption? The real question is; does the Gazette smoke a cigarette after getting out of bed with Elder?

More to come on both these stories.

El Paso County; the new CHICAGO?

Which one is the Real Mob Boss? Trick question; Both.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Colorado Springs Independent obtains more evidence Borland ordered employees to break the law

Inmate Larry Borland?

Just found out the CS Independent posted a followup article about Larry Borland ordering staff to falsify government documents.  Read Article. How much evidence do you need to conduct an investigation?  Now there are three people who have stated Larry Borland ordered personnel to break the law.  Is anyone going to investigate? Will Larry Borland ever be arrested for Extortion and Official Misconduct?

So Larry Borland, when confronted with yet another witness against him continues to deny it. Sound like a politician from Washington? Remember the old quote; “I did not have sexual relations with that women”. Keep denying it Larry; there’s more coming.

The Sheriff’s Office has information concerning a felony crime and Sheriff Bill Elder is ignoring it. We have more information, however we have decided to wait until we can write a complete story. Hopefully all the truth will come out.

We applaud the CS Independent for continuing to investigate and writing a followup story exposing both Larry Borland and Bill Elder.  Where is the Gazette?  It appears they are still asleep after getting into bed with Elder.  Someone should wake them up.


PIO Kirby Investigated for Inappropriate use of CCIC? (12/06/17)

Read our latest story about corruption in the Sheriff’s Office leadership. How long will Bill Elder and his cronies continue to break the law and violate the constitutional rights of the citizens of El Paso County?  How long will the county commissioners stand by and let it happen.  This almost sounds like all the corruption in congress and them refusing to resign when called out for inappropriate behavior. How many complaints does it take before the establishment finally asks for Elder to resign.  How much is enough?  More is coming

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
We are working on additional stories of corruption at the Sheriff’s Office.  We hope to publish one this evening and another one as soon as we can confirm our information.  Both provide clear evidence of corruption by Bill Elder and his leadership team.
Read a letter to the editor about Bill Elder.   We were a little late catching this letter; better late than never.  Yet another community member who now knows Bill Elder is corrupt and mentally ill?  Read the original story by the Independent where Bill Elder goes mental on reporter with Independent. Read Story.  Read Story where Bill Elder calls article about his criminal activity “Crap”. Elder was upset because he was caught being corrupt. Read Story.

Seems like there is more and more articles in both local newspapers concerning the corruption with Sheriff Bill Elder and District Attorney Dan May.   May is probably happy he does not have to run for re-election anytime soon.  Many are questioning Bill Elder’s re-election bid.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Elder busted for Corruption, AGAIN!

It appears DirtyElder.com is no longer the only group reporting on Bill Elder’s corruption. We are not surprised that Mike Angley’s election campaign committee has found evidence of unethical behavior by Bill Elder and his leadership team.  The question is; will the media ever get a clue and will the county commissioners stop protecting Elder and finally admit to all the unethical, illegal actions going on at the Sheriff’s Office?

Read Angley’s post on his website.

Mr. Angley’s committee is being nice in their post.  We will not.  Bill Elder is corrupt and Angley has posted even more evidence of his corruption.  We reported on this back early in the year with our story about “pay for play”.   Now it appears that paying Larry Borland the highest salary on the civilian pay scale was not enough of a payoff, so Elder has been paying him the highest sworn position other than Undersheriff.  How corrupt is that?  Larry Borland is not a sworn employee and should not be paid a salary he is not qualified for or entitled to.  Larry Borland is in charge of finance; so he knows he is getting over compensated.  If he had any integrity he would have notified Elder and corrected the situation.  This shows Larry Borland is just as corrupt and Bill Elder.   Is there anyone in Bill Elder’s Command Staff that is NOT corrupt?  The answer is no, because if they were not corrupt they would resign and expose Elder.  Individuals of high moral standing do not work for someone corrupt, they expose them. Remember, silence is the endorsement of corruption. So if they are not speaking out against the corruption, they condone it.

Elder is violating policy which he promised to follow; again.  What a liar.

Elder lied when he ran for Sheriff, he lied when he was elected and he continues to lie as the Sheriff.  He is nothing more than a LIAR! It is obvious he has broken multiple laws and should be arrested and held accountable for his crimes.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Breister out; Carey In?

Undersheriff Joe Breister to retire early next year? Read Story.  CSPD Chief Pete Carey to be named his replacement?  Chief Carey was seen leaving EPSO yesterday afternoon.  Are big announcements coming?


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We were just informed about a very interesting post on Mike Angley’s website.  As we have always stated; we will not endorse anyone; however, this post goes to Bill Elder’s corruption.  We will be doing some research of our own; but this information looks interesting.  Read Mike Angley’s Post about Threatening letter sent by Bill Elder.  We can confirm that our sources told us weeks ago about reducing the firearms qualifications due to budget issues.  So, that much is true. We also heard about the mobile command post sitting at the repair shop for weeks because there was no money to pay the bill.  There is no doubt that based on this information and the stealing of 1A funds by Elder; he is putting Deputies lives at risk so he can pay the salaries of his cronies.

We are less safe today because of Sheriff Bill Elder.  And he is laughing all the way to the bank (with taxpayer money).

Monday, November 27, 2017

How much corruption is too much? Sheriff Bill Elder has demonstrated time and time again he is a corrupt public official who continually lies to the public.  He knows he has the county commissioners protecting him so he can continue his illegal, unethical behavior without the concern of being held accountable.  We hear another payout is coming for yet another complaint filed against Bill Elder.  We know multiple complaints have been filed in the past couple months.  Wait until John San Agustin’s lawsuit hits; that payout will be greater than all the others combined. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted because of the corruption of Bill Elder, Dan May and others. When will they be held accountable?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Enjoy Thanksgiving and hopefully you will be able to spend time with family.  We’re sure Elder will be with family while an under staffed Patrol is attempting to keep our community safe.  Did you know for a while Elder required a patrol car go by his house every day; every shift? So he cut patrol by 15%; but, he makes sure his house is well protected.  Many shifts there is only one patrol car to cover all of northern El Paso County; and Elder wants it parked right outside his house.  What about the rest of us?

Which is the biggest Turkey?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Read our latest article concerning corruption and the 1A tax Initiative.  We provide the evidence; you be the judge if Sheriff Bill Elder is “stealing” funds from 1A.

Is Sheriff Elder “Stealing” Funds from 1A? (11/20/17)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

More evidence of Corruption by Sheriff Elder

DirtyElder.com will publish our latest article of Bill Elder’s corruption around 8:00 am tomorrow morning.  Be the first to read the most explosive story yet. Clear evidence of corruption by Bill Elder. All our claims are supported by EPSO documents obtained by our sources. How will Elder talk his way out of this one?

You will scream when you read our latest article.

Is the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office command staff on double secret probation?


We have completed our latest article and it is being reviewed by our editor and legal counsel.  We will release it as soon as we get the okay. You will not want to miss it.  It provides clear and convincing evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.

How long will our county commissioners continue to support someone who is obviously corrupt?  At this point, we have to conclude they are part of the corruption and have a vested interest in continuing the coverup. They have already handed out thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to keep all the corruption at the Sheriff’s Office secret. How much more will they hand out?

Corrupt County Commissioners?

How large will the check be from the county commissioners for the unethical, illegal, malicious prosecution against John San Agustin? Read Story.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

We are working on our latest story which will provide additional evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.  For the past two years, Bill Elder has re-directed 1A funds which is allowing him to use more of the General Fund for other items.  This is in violation of the ballot initiative.  In our original article we layout the entire scheme. Read Story.  We will be providing more documents showing how Bill Elder has diverted around 3 million dollars per year from 1A to the General fund.  The end result is that Elder is spending approximately 3 million dollars of 1A funds on items not in the ballot initiative.  Because of this EPSO will not be able to survive when 1A funding stops.   You will be shocked by our latest article.

El Paso County is less safe today than it was before Bill Elder took office.  We will show you the facts.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Corruption just keeps going and going and going

We continue to hear how Bill Elder is losing his mind and is not mentally stable.  His entire organization is falling apart because of all the corruption.  Turnover is at an all time high and Morale is at an all time low. Everyone hates working for Elder and his corrupt command staff. Read latest in employee comments.  (Scroll to the bottom) Very revealing statements.

The budget is a train wreck and Elder has wasted all the 1A funds. He Lied about the Tom Clement’s homicide investigation, he is getting sued by everyone and the county is having to make large payouts to clean up his mess. John San Agustin is going to receive a record multi-million dollar payout from the county because of all the unethical illegal actions by Bill Elder, Dan May and others.

Everything is blowing up in Bill Elder’s face.  He can not maintain discipline because everyone in leadership is corrupt like him and he can’t fire them because they know all his secrets. We continue to receive information about additional corruption and Elder’s mental break down.  Bill Elder completely lost it in a press conference last week which was reported on by the Independent. Read Story.  He is verbally attacking everyone and acting like a spoiled little brat who is upset because no one will play with him.  Watch video.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Is the Tom Clements Homicide being Re-Investigated by EPSO Detectives?

Has Bill Elder re-opened the Tom Clements homicide investigation because dirtyelder.com revealed they have had evidence for years showing others participated in the homicide? Read Story.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We have received information from multiple individuals telling us to focus on the budget/money.  Our sources are telling us the budget is in complete disarray and 1A is all screwed up.  According to our sources, a few weeks ago in the monthly Lieutenants/command staff meeting Bill Elder stated there were no issues with the budget and everything is fine.  But last Wednesday he did a complete 180 and said the budget is a mess.  Something about a 3.8 million dollar mistake or oversight they were not expecting.  We are trying to confirm this multiple million dollar mishap.  Rumors are; Elder is spending money everywhere and finance cannot keep up with all the changes.  We keep hearing how bad the new Records Management System is and how they are throwing millions at it.  Where did all the 1A money go? What a complete waste of taxpayer money.

Is Bill hoping money will start falling out of the sky?

We hope to have our latest story about Elder trying to cover up his own incompetence tomorrow. Additional proof of corruption at EPSO.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The coverup continues

Bill Elder knows he and his staff have been caught committing multiple felonies. He is going to do whatever he can to coverup and “move on”.  The typical “There’s nothing to see here, move along”.

Here is how you know there is corruption at both EPSO and our District Attorney’s office.   They investigated and prosecuted John  San Agustin with absolutely no evidence. They lied and manipulated the grand jury to get an indictment; which will come out during the civil case.  They knew for 18 months there was overwhelming evidence of his innocence but waited until just days before the trial to drop all the charges.  They did not even apologize for ruining his life. Is this how we do things in America? We falsely accuse individuals, violate their constitutional rights and then when caught just drop the charges and walk away like nothing happened. Totally corrupt.

Who is going to hold them accountable for their unethical illegal behavior?

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Colorado Springs Independent published another article about Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption.  Read Story.

Elder is caught lying again. Even Jackie Kirby admits he lied.  There is a lot of good information.  Rick Dietz’s statements sound very believable and Elder is defensive and deceptive.  It is more obvious now than ever that Elder is a liar and corrupt. How long until all his lies blow up in his face? It’s great they admit Janet Huffor delivered the falsified government documents to the county clerk. One step closer to getting to the whole truth.  Our research continues…

The Coverup Continues; Day 3


We are trying to sort through all the rumors and information we are receiving. Quite frankly, some of them are hard to believe.   No one wants to go to the fifth floor because everyone up there is in a real bad mood.  We hear more “F” Bombs are being dropped on the fifth floor than a B2 bomber could hold.

Elder just can’t stop the bleeding. Guess what?  There’s more coming.  We are already working on another story that will show even more corruption by Bill Elder. We must apologize to those who have sent us information but we have not been able to get to it yet.  Please be patient we will get to them all. Many we are trying to verify. Remember timing is everything.   We are interested in getting more information about what Bill Elder said in a meeting this week.  We’re looking for someone else to corroborate it.   We need more employees sending us information about corruption.  Remember it is anonymous.  If you want to get rid of the corruption you need to help.

We have now heard from multiple sources that Bill Elder has threatened violence against who he believes is behind this website.  To be more accurate he stated, in a group setting, that he has a gun and if this “shit” doesn’t stop he will use it.  This behavior is very alarming and we are concerned about his mental state of mind.

Elder is still trying to coverup the criminal behavior by Larry Borland and Janet Huffor.    The problem with covering up is it takes lies.  And the more lying you do the more chances of being caught in a lie.  His most recent lie saying that HR staff notarized 1000 documents on their own without staff direction is ludicrous.  We hope the media is not drinking Elder’s Kool-Aid and continues to dig into this story. There is evidence that Larry Borland and Janet Huffor committed multiple felonies.  They must be held accountable.

More coming later…

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Corruption Exposed

We are working hard to get more information about this latest bombshell story of corruption with Bill Elder and his command staff.  Unfortunately we don’t have sources everywhere so we might have to wait until the media reports something.   We know there was a very interesting press conference held by Bill Elder yesterday where he lost his composure multiple times.  This is a great indication the story published by the Independent is accurate and true. Read Story.

“Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense”   

Did Elder’s press conference look like this.  Watch Video.

We hear Elder’s explanation was that the HR staff chose on their own to notarize over 1000 affidavits and send them to the county clerk.  What?  That makes absolutely no sense and does not pass the smell test.  If that is the best story Elder can come up with he is in trouble.  Does anyone at EPSO think two employees would do something like this on their own, without staff approval?  Not going to happen. It appears Elder is going to use the old political strategy of just going after the media and calling everyone liars.

We hope all the media will continue to “dig” into this story.   There should be video showing Janet Huffor delivering the documents in April of 2016.  Video is something you can get with a CORA request.  Let’s see who delivers the affidavits.

We are hearing from our sources that Bill Elder is in a complete panic over this.  If he did nothing wrong there would be no reason to worry.

In our latest article we made this statement;

If Bill Elder is honest and has integrity he will demand a full investigation.  If he is corrupt and dishonest he will make excuses and try to coverup.

I guess we know what Bill Elder is going to do.  He is actively attempting to cover it up and he is making excuses.  He is also trying to redirect the media away from the real story.  These are all indications of a coverup. Why hasn’t Elder made Larry Borland and Janet Huffor available to the media?  If there is nothing to hide, let’s put them on the record. Ask Janet Huffor this question; “If the HR staff did this on their own, why did you deliver the affidavits to the county clerk?”  How about having everyone involved take polygraphs? Oh wait, Bill Elder refuses to take polygraphs.


Where is all the transparency Bill Elder promised? Watch Video.

Here is the bottom line: There is evidence of a crime; in fact, there is evidence of multiple felonies,  Law Enforcement (LE) is obligated to investigate. Because it involves EPSO personnel the investigation needs to be done by an outside agency.   Everyone involved should be interviewed by LE on the record.  If Elder does not do this you have your proof he is guilty and is covering up.


Why is Bill Elder covering up and not being transparent?  Why does he fear an independent investigation?



Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The evidence of corruption at EPSO just keeps piling up.


The Colorado Springs Independent just published their latest newspaper and the cover story is about corruption at the El Paso County Sheriff’s office.  How will Bill Elder talk his way out of this one?  Read Story.



Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Yet another article about corruption at our District Attorney’s Office

Disgraced District Attorney Dan May

The Gazette published an interesting story on corruption with District Attorney Dan May and his organization. Read Story.  It appears charging people to keep them quiet is becoming the norm with our DA’s office.  This is exactly what they did with John San Agustin. Read Story. We are hopeful the author, Lance Benzel is getting a clue when it comes to the corruption with both Sheriff Bill Elder and DA Dan May; however, what is conspicuously missing from his story is a reference to the John San Agustin case. It is another great example of the DA’s office charging someone to keep them quiet; it should have been included.  Lance, here’s a tip; Interview John San Agustin and get the whole story.

Now we have Dirty Elder and Corrupt May

How long will the county commissioners allow this to continue?  How many scandals will they look the other way?  How much taxpayer money will they hand out to cover up the corruption? How long will the county commissioners protect their political “buddies” at the expense of their constituents? It’s time for our county commissioners to show leadership, not partisanship.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Is Bill Elder a Vet?

Veteran’s Day is this Saturday.  We want to say thanks to all our veterans who have protected our nation and our freedom.  Freedom is not free.

Is Sheriff Bill Elder a Veteran?  Was he in the Army? If not, why is he wearing a U.S. Army specialty pin? In uniform?  Is this disrespectful to all those who served in the military? Read Story

UPDATE: We are getting a lot of feedback from Veterans.  They are very upset with Elder wearing a U.S. Army pin he never earned. Very disrespectful.  He owes all veterans an apology.


Friday, October 27, 2017

The train is coming!  More news about Elder’s corruption is on it’s way.

Hey Bill, Can you hear the train coming?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

We have received some complaints from employees that we are getting off subject and to get back on track and focus on Bill Elder.   The employees want Elder gone.  We recently asked some employees if they like the new candidate for Sheriff better than Elder.  The general response was; “The unknown is better than Elder”.   Wow, that is a very telling statement.  They all agree that someone needs to clean house. According to our sources, Bill Elder has pretty much retired to his office and does not engage with employees.  He is constantly in a bad mood and looks 10 years older.  Corruption will do that.

3 years later

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bill Elder campaigns in uniform during work day

Multiple individuals have contacted us with more inside information concerning Bill Elder and his corruption.  We are researching.

We have talked about Bill Elder’s character before and it comes up all the time.  Is it important that our sheriff has character and integrity?  Should his values match those of our community?  Many say yes.   Read Story.

We feel that Character and Integrity is very important for our sheriff.  Bill Elder has neither.  Back in September Elder attended a luncheon held by the El Paso County Republican Women.  Is it just a coincidence that the current president is Janet Huffor.   Bill Elder was given the opportunity to speak about his campaign.  He did so, in uniform.  Also during his talk he solicited contributions.  So, during the work day, Sheriff Bill Elder, in uniform, campaigned and solicited donations.  Should the Sheriff be campaigning in uniform during the work day?  He is using his position for personal gain. What does county policy say? Didn’t Elder say he would abide by all policies? Didn’t Amy Folsom recently send out a memo to all county employees concerning the policy? Read Memo. This memo clearly states:

It is also improper for a County employee to use or attempt to use his or her County position to influence a political campaign or urge voters to vote a certain way. County employees who are also candidates for office should not discuss his or her candidacy with colleagues or members of the public during work time.

Although what Elder did is not necessarily a violation of Colorado State law, it is in violation of county policy and is unethical.  Previous Sheriffs made sure they were not in uniform while campaigning. What would Elder do if he found out one of his commanders were campaigning for Mike Angley in uniform? Or during the day?  We were told by a source inside the Sheriff’s office that during a command staff meeting Elder told them they had better not campaign for anyone other than him.

Bill Elder actually documented this event in his Facebook page.


We continue to hear Bill Elder is extorting contributions from staff. We are also hearing Janet Huffor has turned her office into the “Re-Elect Bill Elder” campaign headquarters.  They continue to completely disregard the law and ethics.

We have also heard Bill Elder is furious because hundreds of employees have made contact with Mike Angley.  The house of cards is falling down.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Great story in the CS Independent about the District Attorney dropping all charges against John San Agustin.  Read Story.  Can’t wait for the civil case.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Everyone at DirtyElder.com is disappointed.  We were all prepared to write some incredible stories about the corruption of Mark Hurlbert, Dan May, and Bill Elder during the San Agustin trial.  We were hoping to provide daily updates showing how Hurlbert had no case.  We were so looking forward to Shannon Gerhart’s testimony.  How was she going to get out of this one?  A Judge was going to have to incriminate herself or Lie under oath.  Either way our community would have seen her true character and lack of integrity. We were hoping she was investigated and thrown off the bench.  We wanted to watch the star witness; Robert Jaworski testify how he miraculously remembered everything for the Grand Jury after telling CBI agents 12 times he couldn’t remember anything.  The cross examination would have been epic; talk about a target rich environment. A confirmed liar fired for using racial slurs about the president?  The whole trial would have been complete proof of the malicious prosecution of an innocent man by Mark Hurlbert, Dan May and Bill Elder.  Knowing what we know, we are completely confident San Agustin will be granted the right to sue everyone involved.  Everything will come out.  Shannon Gerhart will have to provide a deposition where she will be compelled to provide answers under oath.  Hopefully this is just the beginning.  Over the next two years the civil case will completely expose the corruption and who all was involved.  It will take time, but the truth must come out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We are working on followup stories concerning the illegal prosecution of John San Agustin.  This latest revelation shows the corruption of Dan May, Bill Elder and Mark Hurlbert.  It appears the Gazette is still protecting them.

We had the highest number of hits on our website yesterday and today is going to be close. Keep spreading the word about DirtyElder.com

Monday, October 16, 2017

John San Agustin VINDICATED. Read Story.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Interesting article in the Gazette about the District Attorney’s office.  Read Story. Again, there appears to be corruption in our local district attorney’s office and with Dan May.  They continue to use intimidation to try get individuals with integrity to play along with their unethical behavior.  It’s promising that Lance Benzel appears to be able to write an honest article about Dan May.  Now he just needs to write a story about the corruption at the Sheriff’s office.  We will give him another chance in the near future as we are just starting a new article about Bill Elder’s corruption.

More interesting is that we hear over 200 EPSO employees have contacted the new candidate in the sheriff’s race.  More are on their way. It is obvious the majority of the employees are not happy with the current corrupt administration.  We support and encourage those fed up with the current corrupt sheriff to find a new alternative.  We hear the Huffors are in a panic as they may lose their cash cow named Bill Elder. We need to clean up the corruption and “Drain the Swamp”.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Here is a BLOG we recently received.  We could not have said it better.

It was with tremendous bemusement that I recently took a peek at our Sheriff’s “re-election” website and read his endorsements, especially those taken below from the five members of our current Board of County Commissioners:

“When our community finds the need to be ready, I am comforted knowing that Bill Elder is our Sheriff”

“he’s spearheaded reform in the Sheriff’s Office”

“He has created a calming influence in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office” and (an) establishment of a higher ethical standard, Sheriff Elder has removed the controversy of years past”

“I appreciate what he and his staff do that does not get reported out in community on strengthening and developing positive and lasting relationships”

“Sheriff Elder was leading the fight in Denver to pass legislation giving cops the tools they need to make our community a better place to live and raise kids. We need real leadership and experience, and that’s why I’m supporting Sheriff Elder in his bid for re-election”

“Reform?” “Calming Influence?” “Higher Ethical Standard?” Removed the Controversy?” “Real Leadership?” Just what color is the sky in their little GOP world? Do they truly not understand the magnitude of the train-wreck at 27 East Vermijo…or do they just choose to continue on with their heads in the sand?? Interesting that they don’t mention the growing number of lawsuits and fiscal improprieties. And it seems a little premature that they would hitch their wagons to Elder’s star prior to any real campaign. The allegations of corruption will continue…I have no doubt. And when those allegations turn criminal, these five “county leaders” will be stepping all over each other in order to avoid their own professional train-wrecks.

We believe this shows our county commissioners are in on the corruption.  They know that if another candidate for Sheriff gets elected their illegal behavior might get exposed.  We need a Donald Trump type to run for sheriff and “drain the swamp” of corruption in El Paso County.  Our county commissioners look like Obama trying to get Hillary elected.  They are scared of someone with integrity.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Elder just can’t help himself; he has to be unethical and break the law.  We were sent the Facebook post below. It was on Bill Elder’s re-election page.  Someone calls him out for his corruption and tells him he has verified the corruption with his own command staff. Say that again.  Let’s quote him; “I contacted some of my friends at EPSO and some of the command staff and unfortunately they have verified much of what is being said.” WOW!  Elder’s own command staff is bailing on him and talking behind his back.


So what’s wrong with the response?  Elder tells him to contact him at the office.  THAT’S ILLEGAL!  He is using public time and equipment to further his re-election campaign. He actually tells the guy to call his Executive Assistant at 520-7202.  Natalie works for the county not his re-eleciton campaign.  Elder is completely corrupt. Running this re-election campaign from his office.

We hear that Elder is extorting campaign donations from employees.  If he had any integrity he would refuse donations from current employees.

Message to command staff: It’s time to do the right thing. You know about the corruption. How can you live with yourself being a part of Bill Elder’s corruption? Even if you are not part of it; you are letting it happen. You are as corrupt as Elder if you do nothing. Remember the oath you took when you became a cop. WWJD?


Monday, October 2, 2017

Bill Elder keeps telling people he is not worried about his new challenger for Sheriff.  But that’s not what we are hearing from his inner circle.  In fact, rumor we heard (from a good source) is that someone from his inner circle has already contacted the “other side” to see if there would be a position for them if they won.  Are the rats starting to jump ship? Do they know that there is going to be more and more corruption exposed prior to the county assembly next year?  The person to watch is Jackie, she has no loyalty (and never has).  If she contacts Angley the writing is on the wall.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

More and more people are walking over to Dirtyelder.com and checking out our website. We had the most people ever visit our site yesterday on any Saturday to date. Wonder why all these new people visited our website yesterday (and continue to visit today)? DirtyElder.com has had thousands and thousands of hits.  We continue to research more stories of corruption and hope to publish them when we can. The word is spreading; “Bill Elder is Corrupt”. We will continue our message until we have a new Sheriff that is not corrupt.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We are reaching the point where we think Bill Elder is intentionally doing stupid stuff just to turn our attention away from his other stupid stuff.  Just got done reading his latest promotion policy.  Does he think every employee at EPSO is dumber than a rock? Read Policy. Here’s the problem; policy doesn’t matter when you don’t follow them.  According to this policy Bill Huffor would not have been eligible to test for Lieutenant until next year; yet, he has been a Lieutenant for a while.  STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.  Elder allows Huffor to test when he was not eligible and then changed the banding list to “fool” everyone and make it look like Huffor deserved the promotion. There were other more qualified individuals, but it’s a waste of time to argue about it.

Bill – YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE!  JUST STOP IT!  EVERYONE KNOWS YOU’RE CORRUPT.  It’s insulting to the hard working Deputies to keep playing these games.  Just do what you’re going to do.  You don’t need to waste time writing new policies you’re just going to ignore anyway.

This policy basically formalizes the “good ole Boy network”.  Elder has taken away any fairness and replaced it with; “Ask us if you can test”.  The question everyone should be asking is; “How do I get on the Golden Boy list?”  Based on history; either steal Bill Elder’s IA file or be his campaign manager.  But if you’re willing to lie for him or be corrupt that is a good start.

Now there is no doubt Bill Elder thinks of himself as the Great and powerful OZ. Just like in the movie, he is a fraud.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

DIRTYELDER.COM setting record traffic due to latest Article

Something happened yesterday that has never happened before.  We had the most “hits” (in a day) on our website on a Saturday.   After we posted our most recent article our website got hammered for hours.  The high traffic continues even now on a Sunday morning.  There is a chance Sunday might have even more “hits” than yesterday; that would also be a first.   It appears people are interested in how DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder are selectively enforcing the law. The word about their corruption is getting out.  More to come…

Saturday, September 23, 2017

DID DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder protect the Killers of Tom Clements?

Read our latest article concerning the murder of Tom Clements.   READ STORY.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Person wrongly convicted by “Dirty” DA Dan May?

Just heard District Attorney Dan May might have sent someone away to prison for a crime they did not commit.  We are still obtaining information. According to our sources, Troy Hartwick was convicted of Murder back in 1991. And one of the prosecutors involved was …  that’s right, “Dirty” Dan May.  Today, Troy Hartwick’s motion for a re-trail was heard in Judge Gilbert’s courtroom.  It’s our understanding there is some pretty compelling evidence of his innocence.   According to our sources, Dan Zook was the primary DA, however Dan May was involved.  It’s interesting that when Dan May first became DA is hired Dan Zook as his Assistant. Birds of a feather? Based on what we are hearing about Dan May’s corruption; all of his cases should be reviewed.

New Section of DirtyElder.com coming soon

Soon we will be converting the “Special Trial Section” to cover San Agustin’s Trial.  It’s about 6 weeks away.   If you thought Maketa’s trial was a circus; wait until San Agustin’s.  This might be the first time we get to see a judge throw out a case after the Prosecution presents its evidence.   There are rumors Mark Hurlbert might even put a kangaroo on the stand.  We are interested how he is going to present a case where there is no crime and no evidence? How is Hurlbert going to explain why he charged someone who was not even there?  According to the facts of the case there were five people in the room when the decision was made to charge Kelli Trull;  Why didn’t Hurlbert charge them? How can he explain charging someone who was not even in the building? Read story.  This looks so much like a political witch hunt.

Mark Hurlbert has known for over a year John San Agustin was not even in the building at the time of the alleged crime and is completely innocent.   There is evidence showing the only reason Hurlbert manipulated the grand jury into indicting him was because he would not lie to the grand jury for Hurlbert. Read Story. 

Hurlbert is completely corrupt and without integrity.  He is conducting an unethical malicious prosecution of a person he knows to be innocent.  He needs to be held accountable.

Monday, September 18, 2017

We were sent a link to the following article. Read Story.  It shows that DA Dan May withheld evidence in a Death Penalty case.  If he is willing to put someone to DEATH knowing they were innocent he would surely try to convict a previous Sheriff of bogus charges. Completely unethical.

HOW CORRUPT IS OUR DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND SHERIFF?  You will know in the future.  The truth is coming.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington



We are working hard completing our story about the Tom Clements assassination.  It will be our longest article to date. We have spent countless hours obtaining information and verifying sources.  It will show that both Dan May and Bill Elder are liars and corrupt. We will lay out all the facts in great detail. You will not want to miss this story.

Friday, September 15, 2017

We are hearing more and more of continued sexual harassment against female deputies and employees at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  We encourage the victims to contact attorneys and bring the fight to Bill Elder and his cronies. Multiple payouts have already occurred and more are anticipated.  If you want to talk with the media we can arrange it for you.  If you want the harassment to stop this is the best way.  Once Elder has been put on notice that you won’t take it anymore and you have an attorney representing you the harassment will stop.  Until then they will continue to harass you until you leave.

Isn’t it ironic that EPSO just participated in a Sex offender “roundup” ?  Maybe they should roundup the sexual predators at EPSO and put them on the street.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just received information from multiple sources within EPSO that employees are being told there is no more money for training.  Here is an interesting fact we got from someone knowledgable about EPSO finances;  over 20% of this year’s training budget was spent on command staff and other “friends” of the sheriff to attend conventions and other “special” training and events.  How does that make you feel?  Is this a wise use of training funds?  Where is all the 1A funds that are suppose to be dedicated to training and equipment?  Is it all being spent on unqualified command staff personnel?

If Bill Elder gets re-elected do you think 1A will be renewed? Not how he has spent the money and the amount of corruption in his administration.  Elder will have no choice but to have massive layoffs in 2020.  Will Larry Borland, Janet Huffor, Bill Huffor or any of Elder’s “Buddies” get laid off? No, it will be you!

Could this be EPSO in a couple years? Read Story.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We have received information from a source within EPSO that Bill Elder is desperate for good media.  He is looking for anyway he can to get on TV to help his re-election.  He is in a panic because he has someone HIGLY qualified running against him. He has told his staff to come up with ideas how they can get good media coverage.  Notice all the stories in the media recently?  This is all part of Elder’s re-election plan.  He is also doing what ever he can to keep all the bad information out of the media, like the illegal spending of the 1A tax funds.  His entire administration is falling apart.  Will the county commissioners go down with the Elder ship?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bill Elder pulls SWAT team from regular duty to attend retail store’s opening day event

We hear SWAT members are furious over being ordered to attend the opening of a local retail store.  So, deputies are being forced to take time away from their already limited personal life (and families) for a photo op for Sheriff Bill Elder’s re-election campaign? Is Elder that desperate to get good press? Our sources tell us he is trying to find any good media he can to offset all the negative press he has been receiving.

This is not a government activity and Bill Elder is using taxpayer money to help promote his re-election.  Completely inappropriate and corrupt.  Plus, we hear he is not even going to pay the deputies overtime.

Is it legal to use taxpayer dollars to help promote a local retail store?  Is Sheriff Bill Elder going to help promote other retail stores using deputies, EPSO equipment, and taxpayer money?   Is there some “deal” between Elder and the store?  Does this look corrupt?

Our local law enforcement officers and deputies work hard everyday protecting our community.  They need their time off and should not be forced to attend non-work related actives promoting a corrupt sheriff’s re-election.  Bill Elder is using taxpayer money to help promote his own agenda.  This also shows he does not care about his deputies or protecting our community.

How much money is going to be wasted?  Every deputy is going to drive their vehicle there and we hear the “Bear” is going to be there.  What is the cost of that? Does the sheriff’s office have that much money to waste?

Understand that Sheriff Bill Elder is not supporting a public event or going to a school to educate kids.  He is endorsing a commercial retail store’s opening with government personnel using taxpayer dollars.  Is Bill Elder paying for this out of his own pocket?  Did he ask the taxpayers if it was okay?

Would this be considered abuse of power?

Here is Elder’s view on him breaking the law. watch video.

UPDATE:  We are getting swamped with feedback from both deputies and individuals who are EXTREMELY upset over this.  SWAT members are upset because they feel they are being used by Elder in his re-election when they do not support him.  But that does not appear to be an issue with Elder.  We were told by a source close to his command staff he stated in a recent command staff meeting that they all better support him in the up coming election.  I guess this is a pretty good indication he is going to accept financial contributions from EPSO staff for his election campaign.  This is basically extortion; if you want to keep your job you better contribute. How corrupt is that? Maybe Dan May should get a special prosecutor to investigate?  We believe it is illegal to conduct any election discussions during business hours.  It appears Bill Elder broke the law (again).

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Back on August 9, 2017 we called out Bill Elder for providing false information on the Affidavit he submitted for his re-election campaign.  Just scroll down to see our post.  If you go look on tracer you’ll see that Bill Elder sent in a new affidavit the exact day we called him out.  Guess he realized he had been caught lying (again) and fixed it.  Check for yourself.  Link to Affidavits. Look at both the original affidavit and the amended one.  Notice the contact phone numbers no longer are work numbers at EPSO.  Bill just can’t seem to tell the truth.

“I’m not corrupt, you can trust me”

Saturday, September 9, 2017

We just checked out Mike Angley for Sheriff Website. Visit Website.   We are very optimistic and excited about his message.  We do need an outsider to come in and “Drain the Swamp”.  There is a statement at the bottom of his home page that caught our eye.

(Note: While he appreciates the interest, Mike requests members of the EPSO to NOT donate to his campaign. He wants to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.)

Will Bill Elder make the same statement and refuse all campaign contributions from members of EPSO?  This would show integrity.  During his last campaign the majority of his contributions came from current EPSO employees.  Many of his contributors received high paying jobs they were not qualified for.  Read Story. 

The rumor is Bill Elder is extremely upset over our website and that he now has a challenger (most likely because of our website).  We have not even started advertising dirtyelder.com yet.  By next March everyone in El Paso County will know all about his corruption.

We stated we are not going to endorse any candidate; so to be fair we are providing links to the following websites: Angley4sheriff.org and Elder4sheriff.com.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Why Would DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder not pursue the Murderers of Tom Clements?

We have recently written multiple articles showing the corruption of ADA Mark Hurlbert.  However, it is time to get back to our main focus; the corruption of Bill Elder and Dan May.  We are starting work on an article concerning the murder of Tom Clements. We have information provided to us by knowledgeable sources that both District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder refuse to investigate or prosecute the accomplices of Evan Ebel, who in March of 2013 murdered Tom Clements, the Chief of the Colorado Department of Corrections.   Many Detectives who worked the case know the names of the individuals who ordered the “hit”, met with Ebel shortly before the murder, and “aided” him after the murder. Where was Ebel heading when he got in a shoot out with Texas law enforcement?  We will lay out the entire case and why it appears Dan May refuses to prosecute. Could it be as simple as Dan May is in fear for his life?  We hope to provide you facts that both the Gazette and the Denver Post have not published.

El Paso County District Attorney Dan May
El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder

Ask yourself a few questions:

“Why is Dan May willing to go to great lengths, even to a grand jury to indict an old political enemy, but will not pursue the killers of the Chief of the Colorado Department of Corrections?

Why did Sheriff Bill Elder want to close the case and stated there is no evidence anyone else is involved? Read Story.

Does the family of Tom Clements deserve justice?

Here are some background articles to read.  In the News

Read Recent Denver Post story.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It appears ADA Mark Hurlbert dropped the Kidnapping and False Imprisonment charges against Paula Presley yesterday, but still refuses to drop them against John San Agustin.  We are attempting to confirm this information.  Everyone knows San Agustin is innocent; why won’t Hurlbert drop the charges?  We look forward to the trial in November and watching Hurlbert get crushed.  Hopefully the media will cover the trial and report on all the evidence showing San Agustin was not even in the building when five (other) people decided to arrest Kelli Trull; one of which was Deputy District Attorney Shannon Gerhart.  Why were they not charged? Five people actually in on the meeting and participated in the decision were not changed and the one person not there was charged;  figure that one out. Read Story.

UPDATE:  We can not confirm that the charges have been dropped against Presley.  We will let you know if and when we can confirm.

Friday afternoon, September 1, 2017

Labor Day weekend is here and the weather is great. Time to relax and enjoy. We will not post anything new until Tuesday. The skeletons are relaxing.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Did Mark Hurlbert manipulate the Grand Jury investigating Terry Maketa? Read Story.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We are close to releasing our next article about Mark Hurlbert’s corruption. Evidence that he manipulated the grand jury that was investigating Terry Maketa so he could get indictments against the individuals Dan May and Bill Elder targeted.  This evidence will show he withheld exculpatory testimony that would have shown their innocence. An honest law enforcement officer would provide the grand jury all evidence so they could make an informed decision. However, Hurlbert only allowed them to hear what he wanted them to hear. Totally corrupt. We need a new Sheriff and District Attorney. Drain the swamp.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We have decided to stay out of any political campaigns.  But we have already heard rumors of command staff members, Deputies, and other staff contacting the new challenger.  Also heard Elder threatened staff in meeting that they better not support anyone other than him. The house of cards is falling.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Elder’s lies come back to haunt him again?

There is an article in the Denver Post everyone should read. Read Story. It is about the death of the founder of the 211 crew gang.  They talk about the possibility that the gang was behind the assasination of Tom Clements.  They also quote Sheriff Bill Elder as saying there is no evidence of anyone other than Evan Ebel being involved.  That is a complete lie.  There is plenty of evidence of others being involved.  We will provide you that evidence and why Dan May does not want to prosecute.

Here is what they say in the Post:

El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder told reporters last year that the Clements investigation was coming to a conclusion, but he backtracked on that after other law enforcement agencies expressed concerns.

Elder has previously said “Evan Ebel stood on the doorstep and killed Tom Clements alone,” and added that making the leap that there was a conspiracy is not supported by evidence.

Then they go on to say:

But a May 28, 2013, report of investigation by Texas Ranger James Holland could not have been more clear about investigators’ theory on the case.

“The murder of the Colorado Department of Corrections director was ordered by hierarchy of the 211 prison crew,” the report says.

It is obvious the Denver Post does not believe Elder; they shouldn’t.  He is lying. The Texas Rangers know the truth. They know there is evidence the “hit” was ordered by a high level gang member.  There is much more and we have it all; soon you will too.

Can Bill Elder tell the truth? Is there any limits to his corruption?

John San Agustin was not in building during alleged crime?

We promised you the next article concerning the illegal and corrupt prosecution of John San Agustin.  We have already shown you evidence there was no crime because a DDA (Deputy District Attorney) told investigators she was present during the interview and meeting and there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Trull.  We also told you John San Agustin was not present during the interview or meeting. Now we give you more evidence he was not even in the building at the time and Mark Hurlbert knew it. Read Story. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We have heard about Mike Angley announcing that he is running for Sheriff. Many employees have contacted us about contacting him and finding out what he is all about.  Like we have said in the past we will not endorse anyone, we are only concerned about ending the corruption.  We want a Sheriff that will “drain the swamp.”   We are having a meeting this week and will discuss if we want to have someone contact him. We are encouraged that someone has stepped up to challenge Elder. The corruption needs to stop.

We know from our sources Elder is in a panic. He knows the word is getting out about him and his corruption.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

We are close to releasing our next article in our series on the illegal and unethical prosecution of John San Agustin by Mark Hurlbert, Dan May and Bill Elder.  As law enforcement officers they have sworn to obey the laws and the constitution of the state of Colorado. They are doing neither.  They know what they are doing is illegal and unethical; but they feel they are above the law. We will continue to expose their lies and corruption.  We have already shown there was no “kidnapping” and the charges against San Agustin are completely without merit.  It appears, and one must assume the reason Mark Hurlbert has not dropped the charges is completely political and vindictive. Soon we will publish our second article that will show more evidence there is no case against San Agustin and Hurlbert has known it for over a year.  Before we are done publishing all our articles on this subject there will be overwhelming evidence of San Agustin’s innocence and Mark Hurlbert’s guilt. Not only will our articles clearly show there is zero evidence that San Agustin committed any crime we will provide evidence proving he could not have committed the crime. We will also provide evidence showing Hurlbert has known of San Agustin’s innocence for over a year and that his conduct in this investigation and prosecution has been illegal and unethical. If you think the first article showed coviencing evidence of San Agustin’s innocence wait until you read the next article; and the next article; and the next article …

When does the corruption end? What if you were the person Dan May and Bill Elder targeted? What happens when you can no longer trust those entrusted to protect you?

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Friday, August 25,2017

Is the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) Investigating DirtyElder.com

We have just heard rumors that Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Mark Hurlbert, who is the special prosecutor for the Terry Maketa case is so upset about the stories being published on our website he asked CBI agents to attempt to determine who is behind DirtyElder.com. We also heard CBI has actually spent time investigating. That is illegal.

We have committed no crimes. We are only exercising our freedom of speech and press guaranteed us in our constitution. We are committed to legally exposing the corruption of Bill Elder, Dan May and (now) Mark Hurlbert. To investigate us is illegal unless there is some evidence of a crime. Has Mark Hurlbert abused his power as a District Attorney in asking CBI agents to investigate? Has CBI agents abused their power in conducting an illegal investigation? Is there any proof that CBI agents have or are currently conducting any investigation into this website? If so, there should be an investigation into why and by whom.

The Attorney General should investigate.

This sounds just like the Obama administration investigating Fox News reporters and bugging their phones. Read Story.

Bill Elder, Dan May, and Mark Hurlbert. The three amigos of Corruption?

Where does the corruption stop?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Here is our first article concerning the unethical prosecution of John San Agustin. We have proof that then district attorney Shannon Gerhart stated there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Trull which means there was never a crime. And if there was a crime for a false arrest she should have also been charged because she was involved in the decision. Read the transcripts of her interview and judge for yourself.  Read story.



Wednesday, August 23,2017

How Political and corrupt is the “Kidnapping” case against John San Agustin?

Everyone has been focusing on the criminal case against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa. What about former Commander John San Agustin? A few weeks prior to the start of Maketa’s trial, lead prosecutor Mark Hurbert announced they were dropping the “kidnapping” charges against him because of new evidence which they believed would make conviction impossible. What was this new evidence and why didn’t they drop the same charges against John San Agustin? More importantly why has Hurbert refused to drop the charges since Maketa’s trial?

We recently received a large package of documents from an anonymous source. It will take us weeks to go through it all. But there is one fact that is not debatable. John San Agustin is being wrongfully prosecuted by Mark Hurbert and he has known San Agustin is innocent for over a year. However, he still refuses to drop the charges; Why? What kind of person would do this? Has the power of being a District Attorney gone to his head and he is so corrupt he can not do what is right? Does he no longer have any integrity or a conscience? Who holds our elected officials accountable for their corruption?

We have received information from sources that Dan May and Bill Elder are behind the effort to ruin Terry Maketa, Paula Presley and John San Agustin. We received information from a source within the county office that the county attorneys and other high ranking administrators are knowing and willing participants. The county attorneys are manipulating the county commissioners to get them to facilitate their plans. They are all engaged in covering up the conspiracy by paying individuals large payouts to keep quiet. Why did the county commissioners pay an individual who didn’t even work for the county a large settlement? Legally they had no obligation because of the type of contract she was working under. But yet they did? Why?

We heard from a source the goal is to financially ruin all three and they are not even concerned about the outcome of the trials. They know it is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance their defenses. This is all they care about; to financially ruin them.

In the up coming stories we will layout evidence Mark Hurlbert has known for over a year that San Agustin is innocent but will still not drop the charges. You be the judge if ADA Mark Hurlbert is corrupt, dishonest and unethical.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We are working on a series of articles concerning the unethical prosecution of John San Agustin.  EPSO employees who know John, know there is no way he would ever be involved in any criminal activity.   There is no one with more integrity than John San Agustin.  So why was he charged with Kidnapping? We have all the facts and will explain the whole situation.

The District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Office has attempted to kept this information secret. With great difficulty we have obtained information from multiple sources. Soon everyone will know the truth.

These articles will be published every few days over the next couple weeks.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

An anonymous source provided us a large amount of documents concerning the investigation and prosecution of Terry Maketa, Paula Presley and John San Agustin.  It will take a while to go through it all.  It is obvious from these documents that certain individuals are attempting to make a criminal case out of false and misleading statements by individuals who are attempting to “get even” with Maketa.   After reading the information you will agree there is a great deal of corruption behind all of it.  We will publish as much as we can so you can read it for yourself.

On another note; we have had more time to review a BLOG that was sent us; we think everyone needs to read it:

TO dirtyelder
from: Perplexed
I have been perplexed with all the payouts that the El Paso County has been paying out.
Something I was pondering for awhile since I read about Wendy Haber’s lawsuit settlement by El Paso County. I cannot understand just how Wendy Habert was eligible to be paid by the County, $55,000.00 to her and $30,000 to her attorney when she was not a City or County employee.
Wendy Habert worked for Contractor that provided Health Care Services at El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Justice Center, under a contract issued for El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.
As I understand it, the contract for providing health services to all inmates, and includes standard contract terms, which protect the City/County. The contract terms include:
(1) Independent Contractor.
(a) this clarifies that the contractor and the contractor employees, agents, servants and other personnel are NOT City/County Employees.
(b) The contract terms also clearly states that the contractor nor contractor employees, agents, servants and other personnel shall not be entitled to any City payroll, insurance, unemployment, worker’s compensation, retirement or any other benefits whatsoever. If Wendy Habert had a grievance, or claims it should have been against her employer, it was the Contractor (her employer) who made the decision to fire her.
(2) Indemnification. This contract term requires the contractor to indemnify and hold harmless the City/County against all damages, claims or liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fee) arising out of or resulting in any way, form or any acts or omissions of the seller (contractor) its agents, employees or subcontractors.
(a) If Wendy Habert filed a lawsuit for alleged wrong doing that happened while she was employed by the contractor, why didn’t the contractor meet the terms of his contract and indemnify the City/County.
(b) Secondly why did the County pay Wendy Habert and her lawyer when the Contract terms clearly states that Contractor employees are not entitled to any City/Benefits whatsoever.
I am not a lawyer and am not familiar with the El Paso’s acquisition process, but I was able to find the standard terms included in their contracts. Something does not add up, it smells to high heaven. I wonder what was Wendy Habert really paid for under the guise of a lawsuit. Was it for managing Sheriff Elders campaign, or to lie for them.
Looks like there is a lot of Tax payers money is being spend on questionable settlements

El Paso County Commissioners

Why did the county commissioners give a very large payout to an individual who didn’t even work for the county and was Bill Elder’s campaign manager?  She was working under a contract that clearly releases the county from any liability.  Were the county commissioners paying for her silence? What does she know that the county commissioners don’t want you to know?

Why did the county commissioners pay Cliff Porter, Ray Gerhart and confirmed liar Charles Kull large settlements?  According to our sources Gerhart and Kull were paid because they were harassed after “passing” CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis) tests.  But now we know they both “FAILED” their CVSA tests and were not harassed by anyone. Why did Bill Elder advocate for the commissioners to give these large payouts. Read/Watch KRDO story. Was Elder just helping his campaign contributors get more money? So why did the county commissioners give them a payout?  What do they know that the county commissioners don’t want you to know?

Does anyone question that Wendy Habert, the Huffors and Bill Elder are good friends?

Anyone surprised that Peggy Littleton was the first to ask for Maketa’s resignation and is a big supporter of Bill Elder? Is Littleton protecting her friends and herself with these large payouts?

Ms Huffor, Ms Elder, Ms Littleton

Where does the corruption end?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Did DDA Shannon Gerhart tell investigators there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Troll?

Shannon Gerhart

We have received some very interesting information concerning Shannon Gerhart.   She was the deputy district attorney who was in the room when the decision was made to arrest Kelli Troll.  We find it interesting that she was present in the meeting along with Commander Mitch Lincoln and Sgt. Robert Jaworski when the decision was made to arrest her. According to Mark Hurlbert, the assistant district attorney who is the lead prosecutor in the Maketa case,  this arrest was illegal.  Assuming this is true, why was Terry Maketa, Paula Presley and John San Agustin charged with “kidnapping”  when they were not in the room or part of the decision?  According to the arresting Detective, Lisa Kaiser (Montville), she arrested based on guidance from Shannon Gerhart, not any orders from Maketa, Presley or San Agustin. So why didn’t Hurlbert charge Gerhart, Lincoln, and Jaworski? Why would they charge individuals who obviously had nothing to do with the arrest and not arrest those who were actively part of the decision?  Sound political?  We will provide documents to show Shannon Gerhart told investigators there was probable cause to arrest Kelli Troll.  So, if a district attorney stated there was probable cause why would anyone be charged with anything?  Good question. Why hasn’t Hurlbert dropped the kidnapping charges against Presley and San Agustin when he already has for Maketa.  He knows there is no credible evidence, but yet he refuses to do the right thing.  Sound corrupt and like a malicious prosecution? It should.

Hurlbert needs to be held accountable for his unethical behavior and Shannon Gerhart needs to be put under oath and asked to explain her actions/statements. Hopefully both will happen.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

We always want to ensure the information posted is accurate and appropriate.  We are more than happy to make changes/edit/deletions based on additional information.  If anyone feels there is information posted on our website that is not accurate or not appropriate just let us know by sending an email to Dirtyelder@gmail.com.  We will review your request and make changes if necessary.  We have already done this multiple times based on requests and updated information.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Will Chuck Kull be held accountable for his false statement under oath?

Chuck Kull is back in the news. Read Story. He clearly departed from the truth; will he be held accountable?  By law he has to be placed on the Brady List.   In the article it says;  Current Sheriff Bill Elder, speaking through spokesperson Jackie Kirby, said he wasn’t in the courtroom when Kull gave false information and “therefore, he has no comment.”   Really, that is his statement? Does it sound like Elder doesn’t care what his deputies do so long as he is not there to witness it?  Did they just confirm Chuck Kull gave “false information”?  Their statement was that Elder wasn’t there “when Kull gave false information”, so it sounds like they just confirmed they know he gave false information under oath in a criminal trial.   Does Bill Elder care if one of his deputies commits perjury? It was against Maketa, who Elder hates, so probably not a big deal. He might even get promoted again.  It’s obvious that corruption rises to the top at EPSO.

Did Bill Elder commit Perjury by Knowingly Providing False Information on Affidavit?

Bill Elder can not even set up his re-election committee without lying and breaking the law.  Read Story.  Below is the “public” information from Tracer; he is clearly using Sheriff’s Office phone numbers. So, why does Bill Elder think he is special.  Sounds like he does not want to be bothered by the people who he wants to vote for him.  We really hope the Republicans can find a candidate that is not corrupt and put them up against Elder.  It’s obvious if he is re-elected the corruption will continue.

Wait a minute; Bill Elder turned in an Affidavit to the state of Colorado saying his Residential phone number was (719) 520-7262. He admitted he knowingly provided false information on his affidavit.  What was that again? Sheriff Bill Elder knowingly provided false information on an affidavit.  Isn’t that perjury?  Doesn’t that require that his name is placed on the Brady list for departing from the truth?

Bottom Line; ELDER is a confirmed Liar, again.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Was the Grand Jury manipulated by Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert?

Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert

Wonder why Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert used a Grand Jury to indict Terry Maketa, Paula Presley, and John San Agustin?  Many who are not familiar with the process think a Grand Jury is a more “fair” process that ensures more integrity in the process.  This is actually far from the truth.  A Grand Jury is only as honest at those presiding over it and presenting the evidence.  Read about how a Grand Jury works. Read story.  Why do you think Donald Trump and his administration are so concerned about Robert Mueller convening a grand jury?  Because they know how it can be manipulated by a prosecutor and how it can become a “fishing” expedition trying to find crimes where there are none. Was this what happened when Hurlbert called a grand jury in the Maketa investigation?   Did he manipulate it to get what he and Dan May wanted?  Did individuals, to include law enforcement officers, provide misleading and possibly false testimony to the grand jury under the direction of Hurlbert?  Only the prosecutor gets to present evidence and question witnesses in a Grand Jury.  This allows the prosecutor to “point” or “re-direct” a witnesses’ testimony away from areas that might not support their agenda and possibly give the grand jury evidence not to indict. Did you know they are not required to present exculpatory evidence to a grand jury and there is no opportunity for “cross examination” of witnesses?  Plus, the proceedings are confidential.  So there is basically little chance of scrutiny of witnesses.

District Attorney Dan May

Did you know Terry Maketa was thoroughly investigated by CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) in 2014 and nothing was found?  Then nothing happens for over a year; but out of the blue they reopen the  investigation in March of 2016, assign 6 investigators, and convene a grand jury.  Does this not look political?  Why did they in the spring of 2016 for no apparent reason decide to re-open the investigation?


Sheriff Bill Elder



Could there be a real good reason Dan May and Bill Elder want to silence Maketa?  The answer is “yes” and we will give you the reason(s).




Sunday, August 6, 2017

Is Dan May’s corruption catching up to him?

District Attorney Dan May

Look what is in the Sunday Gazette. Read Story.  We have posted articles in the past showing Dan May, just like Bill Elder, is corrupt.  This story lays it out very well.  It appears if you are on Dan May’s “Good List” you are protected, if you are an old political rival like Terry Maketa you get your buddy from another DA’s office to put together a grand jury, provide false testimony to that Grand Jury, and indict them.  We have already shown that one of their witnesses lied under oath. Read Story. We encourage the Gazette to continue researching into Dan May’s corruption; we are.  In the near future we will be providing clear and convincing evidence that Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert knows false information was provided to the Grand Jury that indicted Terry Maketa and two others.  Also, why would Hurlbert drop two charges against Maketa based on the evidence but not drop the same charges against San Agustin or Presley?   Where does the corruption stop? According to our sources, Detective Montville (Kiser) testified to the Grand Jury and again in Maketa’s trial that she arrested Kelli Troll based on the direction from then District Attorney Shannon Gerhart.  She has never testified that she received any orders from San Agustin, Presley or Maketa. The basis for the charges of Kidnapping was that Maketa knowingly ordered an unlawful arrest through Presley and San Agustin.  There is absolutely no credible evidence of any such orders.  Hurlbert dropped the charges against Maketa; why won’t he drop the very same changes against Presley or San Agustin?  Will he let them both continue to pay thousands of dollars in attorney fees just to drop the charges days before their trials? Is this nothing more than a means for Dan May and Mark Hurlbert to cause them harm and financial loss?  Does that sound like how we do things in America or does it sound more like corruption?  Who protects us from those who are suppose to protect us? Who will hold Dan May and Mark Hurlbert accountable for unethical and illegal behavior?

We will provide more evidence of corruption.

Shannon Gerhart
Mark Hurlbert




Friday, August 4, 2017

We hear that oral boards are becoming a joke under Bill Elder’s administration.  According to a source, when they announced oral boards for the Investigations SGT. Position (vacated by Cliff Porter) only one person put in for it, James Vidmar.  When the Lieutenant over investigations, Cy Gillespie, heard about it he was not happy because he does not like Vidmar.  So he recruited Bill Otto and told him that if he put in for it he (Otto) would not only be guaranteed to be selected; he would get the “Major Crimes” unit.  Something that is not usually done.  Usually, when the major crimes Sergeant leaves one of the current sergeants takes over that unit and the new Sergeant takes their unit.  Would you be surprised that the only person to go directly to Major Crimes was Cliff Porter?  Of course we hear he is special; rumor is he cured himself of PTSD overnight when Elder was sworn in as Sheriff.   We have been told by multiple sources the plan was to select Otto and put him into Major Crimes.  We also know that Tammy Gugliotta went to Lt. Gillespie prior and told him she wanted the Major Crimes Unit; but he told her they already had someone else in mind.  She told multiple people what had happened so it’s no secret.  Rumor is they were all set to make the announcement, but after we publicly announced what they were doing they scrambled and decided to give the position to Gugliotta.  Elder and his corrupt leadership can not even select a new Investigation’s Sgt without being corrupt and dishonest.  It appears being a hard worker and having integrity doesn’t help much in Bill Elder’s world.

We have heard of other examples of leadership circumventing the process and picking their personal friends for key position in the office.  Can you say “Billy Huffor”?  NEPOTISM, NEPOTISM, NEPOTISM.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Latest Article:  Did Lt. Charles Kull commit Perjury during his testimony in the Maketa Trial?  Will he be held accountable? 




Were the County Commissioners busted trying to make a secret payoff to unnamed victim of sexual harassment?
Sheriff Bill Elder

We are encouraged that both local newspapers published articles about the sexual harassment payout for Commander King and Lt. Huffor’s endorsed public retaliation against the victim.  Read our Story.  The Gazette followed the Independent’s lead and published their own story about the payout by our county commissioners.  Read Story.  The Independent story (read story) is more balanced and gives much more detail into the situation where the Gazette takes the opportunity to slam Maketa again.  Something that is interesting is back when the county commissioners were talking about paying out Ray Gerhart and Charles Kull the commissioners had a public meeting with Bill Elder present persuading them to give them the money. Watch KRDO news story. So, the county commissioners were more than happy to announce the payout and give the names when it fit their personal agenda.  But when the payout was going to embarrass their buddy Bill Elder the commissioners were more than happy to do it in secret.  Our elected officials should be open and transparent.  It shouldn’t take a website or the media to FORCE them to reveal public information.  The one thing everyone should take out of all these stories is that our county commissioners and Sheriff are not being transparent. They tried to sneak this payoff past the community. Bill Elder promised to be the most transparent Sheriff ever. Watch Video.  Does it appear he is living up to his campaign promises? What will he say to get re-elected?

It appears this video is becoming more and more relevant when it comes to Bill Elder.  Watch Video

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We hope to publish our latest article sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Sorry for the delays, but we feel it is important to ensure the accuracy of our facts. It will be worth the wait.

The Colorado Springs Independent published an article concerning the county commissioners paying out a settlement to a female employee of EPSO who was the victim of sexual harassment and retaliation. Read Story.  We agree with the Indy that withholding the name of the person who received the settlement is illegal.  How can a government organization spend taxpayer money without transparency?  It’s our money, we have the right to know how much they are spending and who is receiving it.  We believe the county commissioners are breaking the law and someone needs to hold them accountable. Also, because it appears they tried to secretly settle this it gives the appearance they are trying to protect their republican buddy Bill Elder. It looks like a conspiracy and gives the appearance that our county commissioners are as corrupt as Bill Elder.

Cliff Porter

Cliff Porter got his wish and he is transferring to Patrol next week.  Detectives are happy and Patrol Deputies pissed.  We hear Sgt. Tammy G., who has been in charge of sex crimes for the past 2 years, wanted to replace Porter as the major crimes Sgt,; but Hatch, Breister and Elder didn’t want a woman running the unit.  Rumor is Elder doesn’t want any women in any major leadership positions.  How many are on his command staff? Basically none; only his secretary.  Looks like it is a mens only club.  It’s easier to keep all the sexual harassment cases secret if there are no women around. Bill Otto will be the new major crimes Sgt.

UPDATE:  It appears our website is making a difference.  After reading our article did Elder realized how bad they were going to look? They just sent this out.  Transfers memo.  We should probably apologize to Bill Otto as he and others were told he was going to be the Major Crimes Sgt.  In fact, we were told Tammy Gugliotta was upset when she heard about it.  So, it was already out there that Otto was going to Major Crimes when they sent this out showing they changed their minds after we published our post.

We apologize for not publishing our latest story of corruption with Bill Elder, but we are waiting for a good reason; we need to confirm our facts and sources.  It is important people can have confidence in our website so we try to verify everything prior to posting our articles. Our latest story is a bombshell and you will not want to miss it. We anticipate posting it today.  Keep checking, you’ll want to be one of the first to read it.  The Grim Reaper is coming and Truth is coming with him…

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Read our latest story about the county commissioners settling a sexual harassment complaint with an employee at the Sheriff’s Office.  Bill Elder’s corruption just doesn’t stop. Read Story

Monday, July 31, 2017

Multiple things are going on and we are waiting to see what happens before we release our new stories.   There should be a pretty big announcement coming soon that should get all the local media’s attention.   We are hoping there will be two big stories this week. Both involve corruption with Bill Elder and his leadership team. Soon there will be no denying the lies and corruption.  There is more coming.  We will not rest until all the corruption and LIARS! are exposed.

When Bill Elder was running for Sheriff he kept talking about the poor treatment of staff and suggested there was criminal mismanagement of taxpayer monies.  Remember he kept saying he wanted to have a forensic audit of the books? Read Story.  What ever came of that?  Maketa was never charged with anything relating to finances.  So it’s obvious there was no mismanagement of taxpayer funds.  What about treatment of staff?  He kept talking about all the issues during Maketa’s term.  The three commanders that were treated badly.  What ever came of that?  What about Ray Gerhart and Chuck Kull; they split around a 200k settlement.  Did you know the settlement was based on the assumption they passed their CVSAs (Computer Voice Stress Analysis)?  As it turns out the results of their CVSAs were admitted as evidence in the Maketa trial; they both failed.  Read CVSA results.  So, our county commissioners gave away 200k of our taxpayer money based on facts that were not true.  Why did the county commissioners agree to a Non-Disclosure concerning the terms of the settlement (and why is that legal)? Did you know the investigations in to Gerhart and Kull were sealed as part of that agreement?  Why is the county commissioners trying to keep secrets from the public? What don’t they want you to know?  Are they doing it again? Would you be surprised that one of the county attorneys told someone everything and we found out?  We have the facts and soon you will too.

During the Maketa administration there were very few sexual harassment complaints.  Under the Elder administration they have sky rocketed up to multiple cases per year.  Currently there are multiple complaints against EPSO (and more coming).  Both Commander King and Lt. Huffor are being protected by Bill Elder.   Why have multiple women recently quit the Sheriff’s Office after making sexual harassment complaints?  It is obvious Bill Elder protects the sexual predators and forces out the victims.  Wow, are we back in the 60s?

Is EPSO the current day version of “Mad Men”?

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption


Friday, July 28, 2017

We decided to take the information we just received and write a story over the weekend.  Expect a big story Monday afternoon.  It will confirm, yet again, Bill Elder’s hostile work environment.

Billy Huffor damaged a patrol vehicle earlier this week by backing into a T post.  He didn’t report it until later that day.  Is it policy to drive back to fleet before reporting an accident?  So, Huffor violated policy, yet again.  Will there be an IA investigation?  Will he go in front of the DAB and be disciplined?  Don’t hold your breath.  What would happened if a patrol deputy wrecked a vehicle and didn’t report it until later after leaving the scene?   WILL BILL HUFFOR BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?

Efforts are underway to locate the T post Huffor hit to place it in custody for damaging his vehicle.  The stationary post is obviously at fault. There is some question as to whether the post was 3″ closer than allowed by law.

We hear Billy Huffor and Richard Hatch are going to partner up.  They will be called Huffor and Hatch.  Here is their first day on the street.


Things may seem quiet; however we are working on multiple stories.  A couple have the potential of being bombshells.   According to our sources Elder is in a panic over some recent events. We are getting the details. Plus, the odds of 1A getting renewed is dropping every day.  We hear even the county commissioners are upset with Elder’s “shenanigans” and have told him to get his ship in order.  The county attorneys are spending all their time handling complaints and lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Office.  We hear there are more coming.  How’s the Huntz’s case coming?  We hear not well for Elder. That settlement could be so big they might have to get one of those big cardboard checks like they give lottery winners.   Plus now they are having to deal with the complaint of the unethical and unfair treatment of a former Lt who was forced to retire.  Looks like yet another lawsuit is coming?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

So we hear Commander Hatch hit a parked car with his assigned vehicle and they ticketed the vehicle he hit for parking illegally because he wasn’t close enough to the curb by 3 Inches?   Yeah, that makes sense.  How many vehicles are not parked within the 12 inch limit every day and not ticketed.  If a car is stopped in the middle of the street it is your responsibility to NOT hit it.   From the Blue sheet it almost sounds like they placed the person in custody; ” Mr. (redacted) was released from the scene”.  Wonder how that person feels about the Sheriff’s office today?  Will he vote for an extension to 1A?

We were able to obtain some pictures at the scene;

A lot of deputies are talking about how bad things are down at the jail.  We are trying to confirm they have lowered the minimum staffing to allow for less deputies to maintain the security of the jail; really?  It also appears the new medical contract is not working out.  How bad can things get?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How many confirmed lies has Bill Elder told and did he commit perjury during the Maketa trial?  He held to his story that he didn’t think he had an IA file yet Gerhart testified that in December of 2013 when he called Elder he told Gerhart he knew it was missing.  Someone lied.  We are working on more stories.  Some are taking a while to obtain documents and verify sources.  This website will be here until Elder is no longer Sheriff.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Here is a stat for you; since Elder took office over 250 people have left.

According to a source; Bill Elder recently announced that if the 1A tax initiative is not renewed in a couple years he will get rid of Patrol.  So, he plans to threaten the community with no law enforcement in the county if he doesn’t get his money to give to his cronies.  Bill Elder has been illegally and unethically spending the 1A funds since he got in office.
Read Story.  He has not provided any detailed reporting on the spending of the 1A funds, which was required by law. Read Story.  Is Bill Elder guilty of “official misconduct”? Terry Maketa was not put on trial for any misuse of taxpayer funds; but Bill Elder should be.  Recently we were told by a reliable source that Jackie Kirby was heard saying; ” Don’t tell anyone you heard it from me; but the 1A funds are all F***ed up and there’s no way we can fix it”.  They are trying to make sense of the mess and they have realized there is no way to fix it.  There needs to be an audit and an investigation into the spending of the 1A funds.  We have shown clear evidence the funds are not being spent according to the tax initiative wording.

We just found out someone who cleaned out their office and went home a few weeks ago recently returned to work.  There was an Announcement


Months ago we said we were working on a story concerning Bill Elder taking all his friends to San Diego for a convention.  We never did get to writing the story.  Here is what we wrote in “latest news” back on January 20, 2017.

“Stories we are working on: Last fall we were told by an employee that they were told there was no more money for overtime or training.  As it turns out, at the same time Bill Elder sent the Huffors, the Shannons, and his secretary to San Diego for a week of RnR at a convention.  All paid for by the office.  Thousands of dollars that could have been used for training or overtime.   Someone needs to do a CORA request for all travel by Sheriff’s Office personnel in 2016. Make sure you get all information to include names and receipts for all travel expenses.   How can Bill Elder justify sending his Secretary to the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in San Diego ?  Why would Bill and Janet Huffor go together?  Sounds like a second honeymoon paid for by the office.  How nice for them.   We’re sure they deserved it more than training for actual cops. We heard up to $10,000 was spent on the trip.  Does Bill Elder actually understand what his role is as Sheriff? It’s not to give out 3.3 Million dollars to his friends.  So Corrupt. What is it going to take for the Media to investigate? Does the County Commissioners care?  They are responsible for the money.  Do an AUDIT!”

We received more information but have been so busy with other articles we forgot about this one.  According to our source,  EPSO was not a member of the Association of Chiefs of Police so they had to pay the non-member price.  Plus, they did not stay at any of the recommended hotels near by.  They stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in the “Gaslamp” district. VERY EXPENSIVE.  Check out their website. We were hoping someone in the media would do a CORA request and see how much money they wasted.  It appears no on one in the media cares about corruption and wasting taxpayer money.   All the records are there for the asking.  Here is information concerning the convention they went to. Read Info.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just received information that appears to show Bill Elder lied again; what a surprise.  We are researching and will publish an article when we can.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

As it turns out the infamous warning shot is pretty boring.  Multiple people have told us what happened and it does demonstrate his lack of training and experience; however, it’s just stupid and not really worth the time to write a story.  We are confident there will be no IA or any form of discipline for violating policy.  Rumor is he has already updated his resume to include his experience in an “officer involved shooting”.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lieutenant shoots warning shot at approaching dog with shotgun

Multiple people have contacted us concerning a certain under trained, under qualified Lieutenant trying to play cop.  This person has never gone through an FTO program and has zero experience as a patrol deputy. But he is out there playing cop with people’s lives on the line.  How can someone with no experience direct or supervise those with years of experience? His lack of experience was exposed a few days ago; thank God no one was hurt.  Everyone is talking about it; they are laughing first and then getting PISSED!  This is what happens when you have a corrupt Sheriff putting his buddies in positions of authority. This is not a candy store, this is law enforcement. SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT!  Did they initiate an IA investigation?  This person clearly violated policy. We heard there is not even a blue sheet and they are already trying to cover it up.  How can you shoot a shotgun and not have a blue sheet?  Can you say CORRUPTION? Everyone is watching to see what the Sheriff does.  Anything less than a transfer back to the jail is not enough. People’s lives are on the line.  This is not a game.  He has shown he is not cut out for Law Enforcement.  Watch video.  What’s next, Mitch leading a SWAT raid? Watch video.  Law Enforcement is a serious business and should be taken serious by the sheriff. Watch video.    Does EPSO take warning shots now?  Watch Video. 

UPDATE:  We just received word that Bill Elder might be changing policy to allow for warning shots using shotguns by Lieutenants with the first name of Bill.  Also, there are rumors he might suspend the DAB again until a certain IA is completed concerning an out of policy warning shot.


We have received a great deal of information concerning the investigation into the missing IA file.  A lot of this information is audio/video recordings of interviews. We also have results of the CVSAs and Polygraphs. It takes time to go through all these reports and listen to all the audio.  We did find something in one of the audio recording we are interested in.  It is an interview with Rob Stone.  We are working on editing it and hope to update the article concerning the missing IA file.

Here is the text added to the article:

Update to article (07/16/17):  We were contacted by another source who read our article.  They provided us additional information to include that Rob Stone showed deception in a CVSA examination where he was asked the direct question; “Did your take Bill Elder’s file?”  While reviewing audio recordings of interviews we found where Rob Stone was confronted with this fact.  Listen to his response. Note that in Stone’s response he uses the “rule of three” which indicates deception. He is clear in his response he never took the file, never looked in the file and did not know if Bill Elder ever had a file. But according to our source Rob Stone later admits during a  polygraph examination he did see the file and even read it.  So that would indicate Rob Stone was not being honest during his interviews with investigators.  Does these facts clearly show Rob Stone is the most likely person who took Bill Elder’s IA file? Remember he worked in IA at the time and had the keys to access the files. Would this explain why he quickly retired when confronted with the facts?  Would this also explain why Bill Elder rehired him shortly after taking office?  Is this yet another great example of Bill Elder’s corruption?

Read the article.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Just received more information concerning the missing IA file.  We are researching and might update the article later today or tomorrow.

Here is the article everyone has been waiting for about the “missing” Bill Elder IA file.   Read story.

Friday, July 14, 2017

We hope to publish an article concerning the stolen Bill Elder IA file tomorrow.  We will provide audio recordings from an interview that might shed some light on the subject. We continue to research.

Sounds like patrol is concerned about the possibility of having a certain Investigation’s Sgt as one of their Sgts.   How funny; few want to work with him and non want to work for him.   Is there no place to put him that he won’t piss everyone off? Are all the conspirators now finding they can’t work together?  Maybe he can work for a certain LT that a female Fountain PD officer wanted a restraining order against?   Is this certain LT going for the all time record for most IAs? Will he be added to the “Brady” list after committing perjury? Will a certain commander at CJC sexually harass another employee before the trial for his current sexual harassment? Will a certain staff member ever return to the office? Will her husband continue doing “Terry stops” on female employees? Will Susan Lucci join EPSO as the new undersheriff?  We will have to wait until next time…

Thursday, July13, 2017

We met with a person who gave us their story concerning the missing Bill Elder IA file.  It was obvious they now hate Bill Elder and wanted to tell us their story about the missing IA file.  We agreed to not reveal their name because they were somewhat involved (according to them). There is no way to confirm it because those involved will not admit to it.   We will publish with a disclaimer.  You will not want to miss this story.

There are so many rumors flying around we can not keep up with them all.  However, the one we find the most interesting is that it appears Cliff Porter and Joe Breister had a falling out.  We heard there was a big blowup. Something about Breister siding with Hatch and Cy and Porter stating they are both idiots.  It’s our understanding Porter said he can no longer work with them and has demanded to be transferred to Patrol. We will see what happens.

According to a source, Bill Elder is really upset with the results of the Maketa trial.  Wonder if the stress associated with being corrupt is effecting him?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Everyone is trying to determine what all the repercussions will be due to the Maketa trial.  Many are realizing a lot of money was spent on targeting sheriff Maketa.  Was this nothing more than political payback from Dan May and Bill Elder?  So much came out during this trial that exposes them both for their corruption.  It is obvious at this point that the evidence against Maketa is nonexistent. We have received additional information we will be publishing in the future.

Someone, who stated they now “hate” Bill Elder contacted us with some surprising information concerning the missing Bill Elder IA file.  So long as we keep their name confidential they said they would tell us what they know about how the file was stolen and why.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

To get updates on the Maketa Trial visit our special section.  Maketa Trial 

There has been some revealing information come out during the trial concerning Bill Elder and his campaign supporters.  Everyone knows it was “chaotic” at the Sheriff’s Office during late 2013 and all during 2014 leading up to the transition to the new sheriff in 2015.  There were many ideas as to what caused it.  After listening to the multiple witnesses testify in Maketa’s trial it is obvious the cause was Bill Elder and his supporters within the organization.  Ray Gerhart openly and proudly testified about his role during this time.   The reason there was not a smooth transition is because of Bill Elder and all the subversion he and his supporters introduced into the office prior to taking office.  Unfortunately all the employees are now having to work in a hostile work environment with intimidation, retaliation and nepotism.  Bill Elder promised change. He only made things worse by bringing back all the same clowns that caused all the problems before.  The employees know the truth. Unfortunately we have learned Bill Elder has submitted paperwork indicating he will be running for Re-election.   Will the hostile environment continue for another 4 years?  There has to be a better candidate. Now is the time to find that person.   Just as other Republicans are preparing to challenge Doug Lamborn, someone needs to challenge Bill Elder.

DirtyElder.com will not support or endorse any candidate.  Our goal is to expose Bill Elder’s corruption not run a campaign.  Because we care about the employees and how they are treated we hope someone will step forward.  The corruption must end.

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Over the months we have received numerous threats via emails and posts to the website.   Many of these threats are specific about causing harm to those they believe are behind the website.  Some on the team wanted to post these threats to show the reason we must remain anonymous; but we decided it was not appropriate.   But we have notified those threatened, and have retained the posts and emails because they contain IP addresses which are traceable back to the devices used to send the threats.  Some actually trace back to cell phones;  It will not be difficult for Law Enforcement to trace these back to their owners.  We have information showing some are actually employees at EPSO. Very concerning.

And to our sources; you can be assured, like we have in the past, we keep all names confidential.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

We have heard that Bill Elder continues to threaten anyone associated with this website.  The latest rumor is that he stated in command staff a couple weeks ago he has a gun and “they better stop F***ing with my friends”.  If true, this is very concerning.  His statements are becoming more alarming.

Monday, July 3, 2017

We are not just focusing on the trial.  We have received information about additional nepotism going on at EPSO.  We are looking into it and hope to have a story in the near future.   The trial is interesting and there has been some statements made under oath that have caught our attention.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Check out our special section dedicated to Maketa’s Trial.  Click Here.  We plan to post daily updates starting Tuesday afternoon. When the trial concludes we will go back to publishing articles focused on Bill Elder and his corruption.  We are confident our stories concerning the trial will contain evidence of corruption by Dan May, Bill Elder and others.  Either way our hope is to provide enlightening and entertaining reading the next two weeks.

Our goal remains the same; to legally expose the truth about Bill Elder and his corruption.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Everyone is wondering what is going to happen next week in Maketa’s long anticipated trial.  There appears to be multiple motions submitted to the judge awaiting his ruling.   We still would like to know why the prosecutor, Mark Hurlbert, appears to be trying to hide everything from the public eye.  What other motions has he filed and what else is he trying to hide?  Hopefully we will get to the truth soon.

The sixth amendment says ” In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury …”.   We believe this means everything should be “public” throughout the entire trial process.  Nothing should be done in secret or hidden.  So, the prosecution should not be allowed to routinely hide things from the public. When ever the government wants to do anything in “secret” we should be concerned.

We still can not get over the fact that the prosecution has known for 13 months that John San Agustin did not order the arrest and was not even in the building at the time and yet they charged him anyway, and still, to this day, have not dropped the charges.   Plus, if they have known all along that Deputy District Attorney Shannon Gerhart authorized the arrest and they believe it was unjustified, why hasn’t she been charged?  This clearly indicates the charges were politically motivated.

At this point, we believe the only reasonable conclusion that can reached based on the facts; is that this whole criminal investigation and prosecution against Terry Maketa, Paula Presley, and John San Agustin was nothing more than political payback from DA Dan May, Sheriff Bill Elder and Undersheriff Joe Breister.   Will those responsible be held accountable for their actions?  There needs to be an independent investigation.

Next week should be filled with drama, stay tuned to our website as we plan to provide daily updates.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

How impartial was the investigation against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa? Read our latest story. How Independent was the Maketa Investigation.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bill Elder’s Skeletons are relaxing today waiting for some big announcements.  Hope to have some additional information to post later today.  Our website had even more traffic Thursday.  Our latest story had the most hits; people are interested in knowing if these trials are nothing more than political payback.  They want to know the facts.   We hope to publish detailed articles laying out all the facts in the next couple weeks. Our goal is to expose all the corruption.

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Were the charges against Maketa, Presley and San Agustin politically motivated?  Get the facts and decide for yourself. Read our latest story; Case against Maketa falling apart just days before trial?

Without a doubt Fox21 has the best reporting on the Maketa trial. We can confirm their story is accurate. They obviously have a good source.  Read and watch story.   The Colorado Springs Independent also has a story about it as well. Read story.    We hope to provide detailed information in either late morning or early afternoon.  There is a bunch of things going on and we are working on our latest story.

Wednesday was the highest traffic our website has seen since we first launched it back in January.  The word is spreading. Keep telling everyone about the website.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Watch all the news media tonight about the Maketa trial.  We hope to provide additional details when we can.

UPDATE: The latest rumor is that Janet Huffor packed up her office and went home; but it’s nothing more than a ploy to get sympathy from employees.  She is going to come back in a few days, tell everyone she quit, but Elder begged her to come back because she is too important to the office and he needs her.   So it appears the mini celebration is over before it really got started.  At least enjoy the days until she comes back.

Guess the skeletons have a lot to party about today.  It appears the case against Terry Maketa is falling apart. The Denver Post just published a story.  Read Story.   Could it be the whole case against Maketa was nothing more than political payback from District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder?  We have the inside sources. Rumor has it after the infamous Bill Elder meltdown meeting last week Elder was overheard telling Billy Huffor “They don’t have anything on us Billy”.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Just want to say we appreciate Pam Zubeck with the Colorado Springs Independent for publishing a story about the letter of counseling William Huffor received.  Read Story.  Her story was fair. It’s important our community knows of the corruption within the Sheriff’s Office leadership.  It’s also nice that Jackie Kirby confirmed the letter we posted was authentic.  It appears Bill Elder is still telling people he does not read our website.  Does anyone who was in the meeting with him last week believe that?  We are already moving on to the next story.  Stay tuned.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert made a statement in a court hearing which suggests Dan May might have committed a crime.  Read the Story.

Monday, June 19,2017

Did Assistant District Attorney Mark Hurlbert make a statement in open court suggesting District Attorney Dan May committed a crime?  Is there unethical behavior going on within our District Attorney’s office? Did Bill Elder conspire with Dan May? Soon you will have the facts.

ADA Mark Hurlbert
District Attorney Dan May







We hope to post our article tomorrow morning. You will not want to miss it.


Larry Borland

Back on January 22, 2017 we stated in “latest news” that Bill Elder changed the vacation policy in 2016 to give more vacation time to Lt and above.  Go to Archives and scroll down to read story.  But that was still not enough time off for Larry Borland.  According to a source, Borland took the last week and a half of May off and called it “FLEXTIME”.  Let’s call it what it is “Nepotism”.  Is this stealing from the taxpayers?  Compared to the rest of Bill Elder’s corruption this is nothing. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.   How much more money will be wasted paying off all the settlements since Elder took office?  We hear more complaints are coming.  Maybe the county attorneys should set up office at EPSO?



Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lifestyles of Bill Elder and his Cronies

Just heard Elder is spending $400,000 for new vehicles for command staff. Elder just got a new vehicle less than two years ago. So, two year old cars are not good enough for Elder and his cronies?  What a waste of money.  Someone needs to tell the king he is naked.   Elder is completely out of touch with reality.  His job is to protect our community, not driving around in brand new cars.  There is training and equipment our deputies desperately need.   Elder doesn’t care; he is milking the taxpayers dry. Is Janet Huffor going to get a new car?   Better make it a four wheel drive; sometimes the tires spin when you’re driving all over everyone else’s feelings.  These people have no need for cars; it’s just another bonus for Bill Elder’s over compensated under skilled leadership team. Is this how they are going to spend 1A funds; on new cars for command staff? Who cares about actually doing the job he was elected to do; just take care of your friends and have a good time on the taxpayer’s dime. It’s just one big party for Elder and his buddies.  The whole office is going to hell, but so long as Elder and his cronies get “cool” new rides that’s all that matters.

Just another example of Bill Elder’s Corruption and complete lack of leadership.

Update: we have heard from other sources this is not true; only two of the vehicles are for command staff.

Friday, June 16, 2017

It is our understanding that during Bill Elder’s profanity laced verbal rant in Wednesday’s meeting he made some less than complimentary statements about our website.  We find this interesting because according to his own statements back in January he has never seen our website and it doesn’t bother him what we say.  Obviously things have changed. During this meeting, did Elder provide any evidence showing our articles are not accurate?  What he did do is publicly demonstrate how angry he is about the website; so if he (or any member of his staff) goes after any member of our team it will clearly be retaliation and abuse of power; grounds for a lawsuit (and/or criminal charges).

We are committed to legally exposing Bill Elder’s corruption with verified FACTS.  If Bill Elder was an honest person with integrity we would have nothing to write about…

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Just as we were prepared to publish our article we received information about another story which potentially could be even bigger than our current story.  Some wanted to preempt the current story and rush to write an article about the new story.  Understanding we still need to confirm the story with other sources we decided to publish the original story and then start working on the new story.  Of course we run the risk of the local media running the story first, but based on previous experiences we believe we are safe.  We still have two more stories to put together for next week.  So, next week could be filled with many informative stories about Bill Elder and his corruption.

Does Elder need a bigger closet?


Latest Article: Letter of counseling supports allegations of sexual harassment against Lt. Huffor. Read Story.

We are still receiving feedback about Bill Elder’s highly emotional, profanity laced, outburst in yesterday’s meeting with deputies.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It appears Bill Elder is real upset at the announcement of a new article tomorrow concerning the sexual harassment allegations against Huffor.  He is trying to figure out what “MEMO” we are going to publish.   In fact, multiple sources contacted us and said Bill Elder was out of control and using the “F” word all over the place in the inservice meeting this afternoon.  Some are thinking of filing a complaint because his obscene language and behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional.

This is to Bill Elder; “You need to apologize for your language and behavior this afternoon; it was unprofessional.”

Recently, an anonymous source provided us a copy of an El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) memo concerning Lt. William Huffor.  This document proves Huffor did, in fact, engage in inappropriate behavior with a female deputy at the Jail; that it was investigated and sustained by Internal Affairs, and he was disciplined.  We have verified the document is authentic with a second source and are working on an article we will publish tomorrow.   Read for yourself and decide; “is Huffor a sexual predator?”

Interested in getting background information about the allegations. Read Story.  Also read our response to the Gazette’s article. Read Story.

We are working on two more stories we plan to publish next week.  They will also show Bill Elder’s corruption. We continue to provide evidence Elder is corrupt and has created an environment of intimidation and nepotism.  Many more stories to come…

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption


Thursday, June 8, 2017

There is something very unusual going on in the Maketa trial.  We just received information concerning the hearing that took place Tuesday morning and we find it very interesting. Read Gazette Article and KRDO’s Article.   Usually in a criminal case the prosecution argues “let’s stick to the facts of the case” and the Defense tries to incorporate emotion or “feelings” into the proceedings.  But this case is completely backwards. The defense is arguing to stick to the facts and the prosecutor, Mark Hurlbert, is arguing that he wants to be able to make their entire case about how Maketa was not a nice guy and hard to work for. Since when does a prosecutor use emotional attacks over stating the facts? Does this indicate the prosecutor has no case and is going for the long shot of just trying to get the jury to “hate” Maketa enough to vote guilty?  How would you feel if you were on trial and the prosecutor wanted to bring in a bunch of witnesses to say you’re just not a nice guy? You’d be yelling; “stick to the facts”.  At one point during the hearing Hurlbert was asked to state one fact (“any fact”) showing Maketa conspired to falsely arrest the alleged victim; Hurlbert did not provide any.  Are we still in America where we present facts to the jury and let them decide?  Is the real reason one of the prosecutors resigned two weeks before trial (which is unheard of) is because he did not want to be part of an unethical malicious prosecution? Read Story.

“Where’s the facts?”

As we stated before; this trial did not interest us because we are only interested in revealing the truth about Bill Elder and returning integrity to the leadership of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. But this trial can no longer be ignored.  There appears to be a connection and we are going to investigate to discover the facts and who all is involved.

What would Joe Friday say?

 This trial might not be the end of the story; just the first chapter


Monday, June 5, 2017

We now have information indicating Bill Elder covered up a Domestic Violence case EPSO uncovered during an internal investigation.  Instead of following the law and handing the case over to the District Attorney’s Office, they fired the victim and did not pursue charges against the perpetrator.  Both were deputies at the time.   Interesting? We have the facts and will publish a story at the appropriate time.  It appears Bill Elder believes in selective enforcement of the law.  We also believe some have lied under oath to obtain charges against innocent individuals.  One case involves Cliff Porter; surprised? We have a source who told us Cliff Porter was over heard bragging he could get a judge to sign any warrant he wrote.   Does the constitution apply to everyone?


Friday, June 2, 2017

We received additional information yesterday. It appears there is more than one deputy who has a DV and is still being allowed to work.    If you’re on Elder’s good list you get taken care of; if not, you’re screwed.   This is the definition on nepotism.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

There are rumors EPSO is doing background checks on current and potential Patrol Deputies. Why would an agency do backgrounds on current employees? Could it be a current Patrol deputy was found to have a DV and because he is buddies with Elder he is still being allowed to remain on patrol?   We find this interesting.  We’re sure it’s just standard procedure.  What would happen if the media finds outs? Is anyone surprised Elder is taking care of his “boys”?  A certain Lieutenant “allegedly” put his hand on a female deputy’s breast and nothing happened, why would it surprise anyone that a patrol deputy has a DV and is still working? Wait a minute; wasn’t Elder suppose to be transparent?  Didn’t he promise things would be different?


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

There is an article in today’s Gazette about the Maketa trial. Read Story.  Unfortunately it appears Lance Benzel has old information.  We were told by a source the hearing was delayed until next week. We will see if our information is accurate.  We are encouraged Benzel appears to want to write about what actually happens in the courtroom and not just the fact that there was a hearing.  We have been doing some research and it appears the Maketa trial will be filled with some very interesting testimony.   We are attempting to obtain sources who can attend the trial and let us know what happens.  We encourage all the media to make arrangements to attend the entire trial and give our community daily reports of all the testimony.  We hear it will be well worth it.

Update: The Gazette already updated their story that the hearing has been delayed until next week. Here is the original headline they used for their story.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Gazette wrote an article that references Bill Elder paying back the grant funds (read our story).   It is written as we expected;  like they are completely in bed with Elder.  Read Gazette article.   The Gazette says the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) “retuned the money”.  How do you return money you already spent? Why didn’t they explain that EPSO already spent the money and is most likely going to have to use taxpayer funds in EPSO’s 2017 budget to “reimburse” the grant funds? It’s like the Gazette is part of the cover up. Why didn’t they even ask Bill Elder where the money is coming from to pay the funds back? Why didn’t they ask Elder about our complaints and push him on the accuracy of his statements to the POST board when he obtained the funds?  There is actually a very interesting statement in the article; “… the grant’s “stringent” terms that the facility be free to use have forced the Colorado Springs Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and Fountain Police Department to move in a new direction, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder said in a May 19 letter to the Peace Officer Standards and Training, which awarded the grant.”  So, they want to make money on their new shooting range (paid for by taxpayer money)? Who is going to get this money? Elder knew the terms of the grant when he accepted it.   Why is Elder and the others being so secretive? Maybe there is more to the story?

Is it just a coincidence we publish a story about Bill Elder obtaining grant funds with false and misleading statements, and two months later he is paying the grant money back? What does common sense tell you?

Investigative reporting is dead; the Gazette just printed what Elder told them.  Did they contact anyone from POST or do any CORA requests for communications that might reveal what actually happened? We were hoping the Gazette was starting to write “fair and balanced” articles. Their article is too much “here’s what they said” and not enough “here’s what we found”.  Where is Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein when you need them? We are disappointed in the Gazette article.

Thursday, May 25, 2017 – Monday, May 29, 2017

We hope everyone can relax and spend time with their families this weekend.  For our friends who have to work to protect our community, Thank you.  We will not be adding any additional material until next Tuesday.  Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Someone identifying themselves as “Tabloid News” questioned the accuracy of our most recently story in a comment (go to the Latest News BLOG and scroll to the bottom).  They say they were in the room when Elder justified the need for the POST grant funds and that we are not providing accurate information. Please read their comments and then our response.  We would suggest if you want to question our facts you should provide some of your own.

Monday, May 22, 2017

In a meeting with Deputies, Bill Elder admits to wrong doing and agrees to pay $225,000 of taxpayer funds back. Read the latest story about Bill Elder’s corruption. Read story.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Update: Why wait until later tonight.  Lance Benzel of the Gazette wrote an article about the court hearing regarding the Terry Maketa trial on Friday.    We have written an editorial response to his article and provide some interesting information that was conveniently omitted by the Gazette.  Read Story.

We are currently working on two new stories.  We will publish one later this evening and hopefully our big story Monday or Tuesday.

Saturday May 20, 2017

We received a copy of the promotion memo yesterday.   It appears part of the promotion process is a review of the individuals’ Internal Affairs (IA) Files.  The problem is they are confused; a large IA file is NOT a good thing.  Both the individuals being promoted; Chuck Kull and John Sarkisian, have IA files and questionable pasts.  Kull is well known for being implicated in the disappearance of Bill Elder’s IA file.  He quit shortly after being questioned about it.  Any surprise Bill Elder rehired his buddy? Could it be Elder promoted Kull because he knows too much? Sarkisian is known for his “skirt” chasing and alleged sexual harassments. In fact, Sarkisian was accused of sexual harassment just a couple years ago and according to a source, instead of resolving the situation, Undersheriff Breister and Sgt Porter retaliated against the victim until she ultimately left the Sheriff’s Office.  According to one source, the victim was threatened, by Porter, with disciplinary actions because of her complaints and she was transferred.  Porter’s actions were endorsed by both Breister and Elder. What ultimately happens to Sarkisian?  He is promoted.

More examples of corruption under Bill Elder’s leadership.

Friday, May 19, 2017

What relationship did Bill Elder have with Lt Benefiel?  Read story.

Update:  We know there is a great deal of interest in our latest article because the website is getting hundreds of hits.  It has even been suggested that we start selling advertising. We are in the process of confirming the information we received this morning and hope to have a new story by next week.  This latest story will show evidence of “official misconduct” by Bill Elder.

We plan to release our latest article concerning Bill Elder at 10:00 today.  Plus, we have received new information this morning concerning another story we have been working on which we believe definitely shows corruption by Bill Elder.  Also; based on the article published by the Gazette yesterday (read story), it appears we can no longer ignore the Maketa trial.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tomorrow at 10:00 am we will be posting our most recent article concerning Bill Elder.   After reading this article you will understand why the creators of this site want to remain anonymous and why we guarantee we will never reveal the identities of our sources.  We know Bill Elder has already ruined multiple peoples lives and would not think twice about doing it again.  Our goal is to clean up the corruption and restore EPSO’s reputation.

We will be publishing many more articles during the summer which will reveal more and more of Bill Elder’s corruption.

“Drain the Swamp”



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We heard about Roybal’s promotion to commander.   Why?  Where’s the opening? Is Elder rewarding him for helping keep the victim quiet in Lt. Huffor’s sexual harassment case?  What depths of corruption is Elder willing to sink?  We are confident the next level will be the promotion of Cliff Porter.

Update:  Just heard Bill Huffor is going to replace Greg Maxwell.  We should give Elder credit.  This makes perfect sense;  Maxwell had no experience in law enforcement and neither does Huffor.   Has Huffor ever made a felony arrest?  This is worse than the blind leading the blind; this is the blind leading the seeing.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Latest Rumor: Looks like everyone is running for the lifeboats.  Just heard rumors Brian McPike gave notice and has already left the building. We are verifying.  Maybe someone should update the command staff web page?  How long until Deluca leaves? We hear he is next on Elder’s list.   Has Deluca, Breister, and Shannon been told they may need to pay their retirements back (read story)? Their situation is the same as Dan Zook as they retired before the age of 62. (read story) Could they owe the county thousands of dollars?

UPDATE: we confirmed McPike has left and accepted a position at Focus on the Family.  Wonder if they did a full background check to include why he left UCCS?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Who is the latest to jump ship after taking a bunch of taxpayer money?  Could it be another campaign manager who, with no experience was given a high paying job?  Was it someone hired as a Lieutenant with no experience?  Did he want to get out before his name was ruined by being associated with Bill Elder?  It is our understanding Greg Maxwell has accepted a job in security at the Broadmoor hotel.   He received over $180,000 of taxpayer money during this 30 months as a highly compensated, non-qualified (HCNQ), employee of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  But Elder has given out much more money than that to his campaign supporters. (read story).  The only thing in question is who will be the last Bill Elder Crony to leave before they are all exposed?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Isn’t it ironic Bill Elder made such a big deal about an indiscretion by a former Sheriff, but Elder appears to have many more?  Is it not true that he has been married and divorced twice (read story), rumors of multiple affairs, resigned to avoid an Internal Affairs investigation (read story), wasting millions of taxpayer dollars (read story), hired many of his under qualified friends (and campaign supporters) and gave them large salaries (read story), and has lived with a woman not his wife for many years?    Does Bill Elder reflect the values of our community?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We are working on our biggest story yet and plan to publish it late next week.  More stories are lining up for the summer.  It appears there could be more complaints and lawsuits throughout the year.  We hope to publish the complaints as soon as they are public information.  We should keep track of all the taxpayer dollars being handed out like candy by our county commissioners.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Read the latest article about Bill Elder’s Character.  Did he lie about his past? 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Just because we have not published anything in a while does not mean we are not working on articles.  We have received so much information it takes time to go through it all.  Plus we need to decide when is the best time to release information.   For example; we have information (documents) showing Sergeants Garhart, Kull, and Porter lied and are corrupt, but now is not the right time.  We have also received information from a source within the Sheriff Office that one of three commanders (Lincoln, King, and Gehrett) who filed a complaint against the county a few years ago called the county attorney, Amy Fulsom, the night before they filed the complaint. Why would one of them call the county attorney the night prior to filing a complaint against the county? Can you say conspiracy and/or collaboration?  We have seen the call records showing the phone call was made.

We recently received information from a source within the District Attorney’s (DA) office about corruption with DA Dan May.  Our source suggested we also investigate Dan May.  Maybe we should create a website called “DirtyDan.com”?  Again, timing is everything.

We have received a great deal of information and are working hard to confirm our sources and publish articles.  But what are we working on right now?

We are working on our biggest story yet.   We have documents showing Bill Elder is corrupt and a liar.  We hope to release these documents on Monday or Tuesday after we receive approval from our counsel.  These are Internal Affair (IA) reports that Elder doesn’t want you to see; but we got them!  Next week, everyone, to include the media will see these documents. No more hiding in the shadows; the truth about Bill Elder is coming out.

We have also received information from a source who spoke with retired Sheriff John Anderson about Bill Elder.  Anderson was sheriff when Elder suddenly quit when asked to take a polygraph. John Anderson told our source the circumstances around Elder’s departure, about the investigation into Elder’s illegal actives while a supervisor in Metro Vice and Narcotics (VNI), and the infamous missing IA file.  We will tell you what Sheriff John Anderson told our source.

The truth about Bill Elder is coming!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Does Bill Elder have character?  Read our first article concerning Bill Elder’s Character.  Read Story.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tomorrow we plan to release our first article concerning Bill Elder’s character.  You won’t want to miss it.  What is Bill Elder willing to do for money?  Should a person only have character if it’s free?  Money versus Character; what did Elder choose?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Does character mean anything?  Does it matter?  Should our Sheriff have it?  Should they have the same values as our community? Should they share our morals?  The last sheriff was heavily criticized by our current sheriff.  Should we hold him to the same standards?

Many have contacted us telling us about Bill Elder’s past moral indiscretions. Normally we would not write articles about this subject; however, seeing Bill Elder was so quick to criticize we decided it was fair.

Multiple sources have told us about Elder’s many affairs thought out the years.  One has our interest and we are currently working on a story. However, we pondered how his many past indiscretions play into his current position as El Paso County Sheriff?  We concluded it goes to “CHARACTER”.  We believe our sheriff should have it.   We will publish the stories; you can judge for yourself.

Read the following CS Independent article written back in 2014.  We will be referencing it in upcoming articles. Read Story.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Employees and ex-employees send us information almost daily.   Today a letter was published,without edits or comments, concerning the E911 Tax.  Read Letter.  We hope the media will request how the money is (and will be) spent.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

There is a well written comment in the “Employee Comments” BLOG that was added this morning.   It is all about “Character First”.  We thought it was “Character Counts”.  Either way, it was a slogan developed by Janet Huffor and Bill Elder suggesting “character” is now important. It wasn’t before?  Bill Elder talking about character is like Charles Manson talking about kindness.   Many of our articles have shown Elder has no character or integrity.  He openly lied to a group during his campaign stating he had achieved the rank of Commander, when he had not.  Read whole story. Next week we hope to publish our first article concerning Bill Elder’s character.

Monday, April 10, 2017

At a recent In-service meeting Elder told everyone they needed to start campaigning to get 1A (read story) renewed or else “some hard decision are going to have to be made”. Our source stated they were sure this did not mean trimming the fat at the top or ceasing the insane amount of frivolous promotions.  Rather, the implications are there will be pay cuts and layoffs.  Pretty sure Larry Borland, Janet Huffor, Brian McPike, and command staff have nothing to worry about. Read story

We are confused; Didn’t Bill Elder say he had a plan to get everyone “hooked” on 1A funds so they will support renewing it?  Here is what we reported last month;

Sources tell us employees are both “furious” and “laughing” over what Bill Elder said in the in-service meeting yesterday.  Some are getting concerned about what is going to happen when the 1A funds go away.  No worries, Bill Elder told everyone his plan;  he is going to give a little 1A money to all the small fire districts around the county and get them dependent on 1A funds so they will support extending the tax initiative.  As he put it, give them a taste of “Crack” (cocaine) so they will want more.

It our understanding Elder was told giving funds to area fire districts would be illegal so he’s starting to panic because the odds of getting 1A renewed are going down.  BothEPSO and the county have wasted millions of taxpayer money.  The money train is leaving in a couple years.  It’s our understanding Bill Elder does not care because he has other plans.  He and his cronies are laughing all the way to the bank while employees, who are dedicated to protecting our community, are getting screwed.

The Grim Reaper has arrived  … and his name is Bill Elder.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Chief Mitch Lincoln was investigated for theft in 2014.  Read Story.  

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tomorrow morning, DirtyElder.com will be releasing a story concerning criminal activity and corruption by Bill Elder’s command staff.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

We finally confirmed what “documents” they were talking about in the Gazette.  They are the Internal Affairs (IA) files for Sergeants Gerhart and Kull.  We just received information from someone who got it directly from Lisa Kirkman.  It appears both of their IA files were sealed in the lawsuit settlement agreement. Read Story You know; the one that got them tons of money from the county to keep quiet. Why does Bill Elder not want us to publish the information in these reports?  Why are they so concerned about the truth getting out?  We thought Bill Elder wanted to be the most transparent Sheriff ever? Read Story.

Well, we have good news and we have bad news.  Good news; we do not have the IA files and will not publish them if we ever do get them, you have our promise on that.  Bad news; there is no reason to publish them because we have the entire criminal case file (and we did not get it from Maketa).  Here is the proof.  EPSO Case 13-16435.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Gazette wrote an article about a routine court hearing for Terry Maketa.  For some reason they found it necessary to reference our website.  Read Story.  We appreciate it because every time they do our hits go way up and more people find out the truth about Bill Elder.  We are over 100,000 hits and climbing.

Because of their reference we feel the need to clarify.

This website is dedicated to the employees of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and its purpose is to “Expose the truth about Bill Elder”.  Our goal is to publish reliable and verified information. If we find something is not accurate we will correct it.  We have done it before and will again if necessary.  Please read our disclaimer on our homepage (at the bottom).

We have made it clear we do not talk about our sources.  This is a promise we have made to everyone who has contacted us.  We will NEVER confirm or deny any source to anyone.   There are many people supporting this website; they have various opinions. We only care about Bill Elder and getting to the truth about his corruption. We believe this story was nothing more than an attempt to redirect attention away from Bill Elder and discredit our website.

What is Bill Elder trying to hide?  What are they so afraid of in these documents?  Are they trying to prevent proof of Bill Elder’s corruption getting out?  It is our understanding Bill Elder quit the Sheriff’s Office back in the 90s when asked to take a polygraph during an investigation against him.  Could they be trying to hide why he was being investigated?

We continue to research and obtain information concerning Bill Elder, his leadership team, and their corruption.

Monday, March 27, 2017

It’s now our understanding Bill Elder does not make a move without approval from the county attorney’s office.  Maybe El Paso County attorney Amy Folsom should set up an office at EPSO? Too much work for just Lisa Kirkman?   Recently a supervisor accused of sexual harassment was transferred to the same shift as the victim. This is clearly retaliation and intimidation against the victim.   If the past is any example; they will continue to abuse, harass, and intimidate her until she quits or gets an attorney.  The county commissioners are still publicly supporting Elder; however, the rumor is they are quietly looking into all the corruption.  The problem is, Bill Elder’s mess will most likely effect the county commissioners when they start handing out large amounts of taxpayer money in lawsuit settlements.  We hear more lawsuits are on the way.  We will keep you informed.

Friday, March 24, 2017

We hear Bill Elder is pretty busy today.   Is he trying to stop the bleeding?   We received information from a source close to Elder that Amy Folsom, the county attorney, recommended the elimination of EPSO’s HR department and to let County HR handle everything.  Was this to try to move the focus away from Elder and let county quietly investigate? If HR is going to investigate everything from now on why have Internal Affairs?  Are the county commissioners getting nervous and questioning what is going on at EPSO? The next few weeks could be interesting.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Is Bill Elder losing control over the entire office?  When people don’t respect you they tend to do whatever they want.  Plus, when they know you are corrupt and they have information against you concerning that corruption they know there is nothing you can do and you have to protect them.  There are so many people inside EPSO that know of Elder’s corruption that Elder cannot discipline anyone.  This is how corruption grows and grows.  All of his cronies can do whatever they want because they know Elder will do nothing about it. It’s like having a mistress who is threatening to tell your wife about the affair.  Once you get in bed with corruption you can’t get out.  Bill Elder knows he needs to clean house to restore integrity to the office, but he can’t.

There is nothing Elder can do because too many people know where the bodies are buried. So Bill Elder will continue to allow the corruption to grow and he will do everything he can to protect the people behind it.  So the lawsuits will continue to go up and morale will continue to go down.  The only thing that has changed is that everything is now out in the open.  Not only does Bill Elder know he is corrupt; everyone else does too.  And there is much more to come.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Did Bill Elder jeopardize a homicide investigation to try to save money? READ STORY.

Tuesday, March 14,2017

Does Sheriff Bill Elder take Sexual Harassment Serious? READ STORY.  Read how Commander Rob King and Lt. William Huffor in the 3rd shift briefing at CJC intimidated all female employees at EPSO.  Yet another example of corruption at EPSO.

Monday, March 13, 2017

In the last two months we have written 16 articles concerning Bill Elder’s corrupt administration.  We have also written many daily updates showing the terrible work environment.  We have shown management by intimidation, unchecked sexual harassment by supervisors, unmeasurable nepotism, fraud, and a complete lack of transparency.  Without a doubt Bill Elder is corrupt and something needs to be done about it. We are confident in time all the facts will come out and the media, to include the Gazette, will finally see the light and do some investigative reporting.  It also takes brave people to step forward and say enough is enough.

We have many more articles to write.  We still have not published the biggest stories concerning corruption at EPSO and by Bill Elder.   These stories will be the largest and most shocking.   However, due to the complexity of the upcoming articles, we do not anticipate any new stories for the next few weeks.  We hope to provide updates and news when and if it happens.

Continue to send us information and documents.

FYI.  We have had over 80,000 hits since starting this website.  The word and the numbers continue to grow!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Made a few phone calls and did a little research.   It appears Bill Elder does not know what he is talking about.  The 1A tax initiative is very clear what the money can be used for and it does not include distributing some of it to local fire districts.  The money has to be spent on staff, equipment, training, etc for EPSO or OEM (still part of the county).   So, Elder is either planning on breaking the law (again) or he is knowingly misleading his staff.  If he is planning on purchasing items through the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and then giving it to local fire districts he is still breaking the law.   We will be watching and see what he does.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sources tell us employees are both “furious” and “laughing” over what Bill Elder said in the in-service meeting yesterday.  Some are getting concerned about what is going to happen when the 1A funds go away.  No worries, Bill Elder told everyone his plan;  he is going to give a little 1A money to all the small fire districts around the county and get them dependent on 1A funds so they will support extending the tax initiative.  As he put it, give them a taste of “Crack” (cocaine) so they will want more.

Bill Elder, without using names, explained how Bill Huffor did not sexually harass a female employee at the jail.  Why did he feel the need to defend Bill Huffor (yet again)? Thought IA’s were confidential? Why is Elder still trying to convince everyone Bill Huffor is not a sexual predator?  Bill Elder must think everyone is stupid.  Why would a supervisor “pat down” a female deputy for contraband?  There are female deputies EVERYWHERE at the jail.  He could have easily had another female deputy come over and pat her down. Would a supervisor who is alone with a female deputy ever think it would be okay to grope them using the excuse they were just patting them down?   His story is completely BS!   RELEASE THE VIDEO!   Bill Elder is not fooling anyone and the longer this goes on the worse it’s going to get.

Are Chief Lincoln, Commander King, and Commander DeLuca intimidating female employees who complain? Is this becoming the normal process?

CJC Sexual Harassment Response Team?

Bottom line: Do female employees at the Jail feel safe? Would they feel comfortable making a complaint?

Explain this;  Why were Lt Ross and Lt Huffor both protected, but the most recent Sgt. demoted?

Who speaks for the victims?

We hear Lisa Kirkman made statements suggesting she is not happy with the current situation.  Is she tired of cleaning up Bill Elder’s messes?  Did she not sign up for this?  Is she looking for a new job?

Is the house of cards starting to fall?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Other than Bill Elder; people have requested we do stories on Janet Huffor,  Bill Huffor, Cliff Porter, Mitch Lincoln, Larry Borland, and Joe Breister.  But by far the most requested is Janet Huffor.  Without a doubt she is “The most hated person at EPSO”.  It’s surprising how many have commented about her and Cliff Porter. If this was a vote, they would be the prom Queen and King.

So not knowing Janet Huffor we wondered how someone could become that hated in just 2 years?  We believe this photograph will put some light on the subject.  We were provided this picture from a source close to both Elder and Huffor. We confirmed it was on Janet Huffor’s Facebook page. This goes to her character.  We were told about her arrogance and egotism, but this proves it.  We received information that pretty much the entire office and command staff wants her and Larry Borland gone.   Many complain that both are unprofessional and use intimidation routinely when dealing with staff.  We were told that people don’t even want to ride in the elevator with Janet.  In fact, at last year’s command staff retreat, Bob McDonald brought up the issues concerning Janet Huffor with the entire team. But instead of dealing with it;  Janet left the room in tears and the subject was dropped. McDonald was (and is) not the only person on command staff who has issues with Janet Huffor.

So, Bill Elder, if you are serious about changing the climate and environment at the office; we suggest three names; Larry Borland, Janet and Bill Huffor.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Did Sheriff Bill Elder Provide False and Misleading Information to AG Coffman?  Read Latest Story

Monday, March 6, 2017

Does the Colorado Springs Gazette report the facts; or do they have an agenda and”filter” the news?   Read their story and then read our response.  READ OUR RESPONSE

This comment was posted on the Gazette’s website for their story.

The Colorado Springs Gazette deleted the above comment.  So, it appears their “filtering” of the news also includes censoring of community comments.  So the Gazette believes in suppressing free speech.  Shouldn’t the news media be all about the 1st amendment? Or is that just for them? You might want to hurry up and go read all the other comments before the Gazette deletes them all. Link to Comments.

Friday, March 3, 2017

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

We have obtained information that suggests favoritism in the Lieutenant promotions; Anyone surprised?  We are also hearing from a source close to Elder that an announcement should be coming shortly.  Was there a reason Cliff Porter was hanging out at the Jail?  We will give more details in the future.

We continue to receive information Bill Elder is telling everyone there was no truth to the Sexual Harassment allegation against Bill Huffor.  If that’s true and the investigation has been completed; why haven’t we seen the video? It’s our understanding EPSO has denied multiple CORA requests for it.  Is there a pattern of intimidation towards the female employees who have made the complaints?  Are female employees afraid of retaliation if they come forward?

Why is IA no longer investigating sexual harassment allegations? Why is county HR doing the investigations?

We were told there have been approximately 16 retirements since the beginning of the year. It’s hard to keep up with them all.

Is everything falling apart?  There are so many more stories coming…  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It’s our understanding Lt. Huffor is going to be transferred to day shift where he will, yet again, be in the direct chain of command of the female employee who accused him of sexual harassment.  But don’t worry, it’s okay.  According to a source close to Bill Elder, the IA report was changed to show the sexual harassment allegation “Unfounded”.   As it turns out, it’s just as easy to change an IA report as it is a Lieutenant Banding list.  Is it also just as easy to have command staff intimidate the victims to keep them quiet?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We just reviewed the patrol roster for February.  There are only 67 Deputies on the schedule.  There were 77 in a staffing/funding spreadsheet we obtained from an inside source.  So, are there 10 less Patrol Deputies than last fall?  Is Elder serious about protecting the community or his Deputies?  Something appears to be very wrong at EPSO.   Instead of baiting Deputies into talking about “dirtyelder.com” in last week’s in-service meeting; maybe Elder should apologize about the nepotism and intimidation.

We just updated the article from yesterday.  Read Updated Story

What is going on with EPSO?  They are getting rid of HR?  We are looking into it.

Also, your Letters/Emails to the news media is working,  please continue sending anonymous emails with information about the environment.  They have contacted us and requested individuals provide an anonymous email account so they can ask questions.  We would not recommend providing your name unless you feel completely comfortable they will keep your identity secret.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Is Bill Elder putting Deputy’s lives at risk so he can pay his campaign supporters big salaries? Read how the 1A money is being spent.  As an employee do you believe Elder is spending the money wisely?  What is going to happen in 3 years? READ STORY.

Friday, February 24, 2017

We hear all the talk at the office is about “DirtyElder.com”.   A source close to Elder told us he told Command Staff to stay off the website and stop talking about it.  But later another source overheard two commanders talking about it and one asked the other if they had recently visited the site.  The other acknowledged they knew Elder told them not to visit the site, but he couldn’t help it and checks the site daily.   It’s nice to know we have avid readers on the command staff.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why is Bill Elder reviewing old IA investigations?  A source close to Elder tells us it’s so he can change history concerning one of his buddies he wants to promote.  At this point everyone knows the Elder administration is completely corrupt so nothing is surprising.  Elder has created a hostile work environment driven by nepotism and intimidation.
We have also learned the sexual harassment case against Bill Elder and the Sheriff’s Office is not going well. READ STORY From what we hear the only thing in question at this point is how many ZEROs are going to be on the check.  Are negotiations to settle underway?  A civil trial would be very embarrassing for Elder because he would have to answer, under oath, questions about all the corruption and retaliation against employees.  It’s okay to have rumors, but do you think Elder wants to testify under oath?   Plus, would there be concerns that if he swears to tell the truth his pants might catch fire or even worse lightning my strike causing damage to the court house?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Concerning our article we released yesterday about the KRW contract. We received additional information concerning Larry Borland and Lorne Kramer.  Read the updated story.  New information is posted at the bottom of the story.  More evidence of corruption. Read Story

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Remember Elder’s promise to have a forensic audit of the budget if he was elected? Remember how he said he wanted to be completely transparent? Watch Video.  He’s been in office for over two years.  Has there been a forensic audit?  Is Bill Elder completely open and transparent with the public? We still have not seen the video from Bill Huffor’s sexual harassment case. Read Story. Then read follow up story. Why is Elder not being honest?  What (all) is he trying to hide? So far, this website has shown multiple allegations of sexual harassment, over 16 examples of “pay for play“, inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars (1A), and that the Department of Justice “froze” federal funding for 5 months due to yet unknown reasons. Does this not show a pattern of corruption by Bill Elder and his leadership?  Not enough?  Read the latest story.  Still not convinced?  Stay tuned …

Monday, February 20, 2017

For those of you who get the day off; enjoy.  For those having to work; thank you for your service.   We will be publishing a new article Tuesday morning at 7:00 am.  New subject that shows even more corruption and pay for play by Bill Elder.  We are also working on a follow-up story that should bring down the whole house of cards.

Friday, February 17, 2017

We hope everyone has a great time tonight at the awards banquet.  We hear there might be a new award given out to a supervisor this year.  “Most sexual harassment allegations”.  There could be a lot of competition.

It’s our understanding the county attorney will be giving sexual harassment training in inservice this year.  Will they be teaching how to prevent it or cover it up?  Do you think maybe this training should be given to command staff and supervisors first?   Maybe they will be teaching you how to take it and keep quiet.  Was this training added because of statements made on this website?

Bill Elder has created an environment of complete corruption where this type of behavior is not only accepted but expected.  You can’t blame this on the previous administration, Elder owns this 100%. We need to drain the swamp.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

It appears sexual harassment has become a sport at the Sheriff’s Office.  Yet another case.  And guess who’s in charge of dealing with the most recent situation; Commanders Rob King and Tom Deluca.  It is our understanding they have already intimidated and punished the victim.  Well done, and good job!  That’s how you deal with sexual harassment; old school! Is the Sheriff’s Office going back to the 60s?  Is this how they are going to deal with females who complain about sexual harassment?  Is EPSO trying to see how many lawsuits they can have at the same time?  Are we in an episode of the Twilight Zone? Maybe female employees should tap their shoes together while saying; “there’s no place like home”


In 2015 there was an audit of the current environment at the Sheriff’s Office and one of the findings was concerning a problem with sexual harassment and they recommended additional training.  Did EPSO do anything?  We don’t know of any additional training.  In fact, it appears Bill Elder has done nothing to address any of the items listed in the report.  We encourage employees to read the following article from 2015 and then reflect if Elder has made things better or worse.  The most interesting statement in the article is; Elder said he expects to complete the report’s suggested items in about 18 months, including about 20 percent of them by September. About half of the recommendations, he said, will be achieved by the end of the year.”  It’s been 18 months, what has change?  Full story to come this Tuesday morning at 7:00 am.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DO NOT USE ANY TECHNOLOGY AT EPSO FOR PERSONAL USE.  We have received information they are still trying to figure out who is behind this website.  Set your technology to use “Data” so they can’t track you.  The “Witch hunt” continues…

We heard about the Sheriff’s Advisory Council Meeting last week.  Is it appropriate use of Taxpayer money to let Janet Huffor waste 30 minutes of the meeting to cry about how her husband is a “great guy” and how he is being falsely accused?  We’re past that; the IA was sustained. Read Story. That is a FACT.  If nothing happened why hasn’t the sheriff’s Office released the video? They’ve already admitted the video is relevant to the case. Let’s have a look at it and his IA file.  Plus, it’s our understanding Bill Elder was in the meeting.  Did he let her lie in public?  He knows the IA was sustained and he let her tell everyone it was unfounded.   Are we suppose to feel sorry for Janet Huffor? She makes over 90k, gets extra vacation, takes trips to San Diego with her husband on taxpayer money, and treats everyone with disrespect and contempt !   Word of the day; KARMA

WHAT ABOUT THE REAL VICTIMS?  who speaks for them?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It’s our understanding multiple media outlets have requested information from EPSO concerning the freezing of the SIF accounts. Read Story.  As of 5:00 pm, Jackie Kirby has not provided any answers. So why is the sheriff who promised to be the MOST transparent not being transparent? Read full story  Has anyone seen Bill Elder lately?

Earlier today we received a tip that an investigation of Sexual Harassment against J.D. Ross was completed and sustained.  Normally this would not be a big news item; but there are two interesting facts.  Ross was not demoted, but he was transferred.  It would have looked bad if they demoted Ross shortly after William Huffor was not demoted for the exact same thing.  But they did transfer Ross; so why didn’t they transfer Huffor?   In both cases the victims were in the direct chain of command.  Could it be they still do not want to admit Huffor’s guilt?  Are they still trying to cover it up?  Fyi,  the rumor is J.D. Ross is going to switch with L. Harrell.   A memo should be coming shortly.

Reorganization Memo

We received a copy of the memo sent yesterday announcing the reorganization due to Bob McDonald retiring.  We equate this to “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”.  It seems like everyone eligible for retirement is heading for the lifeboats.

Last week’s Command Staff Meeting

Monday, February 13, 2017

Is EPSO being Investigated by DOJ? Read Story

UPDATE: We want to apologize to Ms Frank for the story we published.  We have since found out the information was not accurate.  Although we received the information from multiple sources we have since learned through another very reliable source Ms Frank does have substantial experience and use to work at the courthouse.  Our goal is to always provide accurate information so we wanted to clear this up.  Again we apologize for the misinformation and to Ms Frank.  We have removed the story.

We encourage anyone to contact us if they believe we have received incorrect information.

Friday, February 10, 2017

It appears everyone is either retiring or thinking about retiring. Earlier this week we heard Lt. Burns turned in his paperwork to retire.  Lt Burns has extensive experience in Law Enforcement and specifically Investigations.  He probably has more experience working major crimes and homicides than any other person currently working at the Sheriff’s Office.  So why did Elder ship him off to the jail? Why were both Lt. Burns and Lt. McMoran (who also recently retired) not allowed to test for the Investigations’ Lt position? Why did Elder give the position to a Lt who had ZERO experience in investigations?  Maybe Burns should have contributed to Elder’s campaign?

Why is everyone retiring?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rumors are flying that Lincoln is staying at CJC, Shannon is going to run LE, and Elder is going to have Larry Borland run all ADMIN.  Is Elder running out of money for all his buddies? Is this website getting him worried? We have much more to come about the Budget.

Is Sgt. Porter Investigating us? Is Bill Elder trying to silence this website using Sheriff’s office personnel? Has the official “Witch Hunt” begun?  Read Story.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

DirtyElder.com is now fully Encrypted.  We upgraded this morning with multiple security enhancements to protect from hackers.  You can now be assured all communication to/from our website is secure.

Our plan was to write one story a week and provide a couple updates throughout the week.  However, because of all the emails from employees with information it’s becoming hard to organize all the topics and focus on individual stories.   At one story a week we are already at 6-7 months worth of articles.  Many time sensitive stories are pushing others back but we will get to them all.  To answer one commonly asked question; yes, we are planning stories on most of the command staff personnel and a few others. Many of the stories will be enlightening.

Reading all the emails we were surprised at the number of requests to write about Jackie Kirby and her 18 year old son, who with no experience, received a job paying 45K a year at the jail.  We were completely unaware of this situation and surprised how many employees are upset over this.  Our sources tell us there were others who applied with more experience and qualifications, but of course who got the job? We are hesitant to criticized any child for taking candy from Bill Elder.  Honestly, after seeing Elder give away 3.3 million of taxpayer dollars to all his friends it’s hard to get overly excited about him giving 45k to the child of the PIO.

We wonder how, with all the chiefs and no indians, does anything get done?  Is the Sheriff’s Office in the business of law enforcement or just the business of employing Elder’s buddies?

UPDATE:  Is the DAB really dead? or is it being resurrected? Full story coming soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How much money will Elder waste? Read Editorial (02/07/17)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Last night, shortly after we announced we were going to put up two articles this morning we received a major attack on our website.   This attack continued for over 11 hours and stopped shortly after we put the articles up.  Coincidence? This is the second major attempt to hack into our website.  Who would want to do that?  What’s to gain?  There is no financial information.  Let’s think who would want to shut us down?   For publicly stating they don’t care about our website we sure are getting a lot of attention.   We are seriously concerned about retaliation.

UPDATE: The cyber attacks continue… We were provided information from a source close to Elder that Bill Huffor might be involved. It’s our understanding he ran Elder’s campaign website and worked in a tech group at EPSO, so he potentially has knowledge in this area.   We continue to attempt to track the perpetrators and defend your right to transparency.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

We have heard rumors for weeks about someone being forced out by Bill Elder.  We will publish the story on Monday morning.

“To sit back hoping that someday, some way, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last – but eat you he will”                Ronald Reagan

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Don’t miss our new article on Monday morning.  It will be the most interesting yet.  We are also working on another story that could be even bigger.  More documented proof of corruption and deception.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Let’s review the first two years with Bill Elder as Sheriff.  Watch his video on YouTube where he says to come up to the 5th floor and say “Hello” and that he will be coming around to all the buildings to meet everyone.  Has Bill Elder created an environment where you as employees feel comfortable and safe?  Do you feel comfortable going up to the 5th floor?   We know he has created a hostile work environment with intimidation and nepotism.  Every employee we have spoken with pretty much said the same thing.  They hate coming to work because of Bill Elder and his leadership team.  Everyone referenced someone in leadership as being corrupt, but the following names topped the list; Janet Huffor, Bill Huffor, Joe Breister, and Larry Borland.  We have received numerous emails with examples of intimidation and nepotism.  Please continue to send us emails with information.  Everything is anonymous.

We know supervisors have been directed to tell employees to stay off the website; but If there was nothing to hide it wouldn’t be a concern.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light”   George Washington

Thursday, February 2, 2017

“How’s LERMS working out?”  How much taxpayer money was spent on that project?  We hear you can’t even go back to RMS because you let the contract expire.  Is this another story for Pam?

“… ALL LERMS and MGFR training is postponed until further notice.  Problems developed in the CSPD cutover that made our training environment unstable and unreliable.”  Larry Borland

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Colorado Springs Independent wrote two stories concerning the poor management of the food services contract at the county jail; also known as the Criminal Justice Center (CJC).  It talks about the issues with the new food services vendor and references Commander Rob King, Chief Mitch Lincoln and Lt William Huffor.  It appears they are struggling to get a handle on the issues.  Maybe if less time was spent sexually harassing female employees at the jail, and then covering it up, they could focus on their jobs. Read Story1    Read Story2 

When will Bill Elder announce the results of the Lt. Huffor investigation?  Are both Lt. Huffor and Commander King being protected by Bill Elder? And why?  Should a Sheriff provide a safe work environment for his employees?

If there is/was no sexual harassment investigation concerning Lt. Huffor, why won’t Bill Elder release a video that has been requested by the media in multiple CORA requests.  Is he trying to hide something? When an elected official refuses to be transparent you know they are corrupt.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Recently Bill Elder said the following in an interview with the Gazette; “The Sheriff’s Office will do nothing to investigate who is behind the website, citing free speech rights ….” We have received information from many sources that would indicate otherwise.  Instead of trying to silence the messengers you should be fixing the corruption.  Does anyone care about the employees?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Read the latest article, “The scoop on the Disciplinary Action Board”.  Is Bill Elder protecting two sexual predators at the jail?  Why would a Sheriff re-hire a commander with many IA complaints? Should a Sheriff’s priority be to protect his employees, or hire his buddies no matter their background or history of complaints?  What would a true leader do?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Here is a free one for the media.  Why not check into Connor Borland?  The Gazette wrote an article about him.  He is the son of Larry Borland who is one of the ones who contributed to Bill Elder’s campaign and received a very high paying job ($111,500).   Why was Connor hired as a Deputy shortly after Elder took office?   Do a CORA request for all past applications submitted by Connor Borland.  It’s our understanding he applied before but was turned down because of multiple DUIs.  Why is it after Elder takes office he is now a good candidate? Why would a Sheriff’s hire someone with a history of multiple DUIs?  Was it because he was the son of one of his best friends?  Read the Gazette article.  HOW DID THAT WORK OUT?  Does Bill Elder take his responsibilities serious?  He is to protect our community, not give jobs to all his friends and their family.  He is to provide a safe workplace for his employees, not protect sexual predators.   Where does the corruption end?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We want to thank everyone for all the emails.  We appreciate the support.  We are working on more articles, however understand putting too much out too quickly is not optimal.  We need to put articles out and allow time for individuals to digest the information prior to putting out the next article that might change the subject.   Be patient if you are waiting for a particular subject to come up; it’s probably coming.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

There is a new article reference the 1A tax initiative passed by voters back in 2012.   This article presents evidence indicating Bill Elder might not be following the law.  Read Article 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Do you know how every position is funded in the Sheriff’s Office?   Our understanding is 1A funds were approved by the voters to put more deputies on the street and provide for more training and equipment.   We’ve already been told there is about the same number of deputies on the street as there was before 1A was passed.  So, where is all the money going?  We are taking a close look and hope to have more details soon.  But here is a teaser.  Did you know 100% of Special Ops (except for Civil Unit) is now funded with 1A funds? So, if these special funds, which are going away in the future, were to go away today Elder could not fund the CRU, Traffic, K-9, Mounted, Rural Enforcement, Community Impact, Crime Prevention, or School Resource Officers.  The only team remaining in Special Ops would be the Civil Unit.  40 positions are 1A funded. Even Commander Kramer is funded with 1A funds.  We are also trying to figure out why 3 I.T. positions, to include the manager, are funded with 1A funds.  How are they directly involved in protecting our community?  Is Bill Elder diverting 1A funds to pay for positions that use to be funded by the general fund so he can fund other high paying administration positions filled by individuals who donated to his campaign?   Don’t forget, as many as 18 individuals will financially gain up to 3.3 Million dollars by Elder’s election.  Got to pay for it somehow. Read the Article

Did you know 53% of Detectives and 40% of Patrol Deputies are now funded by 1A funds? Ouch!

Get a copy of the “Position Control Roster”.  It shows every position by name and how it’s funded. We will release the entire document in the future.

Bonus:  slides from a presentation given by Bill Elder recently.  The numbers speak for themselves. PST= 1A Funds

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Did you know that Bill Elder changed policy effective January 1, 2016 so Lieutenants and above earn more Sick and Vacation hours than SGTs and below?  This obviously shows Elder cares more about his buddies on staff than the individuals who actually put their lives on the line everyday.  Could this new policy be in violation of County Policy?  Someone should do a CORA request and ask for the policy on Sick and Vacation.    We have a copy of the new policy.  Why didn’t Elder publicly announce the change? Did Elder not want all employees to know?  So, employees who are making over 90K a year get more vacation time.  Wow, does that seem fair?  Do they deserve more vacation time than someone who has remained a Deputy for 20 years working the street or the Jail?  Just more vacation time for the Huffors to spend all that money their buddy Bill Elder gave them.  The corruption just keeps going and going…

Here is the policy for Lieutenants (or equivalent) and above.  0-4 years, 4.6155 hours accrued bi-weekly for a total of 120 hours a year, 5-9 years, 6.1536 bi-weekyl for a total of 160 hours a year; 10-14 years, 200 hours a year, 15+ years, 240 hours a year.  This policy change also obligates additional funds from the county. More taxpayer dollars for his campaign donors.

What other policies has Bill Elder changed for his buddies?  We all know about changing the rules so Bill Huffor could test for Lt. and then changing it back afterwards.  He must think his employees are too stupid to notice. Or he just doesn’t care what they think.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A  few weeks ago we received information from a source that quite frankly we just could not believe. Because of their relationship with Elder, we felt it might be unreliable.  But recently, we received additional information from another source closer to Elder, that indicates the original information we received might be accurate.  This information suggests Elder is planning to run for Darryl Glenn’s County Commissioner’s seat in 2018.    We confirmed he is in the process of obtaining a residence in the proper district which would qualify him to run.   This might explain why Bill Elder is not concerned about 1A funds; because when it starts to fall apart in 2020 he would be a county commissioner.    We are still investigating and will provide additional information when we can…

Friday, January 20, 2017

Message to employees: It’s Friday, for so many people it’s the last day of the week and they look forward to relaxing the weekend and watching some football.  For many in Law Enforcement it also means the weekend, but for them it won’t mean relaxing.  Bill Elder and his command staff will be home relaxing in their big homes and watching their big screen TVs while many in the office will be working hard at the Jail or on the street.   Does Bill Elder remember what it’s like being a cop?  When was the last time he worked a Friday night on the street or pulled a shift in the Jail?   Does it appear Bill Elder cares about you; or does he care more about his Cronies?  Is he committed to providing female employees a safe work environment; or protecting his predator buddy?  Elder is showing his true colors.  How does Bill Elder make you feel?

Stories we are working on: Last fall we were told by an employee that they were told there was no more money for overtime or training.  As it turns out, at the same time Bill Elder sent the Huffors, the Shannons, and his secretary to San Diego for a week of RnR at a convention.  All paid for by the office.  Thousands of dollars that could have been used for training or overtime.   Someone needs to do a CORA request for all travel by Sheriff’s Office personnel in 2016. Make sure you get all information to include names and receipts for all travel expenses.   How can Bill Elder justify sending his Secretary to the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in San Diego ?  Why would Bill and Janet Huffor go together?  Sounds like a second honeymoon paid for by the office.  How nice for them.   We’re sure they deserved it more than training for actual cops. We heard up to $10,000 was spent on the trip.  Does Bill Elder actually understand what his role is as Sheriff? It’s not to give out 3.3 Million dollars to his friends.  So Corrupt. What is it going to take for the Media to investigate? Does the County Commissioners care?  They are responsible for the money.  Do an AUDIT!

What about the 1A money?  We have received some reports which clearly shows Bill Elder is moving sworn and non-sworn personnel to 1A funds to free up money to pay his Cronies.  We have the proof.   How else could Bill Elder pay for all his buddies’ salaries?  1A was suppose to put more cops on the street.  We just confirmed that Patrol has the same number of deputies on the street as they did before 1A.   Get the Staffing reports that includes all personnel by name.  Before 1A was passed, the average number of Deputies on the street during a shift was around 6-7, It went up to around 11-13 after 1A funds were received; now it’s back down to 6-7 again.  On January 11th there was a memo sent out by Lt. Deno saying that Jail staffing is at a “critical” level. How can that be with 1A funding?  WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?  DO AN AUDIT!

We are working on a complete story about 1A.  You will be shocked when you get all the facts!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, January 16, 2017

We have received information from sources that the Lieutenant’s promotion process which was used in 2016 included a process called a “Peer Review”.  This process allowed everyone being considered for promotion to rank everyone involved in the processes.  According to our source, when this process was completed and a banding list (The list ranking everyone) was created it was shown to Bill Elder.  He decided to change the process (after it was completed) and remove the “Peer Review” and asked that a new list to be created.  It appears this change greatly impacted one person’s rank on the promotion list.

We have decided to post the promotion lists with no commentary out of respect for the individuals named on the lists.  We believe this is pubic information and could be obtained via a CORA request anyway.   We were provided these two lists by an individual who wishes to remain unnamed due to concerns of possible retaliation.  We can not guarantee the accuracy of this information because there is no way to verify it.  You will need to decide if you believe the information being provided.   Link to promotion Lists

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Click on the link to view a redacted version of an anonymous Letter sent to Bill Elder, the County Commissioners, and local news media.  We redacted the name of the victim referenced in the letter for her privacy.  We are attempting to verify the statements made in this letter.   We were very shocked by what we have learned so far. We hope to publish more information about this event in the near future.