Saturday, January 5, 2019

Sometimes the picture says it all

Monday, December 24, 2018

Have a great Christmas and we will get back to exposing Elder’s Corruption after the first of the year.  We are confident he will continue doing what he always does; lie, deny, hide, and let it ride.  The most corrupt sheriff ever cannot change his ways.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder calls staff meeting to announce Carey as the next Undersheriff and brag about screwing former Sgt. Huntz

According to our sources Corrupt Sheriff Elder announced Pete Carey will be the next undersheriff.  He also was bragging they got money from former Sgt. John Huntz.  Maybe Elder should talk about the million plus dollars his corruption has caused the taxpayers in payouts since he took office?  There are many more lawsuits that have been filed.  Let’s see how those play out.

While the county is spending thousands of dollars in payouts covering for Elder’s incompetence and corruption; he’s bragging they got 8K. What an idiot! His stupidity is laughable.  What he doesn’t know is that his staff and employees are laughing behind his back.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder could be the stupidest person in El Paso County.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder was heard saying in the meeting; “Anyone who goes against this administration is going to pay’. Sound vindictive and corrupt?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is fooling no one.  Everyone knows he is the biggest liar and totally corrupt. It’s just fun to watch him make a fool of himself.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

County Attorney Folsom happy they got even with Huntz

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Elder’s master plan?  Check out the latest rumor about Elder’s plan.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Chief Carey admits Elder offered him a position at EPSO?

Police Chief Carey gave an interview to channel 5 and inadvertently admitted Corrupt Sheriff Elder has offered him a position. Of course the only position Carey would be interested in is Undersheriff. Watch what Carey says at the end of the video clip we have provided.  He states the following; “I haven’t made any decisions”.  There are no decisions to make if you haven’t been offered anything.  Why didn’t Carey just say; “At this point, there is nothing to consider because there are no offers”. (watch whole interview) It is clear from Carey’s comments Elder has offered him the Undersheriff position and he is considering it (if he has not already accepted).  So Corrupt Sheriff Elder has been caught lying to his employees; again!  We know Elder told his supervisors to tell employees Carey would not be the next Undersheriff.  It is still not a certainty; but it’s clear Elder made him the offer.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the biggest liar and most hated sheriff ever

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Latest rumor: Billy Huffor wants Chief Carey to be the next Undersheriff.  That way Carey can run for sheriff in 4 years.  Huffor realizes there is no way he can run for sheriff because of all the bad publicity around him and his wife (more coming).  Carey is the perfect choice because in 4 years he runs for Sheriff and that give Huffor more time to work up the chain and allows the bad publicity to fade away.  We hear they want Carey because everyone on the current command staff at EPSO is tainted and will not have as good of a chance running for sheriff in 2022.  What they don’t know is there are already some individuals on command staff (or Lieutenants) that are planning to run for sheriff in 4 years.   We know Chuck Kull plans to run for Sheriff.    Go look in Archives at October 6, 2018. We know of others, but do not want to reveal their names yet.

Things could get very interesting.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

All I want for Christmas is a new Undersheriff

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s old stomping grounds having same problems as EPSO?

It appears Fountain PD is having some problems of their own.  Remember that’s where Corrupt Sheriff Elder came from. Will Tommy Coates be coming back to EPSO? Maybe he will be the next Undersheriff?

Carey WILL be the next Undersheriff!

We got hammered yesterday by multiple sources who were adamant Chief Pete Carey will be the next undersheriff. Some so sure they were willing to bet their paycheck.  One employee told us they were 100% sure but when pressed would not tell us their source.  It sounded like they got it directly from Elder.  The part we find confusing is we know from other sources the Lieutenants and Sergeants were told directly from Elder and command staff to tell all the employees Carey would not be the next Undersheriff.  Why would Elder desperately want to get the word out that Carey will NOT be the next Undersheriff?  When have employees ever been told, by name, who would not be promoted or who was not selected for a position?  This makes us very suspicious about what is going on.

We can wait a couple months and see what happens.  We are patient; we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary next month. We will be here until Elder is no longer Sheriff.  Then we will see if we need to get a new website domain name for the next Sheriff. We are committed to exposing corruption.

Here will be the fun part.  What if Elder, after all the lies he has told employees and the public does it again and announces Carey as the next Undersheriff? No one in the office will ever trust him again and he will yet again prove he is the biggest liar ever!

We doubt Corrupt Elder or Carey really care what anyone thinks.  They are laughing all the way to the bank.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Breister out; Carey in?

Chief Carey announces he is retiring February 1, 2019?  This after Breister announced he’s retiring as undersheriff on January 31, 2019.  Are they just trying to set us up?  Bottom line; it doesn’t matter. Either way we will see what happens in a couple months. Either Carey will be announced as the next Undersheriff and we will have called it months in advance; or he won’t, and our story that Carey changed his mind because Elder so screwed things up will be right.

We know corrupt Sheriff Elder is still taking care of his old buddy because he recently promoted Carey’s son to sergeant even after an IA investigation recommended his termination.  Is this the same person who failed as a detective and had to be transferred back to patrol? It appears the more he screws up the more he advances.  IT’S CALLED CRONYISM! Why work hard, just suck up to Elder (or be the son of Corrupt Chief Carey).

Elder’s “little shop of horrors”

Here’s another point, Brad Shannon has been a buddy of Corrupt Elder since back when Elder worked in VNI and falsified all the timecards. (Is that why Sheriff Anderson transferred Elder to the jail? Did he figure out Elder was corrupt way back then?)  We heard Corrupt Sheriff Elder offered the Undersheriff position to Shannon. He’s not telling anyone because he does not want it to get out (like everything else does). WHOOPS; sorry “boozed up” Bill.  Guess that one got out too. You might have to pickup an extra bottle this weekend.

“Same circus, different clowns”

Sunday, November 25, 2018

According to Elder, he is not responsible?

All supervisors at EPSO are receiving leadership training (mainly Sgt and LTs).  During this training they are told the problem with employee morale is their fault; not Elder or his command staff. WTF? So Corrupt Sheriff Elder is taking no responsibility for all the chaos and poor work environment?  Who is giving jobs, promotions, and big salaries to his buddies? Who allowed Commander King to remain employed even after multiple complaints?  Who allows the Huffors to run amuck? Who, even after being shown a video of Lt. Huffor’s inappropriate sexual advances towards a female Deputy at the jail protected him and transferred the female? Who encouraged Billy Huffor to continue his inappropriate sexual behavior by only giving him a letter of counseling?  Who continues to allow Nepotism and Cronyism?  Who, as the leader of the agency continues the corruption and shows no integrity? True leaders take responsibility and lead.

Look at what Corrupt Sheriff Elder sent out in a memo last week.  He does not even list “Morale” as a concern.  Obviously, Elder does not think morale or treatment of staff is something that needs to be addressed in the next four years.

Let’s be clear; Corrupt Sheriff Elder is to blame for the low employee morale, the high attrition rate, and the dangerous work environment.

How many more deputies will be injured or killed; and female employees assaulted before Elder is held accountable?

It is clear by the overwhelming number of law suits filed against Elder; he is the most corrupt sheriff ever. Elder will cost taxpayers millions in payouts before he leaves office. (It’s already over a million dollars) He has completely lost control and the office is falling apart. But remember, according to him; the Sgts and LTs are to blame for everything.

Does Elder know most employees hate him and if things continue during his second term he will be known as the worst sheriff ever?  Is that why he is trying to re-write history and put all the blame on the supervisors. Everyone knows who is to blame.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the Homer Simpson of sheriffs

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder announces plans for second term

Wednesday, November 21 2018

We want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  To those working during the holiday; thank you for your service. For those whose lives have been ruined or adversely impacted by Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption; we are praying for you.  God bless our dedicated men and women who humbly serve our nation and our communities everyday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In case you missed it the first time.  Some doubted us that Bill and Janet Huffor actually filed a claim against the county.  Here it is. Read CS Independent article.

We recently received some interesting information.  Verifying and talking with counsel.

Friday, November 16, 2018

EPSO Facebook post highlights anniversary of unsolved homicide of female employee who corrupt Sheriff Elder was alleged to have been involved with at the time of her death

They cannot even write a simple Facebook post without lying.  She was not found by deputies, she was found by Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and Richard Hatch.    They imply a couple patrol deputies were sent to her house. Elder, who was a LT at the time asked Sgt. Hatch to go with him to go check on her.  Why did Elder want someone else with him?  Was it because he did not want to find the body alone?  Did he already know she was dead because he is the one who killed her?  Why does he still refuse to take polygraphs? Why did Elder sit on the crime scene for hours before calling CSPD? Read the whole story.

There should be a new re-investigation in the murder.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder, Richard Hatch, and anyone else who was on scene prior to CSPD should take a polygraph.   If they do find Elder’s DNA he will have an excuse.

How many skeletons are in Elder’s closet?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder creates a target rich environment for lawsuits

More reporting on all the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. According to our count there are now over a dozen employees (or previous employees) who have filed complaints against Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  Even Billy and Janet Huffor filed a complaint. When you’re corrupt you can expect lawsuits to follow.  The Gazette wrote about it. (PDF Version)

It appears the county is going to spend thousands of dollars defending itself from John San Agustin’s federal lawsuit for malicious prosecution. Read our article on the lawsuit. The CS Independent, undeniably the leader in exposing corruption at the Sheriff Office, wrote an article about all the lawyers the county hired.

County Attorney Amy Folsum

Here is an interesting fact; why is the county paying for former deputy Robert Jaworski’s attorney?  He was not a county employee when he allegedly provided false testimony to the grand jury.  They are not obligated to pay for his attorney. Could the county attorney, Amy Folsom be worried what he might say if they don’t provide him legal counsel? It is inappropriate and potentially illegal for the county to use taxpayer money to pay for his attorney.

We also found Amy Folsom’s statement interesting:

County Attorney Amy Folsom says the county is in the process of finalizing agreements with several law firms to represent various defendants. They need separate counsel because each person’s interest may run contrary to another’s.

This suggests everyone needs separate attorneys because they are going to start pointing fingers at each other. Could the sharks start feeding on each other?  It will be interesting if everyone, in hopes of saving themselves, starts accusing the others. Is there honor amongst thieves?

Looks like this lawsuit could become very interesting.

We will keep you informed.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Another lawsuit filed against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

Should Elder get use to testifying in lawsuits against him?

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder going for a baker’s dozen? It appears everyone is suing him. Is he the most sued Sheriff in El Paso County history?  It seems like it.  The county has handed out over a million dollars in payouts since Elder took office. Read more.

We are willing to make the following prediction; If re-elected, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will not complete his second term. Elder could be the first Sheriff RECALLED!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Let’s look at the numbers

The election is only 3 days away and it looks inevitable Corrupt Sheriff Elder will win re-election.  We would like to provide a couple facts to compare with the final results on Tuesday.  Terry Maketa had a challenger in the general election when he ran for re-election.  Maketa received 81% of the votes.  In the last election Elder received 163,618 votes.  It might be interesting to see what the results are this Tuesday. How many Republicans will leave the option for Sheriff blank? How many will vote for the Democrat with absolutely no experience over Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how EPSO Employees voted? Based on what we are hearing Elder would be lucky to get 10%. What a slap in the face when your own employees despise you?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder will not have a legacy of greatness.    He will always be known as the most corrupt sheriff ever.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Only 4 more days; everyone keep quiet and don’t do anything stupid

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s support falling fast

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

Back in June of 2018 Corrupt Sheriff Elder could only get 58% of republicans to support him for Re-Election. Only 8% saved him. Understand this was the fist time ever a first term republican sheriff in El Paso County ever had a primary challenger.  Since then the word about corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to get out. Many have stated; “if I only knew that back in June I wouldn’t have voted for him, I feel so stupid”. As more evidence of his corruption gets out his support drops.  By the end of his second term (if he lasts that long) everyone will know Sheriff Elder was the most corrupt sheriff ever; and the sheriff who got Micah Flick killed. He will also be known as the sheriff who protected the killers of Tom Clements.  Rumor has it the reason Elder refuses to take any polygraphs is because he is afraid it will expose his involvement in the Benefiel murder and other illegal behavior to include when he worked in VNI.

There’s more coming…

It is common knowledge corrupt Sheriff Elder is a compulsive liar.  He lies about everything.  We have documented numerous lies.  It’s even reach the point that Dirty DA Dan May can not lie for him any more.

Elder’s strategy is simple

LIE, DENY, HIDE, and let it RIDE

There is a reason everyone is leaving EPSO. Almost a 40% attrition rate since Elder took office.  The leadership does not want to be there “when it hits the fan” and employees do not want to work for a corrupt sheriff.  Elder has so bankrupted EPSO he now has to hire “non-sworn” deputies to man the jail.  He is about to SCREW all the deputies working at the jail because it is rumored he is going to have a PATROL only academy in the spring.  Plus Elder has shown he does not trust his own leadership because he is bringing in one of his old VNI buddies who only reached the rank of SGT at CSPD to be the next investigations’ Commander.  Looks like more unsolved homicides in the future.  There is no reason to work hard to get promoted you just needed to have stolen Elder’s IA file or “get under his desk”.  The only word that should still be on EPSO badges is Loyalty.  Someone needs to remove honesty and unity because that is no longer required.

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is following through on his sexist statement made prior to taking office. He will not have any Females on his command staff. Never have; never will! Does Elder believe women are just for sex and you eliminate them if they become inconvenient?

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Is everyone leaving the sinking ship?


You know you’re in trouble when your attorney is sued for unethical behavior and within two weeks quits on you. Corrupt Sheriff Elder announced that EPSO legal advisor Lisa Kirkman, who was overheard months ago saying; “I didn’t sign up for this Shit!”, is going back to county and they are going to send over another attorney to replace her.  Rumor is she could not take all the corruption by Elder and his leadership.  Will the new guy put up with all the corruption? Seems like everyone is leaving.  Is Elder trying to clean house?  It won’t work because too many people know where the bodies (or IA file) is buried.

Bill Elder’s IA file folder

Friday, October 26, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has Bankrupted the Sheriff’s Office; wants Millions more of your money for his Cronies

“Bankrupted” Bill Elder

If you are filling out your ballot make sure you vote NO on 1A.  Take away “Bankrupted” Bill’s money.  It’s one way to stop him from wasting more taxpayer money. It will force him to spend our money wisely. Don’t reward bad behavior.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has stolen millions from 1A.

1A was established to put more “boots on the ground”.  Basically put more deputies on the street and in the jail. Did you know there are less Sworn Deputies on Patrol now than when Elder took office? You are paying an extra 20 million a year in taxes and there are less Deputies now than when Corrupt Sheriff Elder took office.  WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING!  And he wants you to keep paying for less safety?  This makes no sense. Pay more for less.  Elder is stealing our money and he is asking us to keep paying him.  It’s like a SCAM that keeps taking your money.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is scamming our community out of 20 million a year and is giving the money to his cronies.  We are not getting more deputies for the money; don’t be fooled. 

Is this the only thing Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder cares about?

Stop the scam; VOTE NO ON 1A

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Carey does not want the job anymore?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is going out of his way to make sure everyone in the office is told Pete Carey will NOT be the next undersheriff. All the Lieutenants were told to brief their people. Is Elder doing this because of us?  Didn’t he say he does not visit our website? IP traces would say otherwise.  We get many hits from “El Paso County” every work day.  If what Corrupt Sheriff Elder is saying is true it means we could still have undersheriff Billy Huffor in a few months.  So, it could be worse. Is Elder having to make changes because of us?

Ask yourself this question; “when was the last time you were briefed someone would not be joining the Sheriff’s Office?”  Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder chasing his tail trying to stop all the leaks? Is Elder losing control? We know he is losing his mind.  According to a source, Elder is livid over all the leaks.  It appears the office leadership is falling apart.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  Everyone is tired of the corruption and they just want Elder to leave. It appears people cannot get out the door fast enough.


Breister is OUT!

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants to get all the information out before we announce it.  He just announced Undersheriff Breister is out on January 31, 2019.  Guess what; that’s not the legendary information we know.  Keep trying… you’re getting warm.

We just got word they announced Gillespie’s promotion this morning.  Remember you got the scoop here first! We know what is happening on the 5th floor shortly after Corrupt Elder does. Corruption does not like the light. We know more secrets, but all in good time.

Our latest news will be, wait for it …….. legendary!

Yet another Article about DA May and Sheriff Elder’s Corruption

More evidence of the unethical malicious prosecution of John San Agustin.  It appears only the CS Independent is interested in reporting corruption within both the DA’s office and the Sheriff’s Office. The Gazette (Lance Benzel) should have to file in kind contributions to Corrupt Elder’s re-election campaign for his articles. His stories are so bias they read like campaign brochures.  He has no commitment to fair and balanced reporting. We have not lost faith in Kaitlin Durbin. She appears to want to be fair and is willing to write the truth.  You can tell from Lance’s articles he still cannot get over the results of the Maketa trials. It’s getting harder and harder for him to write articles that make Corrupt Sheriff Elder look competent. Based on his recent articles he should start writing fiction. We all know Elder is the county Jester.

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

It’s going to be hard to wait a couple years for the San Agustin lawsuit to make it to trial.  So much corruption will be exposed! We are confident when it’s all said and done, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will be exposed for the person he is; an unethical politician with no integrity.  BTW – we hear more lawsuits are coming. You can bet the local civil attorneys love Elder. There are so many lawsuits they are having to bring in lawyers from Denver.

Let the Sheriff Elder lawsuit games begin! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Will Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s second term go just like Nixon’s?

Sometimes the truth is inconvenient

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Gillespie to Commander?

Commander Evil?

According to our sources, Lt. Cy Gillespie is telling everyone Corrupt Sheriff Elder told him he is going to be promoted to Commander in the near future.  He also told him not to tell anyone; Whoops! Obviously Elder is not promoting him because he can keep a secret.   We will see if the rumor is true.  We were told by sources Cy has been one of the worst supervisor in investigation’s history and is partly responsible for the high “unsolved” homicide rate.  We were also told Gillespie himself stated he had no experience in investigations and questioned his transfer.

Would it make perfect since for Elder to promote him?  No experience, hated by all, terrible supervisor; the perfect choice for Elder?  If he started sexually harassing women he might go directly to chief; maybe undersheriff.

We have another huge bombshell we are verifying.  Stay tuned…

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Elder back at his old tricks of “pay for Play”?

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

Is Elder selling positions for campaign contributions? When is Breister finally going to leave?  Has the reputation of the Huffors changed? This and more rumors in our most recent article concerning Sheriff Elder’s Corruption. Read the article.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

More evidence of Corruption and unethical malicious prosecution exposed in latest lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

John San Agustin Sues Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder, DA Dan May and others for 10 Million Dollars

You have to read the lawsuit that was filed this week in federal court by John San Agustin’s attorneys. Complaint.  We will have more soon…

We hear Corrupt Sheriff Elder is thinking about allowing all Sr. Deputies assigned to the jail go directly to Patrol without having to test. We find this interesting and will look into it. More later…

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Everyone be quiet until after the election

We’ve heard Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants everyone quiet until after the election.  No more corruption and no one does anything stupid for a while. Elder has not been showing up to meetings and events.  He is hiding under his desk. Elder knows every time he opens his mouth he gets caught in a lie or says something stupid.  Elder is scared to death the 1A renewal will not pass.  He needs that money to keep paying his cronies.   Understand this, 42% of Republicans did not want to see Elder re-elected.  There is a chance 1A will not be renewed because the word is out on Elder’s corruption.  We obviously encourage everyone to vote NO on 1A because this is one way to curb Elder’s corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer money.

We also hear Corrupt Sheriff Elder does not want to announce any promotions until after the election as well.  He knows promoting Huffor will cause more anger and NO votes for 1A.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just be honest?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Only Two Names Left

Rodney Gehrett announced his retirement at the end of the month.  Only two names are left on the list we published earlier this year.  Almost everyone on Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s original command staff has left. Rumor has it Brad Shannon will be next and Joe Breister will be last.  Is Chief Carey ready to join the corruption club?

Saturday, October 6, 2018

I got next!

Confirmed LIAR Chuck Kull wants to be the next sheriff

Charles Kull
Charles Kull

The Colorado Springs Independent dropped a bombshell late yesterday afternoon. It appears Lt. Chuck Kull,  best known for his many Internal Affairs investigations and conveniently forgetting some of them under oath during Maketa’s original trial, wants to be the next sheriff. Read emails.

Read our article concerning Lt. Kull’s testimony during the Maketa trial.

This makes total sense. Sheriff Elder is corrupt, a confirmed liar, committed perjury under oath, lived with a women he was not married to, had financial problems, is arrogant, only cares about money, treats staff inappropriately, and is hated by most employees.

Is Lt. Kull the PERFECT replacement for Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Corruption leads to more corruption

Is this the beginning of all the rats attacking each other to get in line to replace Corrupt Sheriff Elder?  Based on the email from Elder to Kull is sounds like Elder might not finish his second term.  Do the Sharks smell blood in the water?

It’s time to clean up EPSO

It appears we might need to start doing some reporting on those interested in being the next sheriff.  If someone expresses an interest in being the next sheriff should we provide the public with all the relevant information on their character and work history?

Is there any Light at the end of the tunnel? Hang in there, more evidence of corruption is coming…

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We hear there was some yelling and screaming on the 5th floor yesterday around lunch time.  Is someone a little upset? Not getting their beauty sleep? Did someone pee in Elder’s Wheaties? Too many leaks in the office?

We were contacted by multiple employees who told us things are falling apart and Elder looks really bad.  Is the stress of being exposed as a liar and corrupt getting to him?  Is he drinking more?

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder having a Bad year?

Elder can not enforce discipline because everyone knows all about his corruption.  The list of cronies who could expose him is huge and Elder has no choice but to let them do whatever they want.

Monday, October 1, 2018

The madhouse at the jailhouse continues

Last week Sgt. Wright harassed a Deputy working in the jail to the point he turned in his stuff and walked out. This poor deputy who was frustrated over the required weekly unpaid overtime was expressing his concerns to Sgt. Wright who started yelling at him and told him if he didn’t like it to just leave; which he did.  Right in the middle of the shift, in the middle of a ward in front of inmates and on video.  As bad as things are, Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s thugs should probably not harass deputies.  There are not that many left. Elder admitted during a recent interview his supervisors are not trained.  This would be a good example of that.  Any chance Corrupt Sheriff Elder will review the video or talk with the Sgt? Probably not.  If Elder had any integrity he would contact the deputy who quit and talk with him. Find out what really happened.  We would encourage the deputy who quit to send us an email with the whole story.  We will forward it to the media.

Let’s see what Elder does.  He should beg the deputy to take his job back and demote the Sgt. Don’t hold your breath. We hear from multiple sources Sgt. Wright is a terrible supervisor which means he is command staff material. Just another corrupt supervisor working for Corrupt Sheriff Elder. Does anyone actually care about the employees?

We pray for our friends who have to work in such a bad environment. God protect you; because Elder won’t.

Sunday, September 30, 3018

Sheriff Elder’s Corruption Exposed Again by the Gazette

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

The Gazette published an article today that exposes Corrupt Sheriff Elder; Again.  Elder continues to not admit what really happened concerning the Micah Flick Shooting.  Almost every news media has reported Sheriff Elder did not tell the truth about the shooting. Even his buddy District Attorney Dan May threw him under the bus and admitted Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s statement that law enforcement properly identified themselves prior to the shooting was not true.  The only person who has not admitted that Elder lied, is Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder; LIE, DENY, HIDE and let it RIDE

There is so much corruption.  Just review all the articles we have published in the last 20 months. Over 60 articles exposing Sheriff Elder’s corruption.  This does not even include all the BLOGs and “Latest News” updates.  There is more coming.  We have been working on some stories for over a year.  We will continue to expose Elder.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Elder wants to give Hatch a big send off

Today at 3:00 pm at Centennial Hall there will be a retirement ceremony for Commander Richard Hatch.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder wants to give his old friend a big send off so they moved the ceremony from the usual location at the 3rd floor conference room to Centennial Hall.

The problem is most everyone hates Hatch and thinks he is worthless.  All he did for three years is smoke and get paid. Most everyone in investigations talks about how he is completely worthless.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder gave Hatch a job he was not qualified for or deserved.  Elder paid him over $100k a year for 3 1/2 years to smoke cigarettes in the parking structure and sit in his office.  The padding of Hatch’s retirement will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.  The only thing to show for Hatch’s time as commander of investigations is the highest unsolved homicide rate ever recorded at EPSO. Who cares that Hatch was incompetent; he’s Elder’s buddy.  Just another example of his corruption.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder found out no one was planning to go to Hatch’s retirement ceremony this afternoon so he has ordered everyone to be there.  We just got word from multiple employees that they have been told they WILL be there. Elder wants a big show for his old buddy.

Corrupt Elder and worthless Hatch understand this; NO ONE WANTS TO BE THERE!  Everyone despises both of you! They are there because Elder ordered them to be there

Rumor:  Scott Deno will be the next commander.   We were given three possible names; Deno is at the top.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder; Keep giving me my money or gangs will take over!

Corrupt Sheriff Elder was the only person to submit a “Pro” statement for the 1A tax initiative.  He needs the money to keep his cronies paid.  Elder has stolen and misappropriated 1A funds since taking office.  We have written multiple articles showing corrupt Elder is stealing the money and using it for items not listed on the ballot initiative. The 1A tax initiative was intended to put more “boots on the ground” to fight crime and protect our community.  Corrupt Elder has taken that money and spent it on other items to include expensive computer software which was not needed. Over 10 million dollars of wasteful spending.  He has also used the money to create more supervisor positions.  Simply; Corrupt Sheriff Elder has not used the money to help protect the community.  There are less Deputies on Patrol now than when Elder took office.  The Jail is at minimal staffing.  It has gotten so bad Elder has had to put non POST certified staff in the jail running wards.  This has never happened prior to Elder taking office.

Things have progressively gone down hill since Corrupt Sheriff Elder took over.  Now he has the audacity to ask for more money so he can continue to pay his cronies and waste our taxpayer money on items not approved by the ballot measure?

The last thing you would do is give more money to a child who has shown they can not be trusted.  As we all know Corrupt Sheriff Elder filled for bankruptcy, has been married multiple times, and continually lies to the public.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder can not be trusted with our money.  It’s time to hold him accountable for all his corruption.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s Quote:

“With the lowest property tax rates of any of Colorado’s large counties, the loss of sales tax revenues dedicated to public safety would necessitate deep cuts in all operations of the Sheriff’s office making us an easier target for gangs and other organized criminal activity.”

The only gang taking over the county with organized crime is Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder, District Attorney Dan May and the county commissioners.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Colorado Springs Independent does it again!

Pam Zubeck Totally exposes Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s incompetence and lack of leadership

Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

The Colorado Springs Independent published an article yesterday that lays out the issues with the Flick shooting. Yet, Corrupt Elder still will not admit mistakes were made and refuses to take responsibility.  We have received information that Deputies were told to not draw their weapons unless they absolutely felt they needed to; and if they did they were required by policy to write a memo (every time).   This policy created by Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his direction for deputies to keep their guns holstered lead to the death of Micah Flick.

Elder’s incompetence is putting Deputies lives at risk

Colonel Angley publicly expresses his thoughts about renewing 1A tax initiative

We were contacted about a letter posted on Mike Angley’s website.  We checked it out and thought it expressed a lot of the same concerns we have so we are posting it on our website for everyone to read.  It is well written and addresses many of the issues why we should not continue (or renew) the 1A tax. Read Mike Angley’s LETTER. It appears Colonel Angley submitted this letter to be included in the public comments section of the ballot issue notice for 1A. We encourage others to submit letter by tomorrow. (scroll down to next article).

Corrupt Sheriff Elder and the county Commissioners are not spending the money according to the wording of the ballot initiative.  They are steeling the money and spending it any way they want to.

1A was suppose to put more “boots on the ground” and it did during Sheriff Maketa’s term.  However, once Corrupt Sheriff Elder took over he started diverting the funds to pay for his cronies.  There are still less Deputies on patrol than back in 2014 when Elder took over.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is incompetent and a complete liar.

The word about our corrupt sheriff and county commissioners is getting out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants to continue stealing taxpayer’s money so he can keep paying his cronies has written multiple articles about how Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is illegally spending taxpayer funds from the 1A tax initiative which was passed years ago.  Elder is not using the money for what it was intended.  1A was passed by the taxpayers to put more Deputies on the street and in the jail.  Elder has less deputies working in patrol than when he was elected.  We showed how he is stealing the 1A funds to pay his cronies.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is not spending 1A funds on more “boots on the ground” which was the intent of the initiative.  He has wasted millions on expensive computer software (over 10 million dollars) and for the salaries of his cronies.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder has hired more friends and created more supervisor positions than any other sheriff.  He spends over 3 million dollars a year on salaries for his cronies while there are less deputies working in patrol than when he took office.  There is a critical shortage of deputies and he continues to not address the issue.

There are less Deputies working in patrol now than back in 2014? WHERE DID ALL THE 1A MONEY GO?

This brings up a new issue; why would we as taxpayers continue to let Corrupt Sheriff Elder steal our money?  The corrupt County Commissioners want to continue to RAPE the citizens of El Paso County and decided to put a ballot measure on this November’s ballot to renew the 1A tax initiate.  Why would we allow this?  It’s time to hold Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder accountable for his wasteful spending.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has shown he can not be responsible with taxpayer money.  If we continue to give him 1A funds he will not provide more deputies for our protection.  He has show he will steal the funds and spend it how he wants.  It’s time to stop the corruption the one way still available to us; cut off the checkbook.

We have until Friday to provide feedback why 1A should not be renewed.  Here is the letter sent by the county.

1A – PDF file

We encourage El Paso County Taxpayers who do not wish to see the 1A tax initiative renewed to submit statements by this Friday. It could be as simple as the following:

“The county is not spending 1A funds according to the original ballot measure, we should not continue the tax initiative”

“1A was approved by the voters to provide more Deputies in patrol and in the jail. This is not happening, 1A should not be continued”

“Sheriff Elder and the county have not shown that the 1A funds are being used appropriately; it should not continue”

“1A funds are not being used appropriately by Sheriff Elder or the county commissioners; it should not be renewed.”

“El Paso County has not been transparent how the 1A funds have been spent; it should not be renewed”

“Sheriff Elder has wasted taxpayer money and should not be allowed to continue; 1A should not be renewed”

It is important that multiple “con” statements are submitted by Friday.  Here is your chance to be heard and stop the corruption at the Sheriff’s office.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Another member of corrupt Sheriff Elder’s command staff retires

We were informed Commander Richard Hatch turned in his retirement papers last week.  This is not a surprise as we were told Corrupt Sheriff Elder gave him his job as a reward for keeping his mouth shut about all the corruption (past and present).   Prior to his first departure Hatch reached the rank of Sergeant, but was demoted for inappropriate behavior.  Prior to returning to EPSO when Corrupt Sheriff Elder was elected he was nothing more than an investigator with DOC.  So why would Corrupt Sheriff Elder make a DOC investigator the commander of investigations at EPSO?  When you are corrupt you need your cronies around you.  Could it be he was paying Hatch off because he was with Elder when he found his girlfriend murdered years ago? Does Hatch know all of Elder’s secrets?  We still don’t know why Elder and Hatch did not contact CSPD for hours after they found her body.  But we do know CSPD stated in their report that the crime scene looked staged. What did Elder and Hatch do during all that time?

We have received conflicting information and rumors concerning Commander Hatch.  Some say he told Elder to stop with all the corruption and not to pursue false charges against Sheriff Maketa.  Rumor has it he hates the Huffors, Cliff Porter, and most of the command staff.  We hear he is retiring because he has maximized his retirement and is tired of all the corruption.  Does he want out prior to all the facts about Corrupt Sheriff Elder coming out? He is not alone.  We heard Chief Carey is having second thoughts about becoming undersheriff during Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s second term.  It’s not much fun to be on a corrupt command staff.

Here is a fact that is not debatable.  Hatch was incompetent as the commander of Investigations.  There has been more unsolved homicides under his watch than the previous 20-30 years.  The majority of the experienced Detectives retired or quit.  It all starts with leadership and Elder has none.  Most of the supervisors in investigations have little to no experience conducting major investigations.  Some supervisors had zero experience when they joined investigations. One supervisor, who had no previous experience was in charge of the operation that lead to the death of Detective Micah Flick.  Was he disciplined?  Nope; they did not even investigate or conduct a debrief and reenactment to learn from the event. The last thing Corrupt Sheriff Elder wanted to do was document what really happened that day.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder does not care about the lives of the employees; just the size of his bank account. Corrupt Sheriff Elder is putting Deputies lives at risk everyday.

One of the major reasons EPSO is having such a leadership problem is because Corrupt Sheriff Elder is promoting based on Cronyism; not performance, experience, and skills. He is promoting all his buddies, not those who have worked hard and have shown true leadership.   He even admitted in a recent interview that his supervisors are not trained or experienced.

We predict Corrupt Sheriff Elder will soon announce the promotion of Billy Huffor.  Someone with no LE experience and no leadership skills. The most hated person at EPSO and who has failed at every position he has held.  But he is best friends with Elder.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if Corrupt Elder put Huffor in charge of Investigations?

Who will die next so Corrupt Sheriff Elder can continue to play sheriff?

Corruption is Deadly

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Nothing to see here; move along!

Both CSPD and EPSO as predicted announce they will not provide anymore information concerning the shooting that took the life of Deputy Flick.  They do not want to talk about how the shooting was caused by their poor leadership and training.   We predicted they would attempt to get the media to “move on” and stop reporting on this tragic event.  There needs to be a complete “public” investigation not private internal reviews.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is responsible for the death of Micah Flick. We wonder how he can sleep nights. Does all the money he has stolen from the taxpayers help him with his guilt?  Why worry about integrity when you have money? Why care that the majority of the employees hate you when you can take expensive vacations? Corrupt Sheriff Elder has abandon all his campaign promises and has shown his true colors.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is not a man of integrity; he is a man of lust and desires

Monday, September 10, 2018

Flick Autopsy Released

Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

In a complete reversal Micah Flick’s autopsy is going to be released.  CS Independent was out in front again with their story. So, why did they change their minds and decide to release it?  It’s simple, there was no more reason to hide it.  CSPD released their 900 page report which spilled the beans.  They proved sealing the autopsy had nothing to do with Flick’s family.  After it got out and it seemed like the media did not care they decide to just release everything and get it over with.  They decide to just “rip” the band-aid off.  Someone actually gave them good advice.  There was no reason to slowly release information that kept causing the media to do a new story.   Just dump it all out there and get it over with.  Now they can start saying it’s time to move on and let the family heal.  “Nothing to see here, move along”… Problem is there is plenty to see.  It is clear Corrupt Sheriff Elder lied during his press conference when he said they properly identified themselves and Badges and Emblems were visible prior to the shooting.  That was a complete LIE!  Plus, there should be an investigation into the tactics used and the policies that effected their decision to not have guns drawn.  It has been confirmed they did not have a tactical plan for making the arrest and never trained together.  These are all issues with leadership.  The on scene supervisor was not disciplined for his obvious incompetence.  Someone needs to ask EPSO where in their training do they teach a tactical “Bear Hug”  as a take down method? Also, where in POST training does it teach making a felony contact with your guns in your holsters and not announcing yourself until you make physical contact with the suspect?

Multiple lives were lost that day due to obvious failures of leadership.  Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder care? NOPE; he did not even initiate an investigation and they still have not had a debrief with those involved.  He’s too busy covering up his own incompetence.  He’s more worried he might lose the 1A funds and won’t be able to keep all his cronies in the money.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder shown to be a LIAR, AGAIN!

Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

CSPD released their report on the Flick Shooting. KOAA posted the report.  In this report it shows Corrupt Sheriff Elder lied at his press conference when he said everyone was wearing vests showing they were law enforcement (LE).   Multiple times in the report it references they did not have guns drawn, badges or LE emblems out, or properly identified themselves prior to Deputies Flick and Stone “Jumping” Zetina.  According to the report most, if not all, officers had their “vests” covered and did not have badges or emblems visible. There was a great deal of confusion around when they finally identified themselves as LE.  It appears it was when they grabbed Zetina.

Back on August 23, 2018 we reported District Attorney Dan May threw Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder under the bus when he confirmed LE officers did not announce themselves as cops or have any badges or emblems out prior to jumping Zetina.  This means Zetina was justified in defending himself? The problem is Zetina started shooting at everyone else. This is what gave DA May the ability to say the officers were justified in returning fire.  Someone needs to ask Dan May a simple question; “Based on the fact they did not properly identify themselves as LE was Zetina justified in defending himself during the initial contact by Flick and Stone?”

So where is EPSO’s report?  They have not even had a debrief yet.  So incompetent.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is inept and way over his head.  He has no idea how to run anything let alone a major LE agency.  He looks like the county “fool”; again.

Having reviewed the local media’s coverage of the report it appears the CS Independent is still the team to beat.  They did a great article talking about the facts of the event.  The others glossed over the facts and reported it like “soft” news.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

It’s official, Corrupt Sheriff Elder is being Sued by EVERYONE!

Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff’s Jester Bill Elder?

Elder uses Flick’s Death as excuse why he has not fixed issues at EPSO?

The Colorado Springs Gazette wrote a pretty good story about Corrupt Sheriff Elder not releasing the KRW report.  (PDF Version).  It appears Corrupt Elder uses Micah Flick’s death as an excuse why nothing has been done to fix all the issues at EPSO (El Paso County Sheriff’s Office).  Here is the actual quote from the article.

“The sheriff has declined to release the draft of the follow-up assessment to The Gazette, telling a reporter in June that it is still a “working document.” He told The Gazette that the report, which was initially slated for completion months earlier, had become less of a priority with other goings-on at the agency, including the death of Deputy Micah Flick.”

So according to Corrupt Sheriff Elder; he has been spending so much time covering up the truth about Flick’s death he has not had time to do anything else?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder goes on to list more excuses why he has done nothing.  Like other interviews, Elder sounds incompetent and way over his head.  Reading the comments to the article it appears Elder is fooling no-one. Is the truth about Corrupt Sheriff Elder getting out?

The best advise we could give Elder is to keep his mouth shout and let someone with experience and communication skills do the talking.  That would not be Jackie Kirby.

Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

The Independent way out in front reporting Sheriff Elder’s Corruption

Sheriff Bill Elder
Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder; The court Jester

We missed an article posted earlier this week on CS Independent’s website.  It talks about all the lawsuits against Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  We know of more cases that are already filed or will be filed this fall. The county commissioners have handed out Millions of taxpayer money since Elder took office.  It appears they will hand out millions more before they are done.

Yet another Article about Flick Shooting

The Colorado Springs Independent did another story about the Micah Flick Shooting.  Pam Zubeck is out in front reporting all the facts that Corrupt Sheriff Elder is trying to keep secret.  Any expert in Law Enforcement tactics knows the tactics used when attempting to arrest Zetina was not appropriate.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s policies and incompetence is the reason Micah Flick is dead.  He needs to take full responsibility.  They have not even conducted a debrief or started a critical incident review.  There has been no review or any disciplinary action taken.  What about the supervisor on scene during the shooting?  He was never held accountable for his actions.  No training, no planning and no leadership; A deadly combination.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is still trying to keep the KRW report secret until after the election?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is being sued by everyone.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder still has not admitted Deputy Juhl was shot by friendly fire from Deputy C.W.  How long will he keep that from the public?

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is the biggest Liar in El Paso County.  He is also the most incompetent Sheriff we have ever had.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Undeniable Proof Corrupt Sheriff Elder is Completely INCOMPETENT

The Colorado Springs Gazette published a great article yesterday about the coverup of the Micah Flick shooting. (PDF Version).  In this article EPSO PIO Jackie Kirby confirms Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his leadership team is completely incompetent and should not be running a law enforcement agency.  Kirby was asked if EPSO had conducted a “critical incident review” concerning the shooting.  Her response was; “The sheriff’s office also “normally” conducts the same in-house review, spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby said. The process has not yet started…”

“The process has not yet started…” PIO Kirby

This is another WTF moment.  Kirby confirmed that after 6 months EPSO has not conducted ANY review of the shooting that wounded multiple officers and killed one Detective. This is unbelievable! We have confirmed with multiple Deputies involved in the shooting they have not had a debrief and were told by supervisors not to talk with each other about the shooting.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder is so concerned about covering up his deadly mistake he does not want deputies to discuss what happened.  Anyone who has been in law enforcement knows the importance of having a debrief with those involved within a few days.  IT’S BEEN 6 MONTHS!

Not having a debrief or even an internal review shows Elder is completely corrupt and incompetent. He should not be sheriff.  He should resign immediately.  How many more deputies will die because of his ineptness?

Elder should be the county Jester instead of Sheriff.  At least when he screws that up it won’t cost people their lives.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Both Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Elder wash their hands of the Flick Shooting

The CS Independent did an article about the Flick Shooting. Everyone is washing their hands of the innocent bystander whose life was ruined because of improper tactics used by EPSO and CSPD. Corrupt Sheriff Elder is responsible for policies and lack of training that created the situation where Deputies lives were put at risk and Micah Flick was killed.  Will the truth ever come out?

Does everyone want to sue Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder?

The following is a excerpt from the latest Thrifty Nickel.  It appears someone is looking for an attorney to file a lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder.  We are not surprised.  Based on how Elder has mismanaged the office for the past three years there should be a long list.  Plus, the way the county commissioners hand out money to protect their political buddy Elder everyone should try to get a piece of the action.  Seeing the person who placed the add wanted to get the word out we did not redact his name or phone number.  We know there are many local attorneys who are avid readers of so maybe one would be interested in contacting him.

Get a closer look


Sheriff Elder; “the most Corrupt and Hated Sheriff EVER!”

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How many lawsuits can be filed against one Corrupt Sheriff?

There is an article in the Gazette about yet another potential lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. (PDF)  Corrupt Elder is already in the midst of many lawsuits due to his unethical and illegal behavior. Obviously a good indicator of corruption is the number of lawsuits against that person and his office. Corrupt Elder is setting records that could stand for decades. We know there are more lawsuits coming.   Standby, more corruption is on the way…

Corrupt Sheriff Elder, keeping his incompetence Secret

When Corrupt Sheriff Elder was running for office he made all kinds of promises.  He would have the most transparent office, audit the budget, and would have an independent group review the office and make recommendations on how to do things better.  After 3 years let’s review; Elder wasted all the money, there is no transparency, and Elder will not even release the report from KRW which was paid for by taxpayer money.  Corrupt Elder has completely messed up the entire Sheriff’s office and he is now in coverup mode.  Everything he does goes wrong.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s incompetence even cost Micah Flick his life.

Read the report from KKTV.  Did Elder really say that?  Here is the quote from Elder.

“We have added so many new personnel to our leadership cadre that have not been trained, that have not gone through leadership training, leadership models, that they don’t have the right answer. [The firm] needs to interview them to find out who’s got this who’s got that. What works, what doesn’t work.”

All you can say is WTF? Corrupt Elder sounds like a complete Idiot and admits his leadership team is not qualified. Here is a thought; promote qualified people or train them first.  Elder needs to go back to his office and play with his toys.  Every time he opens his mouth he says something stupid.  When you have incompetence running a McDonalds you get a bad burger; when you have incompetence running a law enforcement agency you get dead cops. How many more Deputies will die so Elder can play Sheriff? 

Corrupt Elder admits he does not want to release the report until after the election?  How corrupt is that?

At this point, Elder can not stop the bleeding.  There is so much corruption he can’t stop it.   You would think Elder would tell his cronies to stop doing stupid stuff, but they can’t help themselves.  The ship is sinking and while Elder is trying to fix the holes his buddies are taking their money and heading for the life boats.

If ignorance was painful, Elder would be screaming!

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is still trying to prevent the public from seeing the autopsy reports from the Flick Shooting. It appears Dr. Bux is not so motivated anymore. There is another great story in the CS Independent.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

When you’re Sheriff; Stupid is Expensive!

More evidence of Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s incompetence and cronyism exposed in Gazette Article. How much taxpayer money will Corrupt Elder waste before the community demands his departure?

Thursday, August 23, 2018

District Attorney Dan May throws Corrupt Sheriff Elder under the bus during press conference on Flick Shooting

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

King leaves in total shame

After what happened last week at Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s federal trial we wondered how long it would take for Commander King to retire.  It appears the answer is; not long.  Commander King will retire at the end of the month.  We are still gathering all the information that came out publicly.  King definitely perjured himself; Elder was called a liar.  We will publish everything when we get our hands on it.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The number of “hits” on Doubles in one day!

We average so many hits a day; we were contacted by an advertisement company wanting to pay us to allow them to advertise on our website. WTF!  Don’t worry we are staying pure to our mission.

Let’s cause an Eruption about Elder’s Corruption!

Federal Lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder goes South

As you may have noticed in the media; the Jury in the Federal lawsuit did not rule for Sgt. Huntz; however, there is a wealth of information that was made public concerning Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and Commander King.  We are working on an article that will give you the scoop on the trial and everything that was made public. Hint: not good for Elder or King.

Stay tuned…

The coverup of the Micah Flick shooting continues

There is a good article in the CS independent about the innocent bystander who was shot during the shootout between law enforcement and Manuel Zetina.  We will have an article on this in the next few days. We are confident corrupt District Attorney Dan May will rule it a good shooting no matter the facts or what really happened. They need to release all the reports and allow the Deputies to be interviewed by the media.   It will take another lawsuit to get to the truth.  What happened to transparency?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The ball is rolling; the community is starting to understand how corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and District Attorney Dan May are.  More is coming.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Most of the local media covered the small protest by friends and family of the innocent victim of Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s policies that put not only Deputies lives at risk but innocent bystanders who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.   The truth is getting out.  It’s pretty clear at this point that Elder’s inexperience and inability to lead has cost the taxpayers millions and Micah Flick his life.

The federal trial against Elder continues.  We have decided not to report the details until it is over. We do not want to jeopardize the outcome.  We plan to give details this weekend or possibly early next week. We know Elder retaliated against Sgt. Huntz; we hope the jurors see the truth and hold corrupt Sheriff Elder accountable.


There was a small demonstration this morning against Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his attempts to keep information secret concerning the officer involved shooting that left two dead, one paralyzed, and others wounded.  Will this small group of concerned citizens turn into a large movement that demands transparency from the Sheriff who promised it years ago?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington

Is the truth about Micah Flick’s death finally going to come to light?

There is a protest tomorrow against Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s attempts to keep the details of the shooting last February that took the life of two individuals to include Detective Micah Flick a secret. (PDF Version) We encourage everyone to go and demand the truth. Elder is doing what ever he can to keep the details secret because he knows there will be some very large lawsuits coming his way.  What a surprise, more lawsuits due to Elder being inept and corrupt.

Millions of taxpayer money wasted by Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

The local media appears to be interested in Elder’s corruption now.  KKTV posted an article about the 190k payout. If our math is right; the county has given out over a million dollars in payouts since Corrupt Sheriff Elder took office.   How much more could be added to the payouts in the next few weeks?

Corrupt Elder’s Black Monday

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder had a real bad Monday. His Trial started. (PDF Version).  It was also reported by KRDO that the payoff we originally reported to be 60k is going to be over triple that amount. According to KRDO they will pay out $190,000 of taxpayer money.   Now we find out there is going to be a protest concerning the lack of information that is being released by EPSO concerning the shooting death of Micah Flick.   The truth is getting out and Corrupt Sheriff Elder can’t stop it.  The details of Micah Flick’s death were discussed on AM 710 KNUS last Friday.

Audio Player

Listen to more of AM 710 KNUS’ broadcasts about Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and Dan May.

It appears KRDO has decided to get in the game and start reporting on Sheriff Elder’s corruption.

Monday, August 13, 2018

The trial against Corrupt Sheriff Elder for retaliation started today.  Not much to report so far.  Hopefully things will heat up in the next few days when the Elder Mafia testifies.  We should have most of the details by the end of the week.  We do not want to report too much while the trial is going on because we suspect Elder and his legal team are monitoring our website.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The line just keeps growing

Yet another retaliation complaint against corrupt Sheriff Elder. Will it ever end? Elder forces a Deputy to quit because he is black? (PDF Version)  Is this evidence that Corrupt Sheriff Elder is also a Racist? If you read the article it suggests the supervisor who filed the complaint against the deputy was Undersheriff Breister.  How many times does an Undersheriff file an IA  complaint about a Deputy working a ward in the jail?   It does seem Elder treated him differently and wanted him gone.  With the recent revelation of the “fight club” it will make this complaint interesting.

Maybe Corrupt Sheriff Elder should rent an apartment near the federal courthouse in Denver? It looks like he might be up there most of the time.  Or maybe the county commissioners should install a drive thru window to hand out all the settlement money?

Federal Trial against corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder starts tomorrow

Monday morning is getting closer and closer.  No more hiding under the desk when the media asks questions. Corrupt Sheriff Elder is going to take the stand under oath and answer for his inappropriate and unethical behavior.  Then a bunch of his cronies will do the same. Hopefully the truth will finally get out and Elder will be exposed as a liar, inept, and corrupt.  His entire administration could be exposed.  This lawsuit stands for the many employees who have been treated inappropriately and those who have been wrongfully terminated.  When you have almost 40% of your employees quit or retire in 3 1/2 years you know there is a major problem with “treatment of staff”.   The overwhelming majority of employees hate Sheriff Bill Elder and his leadership team.  Why do you think Bill Elder refuses to release the latest KRW report that was completed months ago? Does it expose all the problems with EPSO?

Bill Elder; the most hated and corrupt sheriff ever!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cash Settlements from El Paso County just keep going and going…

It appears El Paso County will be paying out another $60,000 this week because of Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s policy not to release inmates if they can’t pay the “release fee” (PDF version). Elder makes you pay to get out of jail; nice.  So, how many release fees does it take to add up to 60K? Answer: just over a thousand.  Real smart. No one ever said Elder and his cronies were good at math, look how he wasted the 1A funds. Since Elder took office the county has paid over 1 million dollars in settlements. How much more will be added to this amount next week?  It could double.

How much will Bill Elder’s incompetence cost the taxpayers?

We have heard rumors the attorneys for the county have been working with Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and his cronies on their testimony for next week’s trial.  They are not happy.  Elder and others have been begging them to settle so they will not have to testify under oath next week.  Rumor has it the county does not want to settle because their insurance premiums might go up with another large settlement.  We can’t wait to see them testify. One rumor is that Elder has been acting irrational and was almost in tears this week begging them to settle.

Has the county commissioners finally had enough of Corrupt Bill Elder? Will Corrupt Bill Elder finally have to answer for his inappropriate and unethical behavior?  Most employees are hoping Elder’s corruption will finally be exposed. Get the background on the case against Sheriff Elder

The hours are counting down until the trial on Monday…

Friday, August 10, 2018

Former Aurora Officer guilty of Official Misconduct; Why wasn’t Jackie Kirby charged with the same crime?

Jackie Kirby was investigated for doing the very same thing as a former Aurora Officer who was charge and convicted of Official Misconduct.  Why didn’t District Attorney Dan May charge Jackie Kirby?  Can Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and his Cronies do whatever they want? Do the laws of Colorado not apply to them?  Read Article about Aurora Officer and then read our article about Kirby.

The more Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his cronies intimidate and threaten employees the more evidence they give the attorneys for lawsuits and the more taxpayer money that will go out in settlements.

Wouldn’t it just be easier (and cheaper) to do the right thing and treat people appropriately and with respect?

Federal trial against Corrupt Sheriff Elder starts Monday

Monday morning Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder will take a seat at the defense table.  He will be there all week as multiple individuals testify about how he retaliated against an employee who is also a military veteran.  There should be a wealth of information showing that Bill Elder is both inept and corrupt.  This should be the trial of the year! Everyone who has the week free should attend and watch for themselves.  We can not wait to see Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder take the stand.  He did such a bad job testifying at the Maketa trial. He also committed perjury when he testified that he knew nothing about his missing IA file.  Sgt. Ray Gerhart testified that Elder told him about the missing IA file back in December of 2013 during a phone call and told him not to worry about it.  Will Elder lie on the stand next week? Dan May won’t be able to protect him.  Want more background on the case?

Is Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder ready to take the witness stand and face a modern day Perry Mason?

The trial starts next Monday, August 13th, 2018.  It will be held in Courtroom 202 in the Byron Rogers building located at 19th and Stout Street. Will be holding tailgate parties outside the courthouse. Look for our signs.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The word on Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and Dan May is getting out

There is a letter to the editor in the Colorado Springs Independent about District Attorney Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder.  The community is getting a clue about their corruption.  We have reported multiple times about their coverup of the Micah Flick death. They know there will be many difficult questions if they release the facts about what really happened that day.  Every other agency that has had an officer involved shooting in Colorado has already released a great deal of information.  Why is Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and DA Dan May keeping everything a secret?  They are even keeping the facts secret from those who were there.  EPSO has not had a debrief with the Deputies that were involved in the shooting.  It’s been over 6 months!  What are they trying to keep secret? Are they going to try to keep it secret until after the election in November?

They have not even released that Deputy Jeremy Juhl was shot by friendly fire in the most recent shooting.  Maybe Elder does not want everyone to know that it did not happen the way he told the media.  According to Liar Sheriff Elder it was like the shoot out at the OK corral. From what we hear only one deputy (C.W.) shot and there was no return fire.  When will the truth about this shooting come out? Where is the transparency that Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder promised?  The real question is; can Elder ever tell the truth?

Read our latest article about their coverup of the Tom Clements’ murder.

Dan May and Bill Elder need to go.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s Day in Federal Court

Next week Corrupt Sheriff Elder will be sitting at the DEFENSE table in federal court. Wonder how he will like that? We believe there is still a chance Elder and the county will make a last minute offer to settle.  WE HOPE NOT!  We want to see Corrupt Elder take the stand.  Will he lie like he did in Maketa’s trial? With all the lies he has told it must be getting easy for him. But this is FEDERAL court. Will they take the chance that Elder or one (or more) of his cronies will be caught lying? For those who have been asking for details.  The trial starts next Monday, August 13th, 2018.  It will be held in Courtroom 202 in the Byron Roger’s building located at 19th and Stout Street.  It should last all week.  It could be the trial of the year. Could this be the first of many trials for corrupt elder? Many more lawsuits are coming.

Bill Elder is the most hated and Corrupt Sheriff EVER!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It’s the lazy days of summer. We hope everyone is relaxing and having a great summer.  We are relaxing as well and will have more stories soon. Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s federal trial for retaliation starts next Monday.  Wonder if the media will cover it?

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Tom Clements Murder Coverup Exposed

District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder were exposed on a Denver radio and TV station last week for their coverup of the Tom Clements’ murder. Get the facts how Dan May and Sheriff Bill elder have been protecting the killers of Tom Clements. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Are more large payouts coming? What did Jackie Kirby do to ensure the wrongfully fired SGT will get a large payout? Will the media ever get the truth from Corrupt Sheriff Elder?  Get the latest.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Is Corrupt Elder’s description of latest EPSO Shooting accurate?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder held another press conference after the latest officer involved shooting that left one deputy injured and the suspect dead.  According to KKTV’s report Elder stated they exchanged gun fire with what KKTV described as several heavily armed individuals.  This is not what we are hearing.  Elder did not announce any arrests, so where are these other “heavily armed individuals”?  It is so obvious Elder is over his head.  He needs to learn to say; ” It’s early in our investigation and I can not confirm anything at this point.  I will have more for you later”.

We will see if Elder provides the media with a more accurate update in the next few days.  Was it a big shoot out like Elder suggests or a standard take down of one armed person with maybe friendly fire?

More later…

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why will the actions of Jackie Kirby guarantee wrongfully terminated Sgt. Duda a HUGE payout?

We are working on a story that will shed new light why Sgt. Duda will have a great case for retaliation against Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder.  Rumor has it Elder wants Kirby GONE because she has become a major liability. Does he know, based on her past conduct, she can not be trusted?  It’s hard to trust anyone who has backstabbed so many “friends” in the past.  We even heard a rumor she had a friend contact Elder’s challenger in the republican primary and offered to reveal incriminating evidence on Elder for a guaranteed position in his administration.  We could not confirm this rumor; nor do we believe it.  We hope to have an article by the end of the week.

For those who are keeping score there are currently four (4) complaints or lawsuits (that we know of) filed against Corrupt Sheriff Elder for his malicious unethical actions against employees or former employees during his term.  We hear more are coming.  Many complaints have already been settled with large payouts by the county commissioners.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Calls for Independent Investigation

It appears the media believes there should be an independent investigation into the Micah Flick shooting.   If District Attorney Dan May, who is currently in charge of the investigation, has his way he will continue to run the investigation so he can  coverup for his buddy Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. However, if he does give in to public pressure for an independent investigation he will probably ask the 18th judicial district because he use to work there and they will do whatever he wants.  If there is to be a truly independent investigation it can not be by the 4th or the 18th judicial districts.  DA Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Elder are still in coverup mode; they will do whatever they can to keep the truth from the public.  We hope the media keeps “digging” and does not give up.

Pam Zuback with the Colorado Springs Independent can take credit for breaking what could be the biggest story of the year. So far KKTV, KOAA and the Gazette have done stories.  Waiting for Fox21 and KRDO to get in the game. It will be interesting to see if any Denver stations pick up the story.  Things are starting to get interesting.

Friday, July 20, 2018

We have a message to our local media concerning the Micah Flick death

More evidence revealing what really happened when Micah Flick was killed

It appears the media is getting interested in knowing what really happened when Micah Flick was killed.

Witnesses to the shooting on February 5th have come forward and stated the officers did not identify themselves prior to the shooting.  How is Corrupt Sheriff Elder going to continue to cover it up?  What happens if DA Dan May announces it was a legal shooting? Will he then be guilty of a crime?

They have been caught, the truth is out, what are they going to do?

Thursday, July 19, 2018

KKTV did a great story on Micah Flick’s death

Corrupt Sheriff Elder caught Lying Again!

More Evidence Corrupt Sheriff Elder Mislead public about Detective Micah Flick’s Death

Many feel Corrupt Sheriff Elder exploited the death of Detective Micah Flick to help his reelection campaign.   Elder talks a lot about the death of Micah Flick, but not about how it happened.  Elder knows he is in trouble when his friends at the Colorado Springs Gazette feel compelled to write a story questioning his explanation of what actually happened that day.  (PDF Version)  The Gazette must be embarrassed the CS independent broke the story weeks ago.  There is obviously a reason Corrupt Sheriff Elder wants the Autopsy reports secret.

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder responsible for Micah Flick’s death?

We were told by multiple sources law enforcement did not have their weapons out, did not identify themselves, nor did they have any visible emblems (badges) showing they were cops prior to Detective Flick “bear” hugging the suspect.  We were also told this was intentional based on directions given by leadership.  If true, this means Corrupt Sheriff Elder is directly responsible for the death of Micah Flick.  It also means EPSO, CSPD, and CSP could all be liable for the entire event.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light”  George Washington

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has come up with a new strategy.  Why fix a problem when you can just make things so bad everyone will leave? And if they don’t, just come up with bogus charges and fire the ones you don’t like.  It takes 2-3 years for a lawsuit to go to trial, so you have that long before you have to worry about it.  It appears our county commissioners don’t care; they like giving out cash like its candy.

Many employees are just counting the days to their retirement. They are holding on until they are “golden”.  Most can tell you exactly how many years, months, and days they have to put up with this idiot of a Sheriff before they can retire.  Many “bought” years or left prior to their plans just to get out because things are so bad.

EPSO is loosing all their veteran Employees; But Elder does not care. It’s all about the money; not protecting our community.  Elder just keeps talking about his “weed” busts hoping everyone will look at the shiny object. “Look, Squirrel!”  Let’s talk about how many Deputies are on the street each day protecting our community? Or even better; where is all the 1A money?  Elder is “gutting” the office and it will be completely destroyed by the time he leaves office.

The truth will come out and Elder will be known as the worst Sheriff ever.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I can’t take this place any longer

Everyone is leaving EPSO, some quicker than others.

According to a source, El Paso County was notified that Stephanie Gangemi’s employment at EPSO ended as of Friday, July 13, 2018. We reached out to a source within EPSO who confirmed she is leaving, but was not sure when her last day would be.  We continue to verify, but the rumor is the mental health expert went mental on Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  She continued to make demands to include an office on the 5th floor.  Was her focus on helping people with mental health issues or on a big office and other perks? This fits the profile of the rest of Elder’s command staff.  Their motto should be; “What’s in it for me?” or “show me the money“. Does anyone on Elder’s command staff actually care about law enforcement or protecting the community?

We also heard rumors Janet wanted her gone because she did not want any competition on the 5th floor. There can only be one queen bee? We hear Jackie Kirby has become a liability for Elder and she might be the next to leave.

Many have told us no one wants to go up to the fifth floor because Elder and his command staff are out of control. The phrase “keep your head down” is spoken everyday by employees.  Everyone is depressed because they are afraid they are going to have to put up with Elder for the next 4 years.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder losing his mind?

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is doing what ever he can to try to salvage his administration.  Everything is falling apart. Was he hoping after the primary things would settle down?  THEY ARE NOT!  More and more evidence of Corruption is surfacing everyday.  Now Elder, in desperation released his “expectation” memo and is firing anyone who does not drink his Koolade. EPSO is way understaffed and Elder is firing veteran Deputies because they don’t blindly follow him and his corrupt administration? Not surprised. This latest firing is so clearly “Retaliation” it will create yet another six figure lawsuit the taxpayers will have to pay.  Who is providing legal counsel to Elder? It’s like they don’t care about doing what is right.  Have you seen recent pictures of the three county attorneys who have to deal with all Elder’s stupid decisions and lawsuits?  It’s like they have aged 10 years in the last 10 months.  We wonder how they sleep nights?  When ever their phone rings they have to think; “What has that Idiot Elder done now?” How much more money will Corrupt Elder cost the county taxpayers before he leaves office?  It will be over a million. But yet the county commissioners remain silent.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is in “self destruct” mode.  He cannot admit he is the problem and his administration is so corrupt he cannot hold them accountable.

The most recent person fired is Elder’s attempt to intimidate the rest of the employees.  It will not work.  We have had more employees contact us this week than any other week.  They are furious about the “expectations” memo and the recent treatment of staff.  The promotion of who many consider incompetent did not help.  It has just become obvious to so many employees that Elder has no intention of doing what is right.  He was a liar when he campaigned 4 years ago and he is a liar today.

How many more lives will Elder ruin trying to protect his dishonest and corrupt administration?

Bottom line: Elder is corrupt and cannot be trusted. What else is there to say?

Let’s hear it for Sheriff Bill Elder, The most hated and CORRUPT Sheriff EVER!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder gets Coroner to seal Autopsy Reports?

CS Independent continues to get to the truth about the “evil” we call Sheriff Elder.  Their latest article exposes Elder’s continued attempt to coverup the truth about the shooting that cost Detective Flick his life. 

Why would the El Paso County Coroner want to help Corrupt Sheriff Elder cover up a shooting that lead to the death of two people including Detective Micah Flick? Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder not want the public to know what really happened that day?  Does he not want everyone to know that based on protocols and direction by corrupt Sheriff Elder and Chief Carey the team of Detectives attempting to make an arrest that day did not have their weapons out, nor did they announce themselves as law enforcement (LE) or have any visible identification that they were LE? Anyone with any LE experience knows this makes no sense and is extremely dangerous for the cops.  How do they train cops to conduct a “Felony” contact? Guns out and loud verbal commands.  Were the Officers given direction to not identify themselves and “jump” the suspect without warning?   If you were being attacked by multiple individuals who did not identify themselves as LE would you be justified in defending yourself?  We need to get to the truth; what really happened that day?

Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder not want the public to know he is responsible for the death of Micah Flick?

The public needs to know the truth about what happened that day. There needs to be an independent investigation.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We are batting a 1000

The only ones left on our list to be promoted to commander are St. Charles, Huffor, and Deno.  This means three more from command staff need to retire?   Let’s see what happens…

Corrupt Sheriff Elder distributes “memo” with his expectations for supervisors

Elder demands loyalty and silence from his supervisors?  If not, they will be replaced.  Stay silent or find a new job. 

Corrupt Sheriff Elder busted for Retaliation against Employee (Again)

The Colorado Springs Independent published an article this morning about Corrupt Sheriff Elder retaliating against an employee for supporting another individual running for sheriff.

This is a powerful article that lays out evidence of abuse of power and unethical behavior by Elder.  We find it ironic that Corrupt Sheriff has the audacity to target an employee who obviously was trying to stop sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at EPSO.  Recently Elder sent out a memo stating his expectations for his supervisors. What about his own behavior and the behavior of Billy and Janet Huffor?

It appears from the article the employee being targeted is being accused of campaigning on duty. To quote the article; “he was placed on leave pending an investigation of claims he’d participated in political activities while on duty and used his position off duty for political purposes“.  REALLY? Elder is accusing him of participating in political actives while on duty?  ELDER IS THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE EVER!  The above picture was on Elder’s campaign website. WTF! Why haven’t they been suspended?  This is also an obvious violation of the HATCH act.

FACT: Corrupt Sheriff Elder, while on DUTY, had employees (some in uniform) take time for a photo that was placed on his campaign website.

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder likes the county commissioners handing out money because this is another civil lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Federal trial against Corrupt Sheriff Elder next month

Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s federal trial starts next month.  He will take the stand and explain why he treated a long time employee and military veteran the way he did after taking office 3 years ago.  Will the county settle to avoid public embarrassment caused by Elder’s unethical behavior? Read Story.

The Retirement List?

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Season of Retirements stated months ago Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder told his command staff it’s time for them to leave.  We heard rumors Corrupt Elder wants almost the entire command staff to retire prior to his second term.  He has already created a list of Lieutenants he wants to promote to commander.  This is proof he wants his command staff to leave.  Wednesday, Commander DeLuca announced he is retiring (again) at the end of the month.  Who is next?  It appears they can not leave quick enough for Elder.   Sources told us now that the primary is over he wants Breister and the rest of the old guard to leave.  He told friends he no longer needs them, does not trust them,  and wants them gone.  Expect to hear about more retirements each month.  At some point you will hear Breister is retiring and Pete Carey will be the next undersheriff.

Soon it will be Commander Billy Huffor.  He sexually harassed a female Deputy on video, violated multiple policies to include shooting a shotgun and wrecking a patrol car, violated the law by using a government vehicle for personal use, and has harassed and threatened multiple individuals.  However, none of this matters; Elder has too many skeletons and the Huffors knows where they’re buried.  Corrupt Elder will never hold the Huffors accountable; he can’t.

Saturday, June 30, 3018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot keep all his lies straight

It did not take long for Corrupt Sheriff Elder to start lying again.  He promised (like many sheriff’s before him) he would never have non-POST certified employees supervising inmates.  The difference?   Elder is a liar!  The day after securing the Republican nomination for Sheriff he sends out a memo stating his intentions to put non-POST certified employees in positions of supervision over inmates.  So, Corrupt Elder’s solution for reducing the number of Deputies getting assaulted is by removing the Deputies;  he’s a genius!

Don’t be fooled.  He is not doing this because he cannot find POST certified Deputies to hire; he is doing this to save money.   Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot afford to properly man the jail (or patrol) with Deputies because there is no money. If Corrupt Elder wanted to properly man the jail he just needs to allow for overtime. Elder should have plenty of funds because he is so understaffed. But this is not the case.  They are out of money. Again, where did all the 1A funds go?

The reason Corrupt Sheriff Elder is probably doing this is to prepare for 2021 when the 1A funds go away. He needs cheap labor so he will not have to layoff Deputies when the money train goes away.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is fooling no one.  His own incompetence has caught up to him.  There is another article in the Independent about this subject. Read Story.

In his memo Corrupt Elder states; “I want to assure our current Detention Bureau personnel…”. With all the lies Elder has been caught in how can anyone believe him? Corrupt Elder might as well stated; “I want to assure our current Detentions Bureau personnel you’re all F#@ked and I don’t care”.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018; committed to exposing Corrupt Sheriff Elder

As we stated last week; nothing has changed.  We are still here and continue to expose Corrupt Sheriff Elder.  We have multiple projects in the works.  Things should heat up this summer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Website had another record setting day yesterday.  In fact it shattered the record by 8%.  We received more hits in the last 10 days than some months in the past.  We hope people are becoming informed about Bill Elder’s corruption.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Video confirms what we already knew; the rules do not apply to the Huffors. Read Story.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder takes no responsibility for Staffing Shortage

Corrupt Sheriff Elder gives revealing interview to KKTV. He took no responsibility for the problem and has no idea how to fix it.  He did not even appear to care Deputies are getting assaulted.

We heard four more Deputies quit this week.  State wide there is a shortage of law enforcement officers. Many agencies appreciate and protect their officers; so why would anyone continue to work for EPSO with its corrupt leadership? Elder obviously does not care. Read Story.

If Corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to be our sheriff events like this will become common place. Deputy Assault .

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Is the Media starting to report on Corrupt Sheriff Elder?

Not only did Fox21 do a story on EPSO last night; KKTV did one as well.  We are working on stories for both. Until then you can check them out.  FOX21   KKTV recorded its highest traffic yesterday and the highest weekly traffic this past week.

Friday, June 22, 2018

It appears Rules and Laws don’t apply to the Huffors

We were contacted and told to go look at FOX21 New’s Facebook page and their website.  There is a teaser for a news story they appear to be airing tonight. It’s about a Lieutenant caught on video taking his kid to school in a government vehicle.  This is totally out of policy, illegal, and dangerous. Using government vehicles for personal use is “official misconduct”.  If this person did it on multiple occasions there would be tax implications. Wonder how Corrupt Sheriff Elder will respond. You can not tell who is in the video, but seeing Billy and Janet Huffor went mental on Facebook a couple weeks ago about a video of their family it must be Billy.  If it was anyone else they would be fired; but seeing it was Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s “Good old Boy” Billy he will probably be promoted to Commander in the near future.

If any Deputy who was assigned a county vehicle was caught taking their kid to school everyday they would be seriously disciplined. However, Corrupt Sheriff Elder will protect his boy Billy Huffor, even when he inappropriately touches a female Deputy on video. Read Story.

We are disappointed we could not figure out where the video came from, but so long as it gets out to the public we are happy.  The community needs to know all about Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder.

We will be watching FOX21 News tonight at 9:00 pm.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Colorado Springs Independent published another good story about agencies that require reports if officers pull their weapons. Read Story. is committed to exposing Corrupt Sheriff Elder

A few have communicated they can not wait until next Tuesday is over.  We want to be clear that no matter what happens next Tuesday this website is not going anywhere. We have nothing to do with politics or elections. will be here until the Sheriff shows transparency and the corruption stops. We believe that will only happen when Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is no longer our Sheriff and the entire leadership team is gone. We have published many articles showing the corruption.  This will continue throughout the summer and into the fall. We have many more articles to write.  There is a federal trial against Corrupt Sheriff Elder for unethical behaviour in August and we will be revealing more information concerning the Tom Clements murder this summer. We are also following the civil lawsuit against El Paso County, Dan May, Corrupt Sheriff Elder, Mark Hurlbert, Shannon Gerhart, Wendy Herbert, Joe Breister, Robert Jaworski, and others.  We should have a bombshell announcement this summer.

We have plenty to write about because Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his cronies keep giving us new material.

We have obtained a great deal of information about the officer involved shooting that took the life of our friend Micah Flick.  It is clear the shooting did not occur the way Corrupt Elder told the media and Flick’s widow. (Corrupt Elder caught in another lie). We believe Flick was killed because of incompetent leadership that did not provide appropriate training or direction.  Detectives and other law enforcement (LE) officers were put in an impossible situation and given direction which did not follow LE best practices. This created a deadly scenario which ultimately cost Micah Flick his life.  We do not believe the officers involved in the shooting were responsible for what happened that day (they were following orders); Corrupt Sheriff Elder is responsible and has a lot of explaining to do.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is responsible for Micah Flick’s Death

We are confident the truth will come out. Everyone involved in or impacted by the shooting on February 5, 2018 should contact an attorney.

We will continue to provide information showing Corrupt Elder is a liar and totally corrupt.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light”  George Washington

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I’m a VIP; I want a big office on the fifth floor and I want it Now!

Rumor has it newly hired wife of Commander Gerhrett, Stephanie Gangemi is not happy with her office in the old training building by CJC.  She demanded an office on the 5th floor of the headquarter’s building.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder capitulated and she is using her husband’s office until they can move someone off the 5th floor to make room.  We hear Janet Huffor is upset because she does not want any more competition.   She was issued a Tahoe; what would justify that? She also wanted an MDC in her vehicle with access to Lerms and CAD.  It appears EPSO is not about law enforcement; it’s about nepotism and corruption.

What will be next; adding a lieutenant position to supervise dispatch?  That would be a complete waste of taxpayer money.   Corrupt Elder would never be that stupid.  EPSO is desperate for more deputies and Corrupt Elder creates a new overhead supervisor position.   How out of touch is Corrupt Elder?

Everything is falling apart for Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder

Complete Breakdown in Leadership at EPSO Results in Death of Detective?

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s version of the death of Detective Micah Flick was FICTION and he and his corrupt leadership have been caught in the middle of a major coverup.  Is anything Corrupt Elder says truthful? The CS Independent published three stories this morning.  They are all a must read.

The article about the shooting of Micah Flick.  

Policy discourages Deputies to draw their weapons.

Lack of training and leadership raises questions about shooting.

Does Corrupt Sheriff Elder have BLOOD on his hands?  Now it makes sense why he has not released any information about the shooting.  Corrupt Elder knows his corruption, nepotism, and poor leadership created the scenario that got Deputies shot and one killed.  He is trying to cover it up.

It’s been four months. If there is nothing to hide, release the information and let’s get the truth

Why does it appear the Independent is the only media willing to investigate Elder’s corruption? They are way out in front in the race while the other media is just getting out of the gate.

It finally happened; Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s corruption got Deputies hurt and one killed.  How many more have to get hurt before the community wakes up?

We support the law enforcement officers who acted bravely that day; we question the leadership that put them in harms way

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New record number of hits yesterday!

Called It; Again!

It’s like we have a crystal ball.  We told you Northam would be promoted to Chief and provided you the list of the next people to be promoted to Commander (Scroll down to March 28th and April 2nd).  We have a source close to Corrupt Sheriff Elder providing us all the details. We know what’s going on shortly after Elder talks about it. We are still hearing he plans to clean house after the primary election.  (Look at April 3rd)

Monday, June 18, 2018

Our web traffic continues to soar.  Last week we had the highest traffic ever. Thousands of hits every day.  Hopefully the word about Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is getting out.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Yet another Lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder

It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is not only the most hated sheriff, but the most sued sheriff as well. Read Story.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder; the most hated Sheriff ever

We were sent the following image and told hundreds of these postcards were sent out in the past week.  It appears a group of employees are responsible.  We can appreciate that they want Corrupt Sheriff Elder gone. Our official response is that we are not responsible and knew nothing about it until we were recently informed.  However, we do encourage people to spread the word about our website. How Corrupt Elder must feel knowing his employees despise him so much they would spend their own money to send out postcards like these.  Corrupt Elder is the only sheriff to ever have employees mail out postcards letting people know how bad things are at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Another Employee Quits because of Inappropriate behavior by Borland

The word is Commander Padgett and Larry Borland got into a huge argument on the 5th floor, and as usual Borland started dropping “F” bombs like he always does.  It appears Commander Padgett finally had enough and quit immediately.  Borland demanded he give a two week notice, but it appears Padgett only gave one.  There is really nothing else to tell because we respect Commander Padgett and feel he is one of the few on command staff that had integrity. We wish Commander Padgett all the best in his future endeavors.

County calls Huffors’ demands “Outrageous”

Even the Gazette wrote a story that shows the Huffors are out of control. Read Story. The county called their demands “outrageous”. It appears the only thing the Huffors care about is money and they have no problem bitting the hand that feeds them.

We do not believe the Huffors’ demands are “outrageous”; we believe they are completely consistent with their character

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Did Commander Padgett have enough of all the corruption? EPSO announced he is retiring; tomorrow we will tell you the real reason he quit and how he told Larry Borland “to take this job and shove it”.

Way to go Commander Padgett!

Why is Everyone Leaving EPSO?

There is an article in the CS Independent about attrition at the Sheriff’s Office.  PIO Jackie Kirby gives all kinds of reasons and excuses, but leaves out the real reason; people hate working for Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and his gang of thugs. The Independent states approximately 30% of sworn personnel left since Elder took office.  We believe the number is higher; however, using their numbers still shows you will not have very many veteran Deputies.  It appears the attrition rate for civilians has gone up by 30% under Elder’s term. This is a clear indication Corrupt Elder does not care about his people.

Financial Crisis at the Huffor Household?

It appears $180,00 a year is not enough money for the Huffors.  They are threatening to sue the county if they don’t get $400,000. Read the whole story in the CS Independent.  Here is a couple where one was promoted twice in less than a year and the other was given a position created just for her.  They were given over $120,000 taxpayer dollars a year they did not EARN or deserve, but were given because they were “buddies” with Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

UPDATE:  Here is a story about Bill Huffor’s pay raises since Elder took office.  Read Story.

They have the audacity to demand $400k because of an honest mistake by a county employee. It appears there was no damages or harm caused by the mistake. How about some christian forgiveness? Not a chance; the Huffors saw an opportunity to get more money. What kind of people are we dealing with?  How EVIL can they be? Corrupt Elder has given them both jobs making way more than many others who have worked for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for years. It appears no amount of money is enough for the Huffors.   Someone needs to set up a GoFundMe for them, it appears they need more money.

It is obviously they feel entitled and everyone else is here to serve them.  King and Queen Huffor; the royalty of EPSO. Will they soon demand employees bow and kiss their rings?

The Royal Couple

There is a word that says it all; UNGRATEFUL

What is going on at EPSO? How can anyone say things have gotten better with Elder?  This is Insane.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is upset the truth about his corruption is getting out

Corrupt Sheriff Elder is crying foul over Mike Angley’s campaign ads.  Rumor has it he is furious the facts about his corruption are getting out to the public shortly before the republican primary.  We are just happy the word is getting out.  Read Article. It is common knowledge Corrupt Elder bragged to all his friends he was going to shutout Angley in the county assembly. However, Angley had a very strong showing at the county assembly and all indicators suggest he will do even better in the primary. Corrupt Elder has spent thousands of dollars (and countless hours) campaigning trying to keep his job. But the one thing Elder will never do; Debate Angley.  Elder knows there are way to many “bad facts” he can not explain.  Corrupt Elder will just have to continue crying like a little baby.

Friday, June 8, 2018

We apologize if our website is running a little slow.  The web traffic is off the charts.  Not sure why, but we have almost doubled our traffic in the last few days. We hope the word is getting out about Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

We are still attempting to get information about a “video” that obviously has the Huffors upset.   From what we hear they are losing their minds. Sounds like Janet Huffor verbally and potentially physically assaulted two campaign volunteers for Mike Angley.   Some suggest she committed multiple crimes during these events. It appears the Huffors are mentally unstable and potentially dangerous. Should they be booked into the jail on “M1” holds?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder being Investigated?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder testifying under oath. He should get use to raising his right hand and taking the witness stand.
We have stated Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder will not finish a second term if he is re-elected.  There is so much evidence of corruption that is going to come out he will have no choice but to resign.  When the public figures out what he has done with the 1A funds they will recall him.  He will end his short lived career as sheriff in total disgrace.   However, we were recently contacted by a group wanting information about Elder. Based on the information we have Elder will most likely not even finish his first term.   It appears Corrupt Sheriff Elder is being investigated. If half of what we learned is true Corrupt Elder could be indicted for multiple crimes to include official misconduct.  We are not sure when this investigation will be made public; but hopefully prior to his second term.   Republicans do not like their elected officials misappropriating taxpayer money. Get the facts.

Lock him up!

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has been trying to distract the public with all the raids on illegal grow operations. He is trying to get as much good press as he can.   Why all the busts now?  It is our understanding Corrupt Elder has known about the grows for months (maybe years) and did nothing.  He waited until now so he could put on a media blitz right before the Republican primary.  Why has Elder done nothing for the past 3 years?  Did all these illegal grows just start up this year?  Doubtful.  We were told by sources Corrupt Elder has known about them and waited on purpose for the media attention.  It appears Corrupt Elder is only interested in protecting the community when it helps his re-election.  Totally Corrupt.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Called it!

Why wait for the official memo?  You can read who is getting promoted here before it happens. Scroll down to May 22. Now Corrupt Sheriff Elder is creating more supervisor positions for his buddies.  All his payoffs are taking all the 1A money.  What is going to happen in 2020?  There is going to be a LT over dispatch?  How about more Deputies on the street and in the jail.  That is what the 1A tax initiative was suppose to do.  Elder is such a LIAR!  He is still telling people there are more Deputies on the street than before 1A. What there is more of is Supervisors and special units.

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Huffors unload on social media; Threaten physical violence

Everyone has been contacting us about the Huffors going nuts on Social Media.  We checked it out and are attempting to find out what is going on. Their “rants” are confusing and show they are mentally unstable. It appears someone video taped their family and/or Billy Huffor?  It also appears the Huffors are threatening physical violence against the people they believe are behind the video and/or supporting Mike Angley for Sheriff. According to Janet Huffor; the “Gloves are off”. If you lookup this term it implies physical harm. This is very alarming.

If anyone knows what is going on please let us know.

We are concerned Bill Elder, Billy Huffor and Janet Huffor are mentally unstable and may cause harm to individuals they believe are responsible for publicly calling them out for their corruption.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

More Evidence of Elder Corruption in Endorsement for Mike Angley is not interested in politics or elections.  We are focused on exposing Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption.  However, we did find the Colorado Springs Independent’s endorsement of Mike Angley for Sheriff interesting.  Many of our supporters do not agree with the politics of the CS Indy, but their article laying out the facts why they support Angley is right on target.  There is so much corruption in Elder’s administration the only clear choice is Angley. We encourage people to read the article.

Voters need to focus on one key issue; “Where has all the 1A money gone?” How can Elder be so understaffed with all that money? How can there be less deputies on patrol now than back in 2012? Read Story.

The word about Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is getting out.  Will it be in time? Who knows.  If not, we predict Elder’s second term will end like another well known corrupt leader’s second term did.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Nepotism fights back with email to

Stephanie Gangemi asked us to publish her email and everyone has been asking to see it. Read Email. We redacted the name of the person she believes is behind the website; mainly because she is wrong. What is interesting is that she confirms Elder has investigated the website.  This is unethical and a crime.  We do appreciate Ms. Gangemi confirming the rumors. The only way to find out who the website is registered to is via a subpoena.  Plus, the website is registered to our webmaster not the people behind the website.  We did this to protect our sources. There are many people behind the website; many work(ed) at EPSO.

We encourage Mr. Gangemi to provide evidence corrupt Sheriff Elder has investigated our website. This would help with a lawsuit and possible criminal charges against Elder.

We want to be clear.  We do not question Ms. Gangemi’s work history, credentials or education.  We question the hiring process because of all the nepotism by Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder is putting Deputies lives at risk every day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Almost half of EPSO has left since Elder took Office

We have stated multiple times we do not support any candidate in the election.  Our only goal is to expose Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption. However, we are more than happy to reference Mike Angley’s website when there is something that shows Elder’s corruption.  Angley posted an article about attrition at EPSO.  Check it out.

More Nepotism by Corrupt Sheriff Elder

According to a source close to Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder, he is at it again.  Elder recently hired the wife of Commander Gehrett, Stephanie Gangemi.  Yet another example of Nepotism. We are not sure if she is qualified for the position or not.  She sent us a very detailed email with all her qualifications trying to justify why she got the job. But she is missing the point.  The real question is; was it a fair hiring process? Our source told us Ms. Gangemi was going to get the job before it was announced. Does this sound like a honest process?

Now the same source told us corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder just announced a new supervisor position for Research and Development (R&D). The problem is there is no reason for anyone to apply; Elder already knows who is going to get the job. According to our source it will be Natalie Sosa.  Bill Elder’s Secretary is going to be the next supervisor of R&D? Yep, that’s what we heard. What qualifications does she have? We hear that does not matter. Is she trying to get a new position in case Elder does not win the primary? Are all his cronies running for cover?  We don’t know the answer to that.  But one thing is for sure. Corrupt Sheriff Elder takes care of his friends. How many continue to sexually harass employees and he still protects them? Even with the entire office falling apart he is going to give his secretary a new job making over 60K a year.  Rumor has it she has already told people in the office Elder promised her the job. It’s hard to have a honest hiring process when that is going around the office. Everyone knows Elder only promotes his “guys” (or “gal” in this case).

Elder has Bankrupted the office; but he still finds a way to hand out more money to his “buddies”. Deputies are going out on patrol with numbers lower than back in 2012, but Elder only cares about promoting his secretary to a high paying supervisor position she has no qualifications for?   Does it sound like Corrupt Sheriff Elder cares about the safety of his deputies? This is the same person who calls disabled vets; “F-ing Cripples”.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has wasted so much 1A money there are less Deputies working Patrol today than back in 2012. Elder makes sure his cronies continue to get paid (in fact he just hired another one); but he puts Deputies lives at risk.  Corrupt Elder talks about law enforcement; but he does not walk the walk.  He is doing what ever he can to get on TV, but the real story is how he is putting deputies lives as risk. Read Story.

More Articles coming soon

What is the difference between these two snakes in the grass?

We can’t figure it out; can you?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We are busy at work.  The bombshells are coming.  We are giving time for Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s heart to recover.  Expect a story later this week. Teaser: Where has all the 1A money gone? Corrupt Sheriff Elder is proven to be a LIAR again.

More Nepotism?; That will be next week.

We have all the facts; you be the judge!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

More on Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder violating federal law. Read Story.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder Violating Federal Law

Corrupt Sheriff Elder campaigning in uniform.  The above picture was taken at a luncheon during business hours. Elder is in uniform and handing out campaign donation envelopes.  This is a violation of federal election laws to include the “Hatch Act”.  Elder is also using pictures of himself in uniform on his website and campaign brochures. These are all violations of federal law.  Don’t believe us? Look what happened to a candidate in Fremont county.  Read Story.

Ty Martin, after realizing he had violated the “Hatch Act” withdrew from the race.  When can we expect Bill Elder to announce he is withdrawing from the race?  A man with no integrity does not care about little things like the law.  Don’t expect Elder to do what is right.  His middle name is corruption.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder Cancels Staff Meetings

We hear Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder has been cancelling his weekly staff meetings. But actually still having them.  Elder no longer trusts his Lieutenants; so, instead of telling them they are no longer invited, he announces the meeting is cancelled. He then sets up a meeting with just his commanders and above. Of course, because this was so clever   no one figured it out.

We got a picture from last week’s meeting

Corrupt Sheriff Elder never thought anyone would hold him accountable for his unethical and illegal behavior let alone create a website dedicated to exposing his corruption.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 received information from a source there will be no promotions until after the Primary; maybe not until the next academy graduates.  They are tired of all the bad publicity and reading about who is getting promoted before they can announce it. Also, the top 10 recruits from the next academy are going directly to patrol.   They are trying to figure out how and when to make the announcement so it will not upset deputies from the jail who have been waiting to transfer.

Monday, April 23, 2018

More Corruption Exposed!

Why is this photograph on Bill Elder’s campaign website?

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder using Taxpayer dollars to fund his election campaign? exposes more evidence of Elder’s corruption.  Elder using employees during business hours for campaign photographs.  Read Story.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Elder leads Investigation into UBERgate

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder announced he is going to get to the bottom of UBERgate. Read Story. He will not seek justice for the Clements family. Read Story. However, he will do whatever it takes to find the person responsible for a stupid sticker on a vehicle. Maybe employees are having to work on the side to make money because Elder gave it all to his unqualified cronies? Read Story. This shows how screwed up EPSO is under Elder’s leadership.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Nepotism and Cronyism 101

The Huffors survive on only $180,000 a year. How do they do it?

It appears the Independent is on a roll.  They just posted another article about the special treatment of the Huffors. Read Story.  Before Elder made Janet his chief of staff she was a secretary with Fountain making like 30k a year. Now she makes over 90K; nice pay raise!  Remember our story over a year ago about Elder’s Pay for Play? Read Story.  Elder has wasted over 3 million taxpayer dollars giving his unqualified buddies nice paying jobs.  Did you know that after Elder took office he gave Lieutenants and above more vacation time? Elder takes care of his buddies and could give a crap about the employees.  He has not given civilians a pay raise in years. Read Story.

Here is a copy of what we posted last year:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and his THUGS Intimidate Voters at County Assembly

There is an article in the Colorado Springs Independent about voter intimidation at the El Paso County Republican assembly back in March.  Read Story. We received information from multiple sources who experienced it or saw it happen. Corrupt sheriff Bill Elder was willing to do whatever it took to keep Mike Angley out of the primary.  Even with all Elder’s unethical and illegal efforts Angley got 36% of the vote.  Not bad for an event that was heavily rigged in Elder’s favor. Now the last thing Elder wanted is going to happen.  The people of El Paso County are going to get a chance to vote.

We already provided evidence of voter intimidation. Read Story. Multiple individuals saw Billy Huffor go around and intimidate Angley supporters. Read Story.

Not sure how veterans can support Elder after he publicly referred to Angley as a “F@cking Cripple”. Read Angley’s response

We heard Elder wants handicapped individuals (veterans if possible) around him at future campaign events to offset the damage done by calling a Disabled Veteran a “F@cking Cripple”.

Bill Elder owes all Veterans a public apology

Wednesday, April 11, 2017

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder continues to protect his sexual predators. Read Story.

Sometimes a Picture says it All!!!

CBI officially clears Larry Borland of any crimes. Read CS Independent Article. Read Story.  There is no surprise here. What Larry Borland did clearly meets  the definition of official misconduct. More evidence of Corruption.

This is a comment posted on the CS Independent concerning their article:

Larry Borland Back in the News

The Colorado Springs Independent does another story about Larry Borland intimidating two employees into illegally notarizing multiple government documents.  It appears CBI is going to cover for Elder (no surprise).  Read Story.  What Larry Borland and Janet Huffor did was a crime (a Felony).  Read Story. Is Larry Borland Corrupt just like Sheriff Bill Elder? Read Story. Borland is referenced in lawsuit. Read Story.

WE provide the facts, YOU be the judge.

Monday, April 9, 2017

We are working on a story about a Lieutenant who has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times in the past and was recently caught having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a dispatcher half his age.  Normally we would not cover this type of story, but it’s how Elder handled the situation that we are going to address.

Just want to congratulate Sgt. Don Lorimor, Sgt. Chuck Harrington, and Sgt. Ralph Lasasso on their retirements.  We wish them the best.  According to our records that means EPSO is down 6 Sgts.  It appears everyone is still heading for the door… To save time Elder might want to schedule regular monthly retirement ceremonies.

CSPD Chief Carey Corrupt like Elder? was contacted by a source who told us there is rumor going around that Sheriff Bill Elder is desperate to figure out who all are behind our website; but every time he does anything at EPSO it gets out and is reported on the website.  So, he asked Chief Carey to investigate to try to determine who all are responsible.  The problem is, what they are doing is illegal and unethical.  We are just exercising our right to free speech and freedom of the press.  We are not breaking any laws.  We can not be investigated and no public  funds or time can be spent on it.  We are attempting to obtain evidence.

We know CSPD Chief Carey and Sheriff Bill Elder are good friends and rumor is Carey will be the next undersheriff. The question is; Is Carey Corrupt like Elder and willing to break the law for him?

We have received more than one email from CSPD officers who want us to start a website about Corrupt Carey.

Recently we were contacted by the company hosting our website. They told us someone tried to access our account. Also, someone contacted them trying to get information about who was behind the website.  They would not give their name, but we were told they sounded like a cop.  Obviously someone is real interested in our website.

When will the Corruption end?

Sunday, April 8, 20187

Will Killers of Tom Clements ever be brought to Justice? received additional evidence others were involved with the assassination of Colorado Department of Corrections chief Tom Clements. Why is DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder protecting them? READ STORY

We are confident Sheriff Bill Elder is okay with us releasing this information because he stated multiple times to the media there is NO evidence and he wanted to close the case and release all the information anyway.  Read memo.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

This Photo was sent to

Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder in a photo OP with Lisa Clements.  Elder is probably going to post this picture on his website in hopes of increasing his chances of re-election. Elder knows, and has plenty of evidence, there were others involved with the murder of Lisa Clement’s husband, Tom Clements. Yet he has the audacity to get included in a photo with her.   Look at the photo is he holding. That’s Jared Jensen.  Jared worked for CSPD, not EPSO.  Why isn’t he holding a picture of Hugh Martin or someone else from EPSO?  This is just like Corrupt Bill Elder wearing a military pin he did not deserve. Read Story.  Elder will do anything for publicity, even getting in a photo he does not deserve. How pathetic.

We will be posting more evidence Bill Elder and Dan May knew others were involved with the Murder of Tom Clements.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Additional evidence revealed; DA May & Sheriff Elder know who ordered the Assassination of Tom Clements

We recently received, from a source within EPSO, hard evidence showing District Attorney Dan May knew about the hit on his life and that Sean May from Denver was mistakenly murdered instead.  DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder know there were others involved with the murder of Tom Clements but yet they continue protecting them.  Read Story.   Recently Elder was asked about the Clements investigation and he again lied to the media and stated there was no evidence anyone other than Evan Ebel murdered Tom Clements. Read Story.  We have received additional evidence from someone who copied it from EPSO’s own archives.  This is evidence EPSO has had for years.  Wait until you read it… Stay tuned…

Thursday, April 5, 2018

“How can you support that Cripple!!” Sheriff Bill Elder

Comment made by Bill Elder at the county assembly referring to retired American Veteran Mike Angley. More coming soon…

UPDATE:  We hear the media is working this story so we are going to let it sit for a while and see what happens.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Elder Announces Major changes to Command Staff

We did not want to publish this information without confirming it.  We got that confirmation this afternoon.  It appears the county assembly really impacted Bill Elder’s plans.  The plan was to crush Mike Angley at the assembly and secure the nomination for Sheriff.  Then Elder was going to start having his command staff retire so he could put in his own people.  According to Elder himself they were brought in at the beginning of his administration to provide leadership until others could gain experience.  They have done their job and it is time for them to leave.  These statements were made by Elder himself at a recent CAC (Citizen’s Advisory Council) meeting. He proudly stated he would easily defeat Angley at the county assembly and after that there would be major changes in his Command Staff.  Do they know that? This is why Elder needs a list of 5 Lieutenants he wants to promote.  5 members of his command staff were suppose to retire this summer.  But wait, now that Angley is still in the race will Elder have to change his plans? Maybe delay them until after the Primary?  We hear Elder is in a panic because he can not trust anyone around him, he has to run a campaign for a June Primary, and more “bad facts” keep coming out.

We were told Elder is done with the Maketa leftovers and he wants them gone.  He stated they did their job and it’s time for them to leave. This includes Breister, Lincoln, King, DeLuca, Shannon, and Gehrett. But we have also heard Hatch and Borland have had enough and they want to leave as well.  Sounds like they all can’t get out the door fast enough.


It appears the voter intimidation at UCCS back on March 24th was more serious than we thought.  More and more people are coming forward with their stories how they were harassed by Billy Huffor and other Elder supporters.  It is clear Elder wanted to secure the nomination at the county assembly and was willing to do what ever it took. Elder knows he needs to secure the nomination as quickly as possible because more and more “bad facts” keep coming out.  More is coming…

Monday, April 2, 2018

Elder lays out his playbook for Future Command Staff?

We just received a bunch of information that will take a while to confirm and publish.  You will not want to miss it.  Here is a little teaser; a source within Elder’s command staff just told us Elder has already come up with the list of the next 5 Lieutenants he wants promoted to Commander. Your first question should be; “why does Elder need a list of 5?” We are hearing rumors a few on Command Staff have stated they have had enough.  They are tired of the all the publicity our website is generating.  Plus they know more “bad facts” are coming. There is no reason to stick around, they have been in their positions for more than 3 years so their retirements are nice and fat.

So, why did the undersheriff send an email to all Lieutenants on March 29, 2018 at 9:17:33 am stating:

With the pending retirement of Bureau Chief Lincoln, a promotional opportunity will exist for the rank of Commander. All Lieutenants interested in promotion to the rank of Commander should submit a memorandum of interest, through the chain of command, to Sheriff Elder no later than 1200 hours, on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. The memorandum should include your years of experience and assignments within the office and what your first priority will be as a Commander. Sheriff Elder will then schedule a meeting with interested applicants later in the week. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me…Joe

If Elder has already decided who he is going to promote why is Breister asking all interested Lieutenants to submit a memo? Maybe they are tired of being sued? They have to make it look like they did a fair evaluation prior to picking who Elder wants. Remember the banding lists for Lieutenants?  Elder didn’t like the order so he just changed it. Read Story. Elder must think everyone at EPSO is an idiot.  Everyone knows what is going on and what kind of person Elder is.  Bill Elder just can not help himself.  He can not do anything with Integrity.

If anyone is wondering who Elder is going to select; let’s just spoil it for everyone.  Here is the list

  1. Prehm
  2. St. Charles
  3. Huffor
  4. Deno
  5. David

Now no one has to waste time turning in a memo if they are not on the list.  We just wanted to save some paper.  It appears Elder’s own inner circle is starting to turn on him.

BOTTOMLINE:  Based on previous promotions; does anyone doubt Elder already knows who he wants to promote?

More information coming soon…


Looks like more corruption exposed against Sheriff Bill Elder.  Another former employee just filed a lawsuit against him.  There is an article on the Colorado Springs Independent website. Read Article.

Update: We found out from a reliable source the Gazette got the same information the Independent did.  So why haven’t they written an article about the lawsuit?  Is the only newspaper in town willing to call out the corruption the Independent?  There is more coming; we will see what the Gazette does.

Here is our article concerning Tim William’s lawsuit against Sheriff Elder.  Read Article.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Federal Trial against Bill Elder rescheduled until after June Primary just confirmed the date of Bill Elder’s federal trial for retaliation against an employee was changed to August 13, 2018.  Is it just coincidence now that Elder has a challenger in the June primary the date of his federal trial moves to after the primary? Are they trying to keep his trial a secret until after the primary so it will not impact the vote?  Elder will most likely be found guilty of retaliation and the county will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the victim.  But now the voters of El Paso County will not know anything about it until after the June primary; how convenient.

It was reported months ago a federal judge ruled there was merit to the complaint filed by a former employee (veteran) and scheduled a trial this April. Read Story. Now the voters will not be able to hear testimony how Bill Elder, on day one, started his rein of terror against any employee he felt did not support him.  There will be a great deal of evidence of corruption by Elder that will come out during this trial.  It was critical for Elder’s reelection to get it rescheduled until after he secures the Republican nomination for Sheriff.

EPSO Administrator Larry Borland has also learned that highly respected retired EPSO employee Lt. Tim Williams (retired veteran) filed a lawsuit in district court this week against Sheriff Bill Elder.  It is our understanding, Williams was subjected to unbelievable amounts of harassment and intimidation by both Sheriff Bill Elder and EPSO Administrator Larry Borland; who ultimately forced him to retire. According to our sources, Both Elder and Borland would berate Williams with profanity laced verbal attacks many times a day.  It is our understanding Borland would continually yell at Williams dropping multiple “F” Bombs. Borland is known for his unprofessionalism and use of profanity when dealing with employees.  We look forward to hearing testimony in this case.  We will keep you informed with updates as we receive them.

It appears former employees are lining up to file lawsuits against Bill Elder.  Many have already received large payouts from our county commissioners for their silence. Of course this raises the question; Why are our commissioners endorsing Elder’s corruption?  Are they willing conspirators or just ignorant?   What will it take to stop the corruption?  Will anyone call out Bill Elder for his inappropriate and illegal behavior?

If Elder gets reelected; will his second term match that of another well known person in history?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Exposing the Truth about Sheriff Bill Elder

It appears our website is starting to bother Bill Elder and his cronies.  Last year Elder suggested he could care less about the website and does not read it.  Based on recent statements that appears to no longer be the case.  He has decided to attack the website and make unsubstantiated allegations as to our motives and alliances.  We are not surprised; it was predictable.  Elder can not comprehend a website would be founded by previous and current employees solely with the goal of exposing his corruption. Instead of dealing with the issues he makes excuses.   When asked what is going on; Elder blows it off as nothing more than disgruntled employees.  We are not disgruntled employees; we love EPSO.  We were looking for change and hoping Elder would deliver; he did not. Things are much worse now than ever. Ask one simple question; Why have so many employees left since Elder took office?  This website is the last resort of those who just want integrity to return to EPSO.

Elder would like to convince people we are somehow associated with Mike Angley and/or Terry Maketa.  We are not. Look at the facts; this website has been around for over a year. Read Article. Angley announced his run for Sheriff last fall.  We were exposing Elder’s corruption months before Angley even thought about running.  We just want the corruption to stop. As for Maketa; wrong again.  Some in our group did not support posting articles about Maketa’s trial. They argued referencing Maketa in anyway would “Taint” the website; they were right. But ultimately we agreed addressing the false allegations against Maketa, Presley, and San Agustin justified it.

We have one agenda; exposing the truth about Sheriff Bill Elder.  That’s it; nothing more. Elder is just having a tough time accepting that fact.

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Chief Mitch Lincoln; “I’m out”

Word is Chief Mitch Lincoln had enough after last weekend’s fiasco; he announced he is retiring effective April 30th.  Is another rat leaving the sinking ship?  Let’s do the math;  Lincoln has been a chief for 3 years so he’s maxed his retirement.  Elder got him a nice retirement bonus.  A source within Elder’s leadership team told us Cliff Northam will be promoted to Chief.

Mitch Lincoln is known for being accused of opening evidence in a criminal case just so he could look at nude photos contained on an iPad, and being investigated for felony theft. Read Story. He was suspended for inappropriate behavior back in 2014; but reinstated and promoted by Bill Elder when he took office.

UPDATE: We are already hearing rumors Elder will announce Huffor’s promotion to Commander at the same time as the promotion of the new chief.  It’s about time for his promotion; He’s been a Lieutenant for a few months and there is no other lieutenant with more experience or better qualified. If you can’t tell; we are being sarcastic. Let’s see what happens.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Additional Evidence of Harassment and Voter Intimidation revealed

Multiple sources told how Billy Huffor and others harassed delegates outside the county assembly last Saturday.  Read Story.

More evidence to come…

The website is maintaining record setting levels.  We set another record yesterday.  Thousands are hitting our website everyday.  Spread the word about  We want to reach 50,000 hits in one day!

Monday, March 26, 2018

More complaints of voter intimidation at county assembly

We received additional information concerning multiple incidents of voter intimidation at the El Paso County Republican assembly last Saturday. We were told Elder supporters with large signs were stationed outside the building on every possible path to the entrance to the assembly.   If they had reason to believe you were an Angley supporter you were harassed and threatened.  It is our understanding multiple individuals left due to this harassment. These efforts were lead by Billy Huffor and witnessed by many people.  Story coming soon…. Stay tuned..

Republicans break their own rules by allowing Elder to be Sergeant of Arms

According to a source knowledgeable of the El Paso County Republican by-laws; they broke their own rules last Saturday by allowing Sheriff Bill Elder to be “Sergeant of Arms” at the county assembly. According to our source, the rules state no one in a contested race can hold the position of Sergeant of Arms. We confirmed this with a second source. So, the El Paso County Republican leadership broke the rules and gave an advantage to Bill Elder.  Is there any part of the county assembly that wasn’t manipulated or exploited for Elder?

El Paso County Republican leadership delays Sheriff vote to give edge to Bill Elder?

We have heard rumors the El Paso County Republican leadership intentionally delayed the vote for sheriff at the county assembly to give an edge to incumbent Bill Elder.  They knew many EPSO employees were in attendance and planned to vote against Elder.  They delayed the vote until after 3:00 pm knowing some would have to leave to go on duty for “swing shift”.  In every previous assembly the vote for Sheriff was never later than 1-2pm.  Why was it so late this year?  Just a coincidence?

High traffic on DIRTYELDER.COM continues more than doubled its record number of visitors yesterday and set a new record for number of hits by more than 70%. Typically Sundays has the lowest number of hits/visitors; however, yesterday was our best day ever by far.  Has the word spread; Will this traffic continue?  It appears more and more people visit our site everyday to see what’s new.

Stay tune for daily updates and tell your friends about Your only source for the inside scoop into Sheriff Bill Elder’s Corruption.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

We already have more hits today than yesterday and we still have hours to go until midnight.  Our website is going to the next level.  We should sell advertising. The word is spreading and people are learning the truth about corrupt sheriff Bill Elder. More bombshells are coming in April.

UPDATE: We are hearing multiple reports of voter intimidation by Elder supporters. sees RECORD setting traffic (again)

We’ve talked about our website traffic before and how recently we set a new record for hits. Normally our hits go down on the weekends and we are good with that.  We think people should spend time with their families, not social media.  There is plenty of time during the week to deal with Corrupt Bill Elder and the rest of his command staff clowns.
Having said that; we shattered our all time record yesterday.  After the county assembly ended on Saturday our website got hammered all night and is still seeing massive traffic early this morning.  Obviously the word about Elder getting his ASS kicked at the county assembly is getting out.  We also know many are very upset at Bill Elder and the Huffor’s attempt at voter suppression and intimidation.
We encourage employees and others to stand up against Bill Elder’s Corruption. It’s time to get the word out…

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption

Don’t forget our slogan for 2018:

“Create an Eruption over Bill Elder’s Corruption”

Saturday, March 24, 2018

LT. Huffor harasses off Duty EPSO employee at County Assembly

After the county assembly this afternoon we were contacted by multiple individuals telling us all about what Lt. Billy Huffor did.  It appears he harassed an off duty employee until they left. Read Story.

We heard after the results were announced Sheriff Bill Elder and his command staff exited the building looking like they just left a funeral. They knew their best chance to win was keeping Mike Angley off the June Primary.  Everyone knows the county assembly is heavily in favor of the incumbent and Elder is being supported by his corrupt buddies like Dan May and the county commissioners.  In a Primary everyone gets to vote. This means every employee (and spouse) that is a Republican or Independent can vote against Elder. See webpage. There is still time for employees to go register to vote for the primary election. The race for Sheriff just became competitive.

Did you know that NEVER has a first term sheriff in El Paso County EVER had a primary challenger? That’s how much everyone wants Elder gone.  There has been a lot of upsets in March Madness this year; will Elder be next?

You know what they say; “don’t count your chickens until the eggs hatch”.  At the assembly, Bill Elder was over heard telling everyone he was going to get 85% of the delegates.  He got 25% less than he expected.  This means people who told Elder they were going to vote for him; did not.  How funny is that? Rumor is many employees did this to include supervisors and even one commander. WOW!

After hearing both Elder and Angley speak, many undecided voters went with Angley.  Angley sounded like a leader and Elder just sounded “angry”. Now Elder will actually have to campaign and maybe even agree to a Debate. Wait until Angley crushes Elder in a debate. It also gives us more time to spread the word about Elder’s corruption.

We know from multiple sources Bill Elder did not want to face Mike Angley in a Primary election. Plus, Elder’s federal trial for retaliation against an employee is in late April. Read Story. We were told by a source Elder wanted the trial postponed until after the county assembly.  Now he is going to have to explain why he was sued prior to the June primary.  Just more bad facts for Elder.

Is a storm coming?

Today was a good day for El Paso County.  Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder will not be the only candidate in the June primary.

We were sent a video of Bill Elder after the results were announced

Friday, March 23, 2018

Bill Elder’s Corruption and Unethical Behavior Exposed

Looks like the word is getting out about our Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. Watch out if you get in his way.  He will threaten you and even arrest you for crimes you never committed. Bill Elder is the most corrupt Sheriff we have ever had.  Will the truth get out in time to stop him from a second term? With the mounting evidence of corruption against Sheriff Bill Elder, how long will the El Paso County Republicans continue to support him?

See what one Republican has to say about Bill Elder.  Read Story.

Monday, March 19, 2018

How does this make you feel?

This has many at the Sheriff’s office upset.  It may not be technically illegal by Colorado’s Campaign finance laws; however, It appears to be in direct violation of Elder’s own policy.  It has pissed off many employees and motivated some to get involved and support Elder’s challenger.  It’s this kind of behavior that shows how corrupt Elder is.  He does not see the issue of parking his private vehicle, with his campaign sign on it, in the sheriff’s reserved spot during business hours.  How convenient that every vehicle going through the parking structure will see it.  We were contacted by many employees who told us this has set off a firestorm throughout the office.

“Hey bill, how does it feel to be the most hated Sheriff ever?”

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sheriff Bill Elder Lies to the Media (again) about the Assassination of Tom Clements

Will the family of Tom Clements ever get justice? Read Story.

Monday, March 12, 2018

We received information about some legendary shouting matches on the fifth floor.  We hear Elder and Janet Huffor have been getting into it. Could the stress be getting to them?  We are looking into it. We hear Elder is still refusing to debate Angley. He knows a debate would cost him votes. Elder is going to avoid any public forum where tough questions could be asked.

On November 8, 2017 Bill Elder was made aware of information concerning a possible felony crime which took place in El Paso County.  He has chosen not to investigate which is required by Colorado Law.  Read Story. How long will Elder ignore this crime and selectively enforce the law based on his own personal agenda?
On December 7, 2017, Bill Elder was informed of a third witness (read story) to the felony crime that happened under his watch.  Not only is he continuing to do nothing; he is covering it up.  How long will this crime go uninvestigated?
Sheriff Elder ignoring his obligation to investigate a crime makes him guilty of official misconduct.  Covering the crime up makes him guilty of Accessory.

Update: It appears Dan May and Bill Elder have gotten CBI to sweep the whole thing under the rug. Appears there will be no justice.  Corruption wins another round. Read Story.


Lock him up, Lock him up, Lock him up…

Thursday, March 8, 2018 gets record number of hits

For some unknown reason our website received a record number of hits yesterday.  Is the word getting out about Sheriff Bill Elder and his corruption? has been receiving a large amount of hits for the past couple weeks; but yesterday was over the top.  We are even seeing hits from computers connected to the El Paso County government network; WHAT?  Is Bill Elder and his leadership team checking our website daily?  Is Bill our number one fan? Does he go to bed wondering what crime or corruption will we expose the next day? Sorry Bill no teasers; you’ll just have to wait.

We know EPSO command staff checks the website all the time. Chief Lincoln and a commander were overheard talking about it recently.  We have also heard Janet checks daily to see if her, or her husband are mentioned.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It appears some El Paso County residents see right through the malicious prosecution of Terry Maketa and see it for what it was; a political “witch hunt”.  Read letter in Gazette.  It’s too bad it will take a couple years for the Civil case to go to trial.  That’s when the truth will get out and the real fun begins.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Huffors spread rumors to encourage employees to stay home and miss Republican Caucus?

We hear Bill Elder is afraid current and past EPSO employees will show up tonight and become delegates to the county assembly. He will do what ever he can to try to convince them to stay home. Even to go as so far as spread lies.

According to our sources, you cannot believe anything you hear from Billy or Janet Huffor.  Rumor has it they are telling people Mike Angley’s campaign manager quit and no longer supports him.  We have stated from the beginning will not endorse anyone; we are dedicated to exposing Bill Elder’s corruption.  But many of our supporters do support Angley and they are furious with the latest lies by Elder and his leadership.  So, to keep things honest.  Here is a link to a statement by Angley’s campaign manager. Read Post.

We do support and encourage all EPSO employees to participate in tonight’s Republican Caucus and become a delegate to the county assembly on March 24th.  It will cost you a little money, but it’s well worth it to have your voice heard.

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption; It’s time to be heard

Monday, March 5, 2018

EPSO Employees need to get involved

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6, 2018 is the Republican Caucus.  If you understand how politics work in this state you will know how important it is to attend and ask to be a delegate at the county assembly later this month.  If you want voice heard, now is the time; the November election is too late.  If you want to be part of the decision who the Republican candidate will be for Sheriff you need to attend Tuesday night and become a delegate.

Understand this; when Elder ran for Sheriff 4 years ago he made two promises.  He would only run for one term, and Todd Evans would be the next sheriff.  These were both lies.  He is running for a second term because his hopes of becoming a county commissioner were destroyed.  Elder was (and still is) so bad with money he needs the income to survive.  Elder is 60 years old and has no retirement.  He’s hoping for a second term so he will qualify for a county retirement.


Here is the question everyone should be asking; Why is Todd Evans no longer supporting Bill Elder?  Go check out Elder’s endorsements on his website.  No reference to Todd Evans or Bob McDonald.  Todd Evans was the individual who supported and ensured Elder became Sheriff.  Without Evans, Elder would be still be a mediocre realtor. It is our understanding after Evans joined Elder at EPSO he began to see all the corruption and decided he could no longer be part of it; so he quit.   Shortly there after; Bob McDonald joined his friend in leaving EPSO.   It’s because of Elder’s corruption that so many career law enforcement officers have retired or left EPSO in the past few years.  Over two hundred employees have left;  only a handful support Elder.  Why is that?  They know the truth.

Why are both Evans and McDonald’s names absent from Elder’s endorsement page?

A Picture says a thousand words.  Look at McDonald with Elder when he received his retirement plaque.  What does this picture say to you?  It’s obvious Bob McDonald hates Elder so much he would not even shake his hand.

We have been told by sources both Todd Evans and Bob McDonald despise Elder.  They are fed up with his corruption.

Here is the reason you need to go to your precinct meeting this Tuesday and become a delegate.  This is not just about Elder, the most corrupt sheriff ever, getting re-elected for another 4 years.  It is about the next sheriff being Billy Huffor.   Bill Elder is hated by many; however, Bill and Janet Huffor are hated 10X more.  A vote for Bill Elder is a vote for Billy Huffor.  Elder is already grooming Billy as the next sheriff. Billy spends all his time on the 5th floor hanging out with his buddy. Maybe he should get a job? If you do not want to work for the Huffors you need to get involved.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Let it go Lance

Lance Benzel and the Gazette just cannot get over the failure of the District Attorney to fool 12 jurors (twice) that Terry Maketa committed a crime.  Read Story.  He implies the blame goes to 3 individuals who would not be fooled.  Benzel’s story clearly insinuates Maketa’s guilt and points the finger at the holdouts on the jury.  Maybe Benzel should watch the movie; “12 Angry Men“?  Thank God for holdouts; that’s the foundation of how our system works. You have to convince 12 people to agree on a verdict.  If you were sitting in that chair being accused of something you didn’t do you would want it the same way.  Lance Benzel does not care about facts; he just wanted a “guilty” verdict so it would support his agenda and validate 2 years worth of articles.  Now he just looks like a bias reporter.

Lance is like a spoiled little 2 year old banging his spoon on the table when he does not get his way.  He’s pissed because the narrative he and the Gazette preached for the past 2 years just went down in flames. Their bias has been exposed and they don’t like it.

The Gazette has been a mediocre newspaper for years.  Their only recent claim to fame was all their corruption stories about Sheriff Terry Maketa and the three commanders who filed a complaint against him. Three years later; there is no proof of corruption and the complaint was dismissed.  The only thing left is the civil lawsuits Terry Maketa and the others will file against the county and the individuals involved for unethical behavior and a malicious prosecution.  Wait until all the facts come out.  Especially about lead prosecutor Mark Hurlbert.  Many of Hurlbert’s witnesses lied to investigators and/or the grand jury; Hurlbert withheld exculpatory evidence from the grand jury, and he went after San Agustin because he would not lie to the grand jury for him. Get all the fact here.

The facts will be overwhelming. Will the Gazette report on that? What will Lance write about now that Maketa is no longer in the news?

How about he federal trial against current Sheriff Bill Elder which is scheduled for next month in Denver? Will the Gazette report on that? Read Story.

The Gazette needs to reevaluate their motives and get back to reporting the news, not trying to create it.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

It appears Bill Elder missed another public appearance.  He was suppose to attend the CIT graduation yesterday.  Again, we hear he is having some type of mental health issues.

We also received information Bill Elder is collecting every employee’s personal information. The original notice told people to send their information to El Paso County HR; than a second email came out an hour later wanting people to send it to someone who has nothing to do with HR, but does work closely with staff. Is there any surprise the email came from Elder’s secretary?  Rumor has it, Elder wants to know where everyone lives for the upcoming election.  He is paranoid employees are going to show up in large numbers to vote against him.  Elder knows the vast majority of the employees hate him and know he is corrupt.

Ask yourself why is Natalie Sosa sending the email and why do they now want you to send your information to someone who does not work in personnel?  What is the real reason they want this information?

How does Elder feel to be the most hated, corrupt Sheriff ever?  This is one of the reasons Elder wanted to ruin Maketa and his legacy.  He thought if he could somehow show people Maketa was corrupt it would make him look better.  Instead of trying to raise “the Bar” with his own performance as Sheriff; Elder wanted to lower it. “look how bad the previous sheriff was…I’m not that bad”  His plan backfired. They could not prove any corruption and Maketa is now the victim of an unethical, malicious  prosecution.  Wait until the settlement is announced.  Elder’s entire command is falling apart.  There is no question Elder will continue to be corrupt; the questions is, what will he do next?


Thursday, March 1, 2018

The weekly command staff meeting was cancelled yesterday at the last minute.  We have heard some rumors why.  They include; he was upset over our latest post;  he is emotionally unstable and throwing a fit; he showed up at work drunk or hungover (again).

We have not been able to confirm anything at this point, but we are hearing all kinds of rumors that something is up at EPSO.  We will continue to talk with our sources within the office in an attempt to find out what is going on. We will let you know when we hear something.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sheriff Bill Elder being sued again?  Can he do anything right? Read Story.

How long will Bill Elder leave this cruel and disrespectful picture up on the EPSO website?  Does Bill Elder have the decency to take it down; or the arrogance to leave it up?

Sheriff Bill Elder disrespecting those who died serving in Law Enforcement

It is our understanding this is a picture of Elder prior to a memorial for fallen officers.  Notice he has a shroud on his badge.  Does Elder really respect or honor those who served (and died) in Law Enforcement; or is this just funny to him?

Let’s take a closer look:

How does this picture make you feel?

This picture is posted on the official EPSO website!!!

Posting a picture of the sheriff laughing while his badge is shrouded is completely disrespectful to those who died in the line of duty.  How could sheriff Elder be so disrespectful to have this picture posted on the website?

Elder using recent Death to help win re-election?

We were told by sources close to Elder that he has talked about how he can leverage the recent death of one of EPSO’s Deputies to help his re-election campaign.  We are amazed at the new lows Bill Elder is willing to go.  What is motivating Bill Elder? How evil and corrupt can he be?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The judge signed the motions to dismiss all charges against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa and Undersheriff Paula Presley. obtained information showing more corruption by ADA Mark Hurlbert. As it turns out he should have recused himself.  Read Story. Will all his corruption and unethical behavior overshadow the rest of his career?

Monday, February 26, 2018

What’s this we hear about Elder refusing to debate Angley?  We are not surprised.  Elder is corrupt and a confirmed liar.  Why would he want to get on stage and get destroyed in public by Angley?

If Bill Elder is too scared to even debate Mike Angley would he have gone into the school in florida or waited outside?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

We have stated from the beginning we will not endorse any candidate for Sheriff; but that does not mean we cannot support members of the office and others who know Bill Elder is corrupt to become republican delegates. Find out what you need to do and plan to attend the county caucus on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.  Become a delegate to the county assembly and vote for the person you believe will make the best sheriff. It’s time to make a stand and do what’s right.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Huffors trying to cut deal with Angley?

We just heard Janet Huffor was overheard begging Mike Angley not to get rid of her position if he was elected.   Our source; witnessed the interaction at the El Paso County Republican Women’s club on Monday. They stated Janet Huffor approached Angley and asked him why he was telling everyone he would get rid of her position if elected. She then told him she hoped he would at least find her a position and not fire her.  Wow are the rats jumping ship!  Janet must be worried for her to contact Angley and try to establish a relationship.  Are Janet and Billy in real fear of losing their jobs next January.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

CBI Re-opens Investigation into EPSO Administrator Larry Borland for Ordering Government Documents Falsely Notorized

EPSO Administrator Larry Borland

CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) has re-opened their investigation into EPSO administrator Larry Borland for illegally ordering two employees to falsify government documents and submit them to the county clerk. Read Story.  Our articles lay out the entire crime. First story and our Second Story. Where is the media? Why is the Colorado Springs Independent the only news media that seems to care about corruption with our Law Enforcement?  The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is being investigated by CBI for criminal activity; is that news worthy?

Janet Huffor

CBI now has 3 individuals who gave similar testimony; Borland ordered Rick Dietz and Dave Mejia to falsify multiple government documents.  It appears from the article CBI is confused what laws might have been broken; REALLY?  We can help.  It’s called Extortion.  Larry Borland used intimidation (the fear of them losing their jobs) to get two employees to break the law.  That is the definition of Extortion.  Larry Borland and Janet Huffor also committed Official Misconduct and Forgery.  By submitting the forged documents to the county clerk they violated Colorado state statute 18-5-102 (1)(d) & (e).

District Attorney Dan May

According to the article, CBI will submit the results of their re-investigation of Larry Borland and EPSO to District Attorney Dan May.  Wait a minute. Dan May made a big deal over the fact he recused himself from the Maketa case; shouldn’t he do the same with Bill Elder?  If Dan May is honest and has integrity, he will ask another DA’s office (other than the 18th) to review the evidence, just like he did with Maketa.  If he plans on covering it up for Sheriff Elder he will make an announcement saying he has reviewed the case and found no evidence of a crime.  Will Dan May cover for his Republican buddy like he has in the past. Read Story. (Read another story of corruption in Dan May’s organization. Read Story. Another story of Dan May’s Corruption. Read Story.)  There is overwhelming evidence a crime has been committed. If Dan May is corrupt he will not recuse himself and will cover it up.

There is be no doubt a crime was committed by Larry Borland and Janet Huffor.  Will there be justice or just more corruption?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We are getting contacted by multiple people telling us to keep writing stories and they are concerned we are slowing down.  Don’t worry, we are just resting before the next big stories are written.  Look for a huge story next week.  We will give teasers later.  It’s too big to let them know what we are working on.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

MAKETA, PRESLEY, and SAN AGUSTIN completely Vindicated

Obviously we are happy Mark Hurlbert, Dan May, and bill elder are dropping the charges against Terry Maketa and Paula Presley.  We included DA Dan May and corrupt Sheriff bill elder because we know they were part of the decision.  We will be providing more information next week after the judge signs the motions.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What is going on at EPSO?  It appears the ship is sinking.  Check out the most recent BLOG.  We also suggest you checkout the Mike Angley for Sheriff website as there is good information there.

It appears the sexual harassment at EPSO continues. We are hearing more and more about female deputies and employees being harassed by bill elder’s leadership. We encourage employees to file complaints because that is the only way it will stop.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Out of respect for our fellow Deputies and employees at EPSO we will not add any new material to the website until next week.  This is time to reflect on the recent event and pray for the family of Micah Flick.  There will be plenty of time in the future to continue to expose the corruption of Bill Elder.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Our thoughts and prayers are for Detective Micah Flick, his family, and the other Deputies and officer shot this afternoon.

What motivates Haters?

Teri Goodall

There was a BLOG posted yesterday we believe everyone should read.  It details how Bill Elder and his group of cronies did what ever it took to bring down Terry Maketa.  The question everyone should be asking is, WHY?  Why couldn’t they just let him retire?  Hate is a terrible thing.  Mix it with corruption and you have a deadly combination.   Our top list of haters (and Liars) includes; Bill Elder, Joe Breister, Dan May, Wendy Habert, Cheryl Peck, Rob King, Billy Huffor, Janet Huffor, Ray Gerhardt, Shannon Gerhardt, Mitch Lincoln, Rodney Gehrett, and the worst of them all Jackie Kirby.  But the back stabbing award goes to Teri Goodall.  She owes everything she has to Terry Maketa and she provided private text messages between her and Maketa to the media.  With friends like that who needs enemies?  What makes it worse is these people are proud of their actions.   Many have Terry Maketa to thank for their careers, yet they lied (under oath) to destroy him.  How can they live with themselves? Where does this kind of EVIL come from? They say Karma is a “bitch”; we hope so.

Here is the BLOG:

Betrayed – Trial of Terry Maketa/Corruption of Bill Elder

What was the catalyst for this “fall from grace” of Sheriff Maketa? How did it start? Why? And most importantly WHO? A graduate of Widefield High School, he began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in October 1987 at 23 years old. Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded him and every other deputy, he promoted through the ranks and elected Sheriff in 2002. Some of his longtime friends rose to great heights in their careers also, encouraged and supported by their friend Terry who eventually became Sheriff for 12 of his 27 years with the Office. Those very same friends, however, turned on their “friend” and fellow law enforcement peer. Betrayed by those closest to him! But why? Knowing the players, their history and “loyalty” is a start. The very same – who shared their own success/prosperity by riding on Terry’s coat tails of success in great things accomplished, the growth of the Office and most of all their own command staff positions they attained – betrayed Terry’s trust, loyalty, and conspired against him. Again, why do such a thing to a friend and mentor? Comes down to 10 simple laws we all know very well!
The final four years of Sheriff Maketa’s third term, he had a few new challenges; Waldo Canyon Fire, Black Forest Fire; Ballot Issue 1A, and the fight for Second Amendment Rights with fellow Colorado Sheriff’s to just name a few. Accolades, gratitude, letters, calls, cards and great support for the Sheriff came from all around and outside the state. Some were calling for him to run for governor. Although term limited, his friends aka Command Staff and others decided he would not leave his service in good standing. Why? Jealousy and envy of his success, his following, his abilities and skills to make thing happen. Terry made a name for himself as a servant to the citizens, community and nationally; and to his grateful employees who received many pay raises, bonuses, excellent equipment, training, opportunities never before possible, state of the art information, etc.… The potential of governorship intensified. Their jealousy turn into Anger. As one commander whispered to another, “Governor? He’ll be lucky to finish his term!” Personally witnessed. Fear. Fear because the new sheriff can make any changes to the Command Staff including bringing in his own and letting the current ones go and left unemployed. Personal grudges. No explanation needed.
Jealousy, envy, fear, anger, personal grudges – all the ingredients for conspiracy. Which brings us to Bill Elder. Bill Elder was an unknown to his little minions who were not aware of his ugly past employment with EPSO with him leaving under the threat of a polygraph which he could not face. (The IA File). And some other questionable issues presented in previous articles. A leopard’s spots don’t change and neither did Bill’s. He wanted to be Sheriff. He could never compete with Maketa’s record so what could he do? Gather together those “loyal” friends and command staff members and conspire to oust Sheriff Maketa and disgrace him publicly. But why? Maketa was term limited and no threat to Bill Elder or anyone else. They would support Elder in an election, meanwhile satisfy their own personal agenda to include grudges against the Sheriff; even disciplinary action deserved. They had become complacent in their jobs and Sheriff Maketa had to be the boss first before friend requiring accountability. Complacency, laziness and a lack of gratitude for what they had achieved under his leadership made great companions with Bill Elder in a conspiracy and also cemented them in a position in the new administration. The birth of a conspiracy happened in 2013 from the closest to Sheriff Maketa to those who had retired or left with a personal grudge of their own. One specific person whose betrayal was one of the most hurtful and damaging was that of Jackie Kirby. The infamous Director of Information – an opportunity to excel in her career in a new direction for which she had no training or skill for whatsoever. Guised as his previous “loyal” executive assistant, she manipulated any access afforded to her by her position to be a provider of information directly to Bill Elder. It was easy for Jackie to do. Everything about her is fake to include her fingernails; a chameleon who can be anybody to anyone anytime to achiever her agenda. She also needed to secure a position for herself with the new administration as Maketa was leaving. Jackie’s grudge? A denied pay raise. He told her he already had a very hard time accounting for her current pay given no experience and not doing a very good job at that. She joined his “other friends” to bring the Sheriff down.
So today, because of that nasty mix along with the Gazette reporters Dave Phillips Emily Allen and Lance Benzel to name a few, the actions were carried out that ultimately has placed Sheriff Terry Maketa on trial because of the lies, and law breaking deeds by those within and without the office. Some of them were on the witness stand under oath, in uniform giving false testimony – bearing false witness – to finish off what was started 4 years ago. It is amazing that such individuals touted their very close relationships with Terry and his family, only to betray them so viciously.
What happened? A man trusted his friends, his staff and some closest to him only to be betrayed in the worst way it can be done. How can a man who was once a hero suddenly fall into depravity? He didn’t. He held his staff accountable, they didn’t like it so they retaliated. No they destroyed him in any and every way they could, including his family. They hurt the Office that so many awesome and dedicated employees work for each day to serve and protect. Truth will set us all free! I pray this jury and community will see the truth rather than believe what a tainted rag newspaper, corrupt 14th Judicial District DA, County Commissioners and 18th Judicial District DA office who lie every time their mouth opens. Example: John San Agustin indicted on false charges because he would not lie to a Grand Jury about Terry Maketa. El Paso County government is corrupt. The trial is a narrative to destroy Terry Maketa, plain and simple. May 2018 be the year of draining the swamp in DC and El Paso County. We want the truth! You should too!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Closing Arguments in the Maketa Trial this morning.  If you want to hear them be at the courthouse at 8:30 am.  Things have gone pretty much the same as last trial except for testimony from retired Lieutenant John Brandt. We consider the whole trial a waste of taxpayer money.  There was no crime and this is obviously nothing more than a political attack of retired Sheriff Terry Maketa by DA Dan May and current corrupt sheriff bill elder.

Terry Maketa trial section

Monday, January 29, 2018

No trial today.  We are getting information from patrol deputies that things are really starting to fall apart.  We are confirming our sources.  Should have something soon.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual harassment continues at CJC

Commander king

We are getting close to the election season and Sheriff Elder wants things quiet around the office; no news but good news.  The problem is Elder’s supervisors can’t keep their penises in their pants.  We got the scoop on the LT who is causing the problems down at medical in the Jail.  From what we hear this is an ongoing tradition for this person; yet Bill Elder continues to promote those who cannot act professional and treat women employees with respect.   It appears inappropriate behavior at EPSO is not slowing down; it’s just getting more expensive.  Is Commander King having training class for the supervisors working under him?  Is he teaching them everything he knows about sexually harassing female employees? The jail is run by a commander who cannot, by order of the sheriff, be alone with a female employee.  Read Story.

We are going to wait and see what Sheriff Elder does before we publish the whole story.  We will give him another chance to do what is right.  The law firm of Cornish and Del’Olio got the female officers at CSPD 2.5 Million;  Maybe the female employee at CJC need to contact them. Read Story.

 EPSO supervisors continue getting SEX and lawyers continue getting RICH.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We are hearing there is something going on in the medical section at the jail. Something about sexual harassment and multiple complaints. We are looking into it.  We encourage all employees who feel they have been harassed or retaliated against to contact an attorney.  Get the best. Look what a group of females got in a settlement with CSPD.  Read Story.  The harassment will continue until you are serious and obtain an attorney.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Terry Maketa’s retrial started today with Jury selection.  Get the latest news in our special section.

Terry Maketa trial section

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lawsuit filed by three commanders dismissed by federal court

The Colorado Springs Independent posted an article earlier this week about the lawsuit against retired Sheriff Terry Maketa and Undersheriff Paula Presley being dismissed. Read Story. We are working on a followup story.  But we can tell you this interesting fact.  As you might know three commanders originally filed a claim against Maketa and El Paso County.  What you might not know is that Commander King Called the El Paso County attorney, Amy Folsom the night before they filed the complaint.  Sound corrupt?  It should.  According to our source, Commander King’s phone was examined and it revealed the call.  Why would a person involved with a group who was going to file a complaint the next day against the county call the county attorney?  This would only happen if she was involved.  Do the county commissioners know their attorney was working against them and can not be trusted? Was the plan to have them file the lawsuit and she would recommend the county settle?  Is this what happened with Gerhart and Kull?

Why did the county attorney communicate with Commander King the night before he filed a complaint? We have more information we will provide in a future article.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Anniversary DIRTYELDER.COM is one year old!  It’s been a whole year since we first started posting articles concerning Sheriff Bill Elder’s corruption.  Just to give some facts, we have written over 45 articles and hundreds of updates about Bill Elder’s corruption.  Our group has grown from a few employees, former employees and concerned citizens to hundreds of followers world wide.  In the last year we approached 400k hits. We anticipate more hits this year as we get closer to the election season.   Just to remove any doubt as to our future; we have already directed the company we contract with to maintain our website to renew our hosting for another year. So we will be here for all of 2018.

Our motto for 2018

“Create an Eruption over Bill Elder’s Corruption”

Bill Elder; the most Corrupt Sheriff Ever!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A source within CJC (Criminal Justice Center) told us a black civilian employee was being harassed daily by supervisors.  When Elder was informed the employee was complaining about the situation his solution was to fire him.  This individual obtained an attorney and filed a complaint.  Since then he has been reinstated, put on paid leave until an investigation can be completed. It appears they were trying to get him to quit; when he didn’t they just fired him.  Rumor is; a good friend of Elder’s wife wanted the position and this was their way of “freeing” it up for her.  It is our understanding she is currently filling his position, but being paid at a higher paid grade.  We are hoping to obtain more information and publish it.   It appears to be another example of nepotism, cronyism and corruption.

We are also hearing rumors of other employees filing complaints.  We will report what we hear.  We encourage all employees who feel they are being treated unfairly to obtain legal counsel and file a complaint.  This is the only way to effect change in a positive way.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Elder SCREWS civilian employees AGAIN

When Elder was running for Sheriff he promised employees as long as he was Sheriff everyone would get yearly pay raises. This has been confirmed by many employees. Everyone knows this was nothing more than another Bill Elder lie to get the support of the employees so he would get elected.  Another year has past; Elder was given over a million dollars by the county commissioners to give all employees a 2% raise.  Did this happen? Read Story.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Read the latest article from the CS Independent about Larry Borland ordering employees to falsify documents.  Read Story.

Proof of Corruption

It appears CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) is willing to cover up Bill Elder’s corruption.  How can they say there is no evidence of a crime when two individuals clearly told them what happened.  Plus, CBI did not even interview the third independent witness; a retired Lieutenant who stated he witnessed Larry Borland order them to falsely notarize the documents.  What a sham.  How can they use the word “comprehensive”?  They failed to interview the most important witness.   There is nothing comprehensive about interviewing 2 out of 3 witnesses.  That’s 67%.  The definition of comprehensive is complete. The word they should have used to describe their investigation is corrupt or coverup.  Did they even look into the issue of filing forged government documents with the county clerk?

It is obvious CBI is protecting their own. Who can investigate CBI?

Someone needs to do a CORA request for all the notes and documents related to this investigation.

Read our story about Larry Borland ordering employees to falsify government documents

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

We are in the calm before the storm

Monday, January 8, 2018

Interesting memo was sent from Commander Northam last week concerning overtime.  In it he says the following; After further discussions with our Chain of Command; Patrol will continue to pay overtime for FTO duties, Court related overtime and DOR hearings.  ALL other time worked over and above the regular hours will be Compensatory time.  Additionally, we will need to work hard to keeping all Comp balances below 40 hours.  This issue will be reevaluated after the 1st quarter of 2018 after a review of tax revenues and other factors affecting our budget … Further, Sheriff Elder stated yesterday he believes, with about 95% certainty, that we will have the monies necessary to function normally later in the year“.

This is interesting.  First, it confirms Elder originally said no overtime, but reconsidered after further discussions with command staff.  Plus, they will reevaluate after the 1st quarter depending on tax revenues.  This means the future of EPSO overtime depends on 1A funding?  That is corrupt and incompetent.  Elder should adjust his budget to allow for overtime no matter how much they get from 1A.  1A funding should have nothing to do with all of EPSO’s overtime.  This is pretty convincing Elder is over his head and just like in his personal life he can not manage his money.  Elder always needs more money to make it work. What happens when 1A goes away?  Can you say; “Layoffs”?

Does anyone believe Elder when he says he is 95% sure EPSO will have enough funds to function normally later this year?  WHAT A LIAR!  There is obviously something they are keeping from us about their finances. What happened with Transparency?

Are they trying to keep as much as they can away from the public until after the republican caucus and county assembly? Looks like it.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

We hear the weekly command staff meetings are getting heated and running long.  Yesterday’s meeting went almost all day.  Elder dropped a bunch of bombshells to include no overtime and no new patrol cars.  More later.   Where is all the money going?  Elder’s pocket?

When Elder found out EPSO was out of money

It appears Doug Bruce has some issues with 1A.  Read Story.   No surprise; the CS Independent has a much better and informative article; Read CS Indy Article.

We just found out that the Sheriff has the ability to lower the sales tax amount at any time to adjust the revenues incase the tax collections go above projections.  So, Bill Elder has the ability to notify the county commissioners to lower the sales tax because they are collecting too much money.  So, even if Doug Bruce’s lawsuit is not valid; the county commissioners could do the right thing and lower the tax. Does anyone think Bill Elder and the county commissioners will do the right thing?

So, not only is Bill Elder inappropriately spending our tax dollars.  The county commissioners are stealing our tax dollars.  Totally corrupt.

We are more concerned how Elder is spending the money. It will expire in about 2 years; what will Elder do then?  How can he expect the citizens to renew it after his wasteful spending and the recent news they are taking more than they need.  Everyone has to live within their means; why can’t government?  Elder wants as much money as he can get because he wasted so much.  It’s all about trust; Elder has none.

When Elder realized he might have to give money back

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

We are working on confirming some interesting news we received recently.  It true, we will have a very interesting story in the near future.   Still getting information from multiple sources that Bill Elder is losing his mind.   He is not going to be happy in the upcoming weeks. There is a lot about to hit the “fan”.

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