We decided to put everything concerning Billy Huffor in a separate post so we can move on and talk about other things. There is a lot coming up... To read this you need to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Huffors, don’t go away mad; just go away

We were contacted by multiple people who read Janet Huffor’s Facebook page and are laughing their asses off. It is filled with so much BS we don’t know where to start. Then we thought why even address it? No one cares. Everyone is just glad Billy is gone;  hopefully Janet will follow.

Does anyone believe Billy quit on his own? He wanted to leave? How stupid and arrogant are the Huffors. Do they think their little drama matters to anyone else?

Also, no one from the previous administration gives a shit about the Huffors and no one is lying about them. They have done it all to themselves. We have provided documentation to support our articles and even the media has reported on multiple screwups by BIlly. The Huffors need to stop trying to play the victims and start taking responsibility for their actions. No one is targeting them. Now that Billy is gone, we are done talking about him.

It appears the Huffors think they are a lot more important than they are.  No one cares.  Bye Bye

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Karma has a great week!

Tuesday Billy Huffor resigned to avoid criminal prosecution.  According to a source within EPSO, Huffor lied on his sworn affidavit for the “flashlight” incident.  The question is, will DA Dan May continue the investigation and place Billy Huffor’s name on the Brady list?

It is our understanding Corrupt Sheriff Elder promised he would get the criminal investigation stopped if Billy Huffor resigned (and kept his mouth shut). Of course, Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s promise is illegal, but who cares about that.

According to sources, Corrupt Sheriff Elder is throwing Billy under the bus in private conversations with command staff. We will not convey his exact words.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Thursday, October 15, 2020

DA May wants nothing to do with Huffor’s false arrest

Recently (reported by KOAA) local District Attorney Dan May filed a motion to dismiss the case of the 2nd degree assault of a peace officer by a 1/2 second beam of light which, according to Billy Huffor caused him an instant headache, disorientation and ultimately resulted in him filing FMLA paperwork for PTSD.  It appears DA May wants nothing to do with the coverup of Huffor’s false arrest and official misconduct.  The question is, will DA May place Billy Huffor on the “Brady” list which he is legally obligated to do? It is our understanding Billy Huffor made false statements on an affidavit.  This requires his name be added for “departing from the truth” and a mandatory hearing with the POST board to determine if his certification should be revoked.

How long will Corrupt Sheriff Elder continue to cover for Billy Huffor.  He has demonstrated multiple times he cannot lead or handle the authority that comes with being in law enforcement.  We all know some people do not have the discipline for this career field. How long until someone gets hurt?

We anticipate when the investigation is over, Corrupt sheriff Elder will attempt to transfer Billy back to the jail and potentially demote him to Sgt.  This is not enough.  We have learned the county attorney’s office wants him fired.  District Attorney Dan May should charge Huffor which would make termination a must.

Now the civil case against Billy Huffor and EPSO can begin. How much is being physically abused, falsely arrested and a night in jail worth?

Here is yet another opportunity for Sheriff Elder to show transparency and integrity;  Don’t hold your breath.

Lie, deny, hide and let it ride!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


HUFFOR under investigation for multiple illegal acts to include possibly falsifying a sworn affidavit, false arrest, and official misconduct

We have received information from multiple sources, to include Janet herself that Billy Huffor has been suspended and is currently being investigated for multiple items some of which are criminal.  According to one of our sources, when Janet was asked how the investigation was going she replied not good and said Billy was not doing well.  We have been told by multiple sources within EPSO Janet is talking with everyone in the office about the investigation and attempting to obtain support for Billy. Isn’t it against policy to discuss an IA investigation?  Not a problem here, it is our understanding the county is doing the investigation, not IA.  Why? Too many people involved and too high up the org chart? Plus, they cannot keep a secret within EPSO?

We have confirmed Commander John David has been suspended until his own investigation can be completed.   It seems David has been covering for Huffor and might be implicated.

Remember when Corrupt Sheriff Elder was running for Sheriff way back in 2014? He talked about transparency and wanted a forensic audit.  What happened Bill? Where is the transparency now?

They are still trying to cover up

Huffor is charging FMLA/ Sick leave so he can continue to get a paycheck.  Plus, after requesting FMLA Huffor and David went to Las Vegas?  Is this a crime or at a minimum another violation of policy? Why don’t they want anyone to know Huffor is suspended and under investigation?

Will DA Dan May request an independent DA from another district to investigate Billy Huffor for criminal behavior? How about convening a grand jury?  DA May did it before, let’s see if he does it now.

Could we see Billy Huffor in a booking photo?

What else are they covering up?  We know a bunch more.

Silence is the endorsement of Corruption

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Huffor thrown to the “WOLVES”?

A lot has happened in the last couple weeks; a lot of cover up, deception, lies, and corruption. We will try to address it all.

According to sources within EPSO;  Undersheriff Carey is adamant Billy Huffor needs to go. Some have suggested Carey stated either Billy goes or he does.  Elder’s method for dealing with it was to take a few days off.  The actions of a true leader (NOT!).

It appears the county administration has decided to deal with it themselves. Rumor has it there was a deal between Elder and the county to let them do the investigation so when they recommend termination Elder can use it as the excuse to finally fire Huffor.  We have confirmed with multiple sources the county is conducting an investigation and might have asked the State of Colorado to terminate Billy’s POST certification.

So where is Billy during this investigation?  Normally he would have been put on leave without pay.  However, that would look bad and according to our sources the Huffor’s do not have any savings to speak of.  They are living paycheck to paycheck. (Alcohol is not cheap.) Billy submitted FMLA paperwork so he can use sick leave to continue receiving a paycheck.  It appears having a flashlight shined in your eyes for half a second can not only cause a headache it can cause PTSD.

Why is Commander David out on leave?  It appears he has been covering for Billy Huffor and now he is being investigated. We are attempting to confirm.  According to a source within EPSO, Commander David received numerous complaints against Huffor and has not been forwarded them to IA, but rather dismissing them.  That’s how a corrupt team works.  They take care of each other.

So how did John David and Billy Huffor deal with their investigations?  They went to Las Vegas and got drunk.  There are rumors they spent a little money on some local “talent”?

This is how a corrupt administration acts.

UPDATE:  Billy Huffor is not out on FMLA; He is out on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.  Same for Commander David. We will have more about Billy Huffor in the next few days.  It appears he might have committed a crime. Welcome to the Brady list?

Sunday, September 20, 2020


Rumor has it many on command staff have expressed their support to fire Billy Huffor.  Unfortunately Corrupt Sheriff Elder is still not having any of it. Elder has to support him because Huffor knows way too much dirt on him. This is what happens when you have a corrupt administration; you cannot hold your staff accountable.

The video by KOAA clearly shows an abuse of power and an unlawful arrest by Billy Huffor.  He needs to be charged. How about convening a grand jury?  Dan May was willing to go after a political rival with no evidence; there’s plenty of evidence here, to include a video. All they have to do is show the video to a grand jury and they will indict Huffor.

We hear Corrupt Sheriff Elder is thinking about sending Huffor back to the jail; however, Elder can only do so much because it appears the Huffors are holding all the cards. Basically Elder is being extorted by them.

We were told that even some county administrators have told Elder to fire Huffor and they are researching if they can get Huffor’s POST certification revoked by the state.  Now that a video has been published by KOAA showing Huffor’s obvious abuse of power, any future abuse allocations against Huffor could cost the county millions.  Remember the allegations against Huffor at the county assembly back in 2018?

The list of complaints against Billy Huffor is huge.  There is even multiple complaints from Huffor’s neighbors. One was harassed so much by Huffor they sold their house and moved away.  What about all the complaints of sexual harassment? Someone needs to put all this information together and expose Billy Huffor for the psychopath he is.

What about the event back in August of 2018? Billy and Janet got drunk (again) and their neighbors call the cops.  CSPD case # 2018-00031465. It’s very interesting reading. Anyone can get a copy from CSPD.

The Huffors have been nothing but trouble since Elder put them in positions of authority. It’s time for Corrupt Sheriff Elder to fix the mess he created.

Bill Elder, listen to Pete Carey and the rest of your command staff; fire Huffor.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Last night KOAA’s Eric Ross revealed the real Billy Huffor to all of Colorado Springs.  Watch the news story.  Everyone now knows what everyone at EPSO has known for years. Billy Huffor is STUPID, DANGEROUS and abuses his authority.  Someone is going to get killed.

After watching the video does anyone believe Huffor was assaulted by a sub second flashing of a flashlight to his face? There needs to be a full investigation. Where is the transparency?

Here’s a good question, where is Huffor’s body cam? We hear he is the only person not wearing one.  Wait, Did the other Deputy have his running?  We hear yes. Of course we don’t need the body cam, we already have a video showing Huffor’s abuse of power.

Huffor is out on the streets playing cop having never completed an FTO program and having never worked one shift as a patrol deputy.  There are so many examples of his stupidity.  Huffor is completely out of control.

This is Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder’s choice to be the next sheriff?  Is Elder still going to promote him to Commander? WTF?  We should be hearing of his firing. As they say; this is not his first rodeo. His IA file is growing faster than his and Janet’s drinking problem.

We were provided information that recently there was a meeting in Mahilko’s office attended by Chief James, Undersheriff Carey and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder. In this meeting Carey stated Huffor needed to be held accountable for his actions and Elder needed to stop protecting him.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder, instead of finally dealing with the situation, got up and walked out of the meeting.

Is Corrupt Sheriff Elder going to continue to protect an obviously dangerous person?  Does someone have to die before something will be done?

Corrupt Sheriff Elder has tried to hide Huffor in positions where he can stay away from the community; but Huffor cannot help himself. Look what happens when he works out on the street. He is power hungry (which is obvious from the video) and wants to play cop at the expense of the community’s safety. Someone is going to DIE!  Huffor’s fantasy is to create a situation where he gets to kill someone. It’s only a matter of time.

Here’s the problem, Corrupt Sheriff Elder cannot do anything about Huffor because Huffor knows where the bodies are buried.  What about the IA file Elder said never existed?  Huffor knows all about it. Elder has no choice but to get on his knees for ‘Lil Billy. Corrupt Sheriff Elder has no integrity left and no one respects him.

Video of Billy Huffor making an arrest.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

We received what we were told is body cam footage of the event with Billy Huffor the other night.  We cannot confirm its authenticity.

Here is a video that best represents how the event was described by Billy Huffor

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Multiple people have told us we made up the story about Billy Huffor; that there is no way anyone at EPSO could be that stupid, not even Billy Huffor. Read it for yourself.

Blue sheet

We were told corrupt Sheriff Elder is having super secret meetings with Chiefs and above.  He does not trust his Commanders.  That’s okay we still get all the information we want.  Have fun Bill, the lawsuits are still coming your way… Is it true that all your employees have been throwing you under the bus?  Yes!

Tuesday September 1, 2020

‘Lil Billy Huffor immobilized by flashlight beam; suspect charged with felony

Billy Huffor, while playing cop last night was subdued and rendered defenseless by someone shining a flashlight in his face.  According to the blue sheet; “This gave Huffor an immediate headache and caused him to become disoriented.” According to other deputies, Huffor screamed like a little girl on the radio demanding backup units to protect him from this near fatal assault.  They were laughing at him all night and the word is spreading across all divisions of the office.  Everyone gets another laugh because of yet another stupid action by a Huffor.

As it turns out, Huffor followed this person to his residence and accosted him on his own property. Huffor was harassing a citizen on his own property and when Huffor would not leave the individual shined a flashlight in his face. He was on his own property and did not call the cops. Why were they there? Why didn’t they just leave?

There was no complaint. No one called the cops. Huffor created the whole situation by harassing an innocent person on their own property.  This is a clear case of police harassment. Huffor Kept harassing this person until he finally did something he thought they could arrest him for.  Now Corrupt Sheriff Elder will have to make up another story how his brave Lieutenant put his life on the line protecting the citizens of El Paso County.  Hell, Huffor should get the Medal of Valor for his brave actions in the line of duty. He risked his life confronting a flashlight flashing terrorist.  At least give him a purple heart for his crippling headache.

This individual was charged with 2nd degree assault of a peace officer. CRS 18-3-203(c) “with the intent to prevent one whom he or she knows, or should know to be a peace officer, firefighter, or emergency medical service provider from performing a lawful duty, he or she intentionally causes bodily injury to any person,…” Really?  He is on his own property. He didn’t call the cops, he didn’t ask to be harassed. Why didn’t Huffor just leave? Yet another example of his ignorance of law enforcement and complete lack of understanding how to treat people he is paid to protect.

Rumor has it, Huffor went to draw his weapon. WTF?  Someone is going to get killed by Huffor.  When will Corrupt sheriff Bill Elder going to realize the Huffors need to go?

We’ve heard Huffor was traumatized by the event and is thinking of asking for a leave of absence for PTSD.

We know it’s scary out there