EPSO Administrator Borland just as Corrupt as Sheriff Elder?


There are multiple articles concerning El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) Administrator Larry Borland ordering two employees to falsify government documents and then EPSO Chief of Staff Janet Huffor knowingly submitting those falsified documents to the El Paso County Clerk for filing.  Both actives are crimes in the state of Colorado.

The Colorado Springs Independent has written two stories about it. First Story, second story. We posted an article as well. Read Story. Why did Sheriff Bill Elder get so upset about these articles? Read Story. Why did he attempt to prevent the reporter from obtaining more evidence? Read Story.  It appears Sheriff Bill Elder actually went to the extreme measures of violating the reporter’s constitutional rights. Does this sound like an open and transparent Sheriff? Or a corrupt sheriff trying to stop the leaks and coverup their crimes?

With three witnesses there is no denying Larry Borland ordered two employees to falsify government documents.  Both employees have stated they feared for their jobs and felt it was an order. How ironic they were both dismissed from their HR jobs about a year later. It appears their jobs were on the line.

A lieutenant who just happened to be in the room at the time and witnessed the event stated he thought it was an order. In fact, he even joked that they had better get it done.  With this third witness, who has nothing to gain, coming forward and corroborating their stories justifies an independent investigation.  The CS Independent suggests there might already be a CBI investigation under way.  We have confirmed with a source that an individual involved was contacted by someone identifying themselves as a CBI agent. We are attempting to confirm.

Let’s look at what Larry Borland said when confronted with an additional witness.  Here is a portion of the Independent’s article with his response:

Asked about this newly surfaced account, Borland said in a phone call to the Indy: “Never in my career have I ever ordered anyone to notarize something they did not witness. I did not do that. I would not do that. If I gave a directive to somebody that they didn’t think was right, that they didn’t understand, it was upon them to ask me, but I assure you, I never told anybody to notarize something they did not witness. That is my comment.”

He states: “I did not do that. I would not do that.”  An experienced investigator knows this is a classic denial by a guilty person. Plus, he goes on and says; “If I gave a directive to somebody that they didn’t think was right, that they didn’t understand, it was upon them to ask me…”  He is basically admitting he gave the order, but suggests it’s their fault for not questioning it.  Borland knows he has been caught in the act.  It appears he is going to do the normal politician move; deny everything and blame others.

Here are the facts; both employees stated they were ordered by Borland to falsify the documents. A separate, independent witness; a retired Lieutenant, who lives out of state with nothing to gain, corroborates their story.   He has absolutely no reason to lie which makes him a credible witness.  According to a source who spoke with him; he is willing to state under oath that he witnessed Larry Borland order the two employees to falsely notarize the government documents. Three witnesses who’s stories match; this is enough to initiate an investigation.  All CBI has to do is contact all three individuals involved and get their statements.  This is clear and convincing evidence Larry Borland committed a crime. If Borland had any integrity he would do the right thing.

A person’s character is not defined by a mistake; it’s defined by what they do after the mistake


If Bill Elder has nothing to hide and wants to be completely open and transparent like he keeps saying (watch video); why is he covering up a crime?


Does it appears EPSO Administrator Larry Borland is just as Corrupt as Sheriff Bill Elder? The facts speak for themselves; You be the judge.


Birds of a feather…


A few things appear to be clear; Larry Borland ordered two employees to falsify multiple government documents. Janet Huffor knowingly submitted these documents to the county clerk to be filed.  Sheriff Bill Elder is attempting to cover up these illegal actions.


Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption