What is going on with the Maketa trial?

We have stayed away from commenting on the Maketa trial because this website is dedicated to exposing the truth about Bill Elder.  But it has reached a point where we can no longer look the other way. We decided to write an editorial on Lance Benzel’s article from Friday, May 19, 2017.  Read Story.

Lance Benzel

We have read previous stories by Benzel and it is obvious to us he has a pro Bill Elder, anti Terry Maketa agenda.  Benzel has referred to Maketa as the “disgraced ex-El Paso county Sheriff”.  This term implies Maketa is dishonest or corrupt, but that has not been proven.  By using this term Benzel is stating an opinion and presenting it as a fact to the readers.  He is using the theory; if you tell someone something enough times they will believe it.  This indicates he is not being sincere in his reporting.  He should stick to the facts and stop the name calling.

However, his most recent story does, for the most part, accurately represent the court hearing that took place on Friday Morning.  But a few interesting points were omitted.

DA Mark Hurlbert

In his latest story, Benzel refers to Maketa as the ex-sheriff; good start.  The prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney (DA) Mark Hurlbert, originally asked for a six month postponement.  This is unheard of.  Many of our sources are (or were) law enforcement or within the judicial system.  Asking for a six month extension two weeks before the trial shows there are serious issues with the prosecution’s case and they are trying to stall.  This is not a homicide trial, why does the DA suggest it is somehow more complex or complicated than any other case?  Are they more concerned because it is a high profile case?

Anyone experienced in law enforcement knows an individual arrested for a crime they are guilty of will do anything to delay their trial as long as possible; especially if they are free on bond.  They will also try to get the best deal from the prosecution they can.  But a person who knows they have not committed a crime and the evidence will prove them innocent wants their day in court as soon as possible and is not interested in making any deals.  Maketa and the others have not accepted any offers from the DA and have expressed their desire to have their day in court; sound like they are guilty?  It’s the DA who is desperately trying to delay as long as possible.  So who is confident and who is not? Could DA Hurlbert be afraid of his name being associated with an obviously unethical malicious prosecution?

Let’s get back to Benzel’s article. He states the following;  Being forced to go to trial by the original trial date of May 31 would create obstacles so severe that Hurlbert’s law license could be in jeopardy for ineffectiveness in the courtroom, he told the court.

It is our understanding there was a lot more to Hurlbert’s statements.  According to our source, Hurlbert stated he needed more time (6 months) and went into detail that this time was needed because he was concerned about his witnesses; specifically about impeachment and perjury.  What was that again?  Did the DA suggest in open court he was concerned about perjury by his witnesses? Take a minute to let that soak in.  The prosecutor in a criminal case is concerned their witnesses might commit perjury?  Does it sound just as bad the second time? This is unbelievable. It clearly shows the prosecution is concerned about their witnesses making contradicting or false statements.  If a witness is telling the truth how much preparation do they need?  It should be as simple as “tell the jury what happened”. Is the prosecution seriously suggesting they need more time to spend with their witnesses to make sure they all get their stories straight and don’t commit perjury? Why does Hurlbert state he is concerned his law license might be in jeopardy?  Is there more he is not sharing?  Is he afraid the truth might get out if a witness says the wrong thing during the trial?  It is obvious from Hurlbert’s statements he is afraid of something happening during the trial that could impact his law license; but what? Could it be there is proof of unethical or even illegal behavior by investigators or maybe even the prosecutors? It is our understanding prosecutors are officers of the court and take an oath.  We find this very interesting.

Richard Tegtmeier is quoted in the story as saying; “This is a sign of trouble for the prosecution, no doubt about it”.  We have reached the same conclusion after talking with some of our sources. Some even believe this is the beginning of the end and the DA might submit a motion to dismiss prior to the new trial date.

It is our opinion there is something rotten here.  It appears DA Hurlbert is desperately trying to stall because he is not confident with the honesty of his witnesses.  Could it be they have been Bluffing all this time and Maketa called their bluff and they don’t want to show their cards because they’ve got nothing? In late June everyone will see what cards they have and the truth will come out.

To be honest, we do not know everything about the case against Maketa and the others; but based on our knowledge of law enforcement something is not right and further investigation is needed. We are encouraged Lance Benzel now appears to be writing stories based on facts rather than personal bias.  We hope he will continue to investigate with an open mind and print what he finds. The goal should not be to write a story with the most drama, but rather the story with the most truth.

We are focused on Bill Elder’s corruption; however, we hope others will take an interest in the Maketa trial and let us know what happens.  If there is any evidence of corruption by any member of Elder’s staff we will print it.

Light is the best cure for Corruption


FYI… We have a source within the District Attorney’s office who told us the whole prosecution against Maketa and the others was initiated and driven by Dan May, and many within his office know it was politically motivated.  We also have a source within the Sheriff’s Office who confirmed this and provided us additional details. It appears corruption is not just within the Sheriff’s Office leadership.

Update: if Dan May is not involved why did he send a member of his staff to the hearing Friday? Could Dan May be concerned things are not going as planned?