Recently a veteran Sergeant was fired by Corrupt Sheriff Elder because of a long list of reasons. One of which was campaigning while on duty.  In fact, that was supposedly the primary reason for his termination.  Everyone knows the real reason he was fired was because he did not support Corrupt Sheriff Elder in the primary.   Elder wanted to make an example and he was convenient.  This is how Corruption works; keep everyone quiet out of fear of retaliation.

We stated there would be a large payout because of Jackie Kirby.  Here is why.  We received information from multiple sources within EPSO that on multiple occasions Kirby talked about Elder’s re-election campaign on duty.  The question is can can it be proven?  The answer is “YES”.  It appears Kirby, on multiple occasions during staff meetings with the records department talked about Elder’s re-election campaign.  If fact, it happened so often multiple employees asked her to stop.  It will not be difficult for legal counsel to subpoena every employee in Records and get a deposition.  It will be proven that it was common knowledge Kirby was campaigning on duty and nothing happened to her, but the SGT. was fired.

It will be entertaining to watch yet another lawsuit against Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Have you noticed Corrupt Sheriff Elder looks like he has aged years in the past few weeks.  Rumor has it he is hitting the bottle pretty heavy.  Is he feeling the stress with the media asking questions about how Micah Flick was killed, the recent friendly fire injury to Deputy Juhl, the deaths of two elderly people in an officer involved traffic accident and the federal lawsuit next month?  What will be next?

How many lives will Corrupt Sheriff Elder ruin before the community finally gets a clue and “RECALLS” him?

How much Taxpayer money will be wasted in payouts because of Corrupt Sheriff Elder’s lack of leadership and unethical behavior? It could be Millions!

The storm is coming!

Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption