Chris Osher with the Gazette continues to expose corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder and Dirty District Attorney Dan May for not prosecuting those involved with the murder of DOC chief Tom Clements.   They cannot seem to keep the lid on all the lies they have been telling.  Now they just stop talking.  Lie, Deny, Hide and let it ride...

Osher has simply nailed Elder and May to the wall.  The evidence of a conspiracy to murder Tom Clements is overwhelming. Unfortunately no one in authority cares.  Where is the Governor?  The State Attorney General?

The good news is everyone in El Paso County has been given yet another example of how Corrupt Sheriff Elder is the biggest liar and most corrupt sheriff of all time.  Elder will have to live with the fact that everyone knows the truth about him and his leadership team.

Go read the article on the Gazette website.

If you do not have access to the article we have some highlights.

This article lays it out.  Elder is either an idiot or corrupt.  He either knew he was lying (corrupt) when he said Ebel acted alone; or he truly did not know the truth (an Idiot).  He has to know the truth now; so he is corrupt.  Conspiring with Dirty DA Dan May, Corrupt Sheriff Elder let the statute of limitations run out on Accessory for three individuals who helped plan and execute the murder of Tom Clements.  Something to be proud of.

Read how the Tom Clements investigation was screwed up by Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

Read our article about the murder of Tom Clements.

2 thoughts on “More evidence of conspiracy to murder Tom Clements”

  1. Never will understand the reluctance of most our our local media to really dig into all of Elder’s corruption and put it all out before the public.

  2. So the search for Gannon has been suspended and cowardly bill will not inform the family or the public as to why. You think maybe it the poor leadership leading the investigation starting with the commander who cannot find himself in a dark room, old Mitch who is not much better, what about Jake who bombed the Flick debacle, and all those other crack investigators who will sacrifice integrity to cover up for old bill. You still have Stone, who was never on work comp after being shot. Has he ever returned to be a full duty as a sworn deputy or is this being allowed by bill in violation of Post Standards. Pull his training records and see he is lacking.

    Bill, just resign and let someone new with integrity come in and try to solve the missing young man for the family. Under your leadership you screwed the pooch just like you did on the Clements case because you were a coward to go after the 211 crew. Leave out the back door and take the cowardly DA with you.

    See you in June and watch you try and lie on the stand. Better get fitted for a jumpsuit, I hear perjury is a crime….haaa

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