Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder hands out memo with list of his Expectations


Shortly after securing the republican nomination, Corrupt Sheriff Elder handed out this memo to all Lieutenants and above. Why didn’t he sign it?  Why didn’t he release it to all employees?  This memo shows Elder is over his head and has no leadership skills.  Would a great leader hand out a note begging employees to stop the turmoil?

This memo is not the inspired thoughts of a great leader; it’s the chaotic rants of a Narcissistic Lunatic

This memo clearly shows Sheriff Elder does not understand (or doesn’t care about) the issues within EPSO and has no plan to resolve them. He is only focused on himself and wants everyone to stop criticizing him.  Why doesn’t he try to fix the problem? Simple; he knows that would require him to change.

Elder takes ZERO ownership of the problem

It’s everyone else’s fault!  Not taking ownership is a sign of poor leadership.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder knows what to do to address the problems.  He needs to look within. The problem starts with him and should end with him.  Here is a list of what Elder needs to do to start addressing the problems.

  1. Hold the entire leadership team accountable; this includes the Huffors. Employees see everything; not treating all staff consistently shows there is no integrity within the leadership.
  2. Fix 1A spending; stop back filling positions and paying for items not on the Tax Initiative. EPSO should have over 100 Deputies on patrol any many more in the jail.
  3. Stop the Cronyism.  Hire and promote those who deserve it
  4. Focus on staff, not command staff.

This memo is proof Elder indents to continue the “witch hunt”. He will abuse and attack those he does not trust until they quit. And if they don’t quit; he will create bogus allegations against them and fire them.   Elder was exposed in a recent article by the CS Independent

Elder lectures his supervisors about character, morality, and ethics?  What a hypocrite. Corrupt Sheriff Elder is not attempting to resolve anything; he is trying to get people to be quiet.

If Elder wants to see the problem, all he has to do is look in the Mirror