Elder’s plan to fleece the taxpayers of El Paso County to load up his retirement

We were provided information from a source within EPSO about Corrupt  Sheriff Elder’s plan for the future. 

We were told by a source who in his words; “was abandoned by Elder”, that we are missing the point.  He’s not interested in being a good sheriff or doing what is right.  It’s all about the money.  Everything he does is about money. Just like with Nixon; “Follow the money”.  

According to our source, which we can not verify, Elder’s master plan is to appoint someone as undersheriff who he can trust and can run for sheriff in 4 years. Does that sound like Chief Carey? He as much as admitted he was offered the position in a recent interview.  

Why is this important? Understand that Corrupt Sheriff Elder has no money and no retirement.  He filed for Bankruptcy and “cashed” in his EPSO retirement a few years ago. Corrupt Sheriff Elder has no retirement other than Social Security.  Originally, Elder was only suppose to run for one term and then someone else (who we will not name) was suppose to become Sheriff and Elder was going to be Undersheriff.  That was his plan all along. He told many people of this plan so it’s no secret.  That all changed when the person who was suppose to replace him, quit without notice.  It is our understand he left because of the corruption and his hatred for Joe Breister. Why have so many of Elder’s original group left?  They are smart, they’re taking their money and running.  

Why would Elder want to be undersheriff when he’s Sheriff? Answer: MONEY! It’s always been about the money.  Elder needs as many years of service as he can to get for retirement.  Also, you can make a lot more money as Undersheriff than you can as Sheriff.  Did you know a Bureau Chief makes more than the Sheriff?  The Sheriff makes between a commander and a chief.  His salary is mandated by state law.  Elder needs more money because he has no retirement and he’s getting old(er).  

With his next term he will obtain a county retirement at Sheriff’s pay.  But the rumor is he wants more.   But the only way he can get that is by being Undersheriff. 

Sheriff makes $111,000 a year. Chief makes 116k and the current undersheriff makes 123k. Elder could get a 12k a year promotion by becoming the undersheriff.  A few years of that pay would help his retirement. 

As we stated above, we can not verify this story so we would call it a rumor. However, let’s see what corrupt Sheriff Elder does in February/March of next year. Carey might not be the next undersheriff, but it will be someone Elder can trust and someone he thinks can be elected in 4 years. 

We are being told the Huffors and others are concerned what is going to happen in 4 years because Elder can not run again.  They desperately want Chief Carey as the next Undersheriff so he can run for Sheriff.  Did they finally figure out they need more years of service to retire?  Are they afraid someone else might get elected and clean house?

UPDATE:  We must have struck a nerve, Someone (most likely B.H.) sent us a message that Sheriff salaries are going up over 150k next year.  Okay, maybe Elder only needs 4 more years as Sheriff to pad his retirement. Or, maybe Carey will pay him more than 150k as Undersheriff?  Bottom line: Elder is corrupt and everyone knows it. 

It’s nice to know they were keeping up with our website on a Sunday afternoon. 

2 thoughts on “Elder’s master plan”

    1. “El Paso County wins $8,922 in court expenses, but fails to recover more”
      Posted By Pam Zubeck – CS Independent

      What a sad, veiled attempt to discourage and intimidate any (and all) wronged by the EPSO from seeking legal recourse. Why not just come out and say “sue us and lose? Your ‘gonna pay!!!

      “Commissioner” Glenn…”Ms” Folsom…let us remind you of this:
      Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct – PREAMBLE AND SCOPE
      ” A lawyer, as a member of the legal profession, is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”

      You should both be absolutely ashamed of yourselves…you’ve lost perspective…you’ve obviously forgotten why you chose the legal profession…and you’ve each sold your souls to the devil at the EPSO.

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