Bill Elder admits wrong doing and agrees to pay back $225,000 of Taxpayer Dollars

According to a source within the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, last week during a meeting with sheriff deputies, Sheriff Bill Elder admitted mistakes were made concerning a $225,000 grant received from the State of Colorado back in 2016; and announced plans to pay the funds back to POST (Peace Officers Standards & Training) a state organization that oversees Public Safety.

DirtyElder.com exposed Bill Elder and others back in March of 2017 of obtaining funds from the State of Colorado using false and misleading statements.  Read Story.  Bill Elder admitted to the group of deputies that the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) was recently contacted by POST with inquires into the grant funds.  As a result, Bill Elder has agreed to pay the funds back. Was Bill Elder caught in his web of lies?  After reading our article and looking into the situation did the State of Colorado demand their money back? DirtyElder.com sent emails to the Attorney General and others informing them about the situation and providing a link to our story.   The question is; if we had not published our article exposing Bill Elder’s corruption would the State of Colorado have ever known of Elder’s deception and would Elder have voluntarily agreed to pay the money back? Plus, is he paying the taxpayer money back with other taxpayer money?  When Bill Elder received the grant back in 2016 the funds were quickly spent on a turning target system that is still in crates and has never been used. Where is the money to pay the state of Colorado back going to come from? Is Bill Elder going to take money out of the EPSO 2017 budget to pay the grant money back? Does that mean the taxpayers of El Paso County are going to pay for Bill Elder’s corruption? If you get caught stealing money from one company and pay them back with money stolen from another company; did you still commit a crime?

Like a true politician and common criminal, Bill Elder is blaming everyone else and down playing the whole situation as a little mistake and no big deal.  Bill Elder obtained public funds using false and misleading statements.  Does that sound like no big deal; or a crime? At a minimum, Bill Elder committed “official misconduct”.  Is Bill Elder admitting his crime by agreeing to pay the money back? If he did nothing wrong why would he agree to pay back the grant funds?  Is he hoping he can quietly pay the money back and everything will go away?

Will District Attorney Dan May cover for his good friend?  May has already shown he will not prosecute his friends (read story) and will target his enemies (read story).  If Dan May is honest and has integrity he should handle this the same as he did for retired sheriff Terry Maketa;  appoint a special prosecutor from another judicial district to investigate Sheriff Bill Elder and Chief of Police Pete Carey.  There is evidence a crime has been committed, what will Dan May do? If he is corrupt; nothing.

There needs to be an independent investigation into Bill Elder and his administration.


Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption