Sheriff Bill Elder protects Sexual Predators; Harasses and Retaliates against Victims

There has been multiple complaints of sexual harassment at EPSO (El Paso County Sheriff’s Office) in the last 18 months. Billy Huffor inappropriately touched a female deputy at the jail (caught on video; which Elder refused to release) Read Story. Elder denied there was any wrong doing by Huffor; yet he received a letter of counseling for it. Read Story.  Just another Lie by Corrupt Sheriff Elder.

The El Paso County Commissioners have handed out thousands of dollars to the victims of Elder’s rein of terror.  Female employees are continually subjected to sexual harassment by a few Elder protected supervisors; Why? It’s simply; they know there is no ramifications for their actions. Elder will protect them.  Every time there is an allegation of sexual harassment the county commissioners get out their check book and hand out taxpayer money.

Elder fired a black Deputy for an infraction when white Deputies who did worse only received a slap on the wrist. But that’s a story for another day.

Elder has protected multiple Lieutenants when they sexually harassed female employees. We are not interested in the names of the employee because that is not the issue being addressed. Sexual Harassment has happened forever and will continue.  It’s how Elder deals with it that needs to be addressed.

With Huffor; Elder covered it up, transferred the female deputy and ultimately gave Huffor a better assignment.  With another LT at CJC, they walked out the female contractor; nothing happened to the LT.  Last year, the county commissioners gave a female deputy $68,000 because of retaliation against her after she made a sexual harassment complaint. Read Story.  Now we receive detailed information about a situation which happened last summer.  The LT received 40 hours without pay.  She was harassed until she quit.  This same LT was accused by another Deputy of sexual harassment at about the same time.  Why wasn’t he fired? It gets worse, keep reading.

This LT was basically stalking the female dispatcher.  It reached the point where he was “banned” from entering Dispatch.  Wow!  We have a commander (King) who is not allowed to be alone with a female employee and a LT who can not enter Dispatch.   Why haven’t they been fired?  It gets worse, keep reading.

According to our source, when Bill Elder was told about the situation; he stated he did not want it to go to IA because he was tired of the bad publicity and did not want to read about it on “The Website”. What about Transparency? Read Story.  It is our understanding this whole situation was “swept under the rug” by Elder.  It appears Elder only uses IA and the DAB (Discipline Action Board) when he wants the person disciplined.  If they are on the “protected” list he deals with it himself; which means nothing will happen. This also means there is no record of the event.  So, if another female complains later there is no record of his previous actions. Is this legal?  It’s not ethical.

Why does Sheriff Elder bend over backward to protect sexual predators; but will do nothing to create a safe work environment for female employees?

Who is worse; the stepdad who rapes his stepdaughter; or the mother who knows about it and lets it happen?  Elder knows what is going on but refuses to do anything about it.  Elder is no better than a person who holds a victim down while others rape her.