More facts about Billy Huffor's dangerous and out of policy pursuit come out

We have provided the policies and facts around the "out of policy" and extremely dangerous pursuit initiated by inexperienced and non-trained Lt. Huffor.   Many deputies are contacting us begging us to get in touch with the media to expose Corrupt Sheriff Elder's latest fiasco to cover for his 'lil buddy Billy Huffor.  If ever there was an event to justify firing 'lil Billy Huffor this is it.  Billy, with no regard for public safety,  initiated and continued a pursuit which was clearly out of policy.  He also showed his complete lack of leadership by not realizing the dangers and terminating the pursuit.  This event shows 'lil Billy Huffor does not have what it takes to be in Law Enforcement (let alone a supervisor).  The long list of his mistakes and lack of good judgement justifies his immediate termination.

Will Corrupt Sheriff Elder do what's right or cover for his sexual predator buddy?

How come every time there is a major screwup in the office Billy Huffor's name comes up? There is a reason for that. He doesn't have bad luck; he does not have any good sense.  He is not a leader, he is completely incompetent and dangerous. Look at the damage his poor decisions caused. What if someone had been killed? Would Huffor still be bragging about what a great job he did?   How much taxpayer money will be used to continue settling all the cases against Corrupt Sheriff Elder and his staff of fools?

Take a look at the latest damage caused by Huffor's incompetence.

This is what happens to a vehicle used in a pit maneuver by someone with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE.


The problem with Billy Huffor is he thinks he is a great cop and leader; he is neither.

A man's got to know his limitations


The following is a blog by a former EPSO patrol supervisor.  We think it is spot on so we are reposting it

In an effort to assist those who aren’t familiar with a Blue Sheet, I would like to take this opportunity to translate what is actually being said (or rather what isn’t being said).

On 10/18/19 at approximately 1246 hours, EPSO Dispatch received a call regarding someone siphoning gasoline from a truck (unless they were draining a tanker truck, this is a low level misdemeanor theft) in the parking lot of the Safeway store located at MClaughlin (maybe McLaughlin?) road. The RP report she knew the suspects as Caleb Miles (12/18/87) and Brook Macklin (12/07/99)( named, known, identified parties, not unknown suspects). These individuals are also potential suspect (two suspects together do not one suspect make) in other crimes throughout El Paso County and Colorado Springs and were being sought by both our office and Colorado springs(?) police. The RP gave updates to dispatch as to when (what direction is when) and what direction the suspects took when they left the parking lot at approximately 1300 hours. Deputies were already en route to the area to attempt to apprehend the suspects.

At approximately 1303 hours, responding deputies found the vehicle, a reported stolen, near Meridian Road and a pursuit was initiated. The pursuit involved numerous deputies and State Patrol. The pursuit travelled around eastern El Paso County before entering into city jurisdiction. At times, the driver, identified as Miles, was traveling on the wrong side of the road, crossing medians and running stops signs( at this point, if the deputy that was leading the pursuit didn’t terminate the pursuit, a supervisor should have. Remember, only a property crime at this point. Suspect is creating an unwarranted risk of death/serious bodily injury to bystanders as well as involved officers). Colorado Springs Police dispatch was notified as the pursuit entered into the city.

Lt. Huffor ( who has no law enforcement experience, has not been through a Field Training Program and apparently has no common sense), following directly behind the suspect vehicle, made an attempt to end the pursuit by spinning the suspect vehicle (it is called a PIT maneuver…one that is not authorized by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies have not been trained in the use of the PIT maneuver. But, you can’t say you attempted a PIT maneuver because then you admit you violated Policy) at the interaction of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Barnes. Lt. Huffor impacted the rear of the suspect vehicle (um…this isn’t PITing….it is ramming, which is again, not allowed by policy and is considered a use of deadly force by the courts), disabling his vehicle (more proof he didn’t know how to do the PIT maneuver properly. When executed properly, the officer is able to maintain control of his vehicle), however, Miles was able to maneuver away from him, striking several cars in the process, and speed away on Austin Bluffs Parkway toward Academy Boulevard. As Miles approached Siferd, Deputy Juhl attempted to disable the vehicle(another PIT….but again, the technique is not taught during driver’s training. At least Deputy Juhl has been through FTO and has worked the road for some years…and should have known better, but since Billy Huffor was leading by example…) but again Miles was able to continue to flee. After contact with the suspect vehicle, Deputy Juhl’s vehicle struck another vehicle on Austin Bluffs Parkway.

Miles continue on Austin Bluffs Parkway, running the red light at Academy Boulevard, and struck a vehicle southbound through the intersection. This impact caused Miles to spin and collide with several vehicles stopped at the red light, disabling his vehicle. He and Macklin were taken into custody at that time ( this is where another Lieutenant….Sarkisian…decided to jump onto the hood of the suspect vehicle and draw down on the occupants…an extremely unsafe maneuver on his part….but it look waaayy coooll….dare I say Tacti-cool).

Lt. Huffor was complaining of pain to his left hand and had visible swelling. He was also complaining of stiffness (leave this to the reader’s imagination as to the location). He was transported to the hospital to be evaluated and was released. No other deputies or other law enforcement personnel reported any injuries. Both Lt. Huffor’s and Deputy Juhl’s vehicles were towed to Fleet Services. Miles had active warrants for numerous charges to include Felony Vehicular Eluding, Theft (misdemeanor likely), Obstruction (misdemeanor), Criminal Mischief (maybe felony, but still a property crime), Driving Under Restraint (traffic misdemeanor), License Plate Violations (penalty assessment), Motor Vehicle Theft (Multiple counts), Criminal Trespass(felony) and Violation of Bail Bond Conditions. He was booked into the Criminal Justice Center for the warrants. This investigation continues and additional charges are likely (I guess Billy Huffor didn’t know what to charge the driver with…oh, yeah, he hasn’t been trained).
Macklin had an active Failure to Comply warrant and was booked into the Criminal Justice Center for the warrant. This investigation continues and additional charges are possible.

Nothing further.


Why this pursuit was allowed to continue, I have no idea. Was there no sergeant listening to the radio? Was there no command staff listening either? It is obvious that Lt. Huffor didn’t have the sense or the ability to control his response to the situation and see that he was creating a hazard to the public….you remember the public Billy? The ones who elected your savior back into office? It was only through luck that no one else was injured as a result of this boondoggle.
If pass actions by this administration are any indications of future actions, Lil Billy Huffor will get no significant disciplinary action for this….on the contrary, he will probably get a Purple Heart for his injury, a Sheriff’s Coin for his bravery and a Leadership award for his handling of the incident.

Time to show some of that character you speak of so much Sheriff. Do the right thing….you won’t though.

2 thoughts on “More on Huffor’s out of policy pursuit”

  1. This past supervisor’s view is spot on how the Blue Sheet should have read, but of course this would have been the truth, not the fairy tale generated by one of Elder’s liars. Was the no command staff listening to this pursuit, did they receive any calls from dispatch advising of the pursuit so it could be terminated. How about a list of all calls from dispatch at the time of this pursuit to see who was notified and did nothing, I am sure the trip and fall attorneys will be asking for this information. What an easy case to prove on an unqualified Lt and his god father bill. Cover ups are never a good thing, and bill is way over his limit.

    How about it Pete, you too have a lot of responsibility here, you must be stupid to risk your retirement and assets you have accumulated to be involved with the elder clan. Is it worth it??? A bit late now that this happened, are you willing to stick this out for financial gain, obviously you have done nothing to make the office better, other than get your son promoted.

    Here you go trip and fall attorneys, Pam, Gazette, News Stations and Cold Case documentaries, more material than you would ever need ……Happy Reporting!

    By the way bill, where were you when this all went down?? Could be an interesting answer.

    Lastly, lil billy, watching Live PD really does not count for training or qualify you to attempt a pit technique.

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