County Commisionners Settle Sexual Harassment Complaint for $68,000?

Back in March of this year we wrote a story about Commander King and Lt. Huffor being present during an effort to intimidate female employees at the Jail.  Read Story.   They even rewarded Huffor by transferring him to a better position.  The Sheriff’s Office and Commander King are currently in the midst of a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit that will most likely result in a very large settlement for the victims which will be paid for by taxpayers.  Ironically the day before Commander King was scheduled to give a deposition in that case he condoned a large scale effort to intimidate female employees at the jail.  A female employee filed a complaint and it was investigated by county HR.  Ultimately the investigation revealed a great deal of wrong doing by Elder and his leadership. It is no secret he has created a hostile work environment for female employees. According to a source, the county commissioners voted last week to settle for $68,000.  Yet another payout due to the corruption of Bill Elder’s administration?   Our county commissioners are handing out money like candy at Halloween.  Read the settlement for yourself; Read resolution passed by our county commissioners.  You can confirm by going to the BOCC website. Read meeting minutes. Notice they do not mention any names or give details.  They give out another payout to an employee of the Sheriff’s Office in complete secrecy.  Where is the transparency? This should be illegal. It appears our county commissioners are just as corrupt as our Sheriff.   The citizens of El Paso County have the right to know what their elected officials are doing with their money.  Remember our county commissioners stated they support Sheriff Bill Elder.  So they must endorse all the intimidation, sexual harassment, nepotism, hostile work environment, and wasteful spending by our sheriff.  Will anyone speak for the victims? When will someone finally call Bill Elder out for his corruption? Which is more important; loyalty or Integrity?

When will transparency start and corruption stop?