Corrupt Sheriff Elder Reveals in KKTV Interview he is Inept


Corrupt Sheriff Elder showed in his interview with KKTV he is clueless and a terrible leader. Watch Interview.  When confronted with hard questions Corrupt Elder looked completely overwhelmed and under qualified.  He basically told Diana Derby he has no idea how to solve the problem.  In fact, he sounded arrogant when he suggested taking all the patrol deputies off the street to man the jail.  An option he knows is not realistic.  He sounded just like Hillary Clinton not taking any responsibility for the death of Americans in Benghazi .  He is the Sheriff of El Paso County, he is responsible for what happens in the jail.

Corrupt Sheriff Elder showed first hand he does not care about the safety of his employees

In the interview he takes no responsibility for the staffing shortage.  As the Sheriff he should review staffing daily and hire more Deputies in anticipation of shortages. This issue is completely his fault and he takes no responsibility. Great leaders take responsibility; Bad leaders make excuses .  Here is what Corrupt Sheriff Elder should have said;

As Sheriff I take full responsibility for this situation.  I should have anticipated this staffing shortage and hired more Deputies. The safety of our Deputies is my number one concern.  So, until we resolve this issue I am going to allow for unlimited overtime to ensure adequate staffing in the jail. I’ve also asked my Sergeants and Lieutenants to pull an extra shift every week running a ward. I am going to give this issue my personal attention and until it is resolved I am going to work from CJC.  I am going to establish a committee to investigate the causes behind the increase in assaults and determine possible solutions. I will not rest until this issue is resolved.

A good leader takes responsibility and then takes action.  Corrupt Sheriff Elder did neither.  Watch the interview a few times. Does he ever take responsibility?  Does he ever say what he is going to do to fix it?  It appears from the interview Corrupt Sheriff Elder is okay with Deputies getting assaulted so long as it does not impact him or his cronies.

Let’s Review.

In the Interview:

Did Corrupt Sheriff Elder take responsibility?  NO
Did Corrupt Sheriff Elder seem confident and show leadership? NO
Did Corrupt Sheriff Elder show he cared about his Deputies’ safety? NO
Did Corrupt Sheriff Elder say he was going to solve the problem? NO
Did Corrupt Sheriff Elder even state he was going to look into the problem? NO

It is obvious from the interview Corrupt Sheriff Elder is; arrogant, inept, callous, cold-blooded, heartless, unsympathetic, indifferent, disinterested, and an incompetent leader

If Corrupt Sheriff Elder continues to be our Sheriff we should get use to seeing this … Deputy Assault               (Video from CJC, March 2018)


Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption