DirtyElder.com’s Top Ten list of Bill Elder Lies



DirtyElder.com has been around for almost an entire year.  This website was the inspiration of many current and former employees fed up with Bill Elder’s corruption and lies. Our support grows daily. According to our sources, many employee to include command staff and Elder himself check the website daily.  We hear even the county commissioners are checking the website to see if they are being exposed by Elder’s corruption.  Many in leadership at EPSO are afraid they will be exposed next.

We continue to research additional leads to determine if they are credible and supported by facts.  We anticipate another year of publications exposing Elder and his cronies.  However, we have taken some time to review 2017 and put together our list of Bill Elder’s top ten lies.


Number 10

Bill Elder states during campaign event when he worked for EPSO back in the 90s he achieved the rank of “Commander”.  The facts are clear; the top rank Elder achieved was Lieutenant which has been confirmed by multiple sources to include Sheriff John Anderson. Read Story.  Scroll down to Bill Elder lies to crowd at campaign event.  What makes Elder’s lie so funny is the fact that EPSO did not have the rank of Commander back then; it was Captain.  Elder is not even a very good liar. If you’re going to lie at least get your facts straight.  It’s hard to talk your way out of a lie when it’s on video.  Elder is a LIAR and was willing to lie to get elected. 


Number 9

Elder and his leadership stated there was nothing to the Lt. Huffor sexual harassment allegation.  We obtained a copy of his letter of counseling.  Obviously there was something to it.  Read Story.


Number 8

Elder tells reporters two employees took it upon themselves to notarize government documents and were not ordered by Larry Borland to falsify them. Read original Independent article and followup story, read story.  You would have to be complete moron to believe this lie.  Why would employees come into work one day and decide to falsely notarize over a thousand documents?  Stupid is as stupid does. Since the original article a third witness has come forward and confirmed Larry Borland gave the illegal order.  Read Independent article and then read ours.


Number 7

Elder admits to knowingly providing false information on an affidavit; which is a crime. Read Story.  We published two updates about it. Go to Archives and scroll down to August 9, 2017 and September 10, 2017


Number 6

Bill Elder said on multiple occasions when running for Sheriff he wanted to be transparent and open to the public.  Statements like; “I want an open and transparent office”, “We want to make sure everything we do is clear and open to the public”, “we want you to know that you can come to us and ask us questions”, “we will let you know how your money is being spent”. These statements, made by Bill Elder, were all lies.   Bill Elder has refused to comply with multiple CORA requests made by reporters and citizens; to include one to provide video that supports allegations against Lt. Bill Huffor of sexually harassing a female employee.  EPSO has refused to provide information in multiple CORA requests.  It got so bad Sheriff Bill Elder was accused of violating a reporter’s constitutional rights by denying her access to ANY information via CORA requests or equal access to information. Read Story.  So, Bill Elder is violating the constitution to keep information from the public?  Does this sound like Elder is interested in being transparent?  His statements are such lies that we are afraid to stand near him in fear of him being hit by lightning.  Watch the videos where he makes the promises.  Video 1 and Video 2.   Elder knows he has broken the law multiple times and will do anything to keep the information from the public.


Number 5

Sheriff Bill Elder made multiple false statements to the Colorado Post board to obtain a $225,000 grant. According to the meeting minutes Elder stated they would be without a shooting range after November 2016 and needed the money to build a new range.  This was a lie.  Elder knew PPCC told them they could use the range for as long as they needed.  Plus, El Paso County just built a brand new range for EPSO.  Elder made false statements to the Attorney General who was the board chairperson at the time.  A county Sheriff lied to the Colorado state Attorney General! This is all documented in the meeting minutes.  Read original article.  Within days of being exposed by this website Bill Elder agreed to pay the money back. Elder pays back funds.  Bill Elder admitted to wrong doing by paying back the funds.  He could not return the funds because he had already purchased equipment with them.  He had to take funds out of the 2017 EPSO general fund and give them to POST.  Would Elder do this if he did not have to?   He basically admitted guilt.


Number 4

Last year Bill Elder stated for the record he wanted to close down the investigation into the murder of Tom Clements because there was no evidence that anyone other than Evan Ebel murdered the Colorado Department of Corrections Chief. Read Post Article.   Bill Elder knew when he made these statements there was credible evidence that 211 Crew general James Lohr met with Ebel shortly before the murder, and ordered the hit.  This evidence is slowly leaking out to the media and we are confident more will come out next year.  Read our full story.   So, Bill Elder is willing to do what ever it takes to go after innocent people like John San Agustin, but will do nothing to bring justice to those who assassinated our DOC Chief.  Does this sound like a honest sheriff?


Number 3

Actual picture of Elder’s IA folder which is in Evidence
Let’s talk about the infamous missing Bill Elder Internal Affairs (IA) file. Bill Elder stated to the media in multiple interviews he knew nothing about it and did not have one.  Elder continued to deny he had an IA file all during 2014 right up to the election (and after).  He even stated during the Maketa trial he was unaware of the existence of an IA file.  This is a complete and total lie; which means that Bill Elder committed perjury.  Prior to Elder testifying; Sgt. Ray Gerhart testified that in December of 2013 he called Elder about the missing IA file and Elder knew all about it and told him not to worry about it. Gerhart stated, in court, that before he told Elder why he called; Elder guessed it was about his missing IA file.  Read our article.  Gerhart testified that Elder knew about the missing IA file in December of 2013.  It does not matter who stole the file or how it went missing; Elder lied about it.


Number 2


“Pay raises for everyone; every year I’m in office!” Elder even created a chart showing his plan. See Chart.



The Number 1 ELDER LIE of all time


“As Sheriff; I will follow policy”

Bill Elder promised he would follow policy if elected Sheriff.  He even did a photo op of him signing the new policy saying the Sheriff is required to follow all EPSO policies.

There are many examples of Elder breaking policy; just review the articles provided in this website.


Elder is a complete and total LIAR!! He has broken so many policies and if he gets caught he just changes them.


Bill ELDER is the biggest LIAR in El Paso County.

And he is laughing at the taxpayers; all the way to the bank