District Attorney Dan May and Corrupt Sheriff Bill Elder’s conspiracy to protect killers of Tom Clements exposed by broadcasters on Denver radio station


Well known radio personalities Julie Hayden, Chuck Bonniwell, and Peter Boyles with AM 710 KNUS in Denver dropped a bombshell last week by exposing the coverup by District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder to protect the killers of Tom Clements.  They spent multiple segments over a couple of days talking about the subject and providing evidence showing the murder of Tom Clements was not the lone act of Evan Ebel, but rather an ordered “hit” by the 211 Crew gang.  We can not report on everything, so we provided links to the podcasts.  Go listen to all the broadcasts; you will be shocked what your District Attorney and Sheriff have been up to.

If you want more background on the murder read our articles.

Original story published 9/23/17

Follow up story published 2/18/18


Podcasts from KNUS AM 710


Peter Boyles breaks story of conspiracy to protect those who murdered Clements (7/31/18)
Continued discussion on Tom Clement’s murder on 4th hour of Peter Boyle’s show (7/31/18)


Julie Hayden and Chuck Bonniwell talk about Tom Clements murder during all three segments (07/31/18)


Peter Boyles follows up with more information during his show on 8/1/18


Julie Hayden and Chuck Bonniwell talk with Tom Tancredo about Tom Clements Murder 8/1/18


Go look at material they posted on their website.


News broadcasts by FOX31

Original Story

Followup Story


Where is our local media?

To get the truth about our corrupt District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder you have to watch and listen to Denver stations or visit our website.