Are DA May and Sheriff Elder Protecting the killers of Tom Clements?

District Attorney Dan May

We have talked with multiple sources within Law Enforcement who worked on the Tom Clements murder investigation. Some were on scene within minutes of the murder and worked on the case for months. They all have detailed knowledge of the investigation.  They provided information we found shocking.  Many agree the evidence shows there were others involved with the murder.  So, why did District Attorney Dan May refuse to prosecute them; even when former Sheriff Terry Maketa and investigators felt there was enough evidence? Read Story. Why would a district attorney refuse to prosecute individuals who helped murder Tom Clements?  We will provide the facts; you decide.

On March 19, 2013 the Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) Chief, Tom Clements was assassinated by “211 Crew” gang member Evan Ebel when he answered his front door.  Recently released from prison Ebel was ordered to kill Clements to get back in good standing with the gang and as repayment for protection in prison. Most likely the final order was given to Ebel just hours earlier during a meeting that took place on the north side of Colorado Springs. Based on cell phone tower information obtained by the El Paso County Sheriff office (EPSO) during their investigation it placed multiple 211 crew gang members in the same location at the same time.  One of those individuals was James Lohr, a 211 crew “general”, who can order a “hit” if another general concurs.  There is evidence that Lohr was visited that same day by another gang member who was just released from prison. Investigators involved with the case believe that was when Lohr received the final approval for the “hit”.  Later that evening, Evan Ebel went to Tom Clements’ house and killed him.  Ebel then drove to Texas to elude detection by law enforcement.  On March 21, 2013 Ebel shot a deputy in Texas and was later killed in a shootout with law enforcement after a pursuit.

To understand more about the murder you need to read the articles written by Kirk Mitchell with the Denver Post.  He does the best job documenting the facts of what happened.  Links to many of his articles are provided on our In the news page. But you need to read this one.  Read Story.  Go through all the links to the other stories the Denver Post provides. There is a great deal of information in these articles. You need to read the story from 2016.  Read Story.  This article provides evidence Ebel did not act alone.

Sheriff Bill Elder

If all you did was listen to DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder you would think there was no evidence indicating anything other than Evan Ebel acted alone. There is plenty of evidence Ebel had help from other gang members.  Why has Sheriff Bill Elder said in multiple interviews there is no evidence suggesting anything other than Evan Ebel acted alone?  Why Did Elder attempt to close down the investigation? Read Story. It took the Governor to step in and make sure it did not happen. Read Story.

Don’t believe Sheriff Bill Elder was serious about shutting down the investigation into Tom Clements’ murder?  Read EPSO Memo. Yet one year earlier Elder vowed to give the investigation his full attention. Read Story. Why was it so important for Sheriff Bill Elder to close the Tom Clements’ homicide investigation?  What was his motive? Are they trying to hide something?

Let’s look at the facts.

During the Tom Clements murder investigation many cell phone records were obtained and analyzed by experts with both EPSO and the FBI.  The FBI generated multiple “link” charts showing the calls between different suspects’ cell phones.  This analysis showed a great deal of communication between gang members leading up to the murder.  But surprisingly their phones went “dark” shortly before the murder until a couple hours later.

There are multiple calls between Ebel, Lohr, and other gang members leading up to the murder and afterwards.

We are hesitant to provide too many detailed facts because we do not want to jeopardize the still possible prosecution of those involved with the murder.

The day prior to Clements murder Ebel meets with fellow gang members and is housed by a gang member in Fountain.  There is evidence that another gang member who was released from prison that morning goes directly to James Lohr’s residence and meets with him.   Later that afternoon multiple gang members meet on the north side of Colorado Springs. EPSO has evidence to support all these statements.

Based on evidence obtained by EPSO investigators, after the murder, Ebel went to Texas to meet with another 211 Crew gang member who was directed to hide him until things settled down.  This fact is referenced in Kirk Mitchell’s article.  In the report by a Texas Ranger it states a confidential informant (CI) told him James Lohr admitted to him he ordered the hit.  Bill Elder and Dan May have had this information all along and have done nothing. Why didn’t they go to a grand jury?

It is clear others assisted Evan Ebel.  Based on sources inside EPSO at the time of the investigation Sheriff Terry Maketa wanted to prosecute them, but Dan May refused.  Not only does this prove Dan May is protecting the killers of Tom Clements; it also proves the DA’s office is involved with determining if individuals are arrested or if there is probable cause.  But that’s another story.  Read Story.


According to our sources within the Clements investigation; multiple 211 Crew members currently serving time in DOC prisons were interviewed.  Some of those interviews provided good background information.  During one of these interviews, investigators were told a story that changed the investigation and put DA Dan May in a tailspin.

We obviously will not provide names to protect the individuals who provided this information.  But media can confirm with EPSO or the DA’s office these interviews took place.

Here is what investigators were told.

Sean May

During an interview with a “211 Crew” gang member in prison, investigators were told how the 211 crew agreed to do a “hit” for another gang.  This seems unlikely, however gangs occasionally help each other.  This other gang wanted someone dead, but didn’t want to do it themselves.  They wanted a District Attorney out of Denver, who was successfully prosecuting their members killed. So, the 211 crew agreed to take the contract.  They were told to kill District Attorney Dan May in Denver.  The problem was they got it wrong.  Dan May did not work at the Denver DA’s office (2nd Judicial District).  He worked at the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s office located near Denver in Centennial, CO.  The gang member admitted they screwed up and killed the wrong person.  They found a DA working in the Denver area named Sean May (who actually worked for the 17th Judicial district out of Adams county, also near Denver).  Unfortunately on August 27, 2008, Sean May was assassinated when he got home from work.  Investigators confirmed this was an unsolved homicide in Denver.  Read Story.  You can also confirm Dan May worked for the 18th Judicial District in August of 2008 by his own Bio on the DA’s website. BIO

Dan May was provided this information and according to our sources he was never the same.  He immediately added additional security to their building.  Since that day, Dan May has added a security check point with armed guards and metal detectors.   Many noticed the immediate change in his demeanor.

Chief DDA Jeff Lindsey

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jeff Lindsey was in charge of the investigation from the beginning and very knowledgeable of the entire case. Lindsey’s experience in homicide investigations is vast and many recognize him as the best prosecutor at the DA’s office.  So, why did Dan May, for no reason, reassign him and take over the case himself?  What was Dan May’s motive?  Many believe he was being driven out of fear and took direct charge of the case to ensure other 211 crew gang members involved in the murder of Tom Clements were not prosecuted. Was Dan May more concerned about his personal safety than solving Tom Clements murder?

At this point, you should be asking; “can you prove it”?  We can.  We have the report written by Texas Ranger Holland.  We are posting the redacted version to ensure we do not cause any legal or ethical problems.  Read Report. We encourage everyone to read the entire report. This report was released to the media and has been public for over a year.  We will be referencing it below.

At the bottom of page 40 Ranger Holland starts a new section about an individual he interviews who turned himself in to his parole officer. Read all of section 1.93.  Does that support our allegations?  According to this Confidential Informant (CI) he was in contact with someone named “Lohr” (James Lohr, also known as “Jimbo”) a “211” General, who ordered the murder of Clements and also told him to assist Ebel in Texas.  He then says to check the phone records because it will support his statements.  Our sources confirmed the calls were verified.  In fact, Ebel called the (CI) during the pursuit just before he was killed.  Watch Pursuit. He also references “Hog” who is another gang member. He tells the Ranger he is willing to tell them everything he knows for immunity.

Ranger Holland provides all the information to DDA Jeff Lindsey; reference section 1.96. Lindsey tells Ranger Holland to attempt to re-interview the (CI) “in order to garnish specific information (REDACTED) would be willing to provide Colorado authorities”. So, clearly Lindsey wants the Ranger to find out what all the (CI) knows about the murder.

Ranger Holland makes arrangements to re-interview the (CI) and does so on 04/11/13 at 8:30 am (reference section 1.99, page 42). Here is our proof.  What is the first thing listed in Ranger Holland’s report (see below) concerning the interview? He says that the (CI) had no knowledge of the murder of Denver County Assistant District Attorney “Shawn May”.  Think about this statement.  People do not bring up things they know nothing about; that’s impossible.   The (CI) had to have been asked about the murder of Sean May.  What is so telling about this statement is that Ranger Holland spelled Sean’s name wrong in his report. This suggests he was told the name over the phone and it was not sent to him in an email.  Indicating that DDA Jeff Lindsey, during his phone call with Ranger Holland, directed him to ask the (CI) about the Sean May murder. WHY?  Why would Sean May’s murder come up in the Tom Clements homicide investigation?    This was the first thing they asked him; indicating it was VERY important to them.

This is proof that Dan May knew about Sean May being assassinated and he was very concerned about it. Enough that he had Jeff Lindsey tell the Texas Ranger to ask the (CI) about it FIRST! There is no other logical reason that Sean May’s murder would come up in that interview. They were investigating the murder of Tom Clements, not Sean May. This shows Dan May was more concerned about his personal safety than solving Tom Clements’ homicide.

Continue reading the report of the interview with the (CI). It concludes on page 45.  After reading all this information would a reasonable person believe there were additional individuals involved in the assassination of Tom Clements? So why did Sheriff Bill Elder state on multiple occasions there is no information or evidence that anyone other than Ebel was involved? He does not say there is no credible evidence; he says there is no evidence.  Why did he try to close the case? What was his motive?  Does this show that Bill Elder is a LIAR and corrupt?

There obviously is information or evidence suggesting others were involved.  Here is clear evidence that Sheriff Bill Elder is a liar; which requires DA Dan May to add his name to the “Brady” list of law enforcement officers who have departed from the truth. When can we expect to see his name added? Don’t hold your breath.  Keep reading the document.  There is overwhelming evidence of collaboration by other 211 gang members.  Yet Dan May does nothing to bring the killers of Tom Clements to justice.  In fact, he helps cover it up, making him an accomplice.

Let’s continue with more facts:

On April 24, 2013, DDA Jeff Lindsey and investigators from EPSO and Department of Corrections (DOC) flew down to Texas in the governor’s plane.  They interviewed the Confidential Informant (CI) the same day.  So, obviously the information was considered credible.   They offered him immunity for his testimony.   During this interview, which took place around 2:30 pm, the (CI) again told investigators how Lohr informed him he ordered the murder of Tom Clements.  The (CI) goes on to reveal a great deal more concerning the murder and aftermath.  This individual had nothing to gain in telling investigators what happened; in fact, he had a lot to loose.  Here is a picture from that interview.

This interview lays out who all was involved in the murder of Tom Clements. Dan May has had this evidence since 2013 and did not take it to a grand jury. Why?


Beech King Air B200 Turbo Prop aircraft owned by State of Colorado.

Would they have wasted a bunch of money by flying the governor’s plane down to Texas if they had not confirmed the (CI)’s statements were supported by the evidence? EPSO Investigators confirmed Evan Ebel called the (CI) after he shot the Texas deputy and before he was killed in a shootout with Texas law enforcement.  That’s pretty convincing evidence of his involvement and makes him a credible witness.

Media – Do a CORA request to the Colorado Highway Patrol for the flight records of the state’s plane with tail number N205SP for March and April of 2013.  There will be two trips to Texas. Get the list of Passengers. This will confirm what we say is true.

We were told by sources, everyone was excited because this was the big break in the case and they were expecting to be making arrests any day.  But the days turned to weeks and then into months.  The only word from the DA’s office was that Dan May would not prosecute.  Many to this day feel he was just trying to protect himself.

We believe Dan May refused to prosecute the others involved in the murder of Tom Clements out of fear.  Years later his motive behind continuing this “coverup” is  being revealed as incompetent and corrupt.

It appears District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder protected those who helped Evan Ebel murder Tom Clements. Could this mean they are guilty of Accessory and Official Misconduct?  The crime of Accessory is defined as; “…with the intent to hinder, delay, or prevent the discovery, detection, apprehension, prosecution, conviction, or punishment of another for the commission of a crime …”.  It is pretty clear Dan May and Bill Elder have hindered the prosecution of those involved in the murder of Tom Clements.

Read the first page of the Texas Ranger’s report.  He clearly determined who is behind the assassination of Tom Clements. Read first page.  This paragraph says it all.

There is sufficient evidence to present to a grand jury.  Dan May needs to explain his actions; or lack of action in this case


Does Dan May determine who get justice?  Is he exercising Selective Justice based on his agenda?


Will anyone hold our corrupt District Attorney and Sheriff accountable?


Will the Clements family ever get justice?


What about the families of Sean May and Nathan Leon?


For the sake of Justice, the governor needs to assign a special prosecutor and the investigation needs to be turned over to another agency


We have a lot more information, but that will come in later articles…


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington




Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption


Update: We were informed by a source within EPSO that Bill Elder knew we were working on this story; so he assigned a deputy who is on “light duty” to review jail calls of 211 crew gang members.  This way when we published our story he can tell the media he is still working the case and we are jeopardizing an active investigation.   It’s been over 4 years, you’ll need to do better than that.  There is no active investigation because Sheriff Bill Elder publicly announced that Evan Ebel acted alone and he tried to “Close” the case.  Just more evidence of Bill Elder’s corruption.