How Independent was the Investigation against Maketa?

District Attorney Dan May

In multiple articles concerning retired Sheriff Terry Maketa’s trial it states Dan May “recused” himself or he asked another office to do an independent investigation because of his long professional relationship with Maketa.  It almost sounds like Dan May wants you to believe he was friends with Maketa or wants to ensure a non-bias independent investigation.  From the information we have obtained we are confident neither statement is true.

Let’s look at some quotes from the Gazette and CS Independent.  Read Gazette story; read CS Independent Story.  The Gazette states; “Hurlbert and Wilcox are from the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, which agreed to prosecute the case at the request of El Paso County District Attorney Dan May, who said he wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety because of his long professional association with Maketa.”  The Independent says; “…after 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May recused due to his past work with Maketa”.

It appears Dan May is trying to give the community the appearance the investigation and prosecution against Terry Maketa was being handled by completely neutral non-bias individuals from another judicial district.   Sounds fair, right?

Dan May wants you to believe he asked the 18th Judicial District to prosecute because they are independent and have no connection or relationship with Dan May or Terry Maketa.  As it turns out, Dan May has a very extensive history with the 18th Judicial District and many relationships with its employees.  Dan May worked for the 18th Judicial District from 2004 to 2008 as a senior member of the office. So many of the employees who are still there today know and worked with Dan May for many years.  How independent does that sound?  Just can’t believe it’s true?  Read his Bio posted on his website.

It is well known Dan May did not like Sheriff Maketa because Maketa did not support him in his run for District Attorney in 2004 and 2008.  Could it be Dan May, looking for revenge, asked his old friends at the 18th Judicial District to do him a favor?

Notice how the Gazette article is worded.  Is says the 18th Judicial District was asked to “prosecute”; it does not say anything about investigate. Is it possible District Attorney Dan May, Sheriff Bill Elder and others put this whole plot together and Dan May got his old friends at the 18th Judicial District to “pull the trigger” for him?

If Dan May was serious about giving Maketa a fair and independent investigation he should have turned everything over to a Judicial District he truly had no relationship with.   There are 22 Judicial Districts in the state of Colorado. Why did Dan May pick the only other district he ever worked for?  Sound Independent or more like a conspiracy?

Undersheriff Joe Breister

Here is another surprise we found; the investigators working on the Maketa investigation were given offices at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  How independent is that?  According to our sources, Undersheriff Joe Breister dropped by “daily” to talk with the investigators and discuss the case.   Sound independent?  Or does it sound more like Bill Elder and Dan May were influencing the investigation?

It is pretty clear Maketa did not receive a fair un-bias independent investigation and that is obvious based on the how the case is falling apart just days away from trial.

Lead prosecutor Mark Hurlbert

It seem like this entire criminal investigation and prosecution was one big “bluff” and now that it is time to show their cards the prosecution is trying to do whatever they can to prevent the public from finding out the truth.  Why is the prosecution trying to keep all the motions secret from the public?  Should the government be working in shadows and darkness; or in the light?

Seems like the lead prosecutor, ADA Mark Hurlbert, is doing everything he can to keep everything from the public.  What does he fear about the public knowing what is going on? Could the best word to describe this be ……. “CORRUPTION”?


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light” 

George Washington


Silence is the Endorsement of Corruption